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ikoniahello ?10:30
dsaugfthelp please10:30
ikoniawith what ?10:30
ikoniait's not going to happen. Please don't start in here.10:54
ikoniawindow 1410:54
* smartboyhw wonders what are you guys talking about10:54
dsaugftlol please i will need questions in future unban me hey?10:55
dsaugftwhy not?10:55
dsaugftikonia plz10:55
dsaugftwhy not?10:55
dsaugftno this in rules10:56
elkydude, you were spamming10:56
dsaugftwith the womens are always the problem10:56
smartboyhwdsaugft, no spamming, that is a rule..:)10:57
elkyI am not the problem.10:57
dsaugftAny uhey i not spammer10:57
dsaugfti not adsenser10:57
AlanBelldsaugft: no, you have been banned on the forums and in several of our IRC channels10:57
dsaugfti just repite my question10:57
dsaugftand bot banned me10:57
AlanBellby different people of different genders, and one robot10:57
elkyYou spammed our channels asking for people to work for you for free. Lol.10:57
AlanBellthe problem is *not* the people who have been removing you the problem is your actions10:57
dsaugfti not banned on forum10:58
AlanBellyour thread was removed, you may not have been banned10:58
dsaugftmy topic was CLOSED!10:59
smartboyhwdsaugft, I think it is not the best to talk about forum disputes here...10:59
dsaugftbecause of stupid trolls10:59
elkyAhahaha the irony, it burns.11:00
dsaugftunban me on #ubuntu please11:01
elkyAll the reasons listed above.11:01
dsaugftok np11:01
dsaugfti can change IP11:02
dsaugftinsimnis :P11:02
smartboyhw........... dsaugft evading bans will also get you banned11:02
elkymhm, which is why you're begging us, riiiight.11:02
smartboyhwand that is against freenode rules...11:02
elkyspam is much more against freenode rules11:03
elkyhe's already done that bit11:04
dsaugftI break the rules, because that i have dynamic IP?11:04
elkyif you change it to intentionally get around a ban, yes.11:04
smartboyhwdsaugft, no because you are evading bans11:04
dsaugfti not special evading11:05
AlanBelldsaugft: I believe you are muted rather than banned?11:05
dsaugfti not break rules11:05
smartboyhwdsaugft, you are since if you change IP for evading bans11:05
elkydsaugft, you've already stated your intent to change ip to get around the ban. this is a logged channel. google will now keep that information forever11:05
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dsaugftyes now i change IP and enter on #ubuntu and what? what u will do?11:06
smartboyhwAlso on irclogs.ubuntu.com11:06
elkysmartboyhw, that would be where google gets it from.11:06
AlanBellI suggest you idle there for several days observing what normal constructive interactions are like (and look around elsewhere) and think about how your conversations are not like the others11:06
smartboyhwAlanBell, +111:07
dsaugftbb i go change IP11:08
elkythere is some kind of learning problem with this one.11:09
* smartboyhw agrees11:10
elkywell he hasn't joined from client or webchat yet that i can see11:12
smartboyhwelky: yes11:13
* smartboyhw is waiting11:13
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