Danno_how would i solve the issue with the on-screen keyboard "Onboard" showing up as a blank black box on Lubuntu?00:10
pinky-Danno_, on this page it says to install python-gi-cairo => https://answers.launchpad.net/onboard/+question/19510600:15
Seeker`argh, can't sleep00:51
Danno_`right, ive got the keyboard installed and working, but i need to be able to enable it on the login screen as well. it says online that im supposed to do this via system settings, but my system settings menu seems to have disappeared00:54
Danno_is there a way to reset the layout of the main application menu to default as my system settings menu seems to have disappeared01:09
pinky-Danno_, if you right mouse click the Power Icon in top right-hand corner do you see a link for System Settings?01:14
Danno_i had it when i installed the OS a few hours ago and the only thing ive done since is set up my touchscreen and soundcard01:16
pinky-I've not got Lubuntu installed so can't help - sorry.01:16
Danno_theres loads of guides on line for replacing it but none apply to lubuntu01:17
pinky-Danno_, this is mainly a UK channel and most here are a sleep now, you might be better asking in #ubuntu01:18
Danno_i tried and was totally ignored01:18
Danno_im in the uk myself so i get that most people are asleep, it just sucks when you ask a perfectly valid question and no-one acknowledges that youre even there01:19
pinky-Danno_, all I can suggest is type your question clearly on one line and just be patience.01:21
pinky-sorry I can't help more01:21
Danno_not to worry. id protest at them but its too early to be getting into a flame ware01:22
xnoxbug 52389601:33
lubotu3Launchpad bug 523896 in shadow (Ubuntu Quantal) "useradd: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later." [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52389601:33
xnoxcomment #33 & #3401:33
xnoxtime to go to sleep.01:33
shaunois #33 serious?  does he honestly want a distro to boot the kernel, and nothing but the kernel ?01:38
shaunojust imagine how space they could save on the iso if panic("No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel.");  was a genuine user expectation01:47
ali1234yeah, i don't understand that at all01:51
ali1234ah i see01:53
ali1234he wants it to be a shell script, not a binary01:53
ali1234eh, i'm confused01:55
shaunosome people pick the strangest battles.  takes all kinds I suppose.01:58
ali1234i now have all the sources and binaries used by netgear to build firmware for the DGND3700 and it just doesn't work02:03
ali1234i even have the same OS they use, FC602:03
ali1234ok so i have two kernel images03:05
ali1234they are the same size03:05
ali1234there is a very small number of differences between them03:06
ali1234every difference is an increment of 0x1003:06
ali1234what causes that?03:06
ali1234oh and the increments are always the low byte of a 32 bit word, and the values are always divisible by 403:09
ali1234eg 24 46 cc 1c -> 24 46 cc 2c03:10
ali1234they always start 24 too03:10
ali1234this is a big endian MIPS kernel btw03:10
ali1234my guess is the new kernel has an extra symbol?03:11
ali1234the weird thing is there are not enough differences for any actual code to be in a different place03:14
ali1234ah, i found a section with moved code03:27
ali1234ah this could be the culprit: Linux version (root@sunshine) (gcc version 4.2.3) #2 | Linux version (root@localhost.localdomain) (gcc vers03:31
ali1234i wonder how the binary ended up the same size though. it must be padded03:32
ali1234i bet every difference is a printk or something03:35
ali1234and the differences are offsets into kernel string table03:35
ali1234and the longer string got padded to a multiple of 4 bytes... gives 0x10 bytes03:35
ali1234yep, that was it03:48
christelgood morning06:40
matttchristel: morning morning07:37
christelhelloooo :D07:37
christelhow are you mattt ?07:37
* mattt is blooday tired today07:37
matttchristel: how you?07:37
christeli am also pretty tired, still not quite recovered from shots and cocktails on saturday i think!07:37
christelluckily i appear to have a slow day as far as work goes (hopefully it stays that way!)07:38
bootlkjkgfMornin' all. !07:48
matttchristel: slow mondays are very nice07:48
christelyes! :)07:48
bootlkjkgfelfy .. are you from spain ??07:50
bootlkjkgfOH Ok .. I'll let you live, today.07:50
elfythough when I was young where I am was rather full of the spanish07:51
elfybootlkjkgf: why? do you come from Portugal?07:51
=== TheOpenSourcerer is now known as theopensourcerer
christelgood morning theopensourcerer \o/07:51
theopensourcererhey christel07:52
bootlkjkgfelfy, No, I had a gf from Madrid who had an email called elfybox  .. but lost contact in the end .. hear she went mental. ( no connection)07:52
elfyyou'd really not want me to be your g/f :p07:53
bootlkjkgfYeah , there too much pr0n these days .. so I guess I'm OK07:54
bootlkjkgfelfy, Something to read ... I had a banter with the Gnu guys on Sunday .Found a massive 'hole' in linux software in general . Here's the result  http://dpaste.org/cyr4w/07:57
j0nrany idea why one id3 command would recognise tags whilst another wouldn't?08:02
j0nrI have some music files which if I use "eyeD3" will show me tags, but if I use "id3tool" returns that there are no tags?08:02
