bootlkjkgfmornin' All07:49
slashbelgood morning08:22
larryonehi tom08:22
slashbelhow's things?08:22
larryonenice time in the balkins?08:23
slashbelaye, it was good fun and interesting08:24
slashbel4,300km in total, 8 countries08:24
larryoneebel, got gps traces of all of it? =0P08:33
larryoneI cant wait to see what kind of gps traces I manage to collect in south america08:33
slashbelaye, we have almost all of the GPS traces… i think his battery ran out when we were riding from Dubrovnik to the bay of Kotor08:34
larryoneI've seen my parents pictures of Dubrovnik08:36
larryoneis it as amazing as the pictures look?08:36
slashbelwe didn't stop long to look around Dubrovnik, but we did spend a good bit of time in Mostar08:37
slashbeldid you see the videos?08:37
larryonenot yet08:38
larryonework been too busy =0(08:38
slashbelhttp://www.youtube.com/slashtomeu « we were doing video checkins along the way08:38
larryonewill have a lookk later08:38
slashbelhave to love that free WiFi is available almost everywhere we go08:38
slashbelwe used the forward-facing camera on my galaxy S3 to record them08:39
larryoneright now some french guys want to try to figure out why they cant get their french video files from their french servers to their french set top boxes08:39
larryonei hate set top boxes08:40
larryone"can you send us the results of `curl -I http://bla.com.....`  ??"08:40
larryone"no, we dont have a command line"08:40
slashbeloh dear08:41
larryonethis is likely to take all day08:43
larryonewill get cracking08:43
slashbelenjoy, take care08:43
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