rick_h_woot! https://plus.google.com/116120911388966791792/posts/AzF2YfvbtoQ00:35
snap-lJust saw it00:47
snap-lThat is awesome.00:47
rick_h_droidyea getting psyched to get something done. big milestone.01:18
snap-lMy only reason for using Rhythmbox nowadays is to determine the length of a playlist. Congratulations, now that doesn't even work.01:28
snap-lOK, now it's working. Feh01:35
jcastro__snap-l, http://ue.logitech.com/en-us01:56
jcastro__looks like they relaunched everything01:56
snap-ljcastro__: Damnit, I hope they don't discontinue the touch.02:22
snap-lAnd hard-core Squeezebox fans will lament the lack of interoperability with existing Squeezebox products.02:25
snap-lStay away.02:25
rick_h_hmmm, custom fit in ear headphones...02:25
rick_h_ruh roh02:28
snap-lApparently Logitech discontinued the Squeezebox02:28
rick_h_just been using ours a ton lately02:30
snap-lYeah, in favor of that dippy UE radio02:30
snap-lAnd just after the article.02:30
rick_h_ugh, have to visit 'your local audiologist' to get impressions before you can get the fit headphones02:34
snap-lWell, I'm glad I got my article in Linux Journal this month instead of last month02:43
rick_h_yea, good timing I guess02:44
rick_h_yea, I gotcha02:44
rick_h_well at least they're addressing the UX problems02:46
snap-lAnd it's nice they OSSed it so if they do decide to completely drop it or braindamage it, it can be recovered by the community02:46
jrwrenOH: "nice move shuttleworth"02:51
rick_h_love this https://twitter.com/alex_gaynor/status/25010646942759731211:35
rick_h_oh and morning and all that11:35
snap-lrick_h_: Mildly deprecated? Is that like "mostly dead"?11:55
rick_h_snap-l: yea, can't figure that one out. "You really shouldn't use this...it might disappear...but who can say"11:56
brouschI'm sure a DIY replacement based on rasperrypi will be out soon11:58
brouschSorry, that was last night's squeezebox discussion11:58
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, there is a pretty strong core community11:59
snap-land one of the engineers is pretty active11:59
snap-lbut I fear what happens when he gets tired and leaves.12:00
snap-lI think Logitech really boned this one12:00
rick_h_well, tbh, there's a need for a cleaner UX product in the line thugoh12:01
rick_h_it's not competing with the sonos/google tv, apple tv stuff of the world. And I know those say TV but they're music centers12:02
snap-lTrue, but killing the existing line is not the way to do it.12:02
rick_h_but with apps and such12:02
* rick_h_ shuts down the internet12:32
brouschUnity has pr0n built-in now?! I'm switching!12:38
snap-lI'm of two minds on that. On the one hand, the world is not made up of your narrow minded view of what is appropriate12:49
snap-lOn the other hand, if you're providing a shopping service in the OS, expect there to be minors using it.12:50
snap-lIn other words: if you're an adult, grow up. If you're not an adult, you have plenty of time to find this shit out later.12:50
rick_h_my problem is in the comments. pulling out marks old comments on the wallpaper options12:51
rick_h_that's just troll feeding there12:51
snap-lYeah, that's not appropriate12:51
snap-lAnd frankly, it's not in the same context12:52
rick_h_the joys of the internet12:52
snap-lIt's a compelling strawman12:52
snap-lbut if my mom starts typing something into her OS "Grey" and "50 shades of..." shows up, she'll be rather perplexed.12:53
snap-lat least, I hope she would be, after she went on about how some 90 year old woman in one of her clubs happened to have it on her kindle.12:54
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snap-l(always the quiet ones)12:54
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rick_h_bwuhahaha, and LP is faster for all15:33
brouschGo rick_h_!15:37
snap-lIs anyone else seeing 0 subscribers for their feeds on Feedburner?16:09
snap-llococast, and all of my burned feeds are 016:10
rick_h_dammit! amazon quit 503'ing on me and let me give you money!16:10
rick_h_snap-l: hmm, feed shows up but yea seeing the 016:10
