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pleia2so, who's here for the meeting?02:08
pleia2eps: thanks for spotting that error on the partimus site today02:08
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12September2302:09
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pleia2#topic Leadership Elections02:09
pleia2so, we had Darkwing step down due to moving out of the state02:10
pleia2I'll toss my name in again for a leadership spot02:10
pleia2is there anyone who wants to run the call for leaders and all that? :)02:10
grantbowwhere are the rules?02:11
eps...and deadlines?02:11
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership02:11
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Leadership - Ubuntu Wiki]02:11
pleia2eps: the person running it has to determine the deadlines02:11
pleia2we don't have hard deadlines really, octoberish or novemberish for new leadership going in02:12
pleia2if you scroll down to the bottom of that leadership page you'll see what we did in years past02:12
pleia2and I think look in the archives in september & october of last year02:13
pleia2I really can't do it again this year because 1) it's actually kind of awkward to do it since I'm one of the leaders 2) I'll be gone for a month starting october 10th02:13
pleia2so, anyone? :)02:15
epsWhere's MarkDude when we need him? ;-)02:15
pleia2he's more of an exciting event doer :) less of an administriva running election type I think02:17
pleia2this really is sending emails, encouraging people to apply, setting up vote (if we have more than 3 applciants)02:17
pleia2alright, I'll follow up on list and see if I can get someone to handle it02:18
pleia2that was all we had on our agenda for today02:19
pleia2#topic Announcements, events, anything else02:19
pleia2I'm canceling the october and november SF Ubuntu Hours due to aformentioned out of townness02:20
grantbowunless someone else picks them up?02:21
pleia2will probably do an Ubuntu Hour+Dinner-ish thing some time the first week of October02:21
pleia2grantbow: yes, anyone is welcome to run them02:21
epsI think we're due for a Bay Area Debian Dinner.02:21
pleia2eps: yes, but I'll be on an airplane during the next one, so someone else has to handle that :)02:21
pleia2http://bad.debian.net/shotgun_rules.txt details how to go about it, if someone is interested02:22
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pleia2(and they can look in archives for my past announcements)02:22
pleia2any other events or thing coming up that anyone would like to talk about?02:24
grantbownoisebridge.net has a raspberrypi.org event in a week02:25
darthrobot`Title: [RaspberryPiEvent - Noisebridge]02:25
pleia2tsk, on my birthday :)02:25
grantbowhappy early birthday02:26
pleia2I shall be celebrating the 6th anniversary of my 25th birthday!02:26
pleia2I believe jyo still has a few pis around for sale02:27
pleia2mine is now next to my desktop, chugging away02:27
epsThat's not a conflict. Free ice cream at the Powell and Rockridge BART stations from 1-4 p.m. are the conflict. :-)02:27
grantbowI have one on order. Who has one for sale?02:27
pleia2grantbow: jyo02:27
pleia2eps: haha02:28
pleia2powell isn't so far from noisebridge :)02:28
pleia2ok, I think we can wrap things up, unless anyone else has anything?02:29
pleia2#action pleia2 to email list to find someone to run leadership election02:29
darthrobot`ACTION: pleia2 to email list to find someone to run leadership election02:29
epsCan we outsource this to the Indiana LoCo?02:29
epsJust asking!02:30
pleia2I think some indianans still lurk on our mailing list ;)02:30
pleia2if anyone is in a support mood, this was posted on our forums earlier today: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=206186502:30
darthrobot`Title: [Software Center problems after Adobe Flash - possibly K3b - Ubuntu Forums]02:30
pleia2(our forums are rather quiet)02:30
epsWe have forums?02:31
pleia2sure do!02:31
pleia2ok, thanks everyone :)02:31
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Sep 24 02:31:42 2012 UTC.02:31
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2012/ubuntu-us-ca.2012-09-24-02.08.moin.txt02:31
grantboweps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/WhoDoesWhat02:32
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/WhoDoesWhat - Ubuntu Wiki]02:32
grantbowThanks pleia202:32
pleia2grantbow: check your email! next friday - we need you and christian to +1 :)02:32
pleia2er, this friday02:33
pleia2the 28th02:33
grantbowpleia2: ok, I will find wifi and some peace to respond.02:34
grantbowthe idle ratio during meeetings has increased though there are more idlers :-)02:39
epsOh, dear. There may be Raspberry Pie against Raspberry Pi. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/26317002:51
darthrobot`Title: [Party on Block 18]02:51
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philballewpleia2, ill do meeting logs for a while since your going to be leaving america?04:32
pleia2philballew: thanks, that would be great :)04:32
pleia2wanna run the meetings too?04:32
philballewTotally will04:32
pleia2you rock!04:33
philballewwell theres one person.04:33
bkerensapleia2: when do you leave?05:29
pleia2october 10th05:30
bkerensapleia2: :) Do you plan to tourist at all?05:38
pleia2bkerensa: a little, we'll see what we have time for :)05:40
pleia2also some shopping!05:40
Darkwingjyo: ping12:07
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pleia2got my Visa for Ghana! I am going for real! :)20:41
greg-gpleia2: w00t!20:44
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jyoDarkwing: Hi.23:48
Darkwingjyo: you still have any of those pis left?23:48
jyoI have eight. dragon thinks he may want up to five.23:49
DarkwingI can't afford one till friday. Any way you can hold one for me?23:50

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