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smartboyhwHi sunson:)11:38
sunsonguys, openshot rocks. I found the multi-track concept very intuitive and amazing. I also like the fact that we can simply overlay any image or .svg "text" to achieve an endless variety of stuff I want.11:38
sunsonsmartboyhw: hi :)11:38
* smartboyhw is happy since that the ubuntustudio-video didn't include the wrong apps11:39
cfhowlettsunson: Openshot rocks11:42
sunsonbtw, is there an intention to have ubuntustudio give out all apps linked against jack? I use jack all the time but find it difficult to stop it and get pulseaudio back just to play some youtube video.11:43
smartboyhwailo-w: You are best to answer sunson's question lol11:44
ttoineon app to follow is lighworks. open source released this year for Windows, and release scheduled at the end of the year for LInux11:50
ttoineIt will kill cinerella11:50
ailo-wsunson: We don't code the applications, so it is up to each software project to include jack support.12:11
ailo-wsunson: However, qjackctl on Ubuntu Studio is set to use pulseaudio-module-jack by default12:11
ailo-wWhich means, you can connect pulseaudio to jack12:11
ailo-wAnd in this way, all pulseaudio applications can connect to jack12:13
ailo-wsunson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro/1204#The_Pulse_Audio_to_Jack_Bridge_-_using_both_at_once12:13
ailo-wttoine: That sounds awesome. Also, steam is releasing a version for Linux next month (probably not full support)12:14
ailo-wNot really related, but it should make a huge difference for the Linux platform in the long run12:15
ttoinesunson, ailo-w: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation#Pulse_Audio12:20
ttoinethe three way to work with or without pulse audio and jack12:20
contrapunctusHey folks...I downloaded the UbuntuStudio 12.04.1 DVD ISO through the official torrent...and LiveUSB boots me into BusyBox. Internet search inconclusive. Please help.12:23
sunsonailo-w: ttoine: ah, didn't know that. thanks. I don't use ubuntu studio. For all practical purposes, I have an unrelated variant of ubuntu (edubuntu) and I see that jack will fail to start when flash is running.12:25
ailo-wsunson: You'll need to make sure nothing is grabbing the card when you start jack12:25
ailo-wIf you have pulseaudio-module-jack installed, and you start jack with dbus support (default in qjackctl + you need jackd2), pulseaudio will make connections to jack12:26
ailo-wYou still need to set pulseaudio to use jack inputs and outputs respectively12:26
ailo-w...after starting jack12:26
ailo-wcontrapunctus: Sure it's unofficial? I don't know what LiveUSV is, but you should be fine creating a live usb stick with unetbootin12:27
contrapunctusailo-w: That's just what I did. =S12:28
ailo-wAh, I read unofficial. Anyway, busybox?12:29
contrapunctusAye, BusyBox shell.12:29
contrapunctusFWIW, this is a Toshiba notebook purchased around a year ago, Intel i5, 3 gigs of RAM.12:30
ttoinesunson, I don't if all in the page I give you the link will work with Edubuntu. But if you follow that, most of the time it should work12:30
ailo-wcontrapunctus: And this is at first boot?12:30
contrapunctusWait, what does that mean?12:30
ailo-wcontrapunctus: First time you boot into the live usb stick. Do you see a menu with choices for testing or installation?12:31
contrapunctusAh. Yeah, first boot. The unetbootin menu appears, and the only options are 'default' and 'back'.12:32
ailo-wsunson: You'll probably not have realtime privilege12:32
ailo-wcontrapunctus: Sounds like something is wrong with the stick you've made.12:32
ailo-wsunson: So, you'll want to check into that too12:33
ailo-wcontrapunctus: Normally, you should see some options for either trying the live image, or installing it12:33
ailo-wcontrapunctus: You could double check with another computer + another usb stick12:34
ailo-wAnd maybe check about the unetbootin version, if anyone else has had problems with it12:34
contrapunctusailo-w: I fear so too...but I've made many sticks using that very unetbootin...although I admit it does randomly mess up sometimes. I also tried Linux Mint's startup disk tool, but it quit with 'failed to install bootloader' -.-12:34
contrapunctusailo-w: Sure, Ima try that and post back. Thanks! :D12:35
ailo-wcontrapunctus: The Ubuntu Studio live image may not be supported by all usb creators, but so far, I've never failed with unetbootin12:35
contrapunctusailo-w: I see.12:36
UberMusikHi, so, why does Ubuntu Studio make it almost impossible to resize a window by dragging in the corner? The hover-hotspot for turning the mouse cursor into the corner-drag icon is like 4 pixels wide .. it takes me forever to get it … even surgeons would have a hard time with it .. what's up with that? (12.04)16:22
ailoUberMusik: That's because of the theme being used. Yes, a bit of work16:28
ailoUberMusik: One way to do it is to use: Alt + right Click + drag16:30
ailoFor moving windows, I often use: Alt + Left click + drag16:31
ailoAlt + F8 will let you resize only using the keyboard16:31
ailoUsing arrow keys16:31
ailoThere's also a "Resize" option in the window menu, if the window is not maximized16:33
ailoWould be nice to have at least a big corner where to resize apps, like on Mac. Exists for some Gtk applications16:34
UberMusik1ailo: thanks .. alt-right-click will do … would rather not have to use a hotkey, but now that i know what it is, i'll use it ..  i manage lots of terminal windows, so i need to move and resize often ...16:47
ailoUberMusik1: You might want to try something like awesome for that. No window borders at all, but there are some great ways to control windows with key commands16:52
ailoIf you don't often use a mouse, it's pretty fast16:52
ailoI think it has some way of auto-placing windows16:53
ailoPerhaps you can do that with XFCE too, don't know16:53
ailoMultiple desktop spaces is something I always use16:53
ailoUberMusik1: gnome-terminal has a resize button in the lower right corner..16:56
ailoOr, handle16:56
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SUBSTANC3len-dt I'm installing right now23:48
SUBSTANC3ubuntu studio23:48
SUBSTANC3and it's not formatting my flash drive lol23:48
SUBSTANC3restarting now...23:54

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