shaunothere's two versions of id3, (id3v1 and id3v2, cleanly enough).  programs that don't understand v2 tags will return naught if you don't have tags for both versions08:03
bootlkjkgfConspiracy theory of the day :: Is the http://www.lhc.gov.uk/What-is-LHC/ the UK secret version of the "Large Hedron Collider" located in Neath, Wales ??08:03
j0nrshauno: but some files, both which are v2.4, work and some don't, depending on the program08:10
shaunobeats me then.  was a sensible shot in the dark though :)08:11
j0nrshauno: indeed08:12
Knightwisemorning !08:14
Knightwisehey mardi08:21
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
Knightwisehey schwuk08:24
schwukHi Knightwise08:24
Knightwiseanyone know anything about filerights ?08:25
Knightwisei'm setting up a folder on my system that should be accesable to users , but only to pick up files from , no write or delete access08:25
xnoxKnightwise: chmod +r08:31
Knightwiseand what would be the best chmod key ?08:38
AlanBellKnightwise: depends on the group owner of the folder08:41
AlanBellpermissions are Read/Write/eXecute for User/Group/Others08:41
theopensourcererknightwise: for directories chmod 755, for the files they should be 64408:41
theopensourcererThis is the default if you haven't changed your umask.08:42
oimoni see firefox hasn't changed. was using 3GB RAM this morning08:50
Knightwiseerm , lets say I'm the owner, I want to manage the files in the directory (and the subdirectories) but the only thing the others are alowwed to do is read and download the files08:57
KnightwiseSo if the dir is /home/COMMON , that would be chmod +r 755 /home/COMMON ?09:01
JamesTaitGood morning, all! :)09:06
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:11
christelmorning brobostigon, JamesTait \o/09:12
JamesTaitHi christel! :)09:12
brobostigonmorning christel \o/09:12
christelhow are weeee?09:13
JamesTaitchristel: I got drenched on the school run this morning. :(09:13
JamesTaitThat should tell you all you need to know. ;)09:13
brobostigonchristel: not bad, my eczema is calming, and my back hurts, and you?09:13
christelah yes, it is rather wet today! yay for eczema, boo for back :(09:14
christeli am still not entirely recovered from the weekend (one day i will learn to pace myself!) bar that i am good :)09:14
JamesTaitBoo for my dodgy knees too.09:14
brobostigonchristel: this cooler weather is helping, :)09:14
JamesTaitchristel: Did you have a fun and exciting weekend then? Can you remember? :-P09:14
christelJamesTait: see, i am not entirely sure... ;)09:15
diploMorning all09:16
christelDIPLO \o/09:16
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:16
diploHow are we doing young lady ?09:16
brobostigonmorning diplo09:16
christeldiplo: not too shabby! thyself? :)09:16
NET||abusehey guys, i'm looking to embark on a home server project, been doing some searching around for a fanless setup, the challenge is in hardware selection at this point, i want an ubuntu server, but not too crappy, probably go with an xbmc ontop of ubuntu.09:16
diploNot to bad thanks, glad to be back at work09:16
NET||abuseso it will be network storage and when i finally buy a tv, the driver for video display09:17
NET||abuseive seen some little units from the fitpc range, i'm not sure if they're quite right or maybe they are.09:17
NET||abusethe other option is to find a nice selection of components and build myself.09:18
NET||abusemini-itx size device, nice small case, nothing quite desktop size.09:18
NET||abuseanyone have opinions on the fit-pc stuff, or know a good resource for components of this fnaless nature?09:19
JamesTaitOne of these days, Google is going to cotton on the the fact that these channels are publicly archived, figure out a way to link IRC nicks to Google accounts, and we'll all start seeing spookily relevant adverts wherever we go.09:19
NET||abuseJamesTait: that's very Orwellian09:19
NET||abuseyou might be right.09:19
JamesTaitScary thought.09:20
brobostigonwell search for my nick on google, as it is very weird, already.09:20
NET||abusebrobostigon: china forum?09:20
brobostigonNET||abuse: one of the very first results, is a result from here.09:20
NET||abuseheh, you have an eve-online character?09:21
brobostigoni do not.09:21
NET||abusenot you then? http://www.my-eve.com/character/Antar%20Brobostigon09:21
JamesTaitYou have a blog.09:22
NET||abuseomg, what kind of nut has a blog?09:22
brobostigoni havent used it in ages.09:22
JamesTaitAnd I have one supremely stinky cat. brb09:23
NET||abusehmm, what's the concensus? For or against using fit-pc as the basis for your network server/xbmc setup?09:23
NET||abusei figure the usb3 ports allow for extending storage with an external unit.. though i've no idea what unit is good for that,09:24
popeywhich fit-pc? they do a few models09:24
NET||abusei think the intense09:25
NET||abusebut sticking to the £290 model.09:25
NET||abusethen again, can i do better than £490 for a unit with an i3?09:26
NET||abuseI want it to act as a home server for media collections, attached storage might be on the cards, it has 2 eSata ports, so maybe a nice home level enclosure09:27
NET||abusenot sure of a unit i've seen that would use eSata though09:27
NET||abusehmm, struggling to see the comparison beetween the intense andthe fit pc3 pro09:29
