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BiosElementMorning folks11:15
BiosElementHow's it going? ^_^11:43
DarkwingNot bad actually. :)11:44
DarkwingGoing to introduce my girlfriend to the world of Linux Fests this weekend.11:44
BiosElementSounds fun. Reminds me, I need to figure out my plans for that. >.<11:45
DarkwingI just moved to Indiana so I'm only going to be able to be there on Sat.11:45
BiosElementThat's a bit of a trip11:46
DarkwingIt's Fort Wayne, I think about 3 hours.11:46
BiosElementSounds about right, yeah.11:46
DarkwingSo, not bad. I'm in the perfect location.11:47
Darkwing3 hours there, 2 1/2 to Indy, 3 hours to Chicago, and 3 1/2 hours to Detroit.11:47
BiosElementI almost ended up moving up to Indy. In hindsight, I'm rather glad I didn't.11:48
DarkwingI just moved here from San Diego11:49
BiosElementThat sounds like a bit of a change :P11:49
DarkwingYeah, I needed it.11:49
DarkwingWent through a divorce, got out of the US Navy... I just needed a good place to reboot.11:50
DarkwingI used to live out here when I was <1411:50
BiosElementAhh, good retreat then ^_^11:51
DarkwingI'm enjoying it.11:51
DarkwingColer than I'm used to.11:51
DarkwingWhat DE do you use?11:51
BiosElementKDE fan myself.11:52
DarkwingThere is another KDE fan11:52
BiosElementThere's another couple running around here somewhere. Yeah11:52
DarkwingI have found more out here than I did in California11:53
DarkwingYou do anything with devel?11:53
BiosElementIt's always been on my to do list, but at the end of the day I'm more a web dev at heart.11:53
DarkwingI started web dev and moved to docs in Kubuntu. It's all docbook and XML11:54
DarkwingNow I've moved my way to Council and keep wondering how I get here lol11:54
DarkwingActually, if you wanted to help, we have been talking about redoing the website and theme... Drupal11:55
BiosElementI'm an ex-drupal lover honestly. :/ They're suffering from a case of too many chef's without a clear direction IMO.11:56
DarkwingI agree.11:56
DarkwingAt least the platform is still sound.11:56
BiosElementNo question there11:56
BiosElementI just don't want to write 'everything' from scratch if I put up with little nitpicky things. If I wanted that, I'd write a platform from scratch which is actually what I'm working on...well, scratch is pyramid but fairly close.11:57
BiosElementThat said though, I would be intrested in helping regardless. >.> I've been too inactive as of late12:01
DarkwingI'll figure out whats going on with it... I'm sure it's on my todo anyway. :)12:02
DarkwingWhere in Ohio are you?12:03
BiosElementColumbus, As central as it gets12:04
DarkwingThat's not too bad.12:04
BiosElementHonestly I've become a big fan of Columbus in the past few years as well, so it works out. Even though I've been here a good half my life >.>12:05
DarkwingYeah. I was a fan of San Diego but, wayyyyyy too expensive.12:06
BiosElementSo I've heard.12:07
Darkwingmy 800sq ft apt was 1750 a month12:08
BiosElementYeahhhhhh, No. >.>12:09
DarkwingThat's what I said.12:11
BiosElementCan't blame ya there12:11
DarkwingBut yeah... I'm really happy here.12:13
BiosElementWorks out on every front then12:15
BiosElementWelp, I'm officially not going to get real work tone today. It just took me 2 hours to write 15 lines and add a logout function >.>12:18
Darkwing:D You work as a web devel?12:18
BiosElementMy paid job is tech support, but my fun time is spent streamlining that and doing web devel with a side of photography and design.12:19
DarkwingWhat type of tech support?12:19
BiosElementMinecraft game server support. Fun times.12:20
DarkwingWork from home?12:20
DarkwingSounds like a lot fo fun actually.12:20
BiosElementYep. For a mate of mine in the UK. Eh, it's got it's moments but I'm the lead tech and the stress tends to get to you.12:21
