cprofittis there going to be a loco.ubuntu.com global event for the launch of 12.10?00:53
SergioMenesescprofitt, I guess,  who does the event?01:23
SergioMenesesgood evening, btw01:24
mhall1192/w 4702:05
cjohnstonmhall119: yup... what's the answer?02:05
dholbachgood morning07:05
bkerensadholbach: are you still doing your hangout?07:20
dholbachyes, did one yesterday and will do one tomorrow07:21
bkerensadholbach: ahh ok JoseeAntonioR  said you were scheduled for one now ish07:27
bkerensamiscommunication likely07:27
dholbachtuesday 15 utc, thursday 8 utc07:33
dholbachdpm, way to encourage apps authors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlsahuZ_4oM08:40
* bkerensa just had to write Wired and Mashable and tell them its not Firefox's 10th Birthday09:00
popey""I love corporate music products" said no one´╗┐ ever."09:01
dpmdholbach, omg. The day jono gets us to do such a video will be the day I quit09:01
dholbachdpm, WORD09:02
dpmwhy have I watched this until the end?09:02
czajkowskidpm: you like to torture yourse;f :p09:02
dpmI know, I know09:03
head_victimCan anyone point me to a simple "how to" for signing the CoC?10:34
czajkowskiI think10:36
elfyhead_victim: there's a screencast here http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC and a wikihow here http://www.wikihow.com/Sign-the-Ubuntu-Code-of-Conduct10:37
head_victimThanks both, I'll check them out.10:37
czajkowskithere is also http://askubuntu.com/questions/100275/how-do-i-sign-the-ubuntu-code-of-conduct10:37
head_victimI'm trying to find something the loco can point to to make life easier.10:37
elfyif you find something that's easy let me know :)10:38
head_victimIs it worth attempting to get https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct to have a link to more detailed instructions or has that been done already?10:38
Pendulumhead_victim: they're trying to make it easier to sign IIRC10:38
head_victimPendulum: sweet :)10:38
elfyPendulum: I heard that a good while ago10:39
czajkowskithere is a bug open on it to change the signing proces10:39
czajkowskibut we were waiting on the new CoC to coe out10:39
czajkowski*come out10:39
czajkowskialso to find a development time on LP as there is no DEv on LP at present10:39
czajkowskiso a lot of other things to consider and take into account10:39
head_victimBig picture stuff is fun :)10:40
czajkowskibkerensa: dear gods man how do you churn out so many posts10:40
czajkowskihead_victim: prettty much, other things that people that don't factor in :)10:40
head_victimczajkowski: you mean you can't drop everything and fix my little issue right now? I'm going to *insert random distro here*10:41
bkerensa-mobileCzajkowski: i only sleep 3-4 hrs10:41
* bkerensa-mobile ZzZZz10:42
czajkowskihead_victim: lol10:42
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cprofittczajkowski: do you know if there will be a global event on loco.ubuntu.com for the 12.10 launch?12:40
czajkowskithere always is don't see why there wouldnt be12:42
cprofittCool. Do you know when it usually gets created?12:43
czajkowskisometime before then cprofitt12:43
czajkowskiwill get to it if someone else from the LC hasnt created it12:43
jcastro_hey dpm, mhall11914:15
mhall119hey jcastro_14:15
jcastro_I have some motivational stats for us14:16
mhall119motivate us jcastro_14:16
jcastro_Microsoft has 2000 applications ready for launch between them and their partners for windows 8.14:16
jcastro_people are saying "only 2000, wow, that's going to fail."14:16
jcastro_that should put some perspective on where we need to be, heh14:16
mhall119only 2000?14:16
dpmthat wasn't was I was expecting under the "motivate me" department, though :-)14:17
jcastro_the growth in their store is pretty flat though14:17
jcastro_that's the motivational part!14:17
dpmok, ok :)14:18
mhall119jcastro_: I'm not sure "as successful as Windows 8" is going to be our goal ;)14:18
dpmjcastro_, mhall119, in any case, dholbach has some novel ideas on what we should do to motivate app authors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlsahuZ_4oM14:18
jcastro_no I am just pointing out what the other guys are doing14:18
mhall119I think we will easily hit 2000, once we make it easy to get apps into USC14:19
* jcastro_ nods14:19
jcastro_I have no doubt14:19
dholbachdpm, not again14:19
jcastro_this video is excellent14:20
dholbachjcastro_, one of us seems to have a taste disorder14:21
dpmso be prepared to put "The Ubuntu app developer song" in our 13.04 objectives :)14:22
jcastro_^^^ this is the best14:23
jcastro_Nothing beats Microsoft's horrible video14:23
jcastro_Vista, gotta get me some!14:24
dpmwhen you think you've found the worst ever video...14:24
dholbachI think I just realised I work in the wrong industry14:24
