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brendandwhat's the deal with xrandr on ARM (specifically Pandaboard)?11:04
ogra_what should be the deal ?11:05
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plarsogra_: hi!14:34
plarsogra_: strange thing I just noticed while doing the latest install on panda14:34
plarsogra_: when the screen blanks, it goes white instead of black14:34
ogra_tell me14:34
ogra_i'm sitting next to a running install where the screen just blanked to black the second where you typed that14:35
ogra_plars, desktop or server ?14:35
plarsogra_: desktop14:36
ogra_i would blame pvr-omap414:36
ogra_or ypur monitor14:36
ogra_its definitely black for me14:37
rsalvetiplars: that's dpms acting weird with the latest kernel changes14:38
rsalvetimost of the times it behaves correctly, but I also got a green and white screens sometimes14:38
ogra_we could call it a "color test feature" ;)14:39
ogra_"while you are not working, ubuntu tests the color cabilities of your monitor for you" :)14:39
ogra_but in a more serious world, that should be filed as a bug indeed :)14:43
ogra_low prio etc14:43
highvoltagesounds like the original NES which would show full screen (sometimes alternating) colours when things go wrong14:43
plarsogra_, rsalveti: desktop seems to be working nicely, known issue with bug #1055949 but it's pretty minor.  And the ui is pretty slow... did we ever get good drivers for panda?15:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055949 in unity "Unity panel shadow appears as solid black bar on GLES/ARM (Pandaboard)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105594915:08
plarsogra_, rsalveti: looking a little more, audio seems to work over both hdmi, and jack (yay!) however I'm getting a weird popping noise at the beginning of playing a sound when I use the headphone jack15:09
plarsis that something you've experienced too?15:09
ogra_not tried :)15:09
plarsit's quite a loud pop actually15:09
ogra_plars, we ship pvr-omap4 preinstalled, you should be using it from the start on desktop nowadays15:10
plarsogra_: maybe I'm just spoiled.. it seems slowish to me15:10
plarsbut I'm just on older panda, no ES :(15:10
ogra_mie is still running ...15:11
ogra_will tell you if its slow once its done :)15:11
* plars is just glad the screen jitters are gone15:11
plarsogra_: probably server is a bigger issue at the moment - hggdh seems to hit your hdmi bug, and though my hdmi monitor works fine under server, the keyboard does not so I still have to install over serial15:12
ogra_yes, same here15:12
ogra_its on my TODO15:12
ogra_my screen works just fine now with server though15:13
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ogra_plars, i bet the slowness you see is because update-apt-xapian-index runs right after boot (for about 30min) and eats all your CPU15:54
plarsogra_: ah, could be15:54
ogra_my desktop is idle right after install but the USB key blinks like mad15:54
ogra_oh, and apport usually grinds the system to a halt as well15:55
ogra_seems it just collected info for a gwibber crash for 15min here15:55
sauerbratenafter installing ubuntu-omap4-extras, do I need to install a h.264 decode package or something? or is there a specific way I have to start video playback? shouldn't firefox be able to play h.264 e.g. on youtube?16:04
ogra_better ask that to the TI guys in #pnadaboard16:04
* ogra_ hasnt used the PPA since oneiric or so16:04
* ogra_ goes for a break16:05
* sauerbraten will try totem16:08
ogra_plars, ha ! now my screen was white too ... it seems to be related to running unity ... before i wasnt logged in17:14
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sauerbratenmy X fails to use the correct driver. what do I need to put into xorg.conf? I had Driver set to "omap", which it can't find (said xorg.o.log) and "omap_pvr" (which made it look for omappvr, also not found) modprobe -l shows me "updates/dkms/omapdrm_pvr.ko"18:43
sauerbratenis there any way to find out the correct string to put as driver so it loads the correct one?18:43
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ndec_sauerbraten: "omap" is the right name. so there must be some other problem20:17
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