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noskcajshouldn't beta 2 be out by now?06:22
knomepatience! :P06:22
knomeit's probably out the same time as the daily images, 10UTC that is06:23
noskcajso 8pm for me06:24
noskcaji shall do it tomorrow06:24
olbiI have found some strange behaviour when using LibreOffice Writet when I have a whole page of text and try to mark all of them, then at 3/4 of page, it becomes unmarked07:49
olbiit is at Xubuntu 12.10 with all daily updates07:49
olbion Xubuntu 11.10 and Xubuntu 12.04 all is ok07:49
elfywhat do you mean by mark olbi ?07:50
elfyolbi: I have a 2page doc open in writer and not seeing anything odd here07:52
olbiI mean select some text07:53
elfyk - I assumed that was the case - can select all 2 pages with no problems here07:54
olbihmm :P I do fresh install today and chekc this :)07:54
adeDoes anyone know when the new testcases will be fully updated on the iso tracker?07:56
adeAs we're now in beta2 freeze, I am presuming that daily testing will cease until the 27th (beta 2 release date), would this be correct??07:57
jibelolbi, I am not sure that it is specific to LibreOffice, I've seen the same behavior with other applications as well, like gnome-terminal or thunderbird.08:02
olbiI only saw this in LO :D08:03
olbichecking on clean install soon08:03
olbiOK, checking and on fresh install it seems to be again09:24
noskcajthe beta 2 page is up http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/238/builds just no testcases yet09:48
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smartboyhwelfy: Friendly question: Have you finished the updating ARM testsuite thing in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates ? Supposed to be due today...:)10:55
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elfysmartboyhw: friendly reply - nope - nor did I agree to anysort of timeframe :) and I'm pretty sure that the completion date is in fact empty ...11:41
smartboyhwelfy: don't worry I'm sure balloons will be more hard-working on that, he has got a lot of unfinished items lol11:42
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olbiI have a problem, can't contact with any polish team translator :/14:26
smartboyhwolbi, er this is a testing channel not a translations channel14:28
phillwhi olbi I'm not too well up with the translators.14:28
phillwdoes anyone on the poliah LoCo team have any ideas about how to reach them? http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-pl14:29
balloonsohh I missed olbi14:41
* phillw is keeping fingers crossed :)14:50
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balloonsi chee wow wa14:55
balloons<-- still dogsitting14:55
balloonsroadmr, :-)15:01
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njincan someone triage and set importance high/critical for bug 104836116:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1048361 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer stuck in download packages even if not connected or download not selected" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104836116:42
stgraberballoons: can you take care of bug 1055618?16:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1055618 in Ubuntu QA Website "Live session ain't available - only install is possible" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105561816:49
balloonsnjin, I know the bug your speaking off16:50
balloonsI encountered it sometime ago and had discussion with colin abou tit16:50
balloonsstgraber, i'm not sure what he's talking about16:50
balloonsI'll followup16:50
balloonsstgraber, fyi, feel free to assign or sub me on these16:51
balloonsI'm not sure what can be said about it16:52
balloonsyou can expand the area and then hit the skip button16:52
balloonsI just did that this morning16:52
balloonsnjin, are you SURE you had no networking?16:52
balloons encounter the issue if i have networking enabled, but no outside connection to the internet16:53
balloonslet me see if I can find the old bug16:53
njinballoons, hallo, asap I try with not connected option in VB16:54
njinthen I want to try it in real hardware16:55
balloonsmaybe I didn't file16:56
balloonsmaybe I just talked with colin abou tit16:56
balloonsI have some links16:56
njinballoons, probably you have confirmed mine16:56
balloonsbah I can't find the wiki links to the design doc16:57
balloonsa true offline install worked for me16:57
balloonsbeing connected, but not having internet causes apt to hang16:57
balloonsapt should timeout, but doesn't16:57
njinballoons, right, being connected but not having internet cause this problem17:29
balloons_njin, i missed any responses you may have sent17:57
balloons_thoughts on your bug? How's the server testcases?17:57
njinballoons, bug report upgraded, sertver testcase waiting till the fix of maas-dhcp18:14
balloonsnjin ok let's add the server testcases as-is though18:31
balloonswe can note the bug18:31
njinbug 1055618 not reproducible by me in Vbox18:37
ubot5Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1055618 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1055618). The error has been logged18:37