NET||abuse£319 with AMD 1.6Ghz chip, 4GB ram, radeon hd6320,, vs Celeron 847E 1.1Ghz, Intel HD 2000, and no decernable descriptoin of what ram by default, have to add drive and ram combo for additional £9309:31
NET||abusei have a pool of 2.5" sata drives to use.09:32
popeyi use an hp microserver as my home storage09:32
diplomoi aussi09:32
popeyand use an Acer Revo as the frontend connected to the telly09:32
* diplo copies popey to much!09:32
diploWorks well though :)09:33
JamesTaitI could think of worse people to copy.09:33
NET||abusehmm, yeh, any good suppliers for the HP micro servers?09:33
NET||abusemight look there.09:33
JamesTaitThe problem is, he has so many good ideas.09:33
diploYes JamesTait and not enough cash here :)09:33
JamesTaitAnd then shares them.09:33
diploEbuyer I think I got mine from NET||abuse09:33
diplo100 quid cash back still on I think09:34
NET||abuseyeh, they come up high on the result list.09:34
JamesTaitAnd then I end up sitting there trying to figure out a way I can satisfy the want.09:34
JamesTaitdiplo: Same here.09:34
NET||abuseohh, wow, that's making it a far stronger case. also i have 2 1TB sata drives in a drawer here doing nothign i could throw into that.09:35
NET||abuseis that the only model they do?09:37
popeyI put the boot disk into the optical bay09:37
popeyyes, the n36L was discontinued09:37
popeyso i have 4x2TB in the drive bays and boot disk is a small SSD09:37
popeyalso added an external 4x2TB array which makes for more fun happy storage times09:38
diplolol popey, how much storage!09:38
xnoxpopey: do you have Intel Rapid / Intel Matrix Storage System RAID?09:38
popeyI also have 4 more 2TB disks, nothing to put them in09:38
popeyneed to replace the 4 bay storage tower with an 8 bay one09:39
diploI have!09:39
popeythen I'll have 12x2TB in the server09:39
oimonglobally, are android or apple phones more popular atm?09:39
popeydefine $popular09:39
oimoncouldn't find any stats that were current09:39
xnoxoimon: do you a want a phone that can find a nearest coffee shop or the one with crippled maps & navigation?09:39
popeyhere we go again09:40
popeygroundhog day in here09:40
oimoni'm making a case for providing a service that works on android and not just apple at work09:40
xnoxoimon: the only sales figures you can rely on are the yearly calls / tax submissions but they happen at different points in the year for all companies involved. All other figures are made up to minimize taxes.09:41
Knightwisehmm.. looking at getting me one of those MK802.II09:42
Knightwise52 euro's is not much to pay for a computer09:42
oimon- Android - 104.8 million units, 68.1% market share (46.9% in the same period last year)  iOS - 26.0 million units, 16.9% share (18.8% Q2 2011)09:43
oimonthat will do for my email.09:43
popeywho is target audience?09:43
popeyemployees? what demographic?09:43
popeyif I surveyed people in the age range 10-16, I'd bet there were way more blackberries than iphone or android09:44
oimonit was undefined as "the public"09:44
oimonthey created a service limited to itunes09:44
oimonand left it at that, i want to call them to task over it09:44
shaunolet's just hope they're not using something like itunes U then, in which case they'll quickly point out that there simply isn't feature parity09:46
NET||abusepopey: i think i'm gonna copy you, what is the storage array's you use?09:53
popeythey no longer make it anymore09:53
NET||abuseI am disapointment in my grammer09:53
popeyothers are available09:53
NET||abuseyeh, will have a look into that, is a good plan.09:54
popeynote that the eSATA port on the microserver does _not_ do port multiplexing09:54
popeyso you have to use a pcie card, which needs to be half-height, half-length with a small bracket09:54
popeythe array I bought came with one, which has two eSATA ports which _do_ support port multiplexing09:54
NET||abuseso i can't use 2 drives on hte port as it stands?09:55
NET||abuseor just not raid?09:55
popeyyou can't have more than one drive on the built-in port09:55
popeyunless the device containing those drives abstracts it away, so you only see one drive09:55
popeye.g. if I plug my 4-bay edge10 into the onboard eSATA port, I can only see the first disk in the array09:55
NET||abuseso t's not raid specifically,09:55
popeyplug it into the pcie eSATA card I can see all the disks09:56
NET||abuseohhh, on the external09:56
popeyI use btrfs on my server09:56
NET||abusei see09:56
NET||abuseso you can just have single device on an external connection, unless the external device abstracts away the drives09:56
NET||abusebut the 2 internal ports are eSata yes? and can pop in 2 drives.09:57
popeywhich most dumb arrays dont09:57
popey2 internal ports?09:57
NET||abuseuhh, eSata? i just mean sata09:57
popeymine (n36L) only has one09:57
NET||abusethere's the optical bay nad 2 internal drive bays?09:57
popeyno, optical bay and 4 internal bays09:57
popeysee that09:58
NET||abusedid you get it to boot off usb for installing your os?10:00
popeysee 2:56 for the internal shot10:00
NET||abuseor did you need an external optical drive?10:00
popeyi have no need for an optical drive10:01
popeyi increased the RAM in mine10:01
popeyits a cracking little box10:01
NET||abuseloudness wise? could you have it in your living room and be able to read a book without the fan sound distracting you?10:02
