Ahmuckhi.  i need us international keyboard with dead keys01:59
Ahmuckhowever when i set this, every reboot I have to reset it again01:59
Ahmuckhow do i set this permantly?01:59
kanliotcan you edit /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart?02:03
Ahmuckkanliot: yes02:13
Ahmuckis there something I can place there that would set my keyboard?02:19
Ahmuck@setxkbmap -option02:20
Ahmuckoption ?02:20
Ahmuckshould i not be able to set it and have it work without resetting it every time?02:21
kanliotsorry ahmuck wasmt watching02:43
kanliothow are you starting setxkbmap?02:43
kanliotexact line please02:43
Ahmuckpreference --02:51
* Ahmuck bump kanliot02:52
kanliotso you arent switching keyboard layouts with the keyboard with xkbmap?02:52
Ahmucki am using the menu02:54
AhmuckitÅ› like there are four options on the menu02:54
Ahmucksorry for the accent02:55
kanliotlemme google for a minute02:55
kanliotlet me02:55
* Ahmuck tried that03:01
Ahmuckit seems like it would be simple, set the keyboard and go03:01
kanliotarabic, right?03:06
kanliotcan you edit /etc/default/keyboard03:06
kanliotand change XKBLAYOUT to03:06
kanliotnot sure if it will work ahmuck03:07
kanliotbest guess :)03:07
PH_5hey in Movie Player, what do i do when a message like this appear "GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error."?03:12
kanliothttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7720350 | PH_503:14
PH_5Kanliot: thanks03:14
kanliotjust a guess man03:14
kanliotyou can thank me if it works :)03:14
Ahmuckwhat is ar keyboard?03:35
kanlioti believe it's arabic03:37
kanliotwhich keyboard layout would you like?03:37
Ahmuckus international with dead keys03:38
kanliotthere's us_intl03:38
Ahmuckor xboptions?03:38
Ahmuckoh, that might work03:38
bioterroras Xorg hardly relays on Xorg.conf nowdays03:40
bioterrorI have my xkblayout settings in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf03:40
Ahmuckbioterror: my problem is everytime i use the menu to change lxkeymap to us internatioanl with dead keys upone reboot i have to reset it03:41
Ahmucki need a way to type accents for spanish03:41
Ahmuckso i was wondering why it did not stay set03:41
bioterrorbecouse it is not configured to stay set03:42
PH_5Kanliot: no it didn't :(03:42
bioterroryou need to tweak this evdev.conf03:42
bioterrorand add there this XkbLayout "us" to Section "inputdevice"03:43
andantinodoes the lubuntu installer provide any options regarding grub?03:44
Ahmuckis it really that hard to switch the default keyboard03:44
bioterrorandantino, no03:44
bioterrorAhmuck, yes. it's that hard. to add a line to a config file03:44
andantinothat's all part of the fun, Ahmuck03:46
andantinonot hard, fun03:46
bioterrorthat's how GNU/Linux systems works03:47
Ahmuckwell, my studying is done here at the uni, so i am heading home03:47
andantinono you cant go, you have to repeat it 'thats all part of the fun'03:48
andantinoooops too late03:48
andantinoso basically, if i install lubuntu next to my current linux, i will have to use the grub menu from lubuntu03:49
andantinoi guess it doenst matter03:49
tweak-daddyhi. when i downloaded, two times, the lubuntu 64-bit ISO  fca2034b89e8a0acd6536d41ccec061c *lubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso05:12
tweak-daddythat is what is reported on the website as the MD5sum, but that does not match what downloads from the link on lubuntu site.05:13
tweak-daddyand what downloads is not recognized as a valid file when I try burning it to a DVD.05:14
tweak-daddysomething is wrong with the download linked file, I suspect.05:14
Unit193http://thesii.org/iso/lubuntu/precise/lubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso  Try that, but the other should be just fine.05:23
Unit193fca2034b89e8a0acd6536d41ccec061c  lubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso  after downloading from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/12.04/release/lubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso05:25
tweak-daddythat one worked, but the one I got here, two different times, does not: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu05:39
