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dholbachgood morning07:04
bkerensadholbach: so uhh one of the bug initiative packages does not have a depends line07:37
dholbachbkerensa, that happens - in that case just add it07:38
bkerensadholbach: uhh ok then07:38
iulianLaney: Everyone calls me Julian, even my family. But, the name Iulian is pronounced you-lee-an with a strong 'a', similar to the letter 'r'.07:54
iulianMorning dholbach.07:54
bkerensadholbach: Could I pardon you for a PM?08:13
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Laneywhat's the host for the lintian lab?10:13
Laneytumbleweed: do you remember?10:13
ZhenechLaney, lintian.d.o? :)10:14
LaneyZhenech: doesn't help me grep for X-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack :P10:14
Zhenechor do you have your own?10:14
geserLaney: how about "lintian.ubuntuwire.org"? :)10:19
Laneygeser: that's syklone somehow, which isn't it10:20
geserwe have a second lintian somewhere?10:21
Laneyit must mirror or proxy its output10:21
Laneynm, found it10:32
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LaneyI could have sworn it was supposed to have unpacked source10:36
tumbleweedLaney: erm, yes, I thought so10:58
Laneytumbleweed: can you find it?10:58
LaneyI thought it at least had control files, which is what I want here10:59
tumbleweedwow, I remembered the hostname11:01
Laneyall I remembered is that it was something weird11:03
tumbleweedseems like it has full sources11:04
Laneyunpacked? where?11:04
LaneyI see dsc .debian.tar.gz .orig.tar.gz11:04
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tumbleweedunpacked/binaries/data ?11:06
* tumbleweed doesn't really know his way around lintian labs11:06
* Laney is lost11:06
LaneyI'm in /srv/lintian/laboratory/quantal/pool/x/xmonad11:06
tumbleweedI was in 0ad-data11:08
Laneyoh yes11:08
tumbleweedsomething broken?11:08
cjwatsonthere should be an unpacked directory up a few levels, yeah11:09
cjwatsonerr possibly per-package11:10
Laneycan't see it11:11
tumbleweedthe xmonad source package only has symlinks to the source package11:11
tumbleweedit hasn't been unpacked for some reason11:11
tumbleweed(at all)11:11
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cjwatsonmm, on lintian.d.o:11:13
cjwatsoncjwatson@lilburn:/srv/lintian.debian.org/laboratory/pool/x/xmonad$ ls11:13
cjwatsonlibghc-xmonad-dev_0.10-4+b2_i386_binary   xmonad_0.10-4+b2_i386_binary11:13
cjwatsonlibghc-xmonad-doc_0.10-4_all_binary       xmonad_0.10-4_source11:13
Laneyis it unpacked inside _source?11:14
cjwatsonthere's *_binary/control/ with binary control files, and *_source/debfiles/ which is a copy of debian/11:14
Laneyyep, some packages on our one have that11:15
Laneybut a lot do not11:15
Laneyhttp://lintian.ubuntuwire.org/quantal/full/pkg-haskell-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org.html#xmonad however it does have output11:15
cjwatsonmust've been cleaned up11:16
Laneymost unfortunate11:17
LaneyI wanted to find out what was affected by https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/104855611:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048556 in Launchpad itself "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [Low,Triaged]11:18
LaneyX-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack: yes in control11:19
margaHey.  I've submitted a debdiff to launchpad, ubuntu-sponsors is subscribed to the bug, so I'm waiting for sponsorship of the change... How long does it usually take?  Is there anything extra I should do to make it go faster?12:43
tumbleweedmarga: you can see some graphs on the sponsorship queue page http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/12:44
gesermarga: you could try if some bribery works to speed it up :)12:45
margatumbleweed, ok, I see it.12:45
margageser, what kind of bribery?12:45
margaI actually work for a paying customer of Canonical... But I dislike going through the bureaucracy related to that.12:46
gesermarga: depends on your sponsor, but it's usually fast enough even without bribery (was just joking)12:47
tumbleweedcookies, beer, whisky, fixing RC bugs - all work well :)12:47
margaOk, I'll just wait then.  Hopefully it won't take too long.12:48