popeymine is sat 1 foot from my head10:02
popeyi work all day with it on :)10:02
NET||abusehmm, just spousal approval rating wise :)10:02
popeyit only has one fan in it, on the back, quite big and not too noisy10:03
NET||abuseye, saw the fan in that video.10:03
popeyprobably be okay behind the telly, depends on the size of your lounge :)10:03
popeyapparently you can stick 16GB RAM in them10:03
NET||abuseactually our new place is lovely, nice big long living room10:04
NET||abusecould put 4 sofas along the 2 walls and there's still the fireplace in the middle.10:04
NET||abusewe've no tv yet10:05
NET||abusethat's in a future month's purchase plan.10:05
oimonshauno, it is itunes u10:12
oimonthey called it the itunesU project, which sort of made the product choice a fait accompli10:13
NET||abusejust bit the bullet10:14
NET||abusewent ahead with teh microserver10:14
NET||abuseit's a better setup than anything else really out ther.e10:15
NET||abuseand the cashback if it works out just sweetens it so much more.10:15
shaunothey rarely offer the cashback in RoI :/  no fair10:16
NET||abuseah well, that used to be my problem, now i'm a Londoner :)10:17
shaunoresistance is futile eh10:17
NET||abusedown with the sasanach!! .... uhh, woah, gotta curb that reflex10:18
shaunosometimes I swear I'm just here to confuse people.  I'm the southerner that moved to Ireland looking for work.10:18
diploProving hard work shauno ?10:18
shaunonot at all diplo10:19
shaunothere's a surprising number of companies here just for the tax rate.  so in the right sectors, the work's there :)10:20
NET||abusethe market is strong back home for sure, but it's a little un-interesting in some ways10:20
diploIT sector shauno ?10:20
diploAll I hear ( when I actually watch the news ) is that things are really bad over there, no work etc10:21
NET||abusethe entrepreneurial side has no market to sell to so it's rare to find a nice company to work for.10:21
NET||abusethe work in IT is all for the multinationals10:21
shaunoright.  anyone big and faceless enough that it doesn't matter so much to them where they're based10:22
NET||abusethere isn't the same presence of the really huge big names in London it seems, but ther's a broader range of smaller firms with interesting work to be done, that's why I'm over10:23
shaunoeg, amazon-aws being in dublin10:23
NET||abuseyeh, 3 of my friends back home work there10:23
NET||abusemy cousin married another guy there too :)10:24
shaunomsft, apple, xerox, hp, dell, google, vmware, etc etc.  it's quite popular to have a presence here just to call HQ for your EU arm, just for the corporate tax rate10:25
NET||abuseI was nearly through the google interviews 2 years ago,site reliability team, then i decided against it in favour of a short stint with a smaller team in dublin and planned the move over here:)10:25
shaunobut yeah, at the other end, it's not very startup friendly.  especially not at the moment.10:27
NET||abuseafter being interviewed by a quarter of the team, that being 8 people for the day, i realised that wasn't the way i wanted to work.10:27
NET||abuseyeh, i was in 2 startups in dublin, but they really don't have  the same hope or support that other tech centers have10:28
NET||abusethe government mentoring and grants are rediculously managed, the vc pool is too sparse, and the banks are just not interested10:29
NET||abuseanyway, enough ranting!!!10:30
NET||abusei got a microserver on route :)10:30
NET||abusehappy day10:30
* AlanBell has just been having a planning meeting about recruitment10:32
diploInteresting ?10:33
AlanBellyeah, need to put together a job spec10:35
christelhire all the people \o/10:48
NET||abusewhy not zoidberg?10:52
diploHow many are you looking for just the one AlanBell  ?10:55
christeli hope they're not getting another AlanBell!10:56
oimonpopey, i don't suppose you got time to look at 945987 yesterday did you?10:56
oimonbug 94598710:56
lubotu3Launchpad bug 945987 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "No Settings are available in "Preferred format", only preset defaults are used" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94598710:56
popeyno, but can now10:56
popey\o/ lunchtime10:56
* oimon high fives popey 10:56
bigcalmLunch sounds like a splendid idea10:59
LaneyI was going to bike to town in lunch to get beer festival tickets11:01
Laneybut this rain :(11:01
bigcalmSome what constant up here11:04
oimondid you all make use of the amazon 99p album offer?11:04
theopensourcererchristel: Another someone called Alan would be a bonus11:04
bigcalmNothing like the rain around Reading on my way home yesterday though. The spray on the motorway was like driving in fog11:04
popeyLaney, can you see bug 945987 - neither oimon nor I have a "settings" button in Rhythmbox -> Edit -> Preferences -> Music which indicates it's not fixed11:05
lubotu3Launchpad bug 945987 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "No Settings are available in "Preferred format", only preset defaults are used" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94598711:05
christeltheopensourcerer: see now i have visions of you deleting all applications from anyone not called alan!11:05
popeyi see four options, mp3, mp4, ogg, flac, but the settings button is greyed out11:05