tweak-daddythank you, Unit193. your link also shows the same MD5SUM reported on the website where I downloaded. Something with that link is not right.05:40
Unit193Sure thing, but what exact link did you use first?05:40
Unit193Hmmm... I got fca2034b89e8a0acd6536d41ccec061c off that one.05:44
tweak-daddyin that case something bizarre happened to my download, twice.  That is strange.05:48
Unit193If that happens, I recommend zsync.05:48
ubottuUse zsync to update your Ubuntu CD image without needing to download the parts that didn't change. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage05:49
tweak-daddythanks, ubottu, that does indeed look like a good program.06:04
kanliotI'd like to answer this question on the forum.  I know a little bit, but can someone give me the proper answer?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2062905  how do you autostart a program in Lubuntu?06:24
jmarsdenkanliot: to autostart at logon, see the Lubutu FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#How_I_can_autostart_a_program_when_logging_into_Desktop06:32
jmarsdenIf he truly needs "at boot", then you can hack /etc/rc.local or add an iniscript for the program of interest to turn it into a service, so that service is started at boot.06:33
kanliotthx jmarsden  but is this method less good?  it's whats confusing me: http://askubuntu.com/a/151946/2150306:36
tweak-daddySeems a bit odd to me that the Lubuntu installer suggests that "You may wish to update this installer," when in fact it is the latest version which I just downloaded. I mean, are there a lot of changes in downloaders that don't get updated too quickly with the online links?06:52
kanliotyou'll be updating your system anyway06:57
coder2Hello. I have installed the OS on an AMD Fusion mobo. AMD propietaty driver was installed. There are two problems leftt: 60Hz  refresh rate on analog monitor and no sound  from analog output - I suspect that it use wrong default output. Please help.06:58
kanliot monitor settings for first problem07:00
kanliotis this a laptop?07:01
kanlioti hate to send you to the audio troubleshooting07:01
coder2kanlot: Sorry, are you talked me? Concerning the problems: I have read the guides and have done a lot receipts, but no luck yet. For example: after installing pavucontrol applet it simple crashes. Old receipts for xorg.conf do not work anymore.07:04
kanliotdo aplay -l from terminal, which card do you want to use07:05
coder2It is a desktop based on E-350 single board.07:05
coder2kanliot: I tried aplay: it shows HDMI, analog and digital outputs. I suspect that it prefers digital out instead of analog.07:06
kanliotyou can use aplay to play directly to whichever sound card you like07:07
coder2Even more, I suspect wrong pulse configuration, but pavucontrol crashes. Next thing to do for me is trying pacmd07:08
kanliotis pulseaudio running?07:08
kanliotpgrep -l pulseaudio07:08
coder2kanliot: unfortunately I haven't found any sound file on the fresh installed system07:09
coder2kanliot: yes, pulse is running07:09
kanliotif you look at the example, the same file should exist on your system07:09
kanliotcan you run pavucontrol07:10
kanliotforget about aplay07:10
kanliotand download an audio file to test with07:10
jmarsdenkanliot: re autostarting a program: the askubuntu way you found seems to me to be the same as the Lubuntu FAQ way (use ~/.config/autostart).  It is not truly "at boot", but "at logon".  If that is acceptable for what the user on the forums needs, then go for it.07:11
coder2kanliot: As I've already mentioned, pavucontrol crashes immediately.07:11
kanliotthx jmarsden07:12
jmarsdenkanliot: You're welcome.  Sorry for the delay I am testing Ubuntu Server PPC Beta2 ISO and disconnected LAN from this machine to connect to PPC machine being tested... :)07:13
kanliotheheh you're too kind :)07:13
coder2Ok, thanks. I'm going to try your advices tomorrow.07:13
kodezhow to change lubuntu permissions by default to user not root?09:13
kanlioti need more info09:14
kanliotis this a file?09:14
kanlioti don't understand what you want to do09:15
kanliotmore background info plese09:15
