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superdreamkillaI've been using konqueror for a while, and today it starting saying "The requested operation could not be completed" on every page I attempt to open. If I click the reload button, then the page will be displayed. What's going on?00:32
vonkleist_what version of kde are you using?00:35
vonkleist_better... what version of kubuntu are you using?00:35
superdreamkillafor kde00:36
superdreamkilla9.10 for kubuntu00:37
superdreamkillaI attempted to do apt-get dist-upgrade, but for each file it attempts to download, I get a 404 error00:39
superdreamkillaif I attempt the upgrade through the package manager, I get an exit with code 12700:41
EvilRoeyhey all00:48
EvilRoeyquestion:  I have music on my server.  I am on my laptop and I wish to stream music from it and play or even control it through Amarok on my laptop.  What software do I use to accomplish this?00:48
vonkleist_I think 9.10 is out of support00:49
superdreamkillawhat should I do?00:50
vonkleist_try running do-release-upgrade00:50
vonkleist_if works, it'll take you to 12.0400:51
superdreamkillai think it will just give me the 404 error, couldn't download files00:52
superdreamkillai'll try00:52
vonkleist_The 404 error maybe is because there's no more karmic on repositories00:57
vonkleist_do-release-upgrade should take you to the latest version, no matter which one is it00:57
bazhang!eolupgrades | superdreamkilla00:57
ubottusuperdreamkilla: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:57
vonkleist_thanx bazhang00:58
superdreamkillathat makes sense for the 404, but I was thinking I could have had some weird error in my internet config, since I had the browser error00:59
superdreamkillado-release-upgrade is working so far01:00
vonkleist_oh, good01:01
superdreamkillayes, thank you01:01
vonkleist_maybe you could try running konqueror inside a command line, and see if it shows something else01:02
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MySystem1a question if i have 2 partitions with same uid (a clone) and i set the hidden flag for the ones which i don't want to be mounted is this enough?01:04
MySystem1dont want to try because its / and /home01:04
vonkleist_MySystem1, if you don't want a partition to be mounted at boot time, just disable it from /etc/fstab01:08
MySystem1thats the problem i want that it is mounted (i need / and /home) but i dont want both partitions (the clone) to be mounted and in fstab is the mount option with uid and dont want to mount via /dev/sdxx01:10
vonkleist_Oh, got it01:11
MySystem1my idea was the hidden flag for partitions01:12
MySystem1but is this enough because if i restat and mount dont know what to mount i dont have a / or /home so no boot01:12
MySystem1if it helps my fstab http://pastebin.com/1a5n5EAx01:14
MySystem1ok i will have a try if it dont works i remove the clone hd and first find a solution01:21
c2tarunmy idle laptop screen is going black in just 35 seconds :( I disabled it from every where.01:25
c2tarunAny suggestion :(01:25
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MySystemok it seems to work all partitions i wanted are mounted the only strange thing is that i see the clone partitions in dolphin but this isnt a problem01:47
c2tarunMySystem: clone partition?01:49
MySystemyes i cloned 2 partitions to another hd because of possible errors but then i get that this was the wrong hd and now i have the orginal partitions and the clones with same uid and fstab mount is via uid so i flagged the clone as hidden but dolphin sees the hidden partitions but my kubuntu starts and mounts the rhigt partitions from the org hd01:54
MySystemso how do mount or the prog that interprets fstab figure out which uid is the right01:58
vonkleist_MySystem, why don't you try changing the UUID por the new partition?02:06
MySystemone reason for because if the old 80gb org sys hd crash i only have to reinstall grub and nothing else but realy this isnt't such important so how do i change a uid02:07
MySystemok very nice and easy02:11
MySystemthink i have to run the cmd as root but in kubuntu i dont have a real root user so i cant su at which places do i need to add the sudo (dont know all comands of this line:"uuidgen | xargs tune2fs /dev/hdaX -U ; vol_id /dev/hdaX")02:14