theopensourcererWe would also be very happy with an Alana too christel11:06
davmor2morning prods for christel and czajkowski11:06
czajkowskipopey: that seems to be wrking here for me11:11
czajkowskidavmor2: ello11:11
czajkowskipopey: if I change prefered format to ogg I can change the format settings11:11
christelhi hi davmor211:12
christeltheopensourcerer: hehe11:14
davmor2theopensourcerer: surely it would get confusing when someone rings in and says, "Hi it think I was talking to Alan about x.."11:18
Laneypopey: yeah i'm sure there's more work to do there.11:20
oimonatm i cannot view or define mp3 settings at all11:21
popeyczajkowski, you're on quantal11:21
popeyI am on precise11:21
czajkowskipopey: ah11:21
LaneyPerhaps you can copy /usr/share/gstreamer-0.10/presets/*.prs to ~/.gstreamer-0.10/presets11:22
Laneybit of a shot in the dark11:22
popeyLaney, copied them, restarted rb, made no difference11:26
YaManicKillthe microserver looks awesome, I never realised it had 4 bays11:27
YaManicKillis it hardware raid? if so, what raids does it support?11:27
LaneyI might look into it again at some point (depends on VMs deciding to work again though)11:28
oimonLaney, tried on 2 machines, so should be easy to repoduce OOTB11:29
LaneyI believe you11:29
kaushalis there a way to scp multiple .gz files from remote server at one go meaning quickly transfer multiple files at the same time?11:29
diploscp *.gz user@ip:/place/to/put/them11:30
Laneyjust list them11:30
kaushaldiplo: i need to pull files11:31
kaushalor any other tool which can do it11:31
diploHmm I've not tried that actually the other way round11:31
diploAs Laney said, just list them11:32
shaunoscp is fine with remote wildcards11:32
Laneyyou might have to protect them from your local shell11:32
diploSo scp user@host:/location"filename,filname" .11:32
kaushalshauno: any example?11:32
kaushaldiplo: ok11:33
diploI'd not tried that shauno so didn't want to say :)11:33
Laneycomma? I think you mean space11:33
Laneylaney@iota> scp home:"temp/cups_1.6.1-0ubuntu6.dsc temp/separate-sub" .                                                               ~/temp11:34
Laneycups_1.6.1-0ubuntu6.dsc                                                                                    100% 2770     2.7KB/s   00:0011:34
Laneyseparate-sub                                                                                               100% 9241     9.0KB/s   00:0011:34
diploSeems if you use commas you put it in curly braces11:34
diploI'd go with space instead :D11:34
shaunoI use "scp mail:*log ."  disturbingly ofte, so I know it works :)11:34
shauno(and doesn't appear to colide with local shell expansion in bash, I assume not having a space before the * makes it difficult to match locally)11:36
davmor2chrisccoulson: Hey dude I've hit an odd issue,  I copy my ~/.TB folder from one machine to another an in the new version in Quantal I keep getting a login password issue if my precise box is logged in at the same time is there anywhere that would give me some more insight into the issue?11:44
kaushalLaney: Thanks11:48
kaushaldiplo: thanks11:48
NET||abusehaha, after all this micro server talk, found the what looks to be the same machine on serverdirect.co.uk for over twice the price?  inc.vat : £671.9612:10
NET||abuseinstead of £216.98inc. vat12:10
bittin^workseems i have a date with a 13year older woman tonight :D12:10
NET||abusealmost 3 times.12:10
pinky-bittin^work, are you a maths teacher?12:10
NET||abusebittin^work: with out the "er" it's be scary12:10
bittin^workpinky-, nope12:11
pinky-oh "older" .. I missed that on first read12:11
NET||abuseme too :)12:11
diploAnd me :D12:16
oimonbittin^work, how old are you?12:18
oimoni know of couples the other way round12:19
oimonand i'm 8.5 years older than my missis12:19
oimoni know a few male-female>1312:19
christeli too read that as "a 13 year old woman" first time round12:20
popeyhalf your age +712:22
NET||abusehe'd still be breaking that rule then.12:23
NET||abuseby that standard, 19 year old could go out with 16 year old.12:23
Danno_are there any onscreen keyboards for Lubuntu that work at the login screen12:23
AlanBellDanno_: tried asking in #lubuntu?12:24
oimonpopey, married my wife when i was 30, she was 22. wasn't socially ok before then :P x/2+712:29
matttoimon: :P12:30
oimonactually i think the x/2+7 is the optimal age, right?12:31
oimonfor women dating younger men , the ruile is different12:31
AlanBellno, it is symetrical (and offtopic) see http://xkcd.com/314/12:32
* bigcalm flops12:34
pinky-if you can't get a 30 year old then 2 x's 15 will do doesn't take a maths degree12:35
AlanBellnow we are going *very* off topic . . .12:35
pinky-ok sorry12:36
pinky-I couldn't help it12:36
AlanBelllets talk about Amazon search results instead12:36
AlanBellshould they go in the dash?12:36
bittin^worknope :(12:36
bittin^worknot that i ever use unity anyways12:36
* daubers doesn't order physical goods from Amazon anyways12:38
oimoni have £55 in gift certs to spend there12:38
bittin^worki never ordered anything from Amazon12:38
daubersI used to order lots from Amazon, until they started relying on Yodel :(12:39
bittin^workWebhallen ftw!12:39
oimoni don't usnderstand these words12:39
christelyodelling amazons not your thing oimon ?12:39
