BobJonkmanHey Everybodeee!  IRC meeting >here< at 7:00pm EDT tonight.  Details & agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2012-09-2618:37
BobJonkmanIf you're in the Kitchener-Waterloo area (Ontario, Canada), come join us at the Almadina restaurant for an In Real Life IRC meeting, & Ubuntu Hour Waterloo follows the IRC meeting.18:56
BobJonkmanMap: http://osm.org/go/ZXnbjfZs?m with front and back doors to parking...18:59
johanbrThis is slightly off-topic, but does anyone know of a place in Montreal that'll let you use a 3d printer for a small fee?19:26
johanbrlike a hacker space, or something like that...19:26
BobJonkmanhi everybodee23:10
* genii-around makes coffee23:10
BobJonkmanWe're experiencing technical difficultiez23:11
BobJonkmandscassel has gone home to get a phone to tether with23:11
BobJonkmanI'll take some of that coffee, genii-around...23:13
* genii-around slides BobJonkman a mug of coffee23:14
BobJonkmanYay! Coffee!23:14
BobJonkmanDid anything exciting happen while I was talking to myself in #ubuntuca ?23:16
genii-aroundWork, back in 5-7 minutes but i'll check backscroll23:18
dscasselJust settlnig in.23:19
BobJonkman1is the agenda23:20
dscasselMass call! bregma FiReSTaRT mars sipherdee azend cyphermox khoover mcpherrin txwikinger bilal DarwinSurvivor IdleOne KombuchaKip jaguar Kulag oracology willwh egerlach jlamothe ryanakca zul23:21
dscasselMeeting start! only 20 minutes late...23:21
dscasselBy all means, introduce yourselves. Who are you, where are you and what do you do for/with/to ubuntu?23:22
dscasselI'm Darcy in Waterloo and I'm LoCo contact. Also chairing this meeting.23:22
BobJonkman1I'm Bob Jonkman, usually from Elmira just north of Waterloo, now at Almadina's eating a structurally deficient donair23:23
genii-aroundI'm Mike in Toronto23:23
BobJonkman1Small crowd...23:24
BobJonkman1Shall we cover past events?23:25
BobJonkman1(I'm not hijacking the meeting; Darcy's gone to order food)23:25
dscasselI missed most of the Global Jam, but i dropped in on txwikinger, who was hosting.23:26
BobJonkman1UbuntuGlobalJam - I missed it again, third time in a row23:26
dscasselPretty small turnout, but we were a bit lax on advertisement.23:26
dscasselThat's it, really.23:26
dscasselBobJonkman: how was SFD?23:27
BobJonkman1Software Freedom Day also had a small turnout.23:27
BobJonkman1There were maybe 5-6 people for most presentations, peaking at about a dozen for the middle one.23:27
BobJonkman1We ran overtime, and John Kerr didn't get a chance to do his presentation23:27
BobJonkman1There were no Ubuntu installs, and only four visitors to the Installfest at Computer Recycling23:28
BobJonkman1Again, lack of advertising23:28
dscasselYeah. 9_923:29
dscasselOnto the future: Release parties!23:29
dscasselSadly Kwartzlab can't do the usual hosting job... :/23:30
BobJonkman1There are discussions on a KW release party.  We have no venue confirmed, as Kwartzlab is busy that weekend23:30
dscasselI'll be busy coordinating the Central Art Walk through the lab.23:30
genii-aroundI'm having the usual one at the local place here, I'm trying to get word out but money is tight for advertising, etc23:31
genii-aroundI'll add it to the global events loco page soon23:31
dscasselI'm hoping someone (*eyes Bob*) will do the job of organizing and then I can join in the evening.23:31
dscasselgenii-around: Hurray!23:31
BobJonkman1Eyes: 9_923:31
dscasselBob and I can talk about that over shawarma...23:32
dscasselAlthough I am willing to entertain suggestions from any locals who happen to be in the channel.23:32
dscasselgenii-around: When are you planning? The release day Thursday?23:33
genii-arounddscassel: Yup, from 8 onwards23:33
BobJonkman1Possible carpool party from KW to TO23:34
genii-aroundI have a netboot server I'll use and also of course free CDs ( if it still fits on one ! )23:34
dscasselKwartlzab is hosting a bit 3rd anniversary party on Friday the 19th. Everyone is welcome to come.23:35
dscasselThere's a $5 cover for food and refreshments, live bands, etc.23:35