MySystemok my fault it works with "uuidgen | sudo xargs tune2fs /dev/sdd4 -U ; sudo vol_id /dev/sdd4" the only prob was i tried sdd1 which is a ntfs02:25
MySystemvery nice know there are no conflicts and all working right lot of thx for this02:29
MySystemanother complete different question i want to mute and unmute line-in from soundcard via console is there a way that i can use in a script02:30
vonkleist_try amixer02:33
MySystemthis could work what a nice prog there a values i have never read02:36
vonkleist_ok, got to go02:41
vonkleist_c u02:41
megamanx1978I cannot play my humble bundle games can somone please help?02:48
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MySystemfor today its enough lots of thx to all helpers and good night03:08
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c2tarunmy KDE screen is turning off in 35 seconds, can anyone please help me with that?03:56
loli_stonertry running "xset -dpms"03:57
c2tarunloli_stoner: are you saying to me?04:00
c2tarunloli_stoner: what does xset do?04:00
loli_stonerthat command will disable dpms energy star04:00
loli_stoneryou can see what your current settings are by running "xset -q"04:00
c2tarunloli_stoner: did that lets wait :(04:01
c2tarunloli_stoner: it seems it worked :) thanks a lot, what is dpms by the way04:02
loli_stonerit's energy star04:03
loli_stonerbasically you have your computer set to go into energy saving mode every 35 seconds04:03
loli_stoneri had the same problem randomly once although for me it turned off exactly every 3 seconds04:03
c2tarun3 seconds :) lolz... its like litrellay continuously moving mouse04:04
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Daskreech3 seconds?05:22
DaskreechIt turned off in 3 seconds?05:23
loli_stoneroh my computer?05:23
loli_stoneryeah it use to be that the screen would turn off every 3 seconds05:23
jonhallerCan anyone help me with understanding some of these configuration values for this STA driver source file?05:49
c2tarunloli_stoner: hey, my dpsm is getting enabled automatically.. any advice?05:54
loli_stonerum...  maybe put a startup script in .kde/Autostart that runs "xset -dpms"?05:55
c2tarunloli_stoner: I didn't restart my machine since morning. here is my xset -q output http://paste.ubuntu.com/1227956/05:55
c2tarunwhat does this line "Standby: 33    Suspend: 49    Off: 66" means?05:56
loli_stonerhow long to wait before doing that05:57
loli_stonermien is Standby: 21600    Suspend: 32400    Off: 4320005:57
c2tarunyou mean off:66 is to turn off monitor in 66sec?05:57
loli_stoneri guess05:57
loli_stonertry running "xset dpms 21600 32400 43200" to get it to the same settings as mine05:58
c2tarundone :( no luck, sorry I have to leave for work, I'll try to look and man page there might be some place for configuration.05:59
c2tarunanyway, thanks a lot :)05:59
mah454How can login in new window in Kubuntu ? (like gnome) with Xnest06:56
mah454_can do this in kubuntu ?06:57
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Lynouremah454: (Disclaimer: I'm quite ill and as the result most of my brain is sleeping) This might answer your question: http://techbase.kde.org/Archive:Getting_Started/Run/Nested_Session07:35
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MailmanIs there any way to get the application launcher to open with the meta key? I can only get it to recognize it as a modifier.09:35
shadeslayerMailman: just the meta key ? I don't think so09:36
tcbernerHi there. I updated php by mistake to 5.4.6 --  is there a way to go back to 5.3.10?09:40
MailmanIs there a way to replicate Unity's Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Arrow Keys to move windows from one desktop to another?09:42
hateballthere should be a hotkey setting for that09:44
hateballMailman: it's in global hotkey settings for kwin09:46
hateballunbound by default09:46
hateballand also you cant use meta as anything but modifier key (at least not by default)09:46
shadeslayertcberner: maybe, you could do : sudo apt-get install foo=bar09:50
shadeslayerfoo is the package name, bar is the version09:50
tcbernershadeslayer: unfortunatley there is only one version as it seems09:52
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tcberneryeah, found 5.3.17 :)09:59
