freedomrunhello .. there is some confusion here at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI .. the problem that could make confusion is done when AMD divided it`s drivers and now radeon HD3000 series are called legancy which are not the same "legancy" cards the manual talks about .. please could someone fix that so the new users won`t be confused more than it is necesary04:43
pleia2freedomrun: those docs are handled by the folks in #ubuntu-doc (not here), and it's a wiki, so anyone actually can edit it if they log in :)04:44
freedomrunpleia2, thnx for info :)04:45
pleia2sure, thanks for caring about the documentation04:45
freedomrunpleia2, np anything I can do04:46
bootlkjkgfmornin' All07:49
hanniehi CarstenG15:05
CarstenGHi Hannie15:05
hannieCarstenG, do you know anything about po4a?15:06
CarstenGWell, not really15:07
hannieok, I wanted to ask Kevin about it, but he is not in15:07
hannieI am going to send an email instead15:07
CarstenGI played a little with it, but did not yet find out, what I wanted.15:07
hanniebasically we use it to make a .pot file for Launchpad15:08
CarstenGI searched for a way to remove some tex command from the pot file, like \frontcover or so.15:08
CarstenGso that they don't apper on Launchpad15:08
hanniehow about find/replace all?15:09
CarstenGWell, this would be "hand work" and has to be done after each recreation of the pot file15:09
hannieyou can edit a pot file like any other text file15:10
CarstenGYes, sure15:10
CarstenGBut I mean, after each "make ubuntu-manual.pot" these commands are again in the pot file15:11
hannieok, I see what you mean. let me think15:11
CarstenGAnd I would like to teach po4a to ignore \frontcover in the same way as for example \frontmatter or \appendix15:12
hanniebtw, i noticed some info text like names of editors appears in the pot file too15:12
CarstenGBecause \appendix and such commands are LaTeX commands which are known by po4a15:12
CarstenGSo it ignores them15:13
CarstenGBut \frontcover is defined in our ubuntu-manual.cls and so po4 don't know it15:13
hannieit does NOT ignore the info in the beginning of some chapters, but it should15:13
CarstenGdo you have an example?15:14
hannieone moment15:14
hannieay, this is looking for a needle in a haystack ):15:17
hannieI stumbled upon it while translating. I will send it to you when I see it15:17
CarstenGDo you mean something like this?15:27
hannieI'll have a look15:29
hannieAlmost. But what you see here after the i icon was the message to be translated itself15:31
hannieNot a big deal really. I shouldn't bother you with such trivialities ;)15:32
CarstenGok :-)15:33
CarstenGBut in this example we can remove this comment from the pot file by making a blank line in the ubuntu-manual.tex between \listoftodos and \include{frontmatter/prologue}15:35
hannieah, good to know this. But then we should inform authors via our mailing list15:35
hannieI do not see \listoftodos in Prologue anymore, so this problem is solved15:39
hanniein Quantal I mean15:39
CarstenGIf I understand po4a in the right way, the it takes all text which is not divided by a blank line into one block and all comments in this block are put to the top of this block15:44
CarstenGNo, I mean in the main tex file15:45
hannieI am currently trying to find out what po4a does because I want to include fuzzies in the now pot file15:45
CarstenGhere is no blank between \listoftodos and \include{frontmatter/prologue}15:46
CarstenGand so the comments fromthe start of  prologue.tex come to the pot file15:46
hannieIt is a good thing to analyze po4a. It is a very useful tool, but not easy to understand15:47
hannieI think it makes msgid's of paragraphs, everything between 2 enters15:48
CarstenGI don't understand what you mean: fuzzys to the pot file?15:48
CarstenGYes, this I think, too.15:48
hannieYes, we want to transfer translations to a new version, but when there is a slight change LP does not transfer the translation15:49
CarstenGa pot file is only the template for the translation, so it can't have fussy translations15:49
CarstenGthere will be in the po files, or?15:49
hanniebut you can merge it with a previous version, so the existing translations are transferred15:49
CarstenGA, you mean, that you get the old translation as suggestion for the new changed string to LP?15:50
hannieI am experimenting with command msgmerge --previous15:50
hannieCarstenG, exactly15:51
hannieIt is a pain for translators to have to copy/paste existing translations15:51
CarstenGI can imagine15:52
CarstenGDid you try it "by hand"? So, add a fuzzy string to the pot file, and upload it to LP15:52
CarstenGDoes LP recognise the fussy string as suggestion?15:53
hannieNo, that is the problem15:53
hannieThere has been discussion on Ubuntu-translators, but LP does not want to do anything about this problem15:54
hannieAll translations of strings that have slight changes are lost (even if only a comma changed)15:54
hannieAnd I cannot ask our authors/editors not to make slight changes15:55
CarstenGpuuh, this is really bad.15:55
hannieit is. Therefore I have contacted the po4a developers15:55
CarstenGThe worst thing is not that LP doesn't manage this modified strings.15:56
hanniequote: IMO this is an issue with Launchpad, it should display changes like15:56
hannieLokalize to help translators.  Po4a calls msgmerge --previous since at15:56
hannieleast version
CarstenGThe worst is, that the LP developers do not want to change it.15:57
hannieon the other hand, people working for LP do it for free, like us15:57
CarstenGYes, sure15:57
hannieSo, if I can do it with po4a --previous I will be more than happy15:58
CarstenGBut with this feature they would make a lot people happy15:58
hannieThen I can upload the changed, merged po file to LP15:58
sagaciis anyone going to UDS?15:58
CarstenGbecause they don't need to do stupid copy paste work15:58
hanniesagaci, in Oslo isn't it?15:59
hanniesagaci, ay, yes15:59
hanniesagaci, no, too far from France15:59
hannieCarstenG, Ubuntu Development Summit16:00
sagaci30hours from Australia via london :)16:00
hanniewe can attend remotely16:00
hannieCarstenG, I will let the ML know if I succeed in copying fuzzies16:01
CarstenGsagaci, long trip :-)16:02
CarstenGHannie, great16:02
CarstenGI have just subscribed to the po4a list16:02
CarstenGI will ask there about the ignore function of po4a16:03
hannieoh, that is a good idea. You can also visit their site with a lot of good information16:03
CarstenGyou mean http://po4a.alioth.debian.org/16:03
hannieor join them in their chatroom16:03
CarstenGI tried to find a hint in the documentation, but i failed16:04
CarstenGYes, there is only one bot and me :-)16:04
hannieok, probably nothing on ignore16:04
hanniethat doesn't help. But I did get an immediate answer to my email16:05
hanniefrom denis Didier16:05
CarstenGbtw did you make a subscribtion?16:06
CarstenGto the list?16:06
hannienot yet, just sent an email to the address I found on their site16:06
CarstenGNormally one has to send a blank email with "subscribe" in the header to the list16:07
CarstenGand then get and auto reply with instructions16:07
hanniepo4a-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org. No need to subscribe16:07
CarstenGBut I did not yet get a response16:07
CarstenGAh ok16:07
CarstenGthen I write directly16:08
hanniebetter. I was suprised to get an answer so quickly16:08
hanniebtw it was Denis Barbier16:08
hanniecya guys. Time to relax ;)16:09
hannieI am going to play Anno 1404, it is addictive16:09
CarstenGsee you Hannie16:10
CarstenGHave fun :-)16:10
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