genii-aroundI may be able to make it, I'll let you know closer to the time23:36
dscasselGreat. :D23:36
dscasselI figure if we can't do the regular release party thing, the Kwartzlab party will do in a pinch.23:37
mcpherrinheh, i am less than 30m from almadinas23:37
dscasselAnd it'll be somewhat closer to what Randall thinks we should do: http://youtu.be/i22efbYLj7023:37
dscasselmcpherrin: Come out! We'll be here until 9!23:38
genii-aroundHeh, the Vancouver crew23:38
BobJonkman1Anyone going to FSOSS?23:39
mcpherrindscassel: eating at meetpoint now :p23:39
dscasselI'm not! They got rid of the Saturday again.23:40
BobJonkman1And LinuxFest doesn't seem to part of FSOSS any more23:40
BobJonkman1So, I'm not that interested23:40
mcpherrinlink to what fsoss is?23:40
genii-aroundI'm not sure if Sammy is going this year, I hadn't planned on it23:41
BobJonkman1Free Software/OpenSourceSoftware hosted by Seneca College23:41
BobJonkman1And the UbuntuOpenWeek?23:42
BobJonkman1That's all online, right?23:43
genii-aroundI usually already hang out in classroom :)23:43
dscasselI missed Developer Week a month or so ago.23:43
* dscassel has actually been busy at work lately.23:44
BobJonkman1I heard that there are Ubuntoid Locals going to LinuxFest in Ohio this year; some have been accepted as speakers23:45
genii-aroundWork also takes up a lot of my time here23:45
BobJonkman1And in further news, I gave some of our valuable stash of Ubuntu CDs to our local UbuntuHour participant Hassan, who set up an Ubuntu Hour in Algeria23:46
dscasselI think bilal had a (developer week) sesssion...23:46
dscasselAnd I gave most of the rest of mine to the CSC for the frosh.23:46
BobJonkman1And gave some more CDs to a young man Dennis, to distribute at UbuntuHour Hvratksa (sp?  Croatia)23:47
dscassel(that's the uwaterloo computer science club)23:47
dscasselBobJonkman1: Awesome. :D23:47
BobJonkman1Neither Algeria nor Croatia is an official LoCo yet, so holding a few UbuntuHours might give them a leg up23:48
BobJonkman1TeamReports!  Good News! They're done!23:49
BobJonkman1We should now be caught up from the middle of 2010 to last month23:49
genii-aroundI have to go in a minute, I'm supposed to be around the corner doing repairs...23:50
BobJonkman1And then there's IRC meeting minutes.  Gonna have to learn how to use meetingology23:50
dscasselSure. Thanks for coming out, genii-around :)23:50
dscasselgenii-around: I'm contemplating coming to your party. I doubt it's possible, but I'm contemplating. :)23:50
genii-aroundI'll leave the client running and check scroll when i get back23:51
genii-aroundFREEEEEE CUPCAKES!!!!!23:51
genii-aroundI'll leave you with that thought.23:51
BobJonkman1Continue to defer LoCo renewal to after 12.10 release?23:52
dscasselYeah, we're sscheduled for next cycle.23:52
BobJonkman1What does "next cycle" mean?23:52
dscasselIt means teh 6 months between 12.10 and 13.0423:53
BobJonkman1I guess I should hang out in the #LoCoTeams channel some23:53
BobJonkman1And the final thing on the agenda, the Web site23:55
dscasselHaven't talked to txwikinger about it23:56
dscassel(Or much else lately for that matter, although I'm assured he has more time now as he has completed his move)23:56
BobJonkman1So that can roll over to next month's agenda23:57
dscasselAnybody want to complain about the Amazon thing before we wrap this thing up? :)23:57
BobJonkman1I'm using Mate for my desktop, so it's already fixed for me23:57
IdleOnedscassel: nothing to complain about, Canonical needs to make money if we want to continue to have this Ubuntu thing we all love.23:58
IdleOneI would appreciate a more clear explanation from them about how the data will be used but I am personally not concerned about it. I just want the info out there so the community is assured23:59
BobJonkman1dscassel and I have having an IRL conversation on different desktops.23:59
BobJonkman1Apparently gnome-fallback-session (gnome-session-fallback?) is now gnome-panel23:59

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