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lhavelundmmm, breakfast inc!06:58
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dsaugfthelp plesae10:29
ikoniawhat's up ?10:30
dsaugftu admin?10:30
ikoniadepends - what's the issue ?10:30
dsaugftme banned on ubuntu channel10:31
dsaugfthelp please10:31
ikoniaok - what's the problem10:31
ikoniawhat's the problem10:31
dsaugftme banned on ubuntu channel10:31
dsaugftidk why10:31
dsaugfti just cant sent to this channel10:32
dsaugfti connect10:32
ikoniaok. I can take a look for you. One moment please.10:32
dsaugftbut cant talking10:32
dsaugftmw muted10:32
dsaugfti nice10:32
ikoniathe issue is because you are using web chat. Let me look at that a little more10:33
dsaugfti on ubuntu channel but cant talk10:33
ikoniayou are using freenode's web chat - that is the core problem.10:33
dsaugftand what i need use?10:34
ikoniaplease just hold on a moment10:34
dsaugftof cose10:35
ikoniaok the problem is when you where using the nickname Verop you flooded the channel asking for developers10:35
ikoniathis got you banned10:35
ikonia<Verop> I need website with many developers Linux programms please, and they must work for free?10:36
ikoniado you remember that ?10:36
ikoniaok, so that's the reason10:36
dsaugftbut why i today muted?10:36
ikoniayes, it was yesterday10:36
dsaugfthelp please10:36
ikoniabecause you got banned yesterday and the ban has not been removed10:37
ikoniathat is why you are muted10:37
dsaugftjust there are very many people talking and i use 3 lines of my question10:37
dsaugftfor bestest looking10:37
ikoniawhat is the question you want to ask in #ubuntu10:37
dsaugftnow i have 2 questions10:38
ikoniaok, what are they10:38
dsaugftabout Tor and about forum developers10:38
ikoniaplease tell me the questions you wish to ask10:38
dsaugfti can help?10:39
ikoniaplease tell me the questions you wish to ask10:39
dsaugfti know second question10:39
dsaugftabout dev forum10:39
dsaugftand first...10:39
ikoniaplease tell me the two questions you wish to ask in #ubuntu10:39
dsaugftI need download videos in Tor Browser10:39
ikoniaThere is no Tor Browser10:39
ikonianext question10:39
dsaugftplease tell me the developers forum Linux software10:40
ikoniaok - that second question is nothing to do with ubuntu, and you spamming it is what got you banned10:41
ikoniado you understand that asking for developers for linux websites is nothing to do with the topic for #ubuntu ?10:41
dsaugftthere are auto antispam bot10:41
dsaugfti just repite my question 3 times10:42
ikoniait banned you for spamming your question10:42
dsaugftand bot automatic ban me10:42
ikoniahowever your question was nothing to do with ubuntu10:42
ikoniayour question was for linux website developers wanted to work for free10:42
ikoniathat is nothing to do with #ubuntu or it's "ubuntu" topic10:42
ikoniado you understand ?10:42
dsaugfti need programm for Linux10:43
dsaugftand i Use Ubuntu Kubuntu and Lubuntu10:43
ikoniawhat program do you need ?10:43
AlanBelloh, this one again10:44
AlanBellapparmor profiles or selinux is what you want still10:45
dsaugftgeneral admin of forum said that topic closed because trolls flooding there are10:45
dsaugfti need programm like wine10:46
dsaugftbut for linux programms10:46
dsaugftthere are all writing10:46
ikoniadsaugft: reseach appamor and selinux as AlanBell has told you10:46
dsaugfti need closed environment for running programms10:47
ikoniadsaugft: reseach appamor and selinux as AlanBell has told you10:47
ikoniaapparmor sorry10:47
ikoniahelps if you spell it correclty10:47
ikoniadsaugft: you may also want to consider using #ubuntu-ru which is native Russian language10:47
dsaugftthewre are no professionals10:48
ikoniathat's as far as we can help then10:48
dsaugftand i want programm with GUI10:49
ikoniaok - well you need to learn to program then or hire someone10:49
dsaugftbut not only me need this programm10:49
ikoniathen you still need to write it or hire someone to write it10:50