shadeslayertcberner: best to pin the packages once you're satisfied10:09
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Cormannhello all having a bit of a problem with desktop 12.04 LTS of Kubuntu. It boots but will not load x I look thru the log file and it seems to be having some sort of a problem with my nvidia video card. anyone know an easy answer?11:04
CormannI'm currently downloading the ubuntu desktop same version to see if the problem is with KDE or something else11:05
lordievaderCormann: Have you installed the driver for your card?11:06
CormannI am running the desktop CD boot and run or so it says11:07
CormannIt boots, I get the start screen then it errors out to the cli for kbuntu11:07
lordievaderCormann: You haven't installed it yet?11:07
CormannNo I am trying it out to see if I want to load it for dual boot or not11:07
lordievaderCormann: I see, what nVidia card do you have?11:08
Cormanngforce gt 426m its a laptop11:09
Cormannin the log it says it can not find the moduel nvidia then further down it says can not find the moduel nv and it tries to load the vesa module11:09
lordievaderCormann: It could be that your card is not supported by the default driver...11:10
Cormannwish I could pastebin the log for you, however I am on the laptop now and no way to send it when its booted to the cli and no conf to run anything11:10
Cormannvery possibly11:10
Cormannhowever most if not all nvidia chipsets will work in vesa mode11:11
Cormanneven at lower rez I could at least see if it will run on this machine11:11
Cormanntweeks can come later of course11:11
lordievaderCormann: I agree it should work.11:12
Cormannone would think so guess we shall see when I burn the ubuntu disk if I have the same issue, then its off to ubuntu forums hahah Thank you for your help however11:13
Cormannkubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso is the file I am using11:14
lordievaderCormann: No problem, hope you resolve your problem.11:14
Cormannthe ubuntu one is 12.04.1 is that different?11:14
Cormannalways a challenge, figure it out lol11:14
lordievaderCormann: There is no kubuntu 12.04.1?11:15
lordievaderCormann: If not you can update to 12.04.111:15
Cormannubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso downloading it right now11:16
Cormannlordievader Confirming 12.04 Install Image Fails to Boot on Nvidia Card11:31
SolakCormann: oh, geforce gtx 550ti?11:32
lordievaderCormann: That is not good to hear...11:32
lordievaderHey Solak, how are you?11:32
* Solak was about to install kubuntu 12.04 on a system with that card...11:33
Cormannwell I am reading the thread I'll let you know if there is an answer11:33
lordievaderSolak: Cormann has a different card, "gforce gt 426m"11:34
Cormannit looks like the installer recognizes the Nvidia card, then tries to load the open source Nouveau driver, and everything crashes11:34
Solaklordievader: oh. hmm.11:34
lordievaderHow nice.11:34
Solaklordievader: anyway, I first have to get a bootable cd :-)11:35
Solaklordievader: macos x complains that the .iso (64bit) is unmountable.11:35
CormannI believe the plan is to release kernel updates 3 weeks after 12.04's release, which would be in mid-May.11:35
lordievaderSolak: I'm sorry I don't have any experience with Mac's.11:36
CormannThis was posted in May, so perhaps the 12.04.1 is the fix? Will have to see, there is a work around if your installing it11:36
SolakI could try windows and create a new dvd.11:41
arian-pchello I installed kde-full on ubuntu  but the menu of athe gtk programms (like firefox ) are like windows 98 :)  I have this bug on only gtk programms only on kde 4.9.1  . what i can do?11:50
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BluesKajHey all12:14
Solakhmm, 'start kubuntu' doesn't start, it ends with a blank screen and a flashing cursor (textmode) in the left upper corner...12:30
pktdoes e.g., ubuntu desktop start?12:31
Solakwell, I have the KUbuntu amd64 install iso and I see the opening screen.12:32
pktI mean did you also try the ubuntu flavor?12:32
pktor xubuntu or anything else12:32
lordievaderSolak: Are you still in the installing phase?12:32
pktin order to know whether it is KDE that is causing your problem or e.g., a bad graphics card12:33