balloonsyea.. I'm not sure what is meant by it18:39
balloonsnjin, could you run through the unty tests for the new lens?18:39
balloonsjust the 2 mandatories unless your feeling extra generous and have the time :-) http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/237/builds/23813/testcases18:40
balloonsnjin, why isn't that testcase working?18:54
balloonsis something wrong with the case, or a bug?18:54
njini think a bug it won't play18:54
phillwballoons: whilst I remember, the mandatory desktop & alternate test cases were all proof read & errors corrected. Missed announcing it as we went off to look at re-hasing them!18:58
ade_Whats the current status of things, am I ok to continue testing the daily builds or do I need to wait until the new testcases are ready?18:59
njinI've got rithmbox and banshee installed but noone is started from the play button in the dash18:59
njinade_: the testcases are ever the same, at least yuo can wait for a new build to see if some bug is fixed19:00
ade_Sorry, I am not sure I understand. Are we still testing or waiting until the 27th. Apologies if I sound a little stupid, its my first time going through the quantal cycles!19:03
phillwade_: the beta2's are currently due to start landing for QA testing at 21:00UTC this evening. (aka ~ 1 hour).19:04
njinade_: the new build will be published tomorrow, if you have time you can help phillw testing Lubuntu19:04
ade_Awesome! Thankyou for the clarification :o)19:04
phillwnjin: there is a queue for a new kernel, I'm not sure when it will land (and thus when the beta 2 QA iso's will be generated) - Or that is as much as I can glean from being on -release :)19:06
phillwas usual, things are somewhat hectic on there :)19:07
balloonsnjin, ok, please report as a bug19:07
balloonsand ty much for testing!19:07
balloonsade_, there's a simple and easy test that can be done now :-)19:07
njinok, there'a a particular package for the lens or is unity ?19:08
balloonsunity 6.6 testing here: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/237/builds/23813/testcases19:08
balloonsnjin, ^^19:08
njinok thanks19:08
ade_balloons: I'm on it! :o)19:09
balloonsthanks ade_ !19:10
balloonsphillw, excellent19:10
balloonscare to update the wiki?19:10
balloonsI changed everything that needed it to FAMILY today19:10
balloonsso everything should look good in flavors now19:10
knomeballoons, hooray19:10
phillwyeah, I'll go over there now.19:10
ade_balloons: I don't see a testcase for music??19:12
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phillwballoons: I give up! Where's the tracker page for where we're up to with test cases? :P19:15
njincan someone reproduce and confirm bug 105572219:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1055722 in unity-lens-music (Ubuntu) "Play button not working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105572219:16
balloonsphillw, also made this page today https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/RelatedTeams19:16
ade_Anyone need a cup of tea? :o)19:17
* knome is flu'y19:17
balloonssorry knome :-?(19:17
balloonsnjin, It works for me19:17
balloonsjust tested again, works fine19:18
phillwballoons: As the test cases are about 'all' test cases, with other teams having 'test-once' cases, I cannot really sign theirs off. Do you want me to add a short section to list the 7 mandatory tests as okay?19:18
njinwant to try in Vb19:18
phillwsorry to hear, knome19:19
balloonsbtw knome helped rock out theorangenotebook.com19:19
balloonsphillw, I'm a bit confused by what you mean?19:20
phillwballoons: I saw a little of the converstation.19:20
phillwballoons: well, for ubuntu there are quite a lot of 'test-once', test cases which I cannot state have been either converted or proof read?19:21
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balloonsohh ok, right right19:25
balloonsstate what you can state19:26
balloonsI wouldn't add more detail :-)19:26
phillwballoons: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates19:26
phillwis that okay?19:26
phillwthat allows for teams to confirm their 'test once' test cases?19:27
balloonsthose are at the bottom19:28
balloons    Creation of flavor specific testcases19:28
balloonswill already updated the ones I asked him to look at19:28
balloonsnjin, does it fail for you on real hw or in vb?19:28
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njinballoons, in real hardware, now guest additions not working too......19:38
balloonsyep definitely file the bug19:40
balloonsworks for me, something must be diff for you19:41
phillwnjin: balloons which iso?19:45
ade_balloons: up to speed now! Of course there wasn't a testcase lol19:45
ade_njin: works for me too, play button and individual play/pause button next to each track when selecting an album19:46
ade_Forgot I had so much good music too :o)19:47
njintesting just now in VB, I've got only one mp3 in music carpet but isn't listed clicking the dash19:48
ade_njin: Didn't pick up my music at first either, had to search for it first and then it appeared in music.19:50