bittin^workWebhallen is a .se online store :D12:39
oimoni bought an album for 99p yesterday thought from them12:40
oimonthere's a special offer on12:40
oimontrouble is, i remembered a load of other albums i wasnted to get12:40
pinky-when I order from Amazon I only buy when it's actually Amazon stocked as I've had too many experiences with fake goods from China being stocked by unscrupulous dealers12:40
popeydaubers, they dont always, i just got two parcels via royal snail12:41
* oimon wonders where his rep[lacement touchpad screen is12:41
* popey hugs amazon prime12:41
* czajkowski worshops Amazon 12:41
dauberspopey: I know, but I've not recieved anything they sent through yodel :(12:41
czajkowskiit's coming to Christmas shopping so will be living on it again12:41
daubersAnd they can't guarentee who it ships with12:42
oimonthis pack of haribo has a high proportion of sour cherries, and i'm not complaining about that :)12:42
daubersI even offered them more money to ship with someone else12:42
oimondaubers, get a job as a postie :)12:45
oimonor freelance postie where you get to pick it up from the distribution centre12:45
popeynot had a problem with yodel12:46
popeyanyway.. shopping results in the dash.. yay! :D12:46
daubersyodel == Home Delivery Network :)12:46
oimoni don't know who they are, i just get stuff delivered and it arrives12:46
popeylove working from home, makes amazon prime all the more worthwhile, order, arrives next day, play!12:47
dauberspopey: That in principle is a good thing :) Just hoping it get's extended to other retailers over time12:47
popeyit will12:47
oimonwe'll soon find out that the ubuntu referral code is actually popey's12:47
popeyhah, i wish :)12:47
oimonamazon mp3 downloading is terrible nowadays12:48
oimonon linux12:48
oimoni resort to using clamz12:48
popeysurely thats the sensible thing to do anyway?12:48
popeyuse the right app for the job12:48
oimonbit harder to tell the wife12:48
oimonover the phone12:48
oimonbanshee used to do it nicely, but it's annoying to have massive app for that.12:49
oimonand it was crashy12:49
* bigcalm sets up a vm for unity on fredora12:50
bigcalmIt's at times like these that I wish I had a larger SSD in my workstation12:51
theopensourcererAmazon on Unity will not affect me much as I rarely use dash(es) anyway. They just seem to be a superfluous layer of shiny that I have no need for whatsoever.12:52
* davmor2 suddenly has his eyes opened to the fact that theopensourcerer said superfluous and shiny in the same sentence, there is no such thing as too much shiny unless it is monitor/tv screens, wash your mouth out ;)13:01
* theopensourcerer is a very opaque and matt kind of guy.13:01
bigcalmKind of grey?13:03
christel50 shades of13:03
* theopensourcerer tinks the channel is about to veer OT again.13:04
bigcalm50 shares of Alans13:04
* AlanBell suspects kicking christel would not work well, so carry on ;)13:05
bigcalmI really struggled to write shades, most strange13:05
theopensourcerertry raybans instead13:05
bigcalmchristel \o/13:06
christelAlanBell: it would be mean and wrong, like kicking a puppy.13:06
bigcalmchristel: what does it mean when you do it to yourself?13:12
davmor2bigcalm: you're a dipstick13:13
christelit wasnt me, AlanBell must have hax0red freenode.13:13
davmor2bigcalm: you're drunk?13:13
bigcalmdavmor2: but christel never gets drunk13:13
davmor2bigcalm: Or incredibly clumsy13:13
christeli think you've lost me13:14
davmor2christel: that or bigcalm knows another christel :D13:15
christelcould be, could be13:15
bittin^worktime to go home and drink some tea before going out with a 13year older woman :D13:28
christelhehe enjoy your older woman ;)13:28
bigcalmI thought it was a cat13:29
dwatkinsnothing wrong with going out with someone older :-p13:29
christelyou thought it was a cat...13:29
bigcalmA 13 year old cat13:29
bigcalmQuite old13:30
christeltrue, but wouldn't it be a tad weird to go on a date with a cat13:30
dwatkinsdepends... no if you were meeting this woman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTTwcCVajAc13:30
christelhaha <313:31
bigcalmOh my13:34
pinky-dwatkins, follwed by this video:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP4NMoJcFd4&NR=1&feature=fvwp13:35
dwatkinspinky-: curse you, I'm going to have to go find some My Little Pony drum'n'bass remixes now to get that out of my head ;)13:35
dwatkinshaha it's hilarious though13:36
NET||abusewoah, wtf,,,, that chick is emm, got nice boobs..13:36
dwatkinsI blame your choice of nickname for my choice of alternative ;)13:36
MyrttiAlanBell: *spoing*13:37
AlanBellhi Myrtti13:37
NET||abusejeebus, she's nuts13:37
bigcalmCoo, it's Myrtti13:37
dwatkinsooh, this isn't too bad either13:39
dwatkins"Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon - Drum and Bass Mix" - hours of fun, well an hour...13:39
davmor2apparently Myrtti has turning into zebedee oh wait no that was boing13:42
Myrttidavmor2: it's a flu-ish ping13:42
NET||abusedwatkins: pinky- did you see the follow up to that video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDpc9g0Z4Hs&feature=fvwrel13:42
MyrttiI don't have energy for a ping, so I did a sloppy spoing13:42
* pinky- clicks13:42
davmor2Myrtti: ahaha13:43
christela spoing eh? is that a very wet and spongy kinda pingpong? :o13:43