Solaklordievader: in the start installing phase (had other things to do in the meantime, like lunch ;)).12:34
Solaklordievader: I have the iso on dvd now, the dvd starts, but 'start kubuntu' ends like I just said...12:35
lordievaderSolak: So where are you exactly?12:35
pktIt looks like the X server doesn't load12:35
lordievaderSolak: Hitting escape doesn't show you that it is loading things?12:35
pktif you end up in text mode with something blinking12:35
Solakyes, I remember when I joined the channel something about nvidia, and yes, it's a geforce gtx 550ti12:36
lordievaderSolak: Before jumping to conclusions, have you verified the dvd/cd?12:36
Solaklordievader: macos x verified it, and I don't see how that would break of startup halfway.12:37
Solakpkt: no, only kubuntu...12:38
lordievaderSolak: Macos x? What I more ment, have you tried it in another machine to see if that one does go past Grub.12:39
pktSolak: I would try latest daily live of kubuntu quantal or if that doesn't work, the latest Fedora beta12:40
pkt(because of newer kernels)12:40
Solaklordievader: no, except for the macbook pro I don't have any other 64bit machines here. Looks like grub passes, the dvd-activity is quite a while before it stops.12:40
pktwhen you get one to work, it is easy to backport the differences12:40
pktif you can't get any livecd to boot all the way to X then be prepared for quite some work12:41
pkt(or waiting until somebody else does this work for you)12:42
SolakI could try debian stable .iso (64bits)...12:42
lordievaderSolak: Hold on, I'm asking someone about the alternate live-cd, that might help you.12:43
pktthe alternate cd can indeed help you do the install if this is your goal12:45
lordievaderSolak: This is what BluesKaj said: yes the alternate live cd is text based but also recognizes hardware that the regular cd doesn't. So check that out first.12:46
pktThe relevant is that it is text mode12:46
pktbut I thought you were evaluating if Linux will work well in your hardware12:46
lordievaderSolak: Are you?12:47
Solakyes, and someone told me to hook up the mainboard gfx-card as well...12:47
BluesKajSolak, you sound fairly experienced . so the alternate cd is a good choice12:48
pktusually that card would be some form of intel12:48
pktso it should work12:48
Solakpkt: no, I just want to install it... I use linux over 10 years now, so I know what to expect :-)12:48
pktah ok then12:48
pktby all means use the alternate cd :)12:48
pktIt will get the job done12:49
Solakfirst debian, later kubuntu...12:49
lordievaderSolak: Hehe.12:49
pktSolak: alternate cd is debian installer12:49
pktso I 'm sure you are pretty familiar with this interface :)12:49
lordievaderSolak: Debian offers the text-mode on their default cd.12:49
Solakhmmm. why doesn't have the normal installer a text-mode? :)12:50
pktthe "normal installer" is not really an installer so to speak12:50
pktit copies the livecd wholesale12:50
pktand then removes some stuff12:50
Solakah, it is a livecd which also does install if really necessary? :)12:50
pktthe alternate cd is like the debian install cds12:51
pktthe desktop cd is live12:51
Solakwould it fit on a cd?12:51
BluesKajyes, very similar12:51
pktSolak: it is like the first debian install cd12:51
pktnot the whole archive of course :)12:51
Solakno :)12:51
Solakbut there are geforce proprietary drivers, so if I have textmode first it should not be too hard to get it working...12:56
pktif the proprietary drivers work for you then yes, no problem12:56
pktso just get the alternate cd and give it a try then :)12:58
Solakpkt: it would not be first choice to use proprietary drivers, but I get the idea things don't work optimal without them.12:58
* Solak remembers that the image was quite fuzzy on his old system without proprietary drivers (that was ATI X800 card)12:59
pktthese days radeon has improved a lot13:01
BluesKajSolak, the nvidia-current drivers are the best choice for geforce cards on 12.04 and 12.1013:01
Solakthe open source drivers?13:01
SolakBluesKaj: open or proprietary?13:02
pktSolak: no, opensource ones are called nouveau13:02
BluesKajall nvidia are proprietary13:02
pktnvidia is usually referring to the proprietary driver13:02
BluesKajbut the proprietary additional drivers listed in jockey don't always work13:03