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions09:16
LuvLinuxOShi all09:16
kodezthe file permission is set to root by default and i want to change it to the user09:16
kanliotuse pcmanfm or09:18
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions09:18
kanliotsame 109:18
kodezmy laptop file permission is changed to root by default, i want to reverse this to be user not for certain files09:21
kanliotliek files in /09:23
kanliotor files you create when you are logged in09:23
kodezwhen i save a web page, the file permission will be root not user and this make the page want to execute than open it with a web browser09:25
kodezor when i copy a text file, it will be recognised as an executable file rather than a text file09:25
kanliot2 problems09:26
kanliothow are you saving pages09:26
Steven_Hello is anyone there?11:06
zleapsorry i am 1/2 here11:07
Steven_I need some advice11:07
Steven_I love Lubuntu but openbox does not offer the ability like compiz grid11:08
Steven_I see there is pytyle but I think it only works with the keyboard11:09
Steven_Is there anyway I can get compiz grid without compiz?11:09
Steven_I'm been at this for a few hours but no good options11:10
Steven_Any ideas?11:10
Steven_Compiz is major over kill just for the grid feature11:12
Steven_So are all the people in the panel to the right logged in to this chat?11:14
Steven_WildTux can you hear me?11:15
kanlioti'm in the matrix11:16
Steven_I'm kind of confused about the nature of this chat11:17
Steven_Why are all these people logged in but not talking?11:17
kanlioti been here for weeks most of them havent said a word11:18
Steven_Wtf lol11:18
Steven_So what you guys just log on to this chat and leave it running for weeks?11:19
zleapi am on several channels so end up chatting in one place,  but yeah i have said something on occasion and got no response11:24
zleapi have no idea on the compiz stuff11:25
zleapesp as lubuntu seems to bind the windows super key to the lxde menu11:25
Steven_The other window managers like awesome are nothing like Windows or Os x... I just want to drag my window to one side of the screen and have it pop to fill that half the screen11:27
Steven_You know like Windows 7 snap feature11:27
zleapwindow maker has a icon bar or something i think11:28
Steven_Tried it but could not figure out how to get it to snap...11:28
zleapok not sure off hand,  maybe it doesn't as such11:37
zleapthere is something called docky which is more like er os x11:37
* zleap tends to avoid windows11:37
leszekI am a little bit confused. Are you now talking about the aero snap like feature or about dock apps ?11:41
kanliotaero snap and he left11:49
zleapi think he wanted a similar feature in what ever distro / wm hes using11:50
=== leszek_ is now known as leszek
Ahmucklast evening i was attemtping to set my default keyboard with help from this channel and this morning i am unable to log in13:33
Ahmuckin terminal mode i can, but at the gui login prompt i cannot13:33
Ahmucki assume this has something to do with the lxkeymap for the gui session, but i do not know how to reset it13:34
Ahmuckto default.  any help will be appreciated as I have a class in 1.5 hrs13:34
Ahmuckhow do i reset my lxkeyboard map?14:06
leszekrm ~/.config/lxkeymap.conf14:10
leszekAhmuck: but what exactly is not working ? Wront keyboard layout set somewhere or so that you cannot login or does it crash or what happens exactly ?14:10
Ahmuckwon't allow me to login via gui14:11
Ahmuckin terminal mode i can14:11
Ahmuckpassword works fine, but it's backwards sometimes in gui mode14:11
Ahmuckhow do i see a history of my commands entered into the term.  i need to see what files i may have changed14:16
Ahmuckrm: cannot remove '/home/drbeams/config/lxkeymap.conf': no such file or directory14:18
Ahmuckonce it was typing the password at the password prompt from right to left14:20
Ahmuckso the password is correct, but the entry is incorrect.14:21
leszekAhmuck: lxkeymap is not able to change the global keyboard layout14:21
leszekso it can't affect the login screen14:21
Ahmucklast evening we were working with several files and i have forgotten what those were.  i do recall thinking to myself, ug, i hope when i reboot this works14:21
