micahgdo we want mousetweaks back?  Bug #1055038 01:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1055038 in mousetweaks (Ubuntu) "quantal debdiff supplied: Demote gnome-control-center to Suggests to not force desktops without g-c-c to import it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105503801:33
knomemicahg, if we have space for it05:42
micahgknome: looks small enough, we can try after beta 205:44
olbiI have found some strange behaviour when using LibreOffice Writet06:54
olbiwhen I have a whole page of text06:54
olbiand try to mark all of them, then at 3/4 of page, it becomes unmarked06:55
olbiit is at Xubuntu 12.10 with all daily updates06:55
olbisome1 could check this06:56
olbion Xubuntu 11.10 and Xubuntu 12.04 all is ok06:56
noskcajolbi: post the questing in #ubuntu-testing as well07:39
olbiok, done :D07:49
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xnoxpleia2: remember when you reported the bug against ubiquity that thunar automounted partitions and ubiquity was driving you crazy with popups to unmount the partitions?!14:58
xnoxpleia2: were you madly clicking yes, and it would only re-popup the same popup instead of doing anything useful?14:59
elfyI hate gparted at the moment for exactly the same reason xnox 15:00
xnoxelfy: ubiquity does not use gparted. I don't use gparted either. Therefore I don't care about gparted that much =)15:00
elfyjust saying :p15:01
elfyI hate having each partition showing in an install twice two 15:01
elfyjust saying ;)15:01
xnoxelfy: explain?15:03
elfyxnox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar/+bug/103937515:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039375 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Duplicate partitions shown" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:04
elfyscreenie shows it without reading stuff :)15:04
xnoxelfy: not ubiquity. BTW use nautilus.15:32
* xnox hides15:32
elfyI shall squeam 15:33
elfyor just use kde :p15:33
* smartboyhw will not go away from Xfce15:33
elfyxnox:  no - I know it's not ubiquity - I'm not too worried about ubiquity - I only tend to use it now and again :p15:34
elfysmartboyhw: I shall remember and copy that quote ;)15:34
smartboyhwelfy: Why?15:34
* smartboyhw is now afraid of getting into trouble...15:35
pleia2xnox: there were no dialogs (nothing to madly click yes to), thunar windows just popped up on their own after I manually set up some partitions16:10
xnoxpleia2: hmmm... so you didn't click "install now" while keeping thunar as it is?!16:11
pleia2xnox: I set up my partitions, then probably yeah, I did "install now" (if that's the "next" type button on that screen :))16:12
xnoxpleia2: and then it should have offered you to unmount those partitions?16:13
pleia2I don't think so16:13
* xnox is suspecting that unmounting partitions via ubiquity doesn't really work, but probably it is fixed in other ways now.16:13
pleia2I can test again tonight if you need (it's 9:15AM and I've just started work :))16:13
xnoxpleia2: meh... I will be out at volleyball & probably will run that test next time I'm to do a test run, given that it is a milestone week it is quite lickely I will anyway =)16:15
pleia2knome or anyone - any comments on the docs post I have pending in xubuntu.org wordpress?16:16
knomepleia2, as i said, i did a few changes16:16
knomepleia2, and added some16:16
knomepleia2, did you look at those yet?16:16
pleia2yep, looks good16:17
knomedon't know what else should be changed - maybe nothing16:18
knomewe will have to eventually release anyway16:18
knomeand we need to write b2 notes too16:18
pleia2I'll just publish, don't want it lost in all b2 release madness :)16:19
knomeyup, that's what i was trying to gently say16:20
pleia2oh, I still have words mixed up16:21
pleia2moar coffee16:22
* knome goes adding the 12.10 tag16:22
knomepleia2, http://xubuntu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=1413&action=edit16:24
knomepleia2, that's the old beta1 post renamed16:24
pleia2ok, tweeted and G+ed16:25
ailoIs there a volume applet in Xubuntu 12.10 currently?16:38
SysiI think indicator-sound is working again16:44
elfyailo: there is here 16:44
elfymight have to install it again though16:44
elfyailo: I reinstalled indicator-sound-gtk2 16:47
ailoelfy: Yep, that fixed it16:51
elfygood :)16:51
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pleia2knome: added a section with "notable bug fixes" - there are probably more18:45
pleia2we also probably want to mention dropping gimp, gnumeric and aisleriot18:46
knomepleia2, yes18:46
pleia2since those weren't planned things18:46
knomeand the language changes18:46
knome-fr-xh-pt from i386, +de amd6418:46
knomei think i just found a way how i can listen to ac/dc songs without getting annoyed18:47
knomehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVAK3Qsld2c :P18:47
elfyvolume down?18:47
knomeno i actually listened to a whole track...18:48
Sysiac/dc isn't that bad, at least the old stuff18:50
Sysireally old, like high voltage18:51
knomeor even st graber?18:53
knome(okay, i had to make that pun)18:53
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