DarkwingI would love to find a work from home job.12:22
DarkwingMy girlfriend has a great job but, I get bored from time to time.12:22
BiosElementI actually got this job from some volunteer work I did for the guy a few years back. :P12:22
DarkwingYeah, My biggest issue has been that I did 8 years of Navy instead of uni12:23
DarkwingSo, my degree has been my downfall looking for work.12:23
DarkwingOr, lack of degree12:23
BiosElementEh, not really an issue as much as it is a situation. I've got nothing beyond a GED and when I look around, I find I'm well served by the path I've taken so far.12:23
DarkwingThat is true. :)12:24
DarkwingI did some interviews with Canonical...12:24
BiosElementOuch, Canonical would be hard to work for >.<12:24
DarkwingYeah, I'm kinda glad I didn't go that rout.12:25
BiosElementLots of great people, but they're in the position of pissing everyone off each time they do 'anything', including nothing.12:26
DarkwingYeah... Part of the reason I'm glad that Kubuntu is still supported by upstream Ubuntu but no longer controlled. :)12:27
DarkwingYou might like that.12:27
BiosElementOhhh I approve12:28
BiosElementI'm probablty the only KDE user who actually likes gnome3's panel menu system. >.> The problem comes when you right click12:29
DarkwingYou can use it as a replacement for kickoff but, it's even better as layout.12:29
BiosElementIt's looking pretty handy already12:31
BiosElementOhhh nicee12:45
BiosElementUgh, one of my friends just asked me how I know all all these linux commands12:47
DarkwingHelius is one of the best themes12:50
BiosElementI actually like it ^_^12:52
snap-lPut out another call for folks to help out with the OLF table from MI.16:40
dzhosnap-l: who do you have so far?17:10
snap-lA tenative me. ;)17:10
snap-lNot sure if family matters will preclude me coming to OLF or not17:11
dzhoare other LoCo's getting tables?17:11
* dzho should look at the schedule again to see if he can table sit17:11
snap-lI'm not aware of any, mostly because I don't have contact with other locos17:11
dzhowell, except the Ohio one, I guess :)17:11
snap-lYeah, obviously. ;)17:12
paultagoh oda17:28
paultagoahi again17:28
paultagi've missed you17:28
odaIBM/Lenovo master race17:35
thafreakYay, my mobile broadband adapter arrived at my ups store box...18:22
thafreakand I already got my new business cards w/my gpg fingerprint...18:23
thafreakall set for OLF!18:23
odaWhat is this OLF you speak of?18:24
thafreakoh sh*t...it's oda18:24
canthus13It's this place where we're safe from oda.18:24
oda"no swearing allowed"18:24
* thafreak thought he was permanently banned18:24
thafreakwho swore?18:24
thafreaksh*t isn't a swear18:25
thafreakit's not even an english word :O18:25
thafreakOLF == Orangutan Lice Filtration18:26
thafreakWe all get together and de-louse orangutans18:26
odaNo really what is it?18:26
thafreakOrange Lovers Festival18:28
thafreakno apple lovers allowed18:28
paultagshit, I need to print gpg slips18:28
* thafreak got $10 vistaprint cards...18:29
* thafreak gets strange looks when trying to explain what gpg keys are used for...18:29
* oda sighs18:37
DarkwingI got the looks when I got mine with a QR code on the back to inport all my contact info.18:38
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thafreakLeave it to a stupid as* java web app to require either recompiling the whole thing, or compiling a custom extension just to change text in the footer20:25
thafreakwhy is text for a footer hard coded somewhere...who writes this sh*tty software20:25
* oda lol'd20:32
odaIt's okay because there's an aterisk20:32
odaheil h*tler20:33
dzhoITYM a*terisk20:36
gilbertwhat ups ppl20:36
odaWould you **** me?20:37
odaI'd **** me so hard20:37
yanoi'd hunter2 your hunter220:41
thafreakkick...yes I would20:43
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