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pooliejam: hi!07:59
poolievila, hi!07:59
vilapoolie: hey !!!07:59
pooliehi there, how are you?07:59
pooliei was just thinking of you the other day and thought i'd drop by08:00
vilafine, fighting a cold but I'm on my way to winning ;)08:00
vilahehe, good to hear, I often think about you :)08:00
vilaerr, off you ?08:01
vilaargh, of you :0D08:01
vilasee ? still tyoping like hell :)08:01
vilamgz: hey ! look who's here :)08:02
pooliehi mgz :)08:02
poolievila: see my pm?08:05
jamhi poolie08:05
pooliehi jam, hi mrevell08:07
jampoolie: so the big question, is Google Cafeteria or Google Yoga winning ? :)08:09
jamhi w7z, good to see you around today. I have an lzma stream for you :)08:09
poolieit's a tough race08:10
poolieyou were very inspirational08:10
poolieat the moment, yoga08:10
mrevellHey poolie!08:11
jampoolie: thanks. ATM I'm trying to figure out how I managed to avoid eating 1000 calories every day for 6mo (loosing 1KG/week)08:11
jamI now eat what I'm supposed to, and I feel hungry...08:11
pabs3is there any command I can run to tell me if there is anything I need to get merged upstream09:56
pabs3fullermd: that seems to touch the network, can I avoid that?10:37
mgzseems like in bzr 2.6 authentication.conf is not auto generated from an existing bazaar.conf, vila is that a deliberate change?10:39
mgzit used to be that if bazaar.conf existed with a launchpad_username set, first run of bzr needing auth would do "Setting ssh/sftp usernames for launchpad.net"10:40
vilamgz: auth.conf has never been auto generated AFAIK10:41
mgzbut that scenario just resulted in `bzr pull` failing, until I ran (no arguments) `bzr launchpad-login` which then did it10:41
vilaI have never heard about this scenario you describe and I'm pretty sure auth.conf is created in a very ad-hoc way by bzr-login10:42
mgzaa, or maybe that's always required, but I'm used to having it as a side effect...10:42
vilasounds like missing tests to me :)10:42
mgzI'll investigate and file a bug if needed :)10:43
anantOn running "bzr branch lp:nux", I get the error message "Permission denied (publickey). ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1'"11:03
mgzanant: you need to set your ssh key up with launchpad correctly.11:10
anantmgz: I already did that. :( .. Is there a way to verify it was set up correctly?11:13
mgzanant: try `ssh -vv bazaar.launchpad.net` which should give more info on the failure11:14
anantmgz: From the output of the command you gave, "No such Launchpad account: asogani" caught my eye. I then did `ssh -vv <my-launch-pad-id>@bazaar ..` and it worked11:22
anantturns out that my ssh id_rsa.pub has listed "asogani@ubuntu" .. since that's the username on my laptop11:23
mgzokay, so you want to do `bzr launchpad-login <your-launchpad-id>` I suspect11:23
anantstrange, that's already there ... asogani@ubuntu:~/src$ "bzr launchpad-login" gave anant-sogani as output11:24
mgzcheck you authentication.conf as well, see `bzr version` for where that is11:26
anantshows up the right values ... anyways 'bzr branch ...' commands have started working :)11:28
anantthanks a lot mgz!11:28
mgzanant: ace. :)11:31
mgzha, just realised what that bug was earlier11:46
mgzbazaar.conf exists with launchpad_username set, authentication.conf does not exist11:47
mgzoperations on bzr+ssh: fail... operations on lp: create authentication.conf and succeed11:47
mgzso, pull on a fresh machine blew up because we store urls resolved, which doesn't trigger the launchpad plugin magic11:49
LarstiQmgz: oooh that is a pet peeve of mine11:54
anantmgz: wow :)12:03
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