snap-lAt least it's a known issue.16:13
snap-lbtw: OLF is this weekend.16:32
snap-lFree registration ends on Wednesday.16:32
snap-lAlso, we're hoping to share some space with the Ohio team, so if anyone is interested in helping out, please feel free16:32
snap-lI'd like to get a count of everyone who can volunteer so we can plan out staffing the booth.16:33
rick_h_jcastro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6K_n8DtDl2k is the youtube I'm watching17:00
jcastrorick_h_can you get me the embed url to that?17:01
rick_h_jcastro: https://pastebin.canonical.com/75176/17:02
jrwrenrofl, i typed into my squeeze window on accident and triggered repeat18:49
jrwreni couldn't figure out why this song always had 2 min left18:49
jrwrensnap-l: exactly18:49
rick_h__brousch: how did that make/fabric thing go?19:03
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brouschrick_h_: Pretty well19:05
brouschI'm trying fabric on another project19:05
brouschI'm struggling with the local/remote part of it19:05
rick_h__yea, that's the diconnect/reason to use one vs the other19:05
brouschLike I want to run create_virtualenv locally and remotely, so I end up SShing into my own localhost19:06
brouschSeems silly to me19:06
brouschBut then I'm told that's actually useful for uncovering assumptions you've made or environment vars that you've set, like paths19:07
rick_h__yea, but you end up coding paths that change on systems perhaps while make just defaults to the cwd19:07
brouschYeah, that's exactly what I've run into19:08
brouschWith Make my paths all work, with Fabric, I have to hardcode at least 1 path19:08
brouschWhich seems like it will break when I deploy19:09
rick_h__http://maddowblog.msnbc.com/_news/2012/09/24/14071703-airplane-windows-are-sealed-for-a-reason forget the politics...but funny19:09
brouschI haven't tried function parameters in Make, but it's not too annoying in Fabric19:09
rick_h__yea, if I've got to repeat things across 10 front end servers I'll use fabric19:10
rick_h__but all fabric will be doing is calling make commands on each machine19:10
brouschI mnea, when I wrap something like the South commands which require a specific app as a paramter19:11
brouschpython manage.py migrateschema <app> <--initial|--auto>19:13
brouschSo how would passing paramters work in Make?19:13
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rick_h__so you need to use the stacking of things to setup env vars19:13
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rick_h__fabric prod migrate19:13
rick_h__where prod() is a function to setup the app initial/auto19:13
brouschWell in fabric I just use the paramters thing that's built in19:14
brouschfab migrateschema:<app>,<--initial>19:14
brouschI'm wondering how Make does that19:14
rick_h__with env vars19:15
rick_h__make APP=something INITIAL=true migate19:15
rick_h__and then in your makefile you're looking for $APP and $INITIAL19:15
rick_h__or something like that19:15
brouschSeems clunkier19:16
rick_h__it's how I override the ini file to use. I've got a var in my Makefile BOOKIE_INI19:16
rick_h__so make BOOKIE_INI=test_bookie.ini install19:16
rick_h__will run make test, but with the BOOKIE_INI var overridden19:16
brouschI think once I understand the local/remote thing I'll like Fabric more19:17
brouschRight now, I'm using it for stuff I did with Make, and the local/remote is getting in the way19:19
rick_h__right, and that's why I said your talk was good because they really are meant for two different use cases imo19:19
brouschPart of it is my dislike of SSH keys19:19
brouschI need to bite the bullet on those19:21
rick_h__dude, can't live without19:21
rick_h__ssh keys are one of the most amazing things ever19:21
rick_h__though I do wish mass management were better and I'd use more different keys I think19:21
snap-lI use different keys per machine19:22
brouschPAsswords are in my head, keys are something I have to drag around with me19:22
snap-lIt's really straightforward19:22
snap-lbrousch: Passwords allow anyone access who knows the phrase19:22