Ahmuckmy problem i began with last evening was setting lxkeymap through the menu and upon reboot it i would have to reset it every time14:22
Ahmucksooo ... how would i locate my terminal history14:22
leszektype in history14:23
leszekit shows you the terminal history14:24
leszekfor global keyboard layout changes in X you either edited xorg.conf in /etc/X11 or /etc/default/keyboard14:24
Ahmuckin home directory rm .* would correct this?14:27
leszekplease no14:28
leszekit would destroy everything14:28
Ahmuckk, so why would it work using an xterm session (F5) but not on the login prompt?14:31
leszekAhmuck: I really don't know what you did yesterday14:32
leszekperhaps the login prompt is setting a special keyboard layout for you14:32
Ahmuckyes, that is what i was thinking.  but i'm wondering why, and how14:33
Ahmuckand where i would go to reset it14:33
leszekAhmuck: it must be something in /etc/lxdm I guess14:34
Ahmuckk, so resorting to emergencyh proceedures, there is a file i need for a test on this computer ... i need to move it to usb, however usb does not exist in /media or in /mnt (as is should) ... how do i access the usb (as i used to in the good ol days14:37
abc__in 12.10 beta there is no option to automatic install amd official drivers, will it be possible in release?14:41
bioterrorwrong channel14:43
abc__why? its lubuntu channel afaik14:43
Ahmuckbioterror: do you recall what we covered last evening?14:44
Ahmuckor 4 u may have been morning14:44
bioterrorI think I was sitting in a toilet when you had this keyboard layout problem14:44
bioterrorso it was morning :d14:44
bioterrorabc__, becouse you're talking about beta14:44
abc__is there separete beta channel?14:45
Ahmuckah great, no wonder my login has went to s*14:45
bioterrorWed17:45 Freenode :: #ubuntu+1(191): Welcome to #ubuntu+1, the channel for discussion of pre-release versions of Ubuntu. The next version of Ubuntu will be 12.10 with development codename Quantal Quetzal. | Beta1 Released http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/14:45
abc__okay, i thought it is lubuntu specific because in kubuntu i saw something about drivers14:45
bioterrorAhmuck, so did you edit your 10-evdev.conf?14:47
Ahmucki don't even remember where it is14:47
bioterrorWed06:40*<bioterror> I have my xkblayout settings in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf14:48
Ahmuckk, found it14:48
bioterrorto Section "InputClass"14:48
bioterroryou add:         Option "XkbLayout" "fi"14:48
Ahmuckthere was some xk something that i did modify, put us in some file14:49
bioterrorjust replace "fi" "something-you-want"14:49
Ahmuckbut i don't recall the file14:49
bioterrorwhy would you add something like that, as this is the correct way to tell Xorg what you want to be your keyboard layout14:49
Ahmuckgtg, test is now14:49
Ahmuckcause someone suggested it14:49
bioterrorsomeone is wrong!14:49
=== IboS_ is now known as IboS
Ahmuckk, back16:03
Ahmuckflunked the test16:03
Ahmuckanywho, so bioterror es posible we can find out what is causing the problem16:04
Ahmuckwhere is the channel log?16:05
Ahmucki can look at that and find out what i did16:05
holsteinAhmuck: lemme search16:06
holsteini get there from drilling down through http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/16:07
Ahmuck[03:06] <kanliot> arabic, right? [03:06] <kanliot> can you edit /etc/default/keyboard [03:06] <kanliot> and change XKBLAYOUT to [03:06] <kanliot> "ar" [03:07] <kanliot> not sure if it will work ahmuck16:12
Ahmuckheh, found the problem16:12
AhmuckAR for keyboard layout16:12
Ahmuckkanloit assumed I was arabic, I assume from my nick16:12
holsteinAhmuck: i read it more as a question than an assumption... regardless...16:13
Ahmucka question waits for a response16:13
Ahmuckis us the default keyboard layout?16:14
Ahmuckwell, no matter i must move on.16:17
bootlkjkgfAnything could happen in the next 90 minutes [bookmark] http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/Musopen/open-source-bug-tracking18:36

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