[09:45] Good evening ScottHarrison [09:46] Just saw your second email on the forum [10:27] head_victim: ping [10:28] jea: pong [10:28] Have you done anything towards the member requests? I am happy to email, etc, but don't want to double up [10:28] I emailed the first two a few days ago [10:29] (I cc'd -owner I thought) [10:29] Ok. Maybe it went into a spam folder or something. I will have a look [10:29] The one that just came in now is from ScottHarrison, which I'm happy to approve with knowledge from the forums. [10:29] Yes, and his IP address [10:29] Hi all [10:29] Hi ScottHarrison [10:30] Evening Scott [10:30] jea: I emailed the other 2 on the 22nd [10:31] I'm just reading the man for gpg, I just tried to register a key on launchpad to sign the ubuntu code of conduct but I'm still awaiting the email [10:31] head_victim: I see them now. They are in a folder I hadn't looked at for a few days [10:31] jea: no worries, thought the date might help [10:31] I don't recall an email for signing the code of conduct [10:31] ScottHarrison: to be honest, the signing of the CoC was the hardest thing I'd done up until that point as far as Ubuntu went. But then again, I'm about as non tech as you can get. [10:32] well it took me ages to find a reference on how to do it [10:33] everything is hard when there's very little means of finding an answer [10:33] Out of interest, what page did you get the information on the CoC from, a generic page, an AU page, or? [10:35] ScottHarrison: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto#Signing_Data might help [10:35] On my launchpad profile page, it says "Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct: No," it has a link to https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct [10:39] sometimes the keyserver takes a moment to update with your new key [10:40] I do remember reading that somewhere [10:43] I know what I did wrong now... I used the wrong fingerprint, lol [10:43] I used the fingerprint for deb.torproject.com lol [10:44] Hah, let me guess, following a "howto" from the torproject? :) [10:46] nah, following a howto from that page I linked to before - the howto assumes you haven't saved any other public keys to your /home/name/.gnupg/pubring.gpg file [10:53] what does it mean by "comment?" [10:56] In what context sorry? [11:14] nvm I came up with one [11:14] it asks for comment when creating a key [11:16] Ah, I suck with keys and stuff. I get the concept but never spent the time to work out the hows and whys. My brain needs hows and whys to assimilate properly [11:42] phew [11:42] all done, code of conduct is signed [11:43] I know the absolute basics of encryption but never directly worked with it before [11:43] ScottHarrison: congrats [11:43] I'm told by reliable sources they're looking at simplifying the process. [11:44] I quite enjoyed the process but I'm a hopeless nerd that enjoys wading through complicated processes [11:52] Another package translated :) Down to 4 on the stats page when it updates [11:52] [11:57] head_victim: I have been avoiding gcc [11:57] I think we all have :/ [11:59] there is no real point in translating it [11:59] and every new version has to be started from scratch for some reason [12:00] I'm concentrating on those on the stats page first. [12:00] Nearly there [12:01] what sort of translations? [12:02] Translating Ubuntu into English (Australian) [12:03] that was another question I had, how does English (Australian) differ from English (UK)? [12:03] Adding in the extra U's and swapping the Z's for S's. American's like their color and ize's [12:03] In all honesty, not much [12:04] favorite colors [12:04] I mean, does it at all? [12:04] I like to read all of my programs in Australian english [12:05] that is one thing that sets it apart from Windows [12:05] like, if somebody from Ubuntu UK translated GCC from English-US to English-UK, would it not be reinventing the wheel by somebody in Australia doing it again? [12:06] yes, that is mostly the same [12:06] we could probably import their translations [12:06] but we were ahead of that team for translations [12:06] head_victim: http://joeladdison.com/ubuntu/translation/quantal/en_AU [12:07] ok, not trying to be smart, just genuinely interested in the process. [12:08] yeah, that is fine. I do think it would be nice to reduce some duplication with the translations [12:11] well, it sounds like a task I'd be competent in, is there anything I need to know about before I contribute? [12:12] accidentally closed xchat [12:14] ScottHarrison: not really too much to know. We have a few guidelines, which I would have to look up again [12:14] found the wiki page, reading it now [12:17] ok [12:17] main thing is to use en_AU spelling (no z, add u, etc) [12:18] Trash = Rubbish Bin [12:18] sagaci: ^ that is correct, isn't it? [12:19] yeah [12:20] was there anything else? [12:29] I'm off to bed. Thanks for the reception and help tonight. I look forward to working with you all. :) [12:29] ScottHarrison: no worries, good night [12:29] Sorry I've been chairing a meeting [12:30] no probs, night all. [12:30] head_victim: is it membership meeting? [12:30] Yep, a Brazilian just made member :) [12:31] that is good [12:31] Yeah, they appear to hold a fair few events over there [12:31] something we need to fix up [12:31] And he is a prolific team blogger [12:31] I've been failing at the social media stuff [12:33] I am not a fan of blogging, so would not be great at it [12:49] head_victim: i think only one package left [12:50] Which one? [12:52] Gnome disk utility :) [12:52] And on that note, I think I'm heading to bed [12:52] yeah, the longest one on the list [12:52] ok. see you later head_victim [12:53] Night jea & sagaci & anyone else lurking [12:53] gah. this string is "authori_zation" [12:53] can i change it to "_s", or will that break things [12:54] Depends, you'll need to search the package to see if there's already an _s in there I think [12:55] ok. i will leave it for now [12:55] I don't have a ubuntu computer here at the moment to search [13:15] Ok. All apart from two strings ("authori_zation") are complete in the list