darkxstjbicha, I can't reproduce that bug on, but I did find another bug ;)00:37
jbichaI thought I still hit the bug when I tried a couple days ago00:38
jbichauninstall actually worked; it just gave an error00:38
darkxstdid you get the dm chooser question?00:39
jbichaif you only have 0 or 1 dm installed, there's no need for it to show the question00:41
darkxstyeh and then is subsequently fails because of this00:45
darkxstdb_unregister shared/default-x-display-manager || true00:45
darkxstwhich should just be00:45
darkxstdb_unregister shared/default-x-display-manager00:46
darkxst(in gdm.prerm)00:46
jbichacould you explain why that's wrong? I get confused with boolean logic00:52
jbichabecause if it's wrong, you need to report it to GNOME00:53
jbichaoops, to Debian00:53
darkxstwell I not entirely sure, the '|| true' is actually supposed to make it always have a return value of 101:18
darkxsthowever for some reason, its also stopping the question from being unregistered01:18
darkxst well I not entirely sure, the '|| true' is actually supposed to make it always have a return value of 101:23
darkxst however for some reason, its also stopping the question from being unregistered01:23
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aditya_i m an indian... so for me its evning.!! :-P14:32
aditya_Can u help me plzz...14:32
aditya_nd...my problem is very silly actually...cn ayone help me???14:35
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:35
aditya_i have gnome shell nd evn in ubuntu i had the same problem dat ma facebook page in both firefox nd chromium doesnt uploads... i mean i takes a lot of time nd have to refresh it a hundred times... whil other sites like youtube nd google nd ol opens in a blink at the same time in a tab...bt y ders a problem only wid fb... i cant understand14:38
aditya_plzz help me out..!!14:39
jbichait's harder to read when you don't spell out words completely...14:40
* smartboyhw can't understand the language sorry14:40
aditya_i am sorry... let me rewrite it..14:40
jbichabut no, we don't really troubleshoot Facebook or Firefox or Chromium or Unity here14:41
aditya_i am a newbie... so can u tell me in which channel i should ask14:42
everaldojbicha, hey, I have patches for ubuntu-gnome-default-settings and ubuntu-gnome-meta. Do I need to propose branch for merging directly on lp:ubuntu/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings or somewhere else?14:42
jbichayou could try #ubuntu but it could just be a problem with your web connection or maybe with Facebook's servers14:42
jbichaeveraldo: I've been swamped with finishing up ubuntu-docs for the freeze tomorrow so I haven't had a chance to look14:43
jbichabut sure, you could propose a merge there, I intend to take a look Tuesday night14:46
everaldojbicha, nice, is lp:ubuntu/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings the right place?14:58
everaldonow I am thinking about work on syslinux15:05
everaldojbicha, is there a list of "things to be done"?15:05
jbichathe ReleaseNotes is the only list I've got15:07
jbichathat and fixing bugs :)15:07
jbichaeveraldo: the metapackage works differently15:28
jbichafirst we need to update https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-gnome.quantal15:28
jbichathen we run ./update in https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/ubuntu-gnome-meta15:29
everaldojbicha, do I need to do it or you?15:52
everaldolet me check how package works15:52
everaldoah, I see15:53
everaldojbicha, can't propose merge for ubuntu-gnome.quantal, the option don't appears in Launchpad, maybe because I used +junk in my branch16:47
everaldojbicha, is there another way to propose a merge?16:47
darkxstjbicha, did you find out about login.defs?22:05
jbichano I forgot to ask until late in the day, I'll do that tomorrow though22:06
darkxstbtw should I file a debian bug for the gdm packaging issues?22:07
darkxstalthough I believe neither issue would exist in debian currently22:07
jbichawhy wouldn't it exist there?22:08
darkxstthey have older packages22:08
jbichait's not a gdm 3.6 bug, is it?22:08
darkxstfirst one could be a debconf bug i suppose (dm chooser)22:09
darkxstsecond one is due to lightdm (atleast as packaged on ubuntu), no longer has a daemon_name key22:09
darkxstdebian lightdm package does have daemon_name, but its still at 1.222:10
jbichais that a lightdm bug too? like I said yesterday, you understand the problem better than I do22:17
darkxstlightdm has a slightly modified prerm script22:23
darkxst#1 they have remove the '|| true'22:23
darkxst#2 obviously won't exist for lightdm, however in postint, they use `which lightdm`, rather than getting the key from debconf22:25
darkxstare there debian packages for gdm 3.5 somewhere?22:27
Wilson2BRunning 12.04 , and somehow the refresh graphics got mucked with.. not sure if it's a video driver or what. the background disappears until I move a window around. even menu items dont show up.. have to move cursor over them a few times to see under neath.22:42
darkxstjbicha, the dm chooser bug does happen also with debian debconf package, but I still don't know if that is a bug or just a change in debconf22:52
jbichayou can go ahead and report it, you could also ask in #debian-gnome on OFTC but earlier in the day is better for that22:54
darkxstlol, that is when I sleep!22:56
jbichaDebian hasn't really started packaging GNOME 3.6 yet; it wouldn't make it into Wheezy anyway so it's a pretty low priority for now22:56
darkxstI could just patch the debian package?22:57
darkxsterr ubuntu22:57
jbichawell I'd like a second opinion, which we could get if anyone responds to the bug report22:58
darkxstit would basically be just copying a block of script across from lightdm23:03
darkxst(which it seems is what KDM has done also)23:03
darkxstfor the daemon_name issue23:04
jbichaor just file a Ubuntu bug and patch & maybe I'll have robert_ancell look at it23:05

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