waltmanMy impression was that wordpress was mainly a blogging platform. I don't have a feel for how it is at designing a website like that.00:00
jedijf waltman the linux sig @ PACS uses a wordpress like that. http://pacsnet.org/groupsatpacs/linux/00:06
jedijfvia 'pages'00:06
jedijfwith a 'blog' style option - and pages for static like content00:07
waltmanWhat's 'pages'? The only pages I know is Apple's word processor, but I assume it's not that. :)00:07
jedijfwithin wordpress00:07
jedijfon most themes i have seen00:08
jedijfdifferent content pages per se00:08
jedijfabout - you know the standards00:08
waltmanWhat are you gaining by using wordpress there?00:08
waltmanHaving a 'log in' link at the bottom would make me nervous.00:09
jedijfthat's probably the 'gain' - multi-user access00:10
jedijfbut just lock down access00:10
jedijfso multiple people from the sig can make changes00:10
waltmanand keep up with all their security updates :)00:10
jedijfwell, that's PACS' job, but yeah00:10
jedijfit's hosted on their domain00:11
jedijfone of my old wordpress' was mutilated00:11
jedijf2 actually00:11
waltmanthat's why I like octopress -- static pages don't give attackers anything to targete00:13
waltmanI'm not going to recommend it to him, though, because I don't think it's really the right tool for a lab website.00:14
rmg51Morning JonathanD09:18
JonathanDHey rmg5109:20
JonathanDhey waltman11:17
InHisNamewhen I click on file abc.xyz gedit starts and tries to edit the file.  It's not text so complains a lot after taking forever to load.    WHERE do I go to stop gedit from running xyz files but to do application runwithxyz instead ?12:50
ChinnoDogIf I remembered the answer I would tell you.14:30
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ChinnoDogNo turkey today.20:23
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