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njinuhm, balloons is what ade_ daid expected ' it won't search in Music carpet ?19:51
ade_Photos, music and video only seem to display played/viewed item so ignore last comment... unless it's supposed to search all!19:52
balloonsnot sure I'm following her19:53
balloonsit should show music on your pc19:53
balloonsand if you have the suggestions lens, music out on the interwebs as well19:54
ade_Shows interweb stuff ok19:55
ade_Won't show an album, however once a track is played from that album then the entire album will show afterwards for individual track selection.19:56
njinUff nothing working for me, my only mp3 file in Music isn't showed19:57
ade_njin: have you tried searching for it first, then playing... should show afterwards19:58
njinMah, balloons, music lens is only for the store or for all the music on the pc ?19:59
balloonsthere's the music store, and now amazon suggestion as well19:59
njinit just propose me music to buy19:59
balloonsand of course the music on your pc ;-)19:59
balloonsthe "preview" is only for the suggested tracks20:00
ade_balloons: have you a link to the spec req doc??20:00
balloonsif it's on your pc you can simply play it20:00
njinand won't list the mp3 on the Music carpet, but it is listed as mp3 in file20:00
balloonsade_,  I don't sadly20:00
ade_baloons: no worries20:00
balloonsso your not finding a music file on your pc20:00
balloonsis that it njin?20:00
njinyes, it is listed in files but not in Music20:01
phillwso, not unity-lens-shopping?20:01
ade_same here in that case as well balloons, true hw20:01
njinVB for me20:01
njinis the music lens not working for me20:02
ade_Doesn't show any music at first (apart from interweb etc), then once you have played an item from, say, an album... only then does the entire album show for selection. That make sense??20:02
njinballoons, yes it won't work on real hardware too , but now is late, can you report the bug or i'll do it tom orrow?20:05
balloonsdo it tomorrow njin20:05
njinok, see you tomorrow20:06
balloonswe'll need the logs on your box20:06
balloonsubuntu-bug unity-lens-music20:06
balloonsit works on mine so it won't do any good sadly :-)20:06
ade_Difficult without knowing how it is properly supposed to function. There is a definite problem there though imho20:15
phillwballoons: have you time for a quick PM?20:15
balloonsif there's a definite issue filing a bug is a good way to find out20:15
ade_I mean if it's supposed to display all music on the system, then it doesn;t work - but to scan each time (or even a last updated type thing) doesn't seem very logical as would take to long.... for me, it works fine, plays the last selected tunes and loads alternatives around the item last played.20:17
ade_And that's consistent behaviour with the photo and video lenses so I think all is ok.20:19
ade_balloons: will let njit take the lead on the bug report of that one :o)20:19
balloonsade_, ok, message recieved20:21
balloonsthat's right, on my end everything seems to work20:21
balloonsade_, passed or not, go ahead and put your name on the cases after you do them :-)20:21
balloonshelps confirm it's working for people.. that's just as important as getting a bug report20:22
ade_balloons: I couldn't find the test case in the link you sent to begin with, was just investigating the issues njin had20:27
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balloonsade_, ohh?20:27
balloonsspecifically, http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/237/builds/23813/testcases/1448/results20:28
balloonsclick that 'testcase' button to expand the testcase20:28
ade_Ah, just found it20:28
ade_Can we number the test case items next time... sorry just a suggestion :oP20:29
balloonsade_, sure, but number what?20:30
balloonsnormally there's only 1 testcase per page.. unity is a bit special with all of them on that page20:30
balloonssince it's a bunch of short tests in a row20:30
ade_Test-case dash/application-lens is item #1, Test-case dash/application-lens-search #2... etc20:31
knomeballoons, the images for b2 are rebuilding; should we convert the testcases now?20:31
balloonsahh yes..20:31
balloonsknome, I was just working on that20:31
ade_Then when a reference is made to an item you can just say.. len testing, item 5.. go :o)20:31
knomeballoons, in sandbox?20:31
balloonsade_, noted :-)20:32
balloonsyou can also say Test-case dash/music-lens-search20:32
balloonsknome, not in sandbox yet20:32
ade_Yeah I know, just a newbie looking in lol, wasn't to sure what you wanted me to do at first20:33
balloonsthat's really valid feedback20:34
balloonswe want it to be ovious20:34
balloonseven I'm liable to forget ;-)20:34
balloonsmy memory has been compared to a goldfish20:34
knomehm.. i thought your brain was just full of compressed air, judging by your nick20:34
balloonscompressed air doesn't hold much data20:35
knometrue that20:35
balloonscan really only deal with the present ;-)20:35
knomeso doesn't goldfish :)20:35
balloonsseriously though, I often get up and start walking across the room.. 2 steps into my walk, I've no idea what I got up20:35