pinky-I'm a bit slow as I was listening to this. People power helped with cloud discovery http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-1970069913:43
Myrttichristel: I'm not in that stage yet13:44
NET||abusepinky-: i was thinking it was some cloud service discovery thing till i clicked the link13:45
dwatkinsbrings new meaning to 'cloud storage'13:45
pinky-NET||abuse, yeah lol I first clicked it thinking the same then sat there for 5 minutes with a blank mind13:46
NET||abusehehe, cloud appreciation society, that has to be the most important news of the week13:46
dwatkinsI can see a teapot...13:50
bigcalmStatus 41813:55
dwatkins:D best HTTP status ever13:56
* dwatkins wonders what the criteria are to envoke this13:56
directhexdwatkins, to invoke HTTP 418? attempting to use HTCPCP when the target device is a teapot, not a coffee pot14:00
directhexas per RFC 2324:14:01
directhex   Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error14:01
directhex   code "418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity body MAY be short and14:01
directhex   stout.14:01
dwatkinsah I see, of course :)14:04
Myrttimeh, talking of tea, I can't find where my sister keeps the honey14:14
MyrttiI can't do my traditional rosehip tisane with honey :-(14:14
ali1234Monday, 2012-09-20, 17:00 UTC.15:43
zleaperm how did it work that date out ?15:46
popeyali1234, getting it fixed15:48
popeythanks !15:48
ali1234bit late now, don't you think?15:48
ali1234i mean it's in 2 hours15:48
ali1234unless it was last thursday15:49
popeyits today15:49
ali1234that reminds me actually15:50
ali1234i noticed the other day, that they've decided to go with grub2 on uefi15:50
ali1234my post about that to ubuntu-developers is still awaiting moderation15:51
ali1234after like 6 weeks15:51
popeycjwatson is the person to poke I suspect15:54
popeymaybe too late I guess :)15:54
ali1234it's pointless to post it now15:54
ali1234there was never any risk of key disclosure15:56
ali1234injunctions against selling the devices, yes15:56
ali1234but you can't force someone to do something with the GPL. you can only force them to stop.15:56
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AlanBellanyone know how to talk directly with a USB printer as if it was an old style serial device?17:01
AlanBellI want to send ESC/P instructions direct17:01
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
popeyecho "foo " > /dev/ttyS0 ?17:05
popeyseems to be /dev/usb/lp117:06
popeyon mine17:06
MartijnVdScat > /dev/usb/lp117:07
MartijnVdSthen just type what needs typing17:07
MartijnVdSof you want special "ESC" codes, use "echo -e \033foo" (033 = 0x1b = ESC)17:07
AlanBellbash: /dev/usb/lp1: Permission denied17:13
MartijnVdSAlanBell: ls -l, check against your id17:14
MartijnVdSAlanBell: or use sudo :)17:14
AlanBellMartijnVdS: that was with sudo17:14
Azelphurgah, thunderbirds slowness is starting to annoy me :(17:15
MartijnVdSls -ld /dev/usb ?17:15
AlanBellcrw-rw---- 1 root lp 180, 1 Sep 24 17:58 /dev/usb/lp117:15
lubotu3Launchpad bug 180 in Baz (deprecated) "No support for non-ascii characters in my-id" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18017:15
MartijnVdShaha lubotu3 :)17:15
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=== MattJ is now known as MattJ100
AlanBellwell I can write text to it17:58
AlanBellthe thing does ESC/POS which is related to ESC/P but not quite the same17:58
AlanBellsending stuff to it with lpr -o raw works, dunno what is up with the devices17:59
czajkowskihows folks this evening18:05
czajkowskiwhats happening for the release party - not that I'll be hear18:06
davmor2czajkowski: fair to middling18:06
AlanBellczajkowski: looking into a venue that has been offered, otherwise there are a couple of pubs18:11
AlanBelland wut!! not here??18:11
davmor2hmmmmm FALCO ROCK ME AMA.....AMA......AMADEUS18:12
christelAlanBell: i know, shocking isnt it?!18:19
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davmor2night all19:18
matttdavmor2: later19:21
bigcalmczajkowski: that's lovely :)19:32
LaneyI think I just developed a thing for Nigella19:58
jacobwuh, put it away ;)20:00
bigcalmOnly now?20:00
Laneyfirst time I've really seen any of her shows20:00
matttshe's annoying :-/20:00
popeyyou know you're getting old when...20:00
mattti can't stand watching her on tv20:00
popeyShe's no match for Alex Politzi20:01
matttas my wife says20:01
LaneyI didn't find her annoying20:01
matttthere's a reason she never shows full body shots :P20:01
Laneymeow :(20:01
LaneyOnly Connect is on Right Now™20:01
LaneyBBC 4. Watch it.20:01
Laneywait, what, it's not?!?!?!?20:02
bigcalmpopey: Alex has such a stern face20:02
Laneycan I not read a TV guide? :(20:02
Laneyoh, it was 8.30. I was watching Nigella instead20:02
Laneys'alright, iPlayer will save me20:03
matttso much for registering a .ie20:04
AlanBellthink I might have to make a .ppd file20:08
AzelphurPC repair shop is saying to my cousin that the heatsink clamps snapped and caused the processor and motherboard to overheat and fry, sounds like bs to me?20:22
MartijnVdSAzelphur: ask to see it first20:23
MartijnVdSIt pays to take "Before" pics too20:23
AzelphurI saw it a few days ago, I didn't notice any damage on the heatsink, but I didn't particularly look20:23
