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Cantidetried a live CD of 12.04 - everything renders as white squares11:20
Cantiderendering it unusable (pun intended)11:20
Cantideis this a unity problem?11:20
seb128Cantide, hi, no, likely a corrupted CD or something11:37
seb128Cantide, the fonts are handled by freetype,pango11:38
Cantidei installed off this CD myself11:44
Cantideon my own PC, and it worked fine11:44
seb128weird, does it do it in a consistant way?11:44
seb128or is that a 1 time thing?11:44
Cantideperhaps there is something wrong with the other PC - because i just tried a 10.10 live CD and that had awful lines everywhere11:44
Cantideit's consistent11:45
Cantidei tried it twice and got those white blocks where it was trying to draw things11:45
Cantidefor example, the notifications were blank, white squares11:45
seb128ok, dunno then, maybe something with the hardware or drivers11:45
seb128video drivers11:45
Cantidethe panels were also white squares11:45
Cantidecould be11:45
Cantidei think i'll just try to install 12.04 and cross my fingers - maybe when it installs it'll load better drivers11:45
Cantidegoing offline here now to use the internet there..11:46
Cantidethanks for your help, seb12811:47
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davidcallemhr3, phey13:02
davidcalleping or hey...13:02
mhr3davidcalle, phoy13:03
mhr3pong and hey :)13:03
davidcallemhr3, how are you?13:03
mhr3davidcalle, well rested after a holiday :)13:04
davidcallemhr3, nice :)13:04
davidcallemhr3, do you know when Pawel will be around ? I have a mp for him on the video lens13:04
mhr3davidcalle, i saw it, would like to test it, but i need to dist-upgrade finally13:06
davidcallemhr3, you are on a mixed Precise/Quantal?13:07
mhr3davidcalle, actually precise with complete unity 6 stack installed in a separate prefix13:08
davidcallemhr3, where were you on holidays? Still in London?13:11
mhr3davidcalle, laying on the beach on a sunny and warm greek island ;)13:12
davidcallemhr3, fancy :)13:12
mhr3it was indeed :)13:13
mhr3davidcalle, what about you? how are things going?13:13
davidcallemhr3, pretty good, my boring day work is going to be less boring for a few weeks, release stuff is going well and I'm starting to look for a new place with my gf.13:16
mhr3davidcalle, great then :)13:18
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davidcallekenvandine, hey15:28
kenvandinehey davidcalle15:28
davidcallekenvandine, good weekend?15:28
kenvandineyup, and you?15:28
davidcallekenvandine, yeah15:29
kenvandinegreat :)15:29
davidcallekenvandine, I have a fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-photos/+bug/1053266 (102 affected in four days), is it critical enough to go out today?15:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1053266 in Photos Lens "unity-lens-photos crashed with AttributeError in shotwell(): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'cursor'" [High,Fix committed]15:29
davidcallekenvandine, Well, it's not "critical", just very visible.15:30
kenvandinei would say :)15:30
kenvandinedavidcalle, mind if i just distro patch it?15:31
davidcallekenvandine, well, then it's in the 0.7 release (it also has the new icon paths). Do you have time for it?15:31
davidcallekenvandine, oh sure15:31
davidcallekenvandine, rev 8015:31
kenvandinewhat are the icon paths for?15:31
davidcallekenvandine, the lens doesn't ship icons anymore, the same icons are now provided by unity-asset-pool15:32
davidcallekenvandine, for the online services15:32
kenvandineso we are fine right now15:32
kenvandinebut we should change it15:32
kenvandinei'll stick with rev80 for right now15:33
davidcallekenvandine, yeah15:33
davidcallekenvandine, thanks, it's a silly thing :)15:33
kenvandinedavidcalle, uploaded to -proposed15:38
davidcallekenvandine, thanks!15:41
davidcallekenvandine, hmm, this is not rev80 for trunk. This is the branch and the it had a mistake I corrected while merging. My bad :/15:58
davidcallekenvandine, rev80 from trunk is fine. Sorry about that, I try to stick to the mp workflow, but being alone on the dev doesn't make it straightforward.16:00
kenvandineyeah... i know16:00
kenvandineLaney, ^^ i am about to upload another unity-lens-photos :)16:03
kenvandinejust one more line change16:03
kenvandinenest one more thing that uses db in the same if block16:03
Laneyteach me for just looking at the diff eh16:04
kenvandinethat is what i did too :)16:04
kenvandinewell, i built it and made sure it ran :)16:04
kenvandinebut didn't whack my shotwell db16:04
Laneypatch headers would be good while you're at it16:05
kenvandinesorry, already uploaded :)16:05
kenvandineit's already upstream, and will be in an upstream release right after the freeze16:06
kenvandineso won't last long as a patch16:06
Laneyvim is telling me about unused imports in shotwell.py16:24
Laneylocale, os, Dee16:24
Laneydavidcalle: why don't you just return if not db?16:25
davidcalleLaney, you are right, I haven't considered it as the db check was done differently before that, so returning if no db would be a good option, yes.16:29
Laneyyou'd get to avoid the massive if block then :P16:29
Laney(it was the shape of the code that made me consider it)16:29
Laneyanyway. accepted.16:29
davidcalleLaney, thanks, I'll think about this change for next time.16:30
Laney(by someone else, not me!)16:30
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ade_Hi all, appreciate you're very busy but would it be possible to have 2 mins of time from someone?21:17
ade_I am from the QA team currently going through testing unity. If someone could click 'testcase' and scroll down to item 5.. 'Test-case dash/music-lens' and give me a definition for 'indexed music' then that would be awesome http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/237/builds/23813/testcases/1448/results21:20
vividhello, i was wondering how i can disable the music available for purchase under the unity music lens21:21
ade_Even better would be a link to the unity specification document?21:23
thumperade_: just ask21:25
ade_thumper: Hi, we are currently going through the following testcases in QA testing http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/237/builds/23813/testcases/1448/results21:26
thumperade_: I'm not sure I can personally help, but if the question is there, you are more likely to get others helping :)21:27
ade_After following the above link, clicking on the 'testcase' dropdown, if you could clarify what 'indexed music' in item 5 'Test-case dash/music-lens', actually represents in the lense then I would be very grateful21:28
ade_Basically, after the user presses the sure button and then clicks on music... what items should be displayed? Music played or a full music search on the users system??21:29
ade_*sure = super21:30
ppdhi. I have a question before I file a bug, maybe someone can clarify things. Is a Geforce GT220 considered "sufficient" for current quantal's unity? or are there generally problems with nvidia cards? My spread experience in quantal is quite bad whereas on my pre-sandy-bridge intel laptop the same unity runs quite well21:35
popeyade_, balloons may be able to help21:53
popeyballoons, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1225460/21:53
balloonsade_, I believe what your after is how the scope works21:55
balloonsyour wondering how the unity-lens-music scope works.. aka, should all your music files be shown by the lens when searching, or something else21:56
balloonsafaik, all of your music should display21:57
balloonssomeone from the team here with direct code knowledge might be able to give more detail21:57
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mhall119balloons: what's the question?21:58
balloonshow does the music lens work.. ade_ can you specifically give a question on the behavoir you are seeing that you aren't sure about?21:59
ade_balloons: sorry was away22:02
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balloonsade_, see above22:06
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