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mandelmorning all!08:05
JamesTaitGood morning, all! :)09:06
gatoxgood morning11:01
mandelgatox, morning!11:08
gatoxmandel, hi11:08
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mandel|lunchgatox, don't you have a holiday?12:51
gatoxmandel|lunch, no.... i swap it for the lsat week of the year between the 24 and 01 because i had a day i wasn't covering there12:52
gatoxhi dobey12:52
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mandelgatox, oh,ok, well I'm off to get some food12:53
gatoxmandel, ack12:53
gatoxso.... you you be known as mandel lunch again12:53
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verterokaquarius: I think that should work, the problems we saw with ecryptfs are while syncing your ~/Private dir13:13
ralsinagood morning!13:43
gatoxralsina, hi13:44
ralsinaI am not really working this morning, but I am happy to do reviews if needed13:45
ralsinaI will work today afternoon and tomorrow morning instead of all day tomorrow13:45
dobeyis it a holiday in .ar?13:47
gatoxralsina, i have a couple of branches for review....... i can send it your way and you review the ones you want :P13:47
gatoxdobey, yes13:47
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gatoxralsina, i have this branches for review: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-client-menuorder  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/menu-separator/+merge/126006  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-client-timer/+merge/12549913:49
dobeyralsina, gatox: can one of you open the u1 web music store from within windows and tell me if you still get the awful world store in there, or if you get more music to choose from?13:49
gatoxdobey, i can do it..... but i didn't know how was before to compare13:49
gatoxdobey, what should i see now?13:50
dobeygatox: open it in ubuntu too and see? https://one.ubuntu.com/music-store/13:50
gatoxdobey, ah ok13:50
dobeygatox: i think .ar gets the world store, which has basically nothing in it13:50
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gatoxdobey, i see the same thing in ubuntu and windows: http://ubuntuone.com/0eFK8fIkCJO6s98duxyBzM13:55
* dobey wonders what is not available on the world store13:57
mandeldobey, anything decent is not there13:59
dobeymandel: i wouldn't necessarily call all the stuff available in the US store, "decent"14:00
gatoxdobey, also...... i don't know if this is the common behavior.... but i tried to buy some songs a couple of times from the killers, radiohead, etc..... and i always get just covers, not the real thing....... it never show me the real band... is that because it isn't in the music store or am i getting really few results?? i know from someone else in argentina who has the saaame problem14:00
mandeldobey, that not 'decent' stuff we do have :)14:00
gatox(in ubuntu)14:00
dobeygatox: it is because you're in argentina and the real ones aren't available on the world store14:00
dobeygatox: if you VPN through the US or london or something, you can probably buy them :)14:01
gatoxdobey, but then this is not a problem of windows (as you ask before)14:02
karniralsina: I hear you may know something about broken Turkish locale?14:02
ralsinakarni: *some*14:04
dobeygatox: no, someone on askubuntu asked why they were seeing different stores in windows and ubuntu14:04
dobeygatox: but I'm in the US, so trying to see a non-US store is hard :)14:04
ralsinakarni: turkish has one specific strange thing in that the uppercase of i is not I and viceversa14:04
dobeyso i asked you for help, since you get the world store :)14:05
karniralsina: I know. But are you talking about U1 client or server side?14:05
ralsinakarni: that's in general14:05
karniralsina: I know because I had that very bug in the Android files client, which I fixed.14:05
ralsinakarni: those are different letters in the turkish locale14:05
ralsinadobey: right14:05
ralsinakarni: ok, please state your problem and I will see if it falls within my limited knowledge of the turkish locale weirdness :-)14:06
karniralsina: Aha. So you never said anything about the server side being broken, right? Just making sure I understood what Chad said.14:06
ralsinakarni: I know next to nothing about our server side14:06
karniralsina: Then my problem is solved, thank you :)14:07
