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Pip__hi, I can't open alsamixer without doing 'sudo alsamixer'.  What am I missing?  Usually there's no problem with just 'alsamixer'.  This is a fresh mini-iso install12:51
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ciccioHi, I'm updating mu xubunt 12.04 and the installation got stuck for about an hour at zz.update.grub-generic etc. then it moved on to generating grub.cfg and it's been stuck there for an hour now. what shall I do?14:19
cortmanit can take a good while14:24
cortmanjust let it for another bit14:24
cicciothanx. now it moved on to 'found initrd image'. I keep faith and when I 'll have to leave the office I'll let the pc on. I'm scared that interrupting the update process may compromise the system's integrity.14:32
smartboyhwciccio: Use "/quit"15:49
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