wrsthello everybody14:14
* wrst nudges xTEMPLARx14:14
chris4585hey wrst17:36
chris4585I figured out my issue somewhat, I think I possibly did something to my mobo the other day when I was tidying up my case17:37
chris4585for some reason my onboard audio doesn't work unless I unplug the front audio connector :/17:37
chris4585and since then I've been having issues with my usb connectors, but nothing that requires a new board yet17:37
wrstouch chris4585 :(17:38
chris4585yeah :/ kind of annoying I have to unplug my external drives before I boot up or linux takes ages to boot17:40
chris4585windows doesn't seem to be having that issue though, its obvious my bios was acting up with those plugged in17:40
wrstoh chris4585 http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/118217:44
wrstxTEMPLARx: are you here to stay????18:32
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wrsthello vychune19:53
vychunehow yal?19:53
wrsti'm good vychune19:53
vychuneim ok19:54
vychunein the boring class19:54
vychuneSecurity plus19:54
wrstwhat class is that?19:55
vychuneIntro to Networking Security20:00
wrstsounds like a blast :)20:02
vychunenot with this teacher20:41
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chris4585sorry wrst, today has been very busy23:21
chris4585I looked at that link earlier but didn't have much time to really read it before I left23:21
wrstchris4585: its a monday seems to be that way for us all23:22
chris4585btw I got a temp job at dollar general :D23:22
wrstjust shuttleworth's response to the amazon stuff, seems kind of weak to me23:22
wrstcool chris458523:22
wrstjobs are not easy to be found at the moment23:22
chris4585easy for you to say, florida's unemployment is higher than average :/ and this area *really* sucks for getting jobs23:23
chris4585I've been trying for the past year and half now23:23
chris4585wrst, woops read your last comment wrong23:24
chris4585it *is* a monday LOL23:24
wrstha ha23:24
wrstmonday still i'm afraid :)23:24
wrsti know in our area its not easy at all and our numbers aren't terrible but so many people have just given up its sad23:25
chris4585its ridiculous if you don't have prier work history :(23:26
wrstand how can you get it if you gotta have it before you can get a job?23:26
chris4585exactly, I don't understand it23:27
chris4585but I think I was really lucky, my brother works for DG, my friend got hired yesterday, and I got hired today23:27
wrstand on that shuttleworth article i would have much rathered them said hey we need some money to keep this thing going23:28
chris4585its a temp job but hopefully I can stay part time after, regardless I'll have experience now23:28
wrstgood chris458523:28
chris4585wrst, I haven't really read it yet, something about search anything and unity will try to find it for  you but with ads?23:28
wrstwell yes through amazon it makes shopping suggestions its ok done, but a little silly23:29
wrstand its a fancy affiliate link23:29
wrstis what it is23:29
wrstwhich is fine but don't go off on a tangent just say hey we want to make some money23:29
wrstbut instead he writes this big long blog23:30
chris4585I don't really mind, I don't really use unity.. so good for them I guess, I'll probably put ubuntu on my tv comp when it 12.10 comes out23:30
wrsti am enjoying arch more everyday reading that stuff23:30
wrsti really don't like unity but have no issue with them doing that but be straight up and say he we all need funds people would understand or atleast ubuntu users would and those that are the stallman purist type folks, well nothing makes them happy23:31
chris4585you know I wouldn't mind if they asked during install for a small donation...23:32
wrstchris4585: i wouldn't either, now when i reinstall 500 times would i do it everytime no but on occasion i would23:32
chris4585do they even have a donation thing setup?23:32
wrsti don't mind the amazon stuff but would be nice to be able to opt out, etc etc23:33
wrstand looks like that would be more of a software center type thing or even a shopping lens would be fine23:33
chris4585well, no of course not every install, just make it like a humble indie bundle type of thing23:33
wrsti agree chris458523:33
chris4585ubuntu is weird sometimes23:35
chris4585I have to say I do miss being a noob sometimes.. lol23:35

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