brouschSo do keys, but the phrase is a lot longer19:23
snap-lPasswords are like having a bouncer outside of your house. SSH Keys are like having good locks.19:23
rick_h__no, they need the key and the phrase19:23
rick_h__that's two bits of info vs 119:23
devinheitmuellerSSH keys probably wouldn't get such user frustration if the OpenSSH people didn't do such a horrifically crappy job of exposing enough logging to figure out why they don't work.19:24
rick_h__yea, I mean I would go nuts with every ssh/bzr/git connection needed a password19:25
rick_h__I'm only logged into 4 machines currently with about 20 pushes to repos today19:28
brouschYeah, I have always had very few machines, so it's not been a problem for me19:28
rick_h__it shouldn't have but made me laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkDz4wMI9J820:17
jrwrenanyone know nick portelli ?20:18
jrwrendid you see the hitler gangnam style? i was laughing so much!20:19
rick_h__hmm, know a few nick's but don't know last names so not sure I guess. Should I know him?20:20
jrwrenmid michigan, but wasn't sure if he was an ubuntu guy.20:25
snap-lname not ringing a bell20:27
jrwrenplus, IMO he just trolled me pretty hard, or he is really brainwashed by his .NET dev and MSFT lov.20:28
snap-ljrwren: That had to be an epic troll of history.20:29
greg-gjrwren:  that is awesome (for others: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nv6C25XYps )20:32
greg-gjrwren: there's a two hour version ;)20:32
jrwrengreg-g: oh, i haven't seen teh extended version20:35
rick_h__that scares me that someone would put together 2hrs20:36
jrwrengreg-g: that one is terrible IMO20:36
jrwrenoh, maybe only the first 15 seconds was bad.20:36
jrwrenwtf, there is a 10hr version?!?!?!?!?!20:37
jrwrenbut holy shit did they mess up the audio on this20:37
greg-goh, it was the first one for hitler gangnam :/20:37
jrwrenand apparently i wasn't logged into youtube when I watched a different one, becuase I cannot find it.20:39
snap-lApparently this is this generation's Macarena.20:40
jrwrenhrm, or who let the dogs out20:40
jrwrenI feel much more positive about gangnam style though.20:40
jrwrengreg-g: oh yeah, this has much better audio quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Eo5YU_ueJc20:40
jrwrensnap-l: did you read the atlantic article about gangnam style ?20:43
snap-ljrwren: I listened to NPR. I know more than I ever cared about Gangnam style20:44
snap-lAll I know is it got stupid when someone started mentioning Gungan style, and at that point I stopped caring.20:47
jrwrenhahaha, i'd have liked to hear the npr piece20:47
greg-gyesssss https://plus.google.com/photos/108533366695714736629/albums/5791841023205899921/579184102969778097820:48
jrwreni equate gangnam style closer to livin lavida loca20:48
jrwrenThe only reason to grow a beard is for the joy of shaving it and feeling cleanly shaved again.20:49
jcastrogreg-g, hey hippie20:57
jcastroI got a worm inn20:57
brouschThat sounds like a bad thing20:58
jcastroworms are awesome20:58
brouschOH weird. You do it in your house?20:59
dzhowhy not?20:59
dzhothey're quiet20:59
dzhonot as cuddly, but less smelly, than a dog20:59
brouschI guess with 2 dogs and a 4 year old I'd be worried about the potential for disaster21:00
dzhoyeah, you need a basement or something that's a little more off-limits21:01
dzhothe scope for disaster is approximately that of the scope of a disaster of someone getting into the kitchen garbage21:01
dzhodepending on how much worm tea you generate and let accumulate21:01
dzhobecause if you build up worm tea and someone tips it, that could get a little messy.21:02
brouschI have added a very sturdy wire wrap for the garbage due to dogs getting in there21:02
jcastrodzho, so supposedly it doesn't drip much21:32
jcastrothey come out fluffy with this one since it's more aerated than say, the solid ones that are made of plastic21:32
jcastrostill, they recommend a bucket underneath21:32
snap-lYeah, to catch all of the worm vomit.21:38
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