dholbachI have to think about it - see you guys in a week14:24
jcastro_dholbach, I fear I am becoming too cynical in my old age14:40
dholbachjcastro_, I guess it happens to all of us14:41
jcastro_So like, I wouldn't have guessed people are so anti-computer connecting to the internet14:41
jcastro_like, to me, that's what they're for14:41
czajkowskimhall119: when can we schedule UDS sessions?14:43
cjohnstonczajkowski: you can create blueprints now... we are waiting on a few things to fall into place though before we actually start making the schedule14:48
mhall119cjohnston: what are we waiting on?14:49
cjohnstona schedule14:49
czajkowskiI dont need a blueprint14:51
cjohnstonczajkowski: you referring to the LP Workshop stuff?14:52
czajkowskiMonday & wednesday14:52
czajkowskiI know that for sure14:52
czajkowskiwe have 15 devs with us14:52
cjohnstonholy cow14:53
czajkowskiso I need t schedule in advance and let the know so they can arrange their sessions also14:53
czajkowskigonna split them over 2 days, the devs that is14:53
mhall119cjohnston: are we importing attendees for uds-r yet?14:57
cjohnstonno point14:57
mhall119I can't set track leads14:57
czajkowskihttp://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/10i9rk/skycon_12_20th_birthday_bash_for_skynet/  upvoting please15:46
jonodholbach, ok, I am going to get the charity statements sorted now15:51
jonodholbach, let me know when the page is updated15:51
dholbachjono, take your time I will need a bit of time for this anyway15:51
jcastro_balloons, hey15:57
jcastro_where in the great lakes did you grow up?15:57
balloonsI use to do consulting where you live now jcastro_ ;-)15:57
jcastro_oh cool15:57
balloonsbeen inside UoM hospital15:58
balloonsspent some time there..15:58
balloonsnot in a good way :-(15:58
jcastro_just reminded me on this movie they used to make us watch15:58
balloonsanyways, I grew up along the southern shores of Lake Erie15:58
balloonsseriously though you will love Lake Erie and Lake Michigan perhaps more than the ocean ;-)16:00
balloonsI'll let you discover things, but there are some neat out of the way stuff to find16:00
balloonsjcastro_, I think I've seen that film ;-)16:02
jcastro_you have,  1000 times probably16:02
balloonsI'm now wishing I was back on the lake shor.. balloons laments16:11
snap-ljcastro_: I have never seen that before.16:25
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dakerWow https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=426379534087562&set=a.424968074228708.94652.210871352305049&type=1&theater16:41
mhall119daker: nice16:45
dakerand unfortunately we don't have stickers, t-shirts and goodies like the Mozilla peps have :(16:46
bkerensadaker: Wait till you see the new stuff our migration away from Merchandise Mania is near complete :D17:09
bkerensanew hats17:09
dakerfor ubuntu or mozilla ?17:09
bkerensadaker: lol for Mozilla ;)17:09
dakerah :D17:10
bkerensadaker: its called the Gear Stores by Staples17:11
bkerensajono: what time did you want to be invited?17:18
jonobkerensa, to my hangout?17:19
jono10.55 if possible17:19
bkerensajono: ok will do17:19
dakerhttp://youtu.be/Kw04ckfO-yA?t=1m51s <= Ubuntu :)17:20
jonothanks bkerensa17:20
cprofittbkerensa: what do you guys do for your launch parties in Oregon?17:20
bkerensacprofitt: We drink beer17:21
bkerensacprofitt: :P17:21
bkerensacprofitt: nah nah so we give a presentation highlighting all the patches the LoCo contributed to Ubuntu and Upstream and highlight new features landed and highlight projects for next cycle... then we drink beer and eat pizza and consume swag while usually hacking some more and then usually head to Ground Kontrol (A Bar / Arcade) and Canonical folks vs. Community for Pacman17:22
cprofittNice.. lots of Canonical folks in Oregon?17:23
bkerensaoh and t-shirts :) each cycle every attendee gets a custom made LoCo Shirt17:23
bkerensacprofitt: I am told its the second largest after Austin which is #117:23
cprofittNice -- which city are you in?17:23
bkerensaall of the states Canonical employees live in Portland17:24
bkerensawe did have one outside for awhile but he left Canonical17:24
cprofittWe have some Fedora folks in Rochester, but no Canonical employees.17:24
bkerensaWe have no Red Hat folks except for confused users :D great success!17:24
cprofittI think we have some Canonical employees in NYC, but I do not think any of them are active in the loco -- NYC has issues just getting a space17:24
bkerensayeah so we have two engineering managers here17:25
bkerensaLeann Osagaswara and Steve Slangasek17:25
bkerensaI have personally never seen Leann in person in town... just at UDS17:25
cprofittnice -- there are times when I wish I was in a little larger city17:25
* bkerensa reddits17:25