pktThese days I like radeon / intel more13:03
pktI only use my nvidia machine for gpgpu stuff and for virtualized 3D with vmware13:04
BluesKajwhy the nvidia-current driver isn't listed there is a mystery to to me13:04
BluesKajit may have to do with nomenclature , the reasoning escapes me , however13:07
Peace-hi mates :D13:10
lordievaderHey Peace-, how are you?13:11
Peace-great lordievader13:11
* Peace- works on kate snippets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAB1whqH913:12
lordievaderPeace-: Video doesn't exist...13:14
Peace-lordievader: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAB1whqH9n813:15
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Solakalternate cd works, at least textmode :)13:38
Solakhmm, 104.9Mb B ntfs / 75.5Gb ntfs / 52.4Gb Free13:38
Solakthe 1st one is something unkown from windows 7...13:38
lordievaderSolak: It is necessary to use Windows 7, do not delete that partition.13:56
Solaklordievader: yes, I just added 3 partitions.14:18
lordievaderSolak: Ok, no problem then.14:18
Solaklordievader: only thing is that 'B' is now for the / partition of linux, and not that system partition of windows.14:18
lordievaderSolak: I'm sorry do you mean sdb?14:19
Solakno, 'B' as in the boot-flag.14:20
lordievaderSolak: Ah, I have a feeling that is normal. Grub is on /. Or so I would think, I'm no expert on Grub...14:20
Solakhmm, how do I unmark a partition for formatting?14:25
pktSolak: you mean in the installer? probably you press "space" on it14:30
Solakpkt: manual partitioning in the installer. space doesn't work.14:31
pktunfortunately I don't have an alternate cd here to verify14:34
pktmy memory tells that you use space to check/uncheck checkboxes in the text interface14:35
pktbut you could be looking at something different14:35
Solakpkt: <space> selects14:37
Solakpkt: but that seems to do nothing, <enter> however selects and goes to a new screen.14:38
pktAh, so you hadn't selected the partition14:38
pktyes, first you select and you go to a screen where it tells you what do you want to do with the partition IIRC14:39
pkti.e., do you want it to be swap / to format it and mount it somewhere etc etc14:39
pktin that screen I think there are checkboxes you can use <space> on14:39
pktstill this is all from memory, I don't have it in front of me :)14:40
MySystemhello is there a way in kubuntu to run a cmd as root if sudo doesnt work tried su but without a set root password no chance14:47
pktyou can set a root password if it is really required14:48
pktsudo passwd root14:48
pktbut can't you do what you want with something like kdesudo?14:48
MySystemthe workaround with sudo passwd root is an idea but kdesudo sounds better will try this14:50
pktMySystem: you can also do sudo -s14:50
pktthis will give you a root shell14:51
pkthopefully this way there won't be any need for enabling the root account14:51
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:52
lordievaderHehe, nice comment ubottu.14:53
thelionroarssudo make me a sandwich14:53
genii-aroundthelionroars: You've been watching xkcd too long ;-)14:54
thelionroarsyou know it ;)14:54
lordievaderXkcd is great :)14:54
MySystemkdesudo works perfekt14:58
pktgreat :)14:59
pktIn Linux there are always so many ways to solve a problem :)14:59
Solakhmm, grey screen and nothing at boot.15:00
Solakbut that was to be expected...15:00
pktyes, you should go to text mode15:00
MySystemyes pkt this is one of the reasons why i love it15:01
Solaknvidia-common is installed, so is libkwinactivenvidiahack415:01
pkt(recovery mode)15:01
pktand see what is happening there15:01
pktanyway I have to go now15:02
pktsee you :)15:02
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Riddellbeta 2 candidate image testers needed, join us in #kubuntu-devel16:46
stefano_ciao a tutti16:55
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:01
SolakBluesKaj: ping?17:13
BluesKajSolak, yes ?17:17
SolakBluesKaj: I found the nvidia-current drivers you mentioned earlier, but I wonder what I'm missing: it works, but only at 1024x768 (monitor is 1920x1080).17:19
SolakBluesKaj: do you have an idea what that could be?17:19
Solakexcept for that, and the fact that the mouse hides while moving, everything works good.17:20