tumbleweedyou can ask on IRC if you're in a hurry. But generally, things takea week or two12:48
tumbleweedmarga: your debdiff seems to be against the backports version, but there is also the release pocket12:51
* tumbleweed has no idea how the backports team is going to deal with this :)12:51
gesertumbleweed: it's correct in this specific case as myunity isn't in quantal anymore12:52
tumbleweedbut we also need an SRU12:53
margaI'm happy to do it against any other version.12:53
margaFrom what I gathered last week I though precise-backports was the correct one.12:53
tumbleweedsome users will be using the version in precise, some in precise-backports12:54
cjwatsonI suggest ". /etc/lsb-release" rather than "source /etc/lsb-release", since "source" is a bashism12:54
margacjwatson, ok.12:54
cjwatsonpure drive-by though12:54
margacjwatson, ok, will change it, thanks :)12:54
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* tumbleweed wonders if bug 1055435 is a good pre-release backport candidate (haven't looked at it in detail)15:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1055435 in Ubuntu "[FFe] Feature Freeze exception: new package classicmenu-indicator" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105543515:22
LaneyI saw that, wondered who was going to maintain it, and closed the bug15:23
Laneys/bug/tab/ to be less ambiguous15:23
tumbleweedthe guy who proposed it does care15:24
tumbleweed(and I can twist his arm into caring more)15:24
Laneydoesn't appear to be him that created the package though15:25
tumbleweedyeah, I hope he had a good look at it15:25
micahgtumbleweed: Laney: at this stage of the game IMHO, backports is better since we can easily delete something from backports post release (also, as seen with myunity, people might not want to continuously port stuff forward)15:31
LaneyWell it automatically gets promoted to the next release, so ...15:31
micahgright, but if there are bugs reported and/or it fails to build in the following release's test build, it'll get removed15:32
micahg*RC bugs reported and not fixed15:32
LaneyI don't see how that's any different to what would happen if it were in the release proper15:33
Laneyeither it works now in Q or it doesn't15:33
Laneynow I do think it would be fine to put it in backports, but it doesn't change my usual concerns about ubuntu-local packages at all15:34
Laneyif you want the other semantics, well, use extras15:35
tumbleweedas something unity-specific, there's no escaping ubuntu-local, as much as we dislike it15:36
Laneynot saying there is15:36
Laneyyou need to be sure that there is a person who will look out for it15:37
Laneylike, we'd expect them to be coming up for PPU before very long15:37
micahgLaney: in the release proper, we can't delete post release15:37
LaneyIt's not very likely to stop working post release15:37
micahgso, if it's found to be RC buggy after release, we're stuck with it15:38
LaneyI don't find that a very good argument in favour of backports: "it's where you can put your crap software, because we're not stuck with it there"15:38
micahgno, I'm just saying at this stage of the game (post FF, 4 weeks out from release) that backports is a safer bet in general that the release pocket15:39
Laneywe should be assuming that pre-release backports will continue to live on in the distro15:39
micahgyes, of course15:39
micahgI'm not saying backports is a dumping ground, but rather we do have more flexibility there just in case15:39
tumbleweedwe should re-define the new policy process - say that we expect bug subscribers, and the expectation of (future) upload rights for the proposer15:40
tumbleweeds/new policy/new package policy/15:40
micahgbug subscription, yes, PPU, I wouldn't mandate that15:41
Laneybut nobody ever checks on these things15:41
micahgintention to provide sponsored updates, yes15:41
micahgLaney: sounds like we have a topic for the next MOTU meeting :)15:42
tumbleweedoops minutes15:42
* tumbleweed writes two sets of minutes15:42
micahghours can be days15:43
LaneyCenturies of the Developer Membership Board Meeting, 2012-09-2415:44
highvoltageLike sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our MOTUs15:49
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