dsaugftprogram increases safety10:50
ikoniaok, well, good luck with it10:50
ikoniatake care, bye10:50
dsaugftuban me please10:50
ikoniadsaugft: the questions you want to ask are nothing to do with ubuntu10:50
dsaugftplease will me god lady10:51
dsaugftgood lady10:51
ikoniayour questions are nothing to do with ubuntu10:51
dsaugfti have many questions10:51
ikoniaso there is no point asking the in #ubuntu10:51
ikoniadsaugft: such as?10:51
ikoniawhat ubuntu questions do you have ?10:51
ikoniaor do you want to just ask for developers for your software again ?10:51
dsaugftWhat's the difference?10:52
ikoniathe difference is one is allowed in #ubuntu (channel) the other is not10:52
dsaugftjust unban me please10:52
ikoniasorry no10:53
ikoniaI suggest finding some other place to recruit developers10:53
ikoniabest of luck, bye10:53
dsaugftIf you were a guy, would you unban me.10:53
elkyi also like how he doesn't have a clue how the gateway works11:09
elkyAlanBell, he's in there as Alan_11:26
elkyor maybe not11:27
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (Samara_)12:06
ubottug00denough called the ops in #ubuntu (rolling2k spams again)12:50
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bazhangthat was autrax earlier, I am guessing13:58
bazhangikonia, the questions about adverts is from the unity-lens-shopping in 12.1016:15
bazhangsensationalized in slashdot website to become ads16:16
bazhangie revenue sharing with amazon16:16
ikoniascrew it16:18
bazhangreaga is a known issue/troublemaker16:18
cprofittpeople are really over-reacting to what this is...16:19
bazhangjust wait for the release day..16:19
cprofittI have a large bunker ready for that day16:19
bazhangwe need !howcanIremoveevilads factoid16:19
cprofittand several weeks worth of canned food and water16:20
ikonianever seen him before16:21
bazhang<bubuntoid> achtung condition!! ubuntu network gives -5 error16:39
ubottugordonjcp called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (incog)17:08
bazhangtime to clear some bans17:49
bazhangspider sense is telling me the "how the <redacted> ads blah blah blah will just be starting17:50
mneptokbug 105428218:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1054282 in unity-lens-shopping (Ubuntu) "No obvious way to restrict shopping suggestions from displaying adult products" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105428218:27
mneptokthat could be troublesome.18:27
genii-aroundBut, I find, amusing.18:27
usr13ubottu is dead18:37
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* genii-around pokes at Pici experimentally18:56
* Pici explodes18:56
knomeawwh, now you have to respin to get a working Pici image again!18:57
genii-aroundWhen the floodbots first join back, I guess it takes them a few minutesz to settle in... in -unregged all three are giving the human-or-bot spiel18:59
genii-aroundknome: I had to doublecheck the bot there, thought it was responding twice to !details at first...19:10
Picigenii-around: services was really lagging for a bit before19:12
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IdleOneyou killed her :(21:21
genii-aroundIdleOne: Wasn't responding 30-45 seconds ago either when I tried !info unity-lens-shopping precise21:22
IdleOne12.04 already had music and movie results21:23
genii-aroundIdleOne: I don't use Unity much so I'm somewhat out of the loop there21:23
IdleOnethe shopping lens has to do with amazon21:23
IdleOneI don't remember much whining about it until OMGUbuntu & Company went and made a big stink21:24
genii-aroundIdleOne: I was wondering about vivid's issue, etc  at the time21:25
pleia2IdleOne: their posts were pretty positive, I think it was slashdot that made the crazy happen :)21:25
IdleOneI don't know that he can remove the suggestions without removing the search from dash feature for movies and music21:25
IdleOnepleia2: ah, well apologies to OMGU and company :)21:26
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