goddardwhats up gangsters01:17
bkerensatgm4883: yes :) even more going on in private e-mail then on the news scene01:26
goddardthe new thunderbird features are nice02:30
bkerensagoddard: which?02:33
goddardchat for one02:34
goddardbkerensa: you used it02:46
bkerensagoddard: I only use it for email02:47
goddardwhat do you use on irc02:47
bkerensagoddard: I use xchat03:22
goddardbkerensa: its very similar03:30
bkerensagoddard: Yeah but I use a python plugin for xchat to do ircop stuff on freenode and plus I crash Thunderbird far too much for it to be my irc client :)03:32
tgm4883bkerensa, I can't say I 100% disagree with all the hoopla03:53
tgm4883less from a trust/privacy standpoint, and more from a "there needs to be a separate lens for this"03:54
bkerensatgm4883: also despite marks post and comment saying there is a privacy policy03:54
bkerensaI can assure that is not true03:54
bkerensathere is not currently any privacy policy that covers how Canonical handles the data03:54
tgm4883well not a public one ayway03:54
bkerensain fact in my blog post about zeitgeist I mentioned this and mpt from Canonical Design confirmed03:54
tgm4883which since this isn't released yet, probably not necessary.03:54
bkerensathey are collecting data now03:55
bkerensaand handling it03:55
bkerensathere must be thousands of people running 12.10 already03:55
tgm4883in either case, I still don't think it should be in the main home lens03:55
tgm4883could be thousands of people that don't care though03:55
bkerensaI wonder how what some of the local canonical folks think about it being in the home dash03:55
bkerensaI would personally not mind a shopping lens03:56
bkerensabut totally seperate03:56
tgm4883bkerensa, well supposedly there is a separate lens03:57
tgm4883since the package name is unity-lens-shopping or something to that effect03:57
tgm4883although strictly speaking, it's the scope that would need to specify if it's available to global search03:58
tgm4883personally I'd just like them to stop breaking my scope in 12.1003:59
bkerensatgm4883: yeah and the lens also pings productsearch.ubuntu.com every two minutes regardless if you are doing searches04:32
bkerensatgm4883: what is your scope?04:32
tgm4883bkerensa, the mythtv scope04:42
tgm4883it's been broken twice now in 12.10 due to changes they've made04:42
goddardwhat does mozilla use for its plugin system04:46
goddardbkerensa: thats werid my thunderbird never crashes04:48
goddardhow do you make it crash?04:48
bkerensagoddard: deleting 4000 e-mails at a time05:28
goddardahh haven't tried that yet05:28
nathwillhi all15:22
nathwillbkerensa, not running proposed15:23
nathwillshould i?15:38
bkerensanathwill: idk up to you18:32
nathwillwhy would i want to?18:32
bkerensanathwill: idk get proposed updates?18:33
nathwillok... more breakage?18:33
bkerensaI have had very little breakage18:33
bkerensanothing has broken for me I find remotely essential18:34
bkerensanathwill: so I made front page Slashdot, HN, Reddit, Distrowatch18:34
nathwillcool. might do it18:34
bkerensaand some site called tweakers.net18:34
bkerensanathwill: yeah18:34
nathwillis this your "quit fud'ing bitches" article?18:34
nathwillit was a good article, i read it this wknd18:34
bkerensabut I did get one thing sorted which was there is no privacy policy18:35
nathwilldid it cripple your site?18:35
bkerensaso last night Mark put me in touch with Canonical's General Counsel18:35
nathwillwell they should do a better job explaining where the data's coming from18:35
bkerensaand they were not aware of this lens or the privacy manager18:35
bkerensaso idk I guess they are writing a privacy policy now18:35
nathwillyeah... i maean, an easy "online search results" toggle would be good on the privacy page18:36
nathwilland i think make people ease up a bit18:36
nathwilli do really like the previews, and really like the incorporation of software-center info18:37
nathwillit's really shaping up into a sexy desktop18:38
bkerensaI would prefer the shopping lens have its own area though instead of being in the home18:38
bkerensaand more shopping providers would be nice so you could find the best price18:38
nathwillwell, home incorporates results from everywhere...18:38
nathwillso... even if it had its own lense, to keep the paradigm, it'd have to be shown on home too18:39
nathwilli agree the best way to exclude is use the specific lens relevant to the search you're performing18:39
bkerensac_smith: When you are having flgrx issues is it on 12.10?19:41
goddardthe amazon lens seems cool19:52
goddardi love amazon19:52
bkerensaslangasek: if I see a patch on a foundation bug and it is irrelevant to the source package can I remove the patch tag so nobody wastes time reviewing it?19:53
bkerensaThe bug in question is Bug #105543319:53
lubotu1Launchpad bug 1055433 in acerhk (Ubuntu) "Accelerometer non functional (acer-wmi) in Acer W500/501" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105543319:53
slangasekbkerensa: if the "patch" is not a patch, then by all means yes19:59
slangasekbkerensa: what do you mean "on a foundation bug", though?19:59
slangasekacerhk isn't a package the foundations team supports19:59
bkerensaslangasek: not a foundation bug I don't think but your bot commented on it. .19:59
slangasekah, ok19:59
bkerensaslangasek: the patch does not appear to be sane since it applies to a file not found in the source package20:00
slangasekthe bot automatically adds a patch tag for all new "patch" attachments20:00
slangasekit's housekeeping, not gospel ;)20:00
bkerensaslangasek: so for bugs we have patches on is it more likely they will land if they had a MP over a attached patch?20:01
slangasekI don't know20:01
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