SolakI expected more trouble, even to get X working at all.17:20
DaskreechWhat video card?17:22
SolakDaskreech: nVidia Geforce gtx 550 ti.17:23
DaskreechHm didn't know there were issues with that17:23
Solakah, I see two proprietary drivers in 'additional drivers'.17:28
lordievaderGood evening17:31
Solakgenii-around: thanks!17:31
Solakre lordievader17:31
lordievaderHey Solak, how is it going with your Linux adventure?17:32
Solakworks better than expected, I only have to set the right resolution, mouse is sometimes invisible, and additional drivers fail to install.17:33
BluesKajSolak, install the nvidia-current driver , sudo apt-get install nvidia-current , then reboot..the addtional drivers may not work17:38
BluesKajok ..gotta go for a while17:39
c2tarunhey, anyone done packet sniffing on kubuntu?17:39
lordievaderc2tarun: You can do packet sniffing on almost any system. Wireshark is multi-platform.17:40
c2tarunI have three machines, all are connected to a wi-fi router. Is there anyway I can sniff all the packets going in and out from computer 2 from my laptop?17:40
lordievaderc2tarun: If your wifi card from the laptop supports promiscious mode, then yes.17:41
c2tarunlordievader: I think I can sniff packets only if my lappy is server and all other PC's are accessing internet from my PC (I may be wrong I am a noob)17:42
c2tarunlordievader: and how can I check whether my wifi card supports promiscious mode or not?17:43
lordievaderc2tarun: Nope, that is the beauty of wifi, you get all of the packages. Your NIC just disgards most of them.17:43
lordievaderc2tarun: Google? Or simply try it.17:43
c2tarunlordievader: thanks :) installing wireshark now.17:44
lordievaderc2tarun: You also need ettercap.17:45
* c2tarun googling about ettercap17:46
c2tarunlordievader: BTW why do I need ettercap, is wireshark not enough?17:46
lordievaderc2tarun: If you want to see the traffic of the other machines, no.17:47
c2tarunlordievader: then what can wireshark do?17:47
lordievaderc2tarun: Sniff packages.17:47
c2tarunlordievader: so are you saying we can sniff something but to see them I need some other tool as well? its like I sniffed a lock but I dont have the key!!17:48
lordievaderc2tarun: If you have the time I suggest watching a few Hak5 podcasts, they regularely discuss the topic: hak5.org17:48
c2tarunlordievader: I have been there, but couldn't find a post on packet sniffing. :(17:49
c2tarungoing to look again17:49
c2tarunlordievader: if you have a bookmark, can you please share/17:49
lordievaderc2tarun: Your NIC gets all the packages, however it discards anything that is not ment for that NIC. Wireshark does not see the discarded packages.17:49
lordievaderc2tarun: I'll look some up.17:50
lordievaderc2tarun: Haktip - ARP Cache, Haktip 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. http://hak5.org/category/episodes/haktip/page/217:52
c2tarunlordievader: wow thanks a lot :)17:53
lordievaderc2tarun: No problem, have fun.17:55
thelionroars<3 hak518:06
lordievaderHey dark133, how are you?18:19
dark133im fine... where are you from?18:20
lordievaderdark133: I'd rather not say... if you really want to know you'll find a way, I'm sure.18:20
dark133фак я не спикаю по инглишу))18:21
dark133about what way speech?18:23
lordievaderdark133: I'm sorry, what?18:23
dark133i`m don`t speak english)) mfk//18:25
lordievaderdark133: Where are you from, there are quite a few localized kubuntu channels.18:26
lordievader!ru | dark13318:26
ubottudark133: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:26
jacob__hello irc, I'm running kubuntu 12.04 (kde 4.8.5) and my mimetypes are messed up. I can't get dolphin to open an svg in inkscape despite what it says in the KEditFileType menu. Is there a quick solution to this?18:27
valentinHI YO WUT UP18:46
valentinHi lordievader :)18:46
lordievaderHey valentin, you are happy!18:47
valentinlordievader : Indeed !18:47
lordievadervalentin: How come?18:47
valentinI just got my minecraft server set properly18:47
lordievadervalentin: A house mate asked me about that recently... he did it on Windows though.18:48
valentinlordievader : What did he ask you about ?18:48
lordievadervalentin: About a minecraft server.18:48
valentinlordievader : + It's rather bad to host a MC server (even all servers) on Windows, imo18:49