Azelphurit certainly wasn't majorly damaged, it was definitely on there and in the right position20:23
MartijnVdSthen I'd ask to see it20:24
Azelphurbut I'm thinking even if it was damaged, surely the thermal protection would kick in?20:24
MartijnVdSusually, yes..20:24
MartijnVdSshady "repair place"?20:24
Azelphursounds like it20:24
Azelphur"free diagnosis" :P20:24
AlanBellAzelphur: why was it in for repair?20:25
AzelphurAlanBell: it turns on, but doesn't display any image, I swapped out graphics, PSU, and tried removing most of the ram chips, so that kinda narrows it down to either the motherboard or the CPU20:26
Azelphurso I said take it to a PC shop and ask them to diagnose which is dead20:27
AlanBellok, and they didn't have a processor to swap so decided "both" and made up a plausible sounding reason20:28
AlanBelltbh, the bottom line is that it needs a new motherboard and processor20:28
Azelphurindeed, sounds like it20:30
Azelphurnot worth replacing imo, it's a core 2 quad with 8GB DDR2 80020:30
Azelphurmight as well buy a new i3 board20:30
Azelphurcheaper, faster20:30
AlanBellrepair shops won't like saying "it is broken, we have no idea why"20:32
AlanBelleven though that is perfectly true, and there is no need to know why20:32
AzelphurI would have liked to have known which it was, but I didn't have the replacement parts either20:32
Azelphurthat's why I said take it to a PC store, tell em to find out if it's the CPU or the board20:33
emI'm afraid I won't know how to begin.20:33
AlanBellhi em20:34
emHey :)20:34
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/1225378/ yeah20:59
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AlanBellheh, got your binary compatible kernel going ali1234?21:14
ali1234well i managed to build an identical kernel21:15
ali1234i still need to add ipv6 support to it. when i do the build fails21:15
ali1234i can't build the uclibc either, and that needs patching for ipv621:15
ali1234the build scripts don't work on new gcc21:15
AlanBellI do hope this ends up being worth the effort for you!21:16
ali1234and when i build it on old gcc, it makes the kernel build fail with weird asm errors21:16
ali1234looks like the build system has a nfs mode, i'm trying to set that up21:17
ali1234the build system is basically the broadcom BSP21:17
ali1234with foxconn acos tacked on21:18
ali1234and then a netgear web interface tacked on top of that21:18
ali1234the whole thing is a complete mess21:18
ali1234most of it doesn't even work properly21:19
mgdmwhat's the hardware, if I can ask?21:19
ali1234it's full of hardcoded paths to /home/finerain/21:22
ali1234and only works properly if you run the entire build as root21:24
ali1234oh and make clean destroys files that can't be rebuilt due to missing source21:24
ali1234so i have to delete/unpack again every time i make a mistake21:24
ali1234even the kernel build won't work standalone21:24
ali1234because they patched the makefile to pull in the proprietary modules21:24
ali1234if you run make in kernel tree like normal it crashes out because of missing environment variables from the monster top level makefile21:24
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ali1234netgear DGND370021:27
ali1234it's not really very hard to see why netgear official firmware updates introduce as many bugs as they fix21:27
ali1234the netgear product specs talks about how it has a "powerful dual core"21:30
ali1234but the kernel is not build for SMP21:30
ali1234so the second core is never used21:30
popeyAlanBell, is there no windows or mac driver?21:35
AlanBellpopey: there is a windows driver21:36
AlanBelland quite good documentation21:36
popeywhat make / model is it?21:36
popeyis it new or 2nd hand?21:36
AlanBellcheap chinese thing21:37
popeyAlanBell, can you set single line spacing?21:37
AlanBellI am not sure how21:38
popeyESC 0 Select 1/8-inch line spacing • • • C-5121:39
popeyESC 2 Select 1/6-inch line spacing • • • C-5321:39
popeyESC 3 Set n/180-inch line spacing • • — C-5521:39
popeyESC 3 Set n/216-inch line spacing — — • C-5621:39
popeyESC + Set n/360-inch line spacing • • — C-5721:39
popeymiddle dot is esc/p21:39
popeyleft dot is esc/p221:39
WebPigeo1what blew up :/21:51
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bittin__hmm i went to a date with a girl in Sweden today, and now i have 2 tickets to UK :p21:56
=== bittin__ is now known as bittin
popeybittin, is that good or bad? :)22:00
bittinpopey, okay i guess22:00
bittinwould be anymore good if i could stay somewhere on my UK vacation in December, but i guess i can short that out22:00
bittinUK is far away anyways, so i guess i will make somone sad22:01
bittinbut well worse things has happend22:01
* AlanBell gets http://code.google.com/p/python-escpos/ working (kind of)22:08
AlanBelloh, I printed out an Ubuntu UK podcast logo on it22:09
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AlanBellbecause it happened to be a file I found called logo.png22:09
=== christel_ is now known as christel
* xnox has join/part messages hidden, so I missed out on all the fun =(22:12
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bittini should try to stop think about the woman and go the fuck to bed23:07
Danno_is there any way to make ubuntu treat a long press on the screen as a right click?23:57

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