ailo-wSo, I got absolutely nothing done this weekend. Seems like here has been pretty quiet.06:32
astraljavaI imported my mom's pictures from her camera and cell phone to her computer. That was it for me as far as IT goes.07:47
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ailo-wastraljava: Sounds like a nice weekend then11:35
* smartboyhw hopes for astraljava's full return:)11:36
smartboyhwHi ttoine11:37
* smartboyhw goes to post the half-spam message about Beta 2 testing or should he not?11:49
ttoineJust to tell that if lightworks is really released for Ubuntu at the end of the year (it is already open source released for windows) it will rocks the -video production12:49
ttoinemeaning that we don't need anymore OpenShot nor Cinelerra12:49
len-dtttoine, sounds good, maybe run that through Scott when he comes on or post on the list. My use of video apps is nil so far.13:10
ttoinelen-dt: ok13:10
len-dtttoine, just reading the stuff from the other channel. ailo seems to know more about it than me too... sounds like he is interested too.13:16
ttoinelen-dt: http://www.lwks.com/13:17
ttoinejust have a look by yourself13:17
smartboyhwHi scott-work13:25
smartboyhwHi ailo-w 13:40
smartboyhwwb actually13:40
ttoinescott-work: hi13:49
ttoinescott-work: http://www.lwks.com/ just have a look, it is open source released this year for windows, and is scheduled for Linux for the end of the year !13:50
scott-workhi smartboyhw13:56
ailoopenshot to me is a great tool for non experts14:31
ailoAnd it filles a workflow task for people who want to edit things quickly and put it up on Youtube14:31
ailoBut, surely, Lightworks should make life livable for video experts14:32
scott-workailo: do you they have a linux version available yet? i might be misremembering, but it seemed like they didn't have one yet months ago15:10
smartboyhwscott-work, it is coming at the end of the year. I think15:12
scott-workhmmm, i look forward to seeing how it works, especially compared to kdenlive15:12
ailoscott-work: All I know is that it's been cooking for a while, but from what ttoine says, it's not far from being released15:16
ailosteam is another welcome addition to Linux, all though, not open source. And a totally different subject15:16
ailosmartboyhw: I didn't misunderstand you. From reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates/UbuntuStudioTestcase there are items that we don't need to check for Ubuntu Studio15:19
ailoAnd as a first step, I'd like to remove those items, or mod them for our case15:19
ailoThe simpler we can make it, the easier it will be to get people to do the testing too, so that is always in my mind15:20
smartboyhwailo: Remove them I don't mind:) 15:21
ailosmartboyhw: It was not criticism in my post. Just putting my thoughts about it. I could do some editing on that subject, but I haven't had any hand at desktop customization yet(or very little), so it would be better if someone else who did would do those edits15:23
ailoi.e. len-dt, or scott-work 15:23
smartboyhwdesktop customization...len-dt you good at this?15:24
scott-worklightworks for linux currently schedule for Oct 30th: http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=12&id=1983&limit=6&limitstart=30&Itemid=8115:24
scott-workfourth post down15:24
smartboyhwLet's wait then15:25
scott-worki should say that was an _alpha_ scheduled for Oct 30th15:25
scott-worksmartboyhw: i am curious if lightworks will be in the repos, it certainly would not have been previously, but i suppose changes to policy and the "app store" mentality of software-center might allow lightworks to be included now or soon15:26
scott-workalhtough one of the comments in that thread mentioned that they wanted to experience between ubuntu and windows versions of lightworks to be identical...that is good news to me15:27
ailoscott-work: len-dt: I was airing the idea of customizing xubuntu as little as possible some time ago, for the sake of economic maintenance. This is one situation where that would simplify things a bit. It's not a huge deal for me, but just a thought. Seems logic to me, to put all of the focus on the multimedia applications, and do as little customization to Xubuntu as possible.15:28
scott-workailo: i completely agree with staying as close to xubuntu for exactly the same reasons15:30
ailoscott-work: I guess our customization is pretty sparse at this moment? nautilus, gnome-system-monitor 15:31
smartboyhwailo, scott-work, len-dt: You continue with the discussion,and for the testcase send an email to the dev list on what conclusion you guys have. I need to go to sleep now. 15:32
ailosmartboyhw: Sleep well. Good work on the test cases15:32
smartboyhw:) That is what earns me being a Testcase Admins:) cya everyone:) continue tmr:)15:33
scott-workailo: aye, that and the distributor logo and a few icons, i think len-dt was talking about adding a new icon package though15:38
ailoOk, so in the case of nautilus, we do need to do some testing. Other than that, I don't see anything in the regular desktop environment we need to do, other than our own custom starters in the menu.15:42
ailoscott-work: How about the volume applet? I remember there was something about that. Right now, I'm not seeing it at all15:43
scott-workailo: good point, we probably do need to check that. we might need some input from astraljava to understand what exactly we might check15:44
ailoscott-work: Apparently, the volume applet has become functional again, and from what I can find in ubuntustudio-default-settings, we don't have anything custom for it, more than it bein in our seeds16:54
ailoTwo packages: indicator-sound-gtk2 and indicator-sound16:55
ailoWell, as dependencies or whatever. Haven't really checked the seeds16:55
ailoYep, it's all there17:04
ailoastraljava: What was the deal with the volume applet and the mixer for 12.04? Do we have custom code for it?17:04
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len-dtailo_, re. icons... I am not suggesting a full icon package, just icons to cover our custom menu needs. Right now we are using whatever looks nice from the icons that are there already.21:27
len-dtany of those might change names or vanish. So for insurance we should have our own icons for *desktop/*directory files we make up.21:28
len-dtHmmm, no new ISO today.21:32
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