valentinlordievader : Yes but what ? xD18:49
lordievadervalentin: He wanted to host one for a couple of friends, he asked if he should install Linux for it...18:49
lordievadervalentin: Why do you think so?18:50
valentinlordievader : I see, I was just wondering if he was looking for a server to play on.18:50
valentinlordievader : I used to host on Windows, I wrote a launcher (cmd one) and it kept failing, it didn't work properly with Java env.18:51
valentinlordievader : Nothing better than using a good Minecraft.sh :D18:51
lordievadervalentin: Anyhow, have fun with your server.18:52
valentinlordievader : Thanks, do you play it ?18:53
lordievadervalentin: No. I got better things to do.18:55
lordievadervalentin: :P18:56
valentinlordievader : better things... :P18:56
valentinlordievader : Well w.e people may say about minecraft, it still is an awesome game if you know some technics :)18:56
valentinlordievader : I and some friends added ComputerCraft, it's a programming mod (For example, you can code a password for a door using a virtual machine)18:57
BluesKajnew wireless keyboard and mouse in the system , plug 'n  play ..works right from the get go :)18:57
lordievaderBluesKaj: Nice!18:58
BluesKajlordievader, Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 , for 30 bucks , saved 20 ...even the vol ctrls work :)19:00
lordievaderBluesKaj: Kind of ironic :P19:00
BluesKajmy other wireless KB is also MS , worked well for 3yrs19:01
BluesKajthe mouse broke but the KB is fine , gonna put ti omn wife's pc19:02
BluesKajhave to check it out on W7 ..BBL19:03
valentinY U NO SPEAL19:15
lordievadervalentin: Whom?19:16
valentinALL OF YA :(19:17
lordievadervalentin: This is a support channel, not a community channel, check #kubuntu-offtopic for that.19:18
SolakBluesKaj: the nvidia-current was installed already, but one of the additional drivers worked. thanks.19:18
valentinI already went there lordievader19:20
Solakhmm, now adding the old disk to /etc/fstab...19:24
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lordievadervalentin: I do not see you there...19:28
Solakhmmm...: "OpenGL compositing (the default) has crashed KWin in the past."19:29
Solakand how do I know I have upgraded to a stable driver?19:30
BluesKajSolak, so you're setting desktop effects in system settings ?19:32
SolakBluesKaj: is that the wrong way?19:33
BluesKajno, it's the correct way19:33
SolakI get the message that i.e. the cube is not available, which I don't understand...19:34
Solaknow it was set to xrender and I changed to opengl, hoping that would solve the problem...19:35
BluesKajyes , Solak , that should ..OpenGL is the best setting19:36
Solakbut what about this warning?19:37
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BluesKajtry the cube animation now19:37
Solakdoes libkwinnvidiahack4 have to do with this?19:38
Solakand the other one, libkwinactivenvidiahack4?19:39
SolakBluesKaj: heh, I don't see a cube, it flips :-)19:41
BluesKajctrl f1119:41
genii-aroundIf you only have two desktops it will just be basically a flat sheet and not a cube19:42
Solakah, true :)19:42
BluesKaj4 minimum . I use 6 here19:44
* Solak uses 8 normally.19:44
Solakbut first I have to configure fstab to get access to the other harddisk...19:44
Solakbecause that contains the old system...19:45
BluesKajSolak, it should show in dolphin places19:53
BluesKajsudo blkid19:53
Solakah, it does indeed...19:53
BluesKaji haven't bothered with fstab , everything shows up , altho i have labelled them in partition manager19:55
SolakI only see sizes here...19:55
BluesKajyeah , you can label them and the nakes will show up in "places"19:56
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ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »20:20
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fuskiČágo lidi20:49
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strahlemannhello can somebody tell my why i cant find the skype package23:36
strahlemannat my own pc i installed it via package manager23:36
tsimpsonskype is in the Canonical partner repository23:38
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »23:39
strahlemanna lots of thx23:40
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