ralsinakarni: haha14:07
ralsinakarni: happy that my ignorance solves things now :-)14:07
karniralsina: :D14:07
dobeykarni: i would expect the server side python code isn't running under the turkish locale14:08
karnidobey: I would expect that, I was asking if ralsina knew anything about the server breaking stuff. Such as performing .toupper() on node type somewhere.14:09
ralsinakarni: it shouldn't, right14:09
karniralsina: yeah. plus, the API returns lowercase "file", "directory".14:09
ralsinaand lowercase turkish is much less weird14:10
ralsinawell, unless someone accidentally typed a  "i-without-dot" lowercase somewhere14:10
mmccHi folks… Happy monday everyone14:11
ralsinahi mmcc!14:11
mandelmmcc, I forgot what you needed from me in the fsevents daemon14:20
mandelmmcc, can you give me 5 mins and we can try and get things back on track :)14:20
mmccmandel, so did I. Are you referring to an email?14:20
mmccsure, take your time14:20
mandelmmcc, yes, but let me finish a small thing and we can chat about it14:20
* mmcc goes to find the email he sent 14:21
mmccI have to leave for about 2 hours, starting in about 1.5 hours, for a doctor's appointment. I'll stay up late to catch-up.14:37
briancurtinjoshuahoover: have you heard of any other issues like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/105006614:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1050066 in Ubuntu One Windows Installer "login on windows 3.02b" [Undecided,New]14:50
joshuahooverbriancurtin: looking...14:50
joshuahooverbriancurtin: i believe we have from one user...but can't remember what the workaround/solution was...would need to see logs14:51
alecuhello all!14:57
alecumandel: hi!14:57
mandelalecu, hello! I though you were on holidays!14:57
alecumandel: right! but I forgot to tell you about it last friday14:58
alecumandel: in fact, I clearly remember telling you that we should discuss some bits today14:58
mandelalecu, I saw beuno email and though you would also be :)14:58
alecumandel: ah, ok.14:58
mandelalecu, yes, you did hehe14:58
alecumandel: so, sorry anyways :P14:58
mandelalecu, no big deal14:59
gatoxalecu, hi14:59
mandelalecu, I sent you a pm over twitter with a nice video :P14:59
mandelI'm not naked in the video, I promise14:59
alecuhola gatox! working today?14:59
gatoxalecu, yap14:59
* alecu is scared of opening that link....14:59
gatoxalecu, nono..... look at it!! it's awesome :P15:00
* gatox already saw it15:00
alecunot me, on nat holiday.15:00
mandelgatox, that is what she said :P15:01
gatoxmandel, jajajaja15:01
gatoxok, go for me15:01
gatoxProposed a branch to enhance the order of the current transfers in the menu. Proposed a branch to add a Line separator between current and recent transfers. Made a couple of reviews.15:01
gatoxFinish with the branch to listen to syncdaemon state to keep the menu synced.15:01
dobeyDONE: reviews, new icons in client-data15:01
dobeyTODO: fix bugs15:01
dobeyBLCK: None15:01
gatoxdobey, go15:01
dobeyoh, i was first :P15:01
dobeyanyway, mandel go15:01
mandelDONE: fix some problems with the Q machine after updates. Fixed transition from the music preview to the payment preview.15:01
mandelTODO: Create a standalone app to test the payment preview. Clean code a little.15:01
mandelBLOCKED: no15:01
gatoxdobey, not in my window :P15:01
mandelbriancurtin, please15:01
briancurtinDONE: porting, reviews15:02
briancurtinTODO: porting, getting info on this 3.0.2b login issue15:02
briancurtinNEXT: mmcc15:02
mmccDONE: startup wizard bug15:02
mmccTODO: finish wizard fix, look at new sync bug15:02
mmccBLOQ: no15:02
mmccno one?15:02
mandelEOM I think15:03
briancurtinmmcc: you're talking about that cloud-to-computer bug, right? if so, put me on review for that - i looked at it a while ago but just put the temp fix in to move on with release15:04
mmccbriancurtin: yes I am. I'll do that15:04
alecumandel: it looks very nice! So, the only thing remaining on your side is underlined links? great work!15:06
mandelalecu, yes :)15:06
alecumandel: awesome!15:06
* alecu gets back to family affairs.... see you all tomorrow!15:08
mandelalecu, laters!15:11
dobeyalright, time to get lunch. bbiab15:29
