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C0FFEEHow to stop using account? Please tell me the web page.07:59
C0FFEEI want to resigne launchpad.08:00
czajkowskiC0FFEE: what is your launchpad id ?08:02
tsimpsonC0FFEE: https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+deactivate-account08:02
czajkowskiif its your user name08:02
czajkowskitsimpson: morning08:02
tsimpsonmorning :)08:02
C0FFEEthx all08:03
thumperczajkowski: you can just use ~ instead of ~name08:03
czajkowskithumper: so I just learnt08:03
thumperczajkowski: asuming you are logged in08:03
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ricotzczajkowski, hello08:27
czajkowskiricotz: hi08:27
ricotz(don't worry, no libreoffice this time)08:28
ricotzczajkowski, is possible to get rid of this rouge reference -- https://launchpad.net/~elementary-os/+archive/daily/+recipebuild/10705608:28
czajkowskiah ok I'll sit back down again so08:28
czajkowskiricotz: what's wrong with it?08:28
ricotzczajkowski, it was never built and since the recipe itself is gone this build just sits in the queue08:29
wgrantAh, October 201108:30
wgrantThat was a bad time for a few recipes...08:30
czajkowskiwgrant: not  good month no ?08:30
wgrantI've cancelled it, so it's hopefully gone now08:30
czajkowskibah wgrant and his magic voodoo08:30
ricotzanother one i am wondering about it the "1 pending build" here -- https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+packages08:30
ricotzwgrant, thanks08:30
czajkowskiricotz: are you spring cleaning08:30
ricotzczajkowski, this one bugs for me for a while ;)08:31
ricotzbut i dont a efficient way to find the reference for it08:31
ricotz(from my side)08:31
ricotzregarding x-edgers, there is no visible pending build08:32
ricotzmight be some superseeded dep-wait08:32
czajkowskiricotz: I suspect wgrant will need to do that not me08:39
wgrantricotz: Well, you can find it by looking at https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_text=&build_state=pending and https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_text=&build_state=building08:39
wgrantExcept for the minor issue that it's not actually there08:39
wgrantSo something's a little wrong08:39
wgrantPossibly another rogue recipe build08:39
ricotzwgrant, hehe, i know how to filter them in the launchpad gui ;)08:40
ricotzxedgers doesnt contain recipe builds08:40
wgrantHm, true08:41
ricotzwgrant, i hope you can remove this pending-build-reference too09:21
Laneycan I make "Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users." stop happening for a particular bug?09:32
czajkowskiLaney: no09:32
czajkowskithere is logic to this as I found out from lifeless09:33
Laneyconvince me09:33
wgrantricotz: Ah, there's a build stuck Uploading09:33
LaneyI want to keep this bug at New because that's how we look at freeze exceptions09:33
wgrantThere are 27 such builds, all from last December.09:33
lifelessLaney: we have no facility for such an exception09:34
wgrantLaney: Ubuntu QA requested it. It's only enabled for Ubuntu, and there's no way to disable it for a single bug09:34
LaneyDo you think it woudl be reasonable to ask for it to only act once on a given bug?09:34
lifelessLaney: and using new to track freeze exceptions is inconsistent with the general use of status09:34
Laneyperhaps :)09:34
lifelessLaney: once per bugtask perhaps09:35
lifelessLaney: but really, why not use tags, its what they were added for09:35
wgrantricotz: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+build/209541309:35
wgrantricotz: There are 26 other builds like it, all from a few days in December.09:36
wgrantricotz: I'll see what I can do about cleaning them up tomorrow09:36
ricotzwgrant, thank you for looking into it!09:51
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danilosczajkowski, hi, just to double check, are there any (beta or non-beta) private features for blueprints?13:12
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czajkowskidanilos: http://blog.launchpad.net/general/privacy-for-blueprints-enabled-for-beta-testers13:17
danilosczajkowski, thanks, I suppose I should ask deryck for specifics then13:19
czajkowskidanilos: indeed or anyone else on his team13:20
danilosczajkowski, ack, thanks13:20
danilosczajkowski, beta testers team is ~launchpad-beta-testers?13:23
dobeyhi czajkowski13:24
czajkowskidanilos: yes13:25
czajkowskidobey: you never say hi, what do you need....13:25
dobeyczajkowski: do you know the proper person to bug to get armel/armhf builds enabled for some PPAs?13:25
czajkowskidobey: I do, it's in the channel over there-->  -ops13:26
czajkowskisee I was right :p13:26
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garrhi people20:00
garri've problem with launchpad20:00
garri sync my bazaar repo with github repo20:01
garrand it worked 3 days ago20:01
garrnow it fails to sync20:01
garrthis is the log20:01
garrthis is the repo i'm trying to sync with20:01
garrwhat does the error mean and how do i fix it?20:02
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dobeygarr: looks like you added some submodules to the git repo21:19
dobeygarr: bzr doesn't have support for submodules21:20
garrnope, i didn't21:20
mhallHello, my launchpad SSO is busted and I can't login to comment on an ubuntu bug. Is there anybody who can help me figure out what happened?21:20
garrall i added was 2 tags21:20
mhallAlso, it's impossible to make a help request onto https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad if your account doesn't get past SSO :-D21:22
garrdobey: any possibility to fix it soon?21:25
garrit blocks my daily builds21:25
dobeygarr: i don't know. i can't fix it. the error means bzr is seeing a submodule for that branch for some reason21:26
garri don't have any submodules...21:26
garrthats weird21:28
garrit worked for 2-3 weeks21:29
garrand then stopped21:29
dobeyi think that is what broke it21:30
mhallAny takers on my SSO issue?21:30
dobeymhall: I think you need to ask in #canonical-isd maybe21:31
garrdobey: okay, but i merged the debian branch a few days ago21:32
* mhall crosses fingers21:32
garri dont have any submodules right now21:32
dobeygarr: the debian dir was merged on the same day the imports stopped working21:33
garrhow can i fixed that?21:33
dobeyi don't know what "Subproject commit" means on github exactly, but i suspect that commit is the issue21:34
garri don't remember it either21:34
garri just merged the debian branch21:35
garrso there is no way i can sync my repo on launchpad?21:36
dobey"However, if a object of type “commit” is listed (with the mode 160000) that represents a submodule."21:36
dobeyyou can make the debian dir not be a submodule any more21:36
garrdobey: it didn't help21:46
garri don't have .gitmodules nor lines in config21:46
garri removed the debian directory21:46
garrdidn't help21:46
dobeycan you not uncommit and remove the history of that commit?21:47
garrwill try22:01
garrnever been doing it before22:01
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garrdobey: that was a little bit difficult, but worked as a charm ;)23:00

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