knomei do the exact same20:37
noskcajshouldn't some more beta images be put by now?20:40
knomethey need to respin, new kernel or some changes20:41
balloonsnoskcaj, yes.. but they are coming now20:41
balloons^^ new kernel20:41
balloonsI'll send a mail to the list about them20:41
ade_balloons: Some of these testcases are a bit vague are they not?20:46
balloonsfor unity?20:46
balloonsyes, comments, suggestion, improvements are always welcome20:46
balloonsthe unity team landed the stuff post feature freeze20:46
balloonswe had to work quickly to get something up to test out the new stuff20:46
balloonsit's not our preference for doing things :-)20:46
ade_lol yeah I understand and am sure it's not our fault at all20:47
ade_Will suggest the music one again, seems to work fine, but add an album (which a user will be most likely to do) then click music to listen to it... nothing, you have to search for it first20:48
ade_The test case passes of course, but little things like that stump the user and causes them to panic or say it's broken etc20:49
balloonsade_, let me make sure I'm following20:49
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ade_ok... shoot20:49
balloonscan you write out what your trying to say? or simply edit the testcase your speaking of and post it back on paste.ubuntu.com or something20:50
balloonswe can edit the cases -- nothing is in stone :-)20:50
ade_Ok, test case item I am mentioning is dash/music-lens, what is the definition of indexed music here? If it's last played item (and suggestions surrounding that)... them it passes.20:52
ade_But if it's a search of the users music file, then will only display the last played items... and that's fine, because that's how I think it should work, but clarification is needed I think#20:53
ade_After all are we testing... or  testing just for test purposes and a tick. Appreciate it's probably no fault of the testcase writers20:54
ade_Item 5.. of the unity lenses testcase20:55
ade_balloons: I know it seems pedantic, as you blitz through the testcase it seems to work fine, but download, add a new track/album or whatever and then repeat the test and it then doesn't work?21:01
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ade_Perhaps I am just looking to closely at things, if it passes, then it passes right?21:02
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balloonsyikes the netsplit21:03
balloonsade_, if you posted back, I missed it ;)21:03
balloonsade_, no, going beyond what has simply been written is excellent21:04
balloonsphillw, are you back?21:05
phillwballoons: I am, just finished https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseAdmins/ManagementOverview#New_Formatting_tags awaiting you to proof read it.21:06
ade_balloons: Apoligies, I seem to have my tec writing head on. If it passes the specification passed by the unity team then it's passed. Any doubts - then raise a bug and get it clarified with them.21:10
ade_balloons: still finding my bearings here :o)21:11
balloonsade_, no your right21:11
balloonsit's a good hat to have on21:11
balloonsthe point is, QA is still young.. so we're still getting up to speed21:11
balloonshaving a complete testsuite for unity is an on-going process, but it's in much better shape thanmost apps21:11
balloonsregardless, I'd be excitied to tweak the cases to address what your seeing21:12
ade_Totally understand, we're all here to make things better :o)21:13
ade_Just clarification of what 'indexed music' is to be honest. Seems as I have raised it, I will try my best to find out and report back21:15
* balloons is ready and waiting for any suggestions to change or additional cases21:17
balloonsphillw, looks good.. ty21:17
balloonsstill working on the convert21:17
balloonsgotta script it quickly21:17
phillwI'm still too scared to ask if the ppc stuff for lubuntu has arrived... I saw Colin ask for it.21:18
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balloonsknome, phillw first pass at the conversion21:39
balloonsnote any errors you see, I'll fix up the script21:40
phillwballoons: soz, I'm just having a chat with "The Gods", as to when we will get the QA of Beta 2.21:43
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ade_balloons: Thanks for all your patience tonight, I really did learn a lot believe it or not. Will get to the bottom of the unity-lens-music scope behaviour tomorrow and continue to develop in QA. Thanks.22:14
ade_balloons: FINALLY, literally just before I was about to disconnect... http://askubuntu.com/questions/38772/what-lenses-for-unity-are-available22:16
balloonsade_, ohh there's much more22:16
balloonsone sec22:16
ade_balloons: this suggests that music played on your system will show up in the lens and not all music22:16
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balloonsthat has good info in there actually22:18
ade_'Adult Lens & Porn Scope' haha, that did make me chuckle! Good luck with writing a testcase for that one :o)22:22
ade_Anyways am out before face hits the keyboard. Good luck testing everyone, keep up the good work22:24
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