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mmccok, here's the mp for that cloud-to-computer page bug: I had some issues on friday with confirming that it worked on ubuntu, but today I can't reproduce them, so I'd appreciate someone trying it out IRL on their ubuntu: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-control-panel/remote-folders-fix/+merge/12603715:46
mmccalso, briancurtin I added you specifically, I'm hoping it'll work for windows as well15:47
mmcc(I haven't tested on windows, not sure how to delete credentials there)15:47
briancurtinyep, will check out. at the time that bug was entered, it worked ok on ubuntu but it was broken on windows15:47
mmccbriancurtin: thanks. ugh to working before on ubuntu, I don't have a good idea for why that might be. would need to do some archaeology15:48
briancurtinmmcc: the easiest way to delete creds is in the devices tab of u1cp, just remove "this device". otherwise there's some registry key that i can never remember, but i just search for "ubuntu" until i find something that isn't an exe path15:48
* mmcc files that away15:49
mmccok, gotta go for a doctor's appointment now, be back in a couple of hours…15:57
mandelEOD here, see you all tom!16:03
ralsinabye mandel!16:04
ralsinalunchtime for me, bbiab16:26
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briancurtinquick u1cp branch if anyone has a minute, fixes windows test failures https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntuone-control-panel/share-links-windows-corrections/+merge/12606317:58
gatoxbriancurtin, on it17:59
ralsinabriancurtin: got it18:03
sameerynhodoes ubuntu one offers any ssh or rsync support ?18:07
ralsinasameerynho: not currently18:08
ralsinasameerynho: although there is this -- http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2012/09/11/accessing-ubuntu-one-file-storage-via-ftp-from-any-os18:10
sameerynhoralsina: is there any limitation like removeing files after a period if time?18:10
ralsinasameerynho: no, the files will stay until you delete them18:11
gatoxbriancurtin, +1..... i executed the test with non unicode and unicode user name on windows18:36
gatoxeverything green :P18:36
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ralsinaI'm of to have half-a-national-hliday I'll be back late tonight19:34
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gatoxeoding here :P20:09
gatoxbyeeeee, see you tomorrow20:09
ralsinabriancurtin: could you do a quick response to https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/184611 please? Thanks!20:27
briancurtinralsina: sure, looking20:31
dobeylater all20:45
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ralsinammcc: looking at bug #1055791 it seems to me that we simply have a semantics problem with that option. We don't want to specify the "default" monitor, but just the preferred one. And then we want a per-platform list of monitors in order of "desirability" so that if we can't choose the one the user specified, we just try them all in some order.21:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1055791 in Ubuntu One Client "darwin: if default fs_monitor is not available, others are not used" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105579121:28
mmccralsina: agreed. right now they're in dictionaries, but they might as well be in arrays21:29
ralsinammcc: exactly, just some order-preserving structure21:29
mmccthen just try them in order. it's only relevant for darwin, really21:30
mmccI only noticed this because I had switched to a branch with a broken launchd daemon and couldn't start syncdaemon anymore21:30
mmccI'll add a note to the bug to just use a list in order of preference21:31
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mmccif anyone's still around, here's a quicky review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/fix-dummy-sync-menu/+merge/12612523:20
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ralsinammcc: got it23:28
ralsinammcc: I don't get it, this removes the dummy class?23:29
mmccralsina: it removes a dummy class that was unnecessary. the syncdaemon.main code only instantiates an UbuntuOneSyncMenu. TransfersMenu is only referenced internally to the linux version , so there's no reason to have a dummy transfersmenu23:32
mmccthe bug was that the dummy syncmenu didn't have a start_timer() function, and the deletion was just a simplification23:33

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