bkerensacprofitt: I wish I could convince my fiancee to move south to a medium or small town closer to the beach :)17:26
cprofittyeah, my wife is why I never left New York State17:26
cprofittmy original plan had been to move to Arizona or one of the Carolina's17:27
bkerensaI am hoping to go to NYC next year though :) I told my fiancee I hope to do some personal travel there next year17:27
cprofittjono: looks interesting...17:27
cprofitt24 hours standing up is gonna be hard for jcastro_17:27
cprofittI assume he still has the standing workspace17:27
bkerensahe had a standing workspace?17:28
cprofittyeah... he made a custom work area that did not have a chair... he stood while working17:28
cprofittArmy tough!!17:28
cprofittbkerensa: http://www.jorgecastro.org/2011/12/09/the-43-ikea-galant-standing-desk-mod/17:31
mhall119jono: can you update your blog to tell people about the hashtag?17:33
jonomhall119, will do17:33
cprofittthat is a really cool idea horseman -- nice to see17:33
jonomhall119, we agreed on #ubuntumarathon right17:33
cprofittwill try to follow you guys a bit17:34
bkerensacprofitt: does your loco do any development at all? Bug Jams or BSP's?17:36
mhall119jono: that's what the page is using, yes17:36
cprofittbkerensa: no... we had a few folks starting to do bug jams, but they moved17:36
cprofittright now the main audience is less technical users seeking help and four of us giving help17:37
cprofittin Rochester17:37
jonobkerensa, did you reddit it?17:37
cprofittSyracuse is where the people who moved lived... NYC has members, but the do not meet17:37
jonothanks bkerensa17:38
bkerensajono: do you think your birthday goal will reach 1k?17:38
jonobkerensa, probably not17:38
jonono biggie17:38
dholbachdoes anyone have some proven-to-work javascript bits for social media sharing17:38
dholbachI tried 5-6 different ones now and they all suck - the less javascript I have to write myself, the better17:38
czajkowskidholbach: I have a WP plugin that just works17:39
technovikingjcastro_ long ago pong17:39
dholbachyeah, unfortunately no WP in this case17:39
jcastro_technoviking, oh hey i  forgot17:39
czajkowskidholbach: :o17:39
dakerdholbach: for what ? WP ?17:40
technovikingjcastro_: sorry boss got new job, kinda doing two jobs now so BOL for awhile17:40
jcastro_I don't think it was important17:40
bkerensajcastro_: Softlayers Ubuntu image offerings suck17:41
jcastro_bkerensa, what is softlaers?17:42
bkerensajcastro_: :o one of the largest hosting companies in North America?17:43
bkerensabigger than Rackspace17:43
dholbachdaker, no, unfortunately not17:43
jonobkerensa, your reddit post is not appearing in New17:43
dholbachdaker, for http://marathon.ubuntuonair.com/17:43
bkerensajono: it has 4 votes already17:44
bkerensaI see it in new?17:44
dakerdholbach: i see :)17:44
jonobkerensa, you see it?17:45
bkerensajono: yeah its at the top of new... about to blow onto ubuntu fp17:45
jonoI wonder why I don't see it17:45
bkerensanothing there?17:45
snap-lThis reminds me of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe marathon17:45
dholbachand thanks to njpatel, jcastro_ is ahead of me17:46
snap-lBy the end, I'm expecting jcastro_ to completely tear the heads off of babies. ;)17:46
jcastro_dholbach, what happened?17:46
jcastro_snap-l, I know you love music17:46
jcastro_help me win17:46
snap-lI hate music and water.17:46
bkerensajcastro_: can u see the reddit item?17:47
jonosnap-l, lol17:47
dholbachok, got to go now17:47
dholbachsee you tomorrow17:47
dholbachbye :)17:47
jcastro_hmm no17:47
jcastro_not in New17:47
jcastro_I got it on the link and upboated17:48
snap-lYeah, I'm not seeing it eithe, fwiw17:48
jonocan someone resubmit it to reddit17:49
jonoobviously bkerensa can't be trusted to do it right17:49
snap-lWOn't let me resubmit17:50
bkerensajono: there is only one way to submit a link17:50
bkerensabecause it exists17:50
bkerensayou can create duplicate content17:50
jonobkerensa, I noticed that your link had comment it in17:50
bkerensajono is your domain blacklist though?17:50
* snap-l will submit it to r/fappinator.17:50
jonothat looks like a weird link17:50
jonobkerensa, I don't think so17:51
bkerensahuh its got 5 up and 2 down now17:51
jonobkerensa, no one else sees it17:51
jcastro_I can see it17:51
snap-lIt may also be a case of reddit's new picking atuff running behind17:51
jcastro_just not on New17:51
bkerensaI messaged ihavelund and asked him17:51
jcastro_give it a minute, sometimes reddit caches hardcore17:51
bkerensayeah I have had stuff take a half hour or more17:51
jcastro_oh, 25 minutes ago, nevermind17:51
mhall119jono: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/10imjz/canonical_community_team_is_raising_money_for/17:52
jonobkerensa, now I see it in new17:52
bkerensabut Reddit also fuzzes votes guy17:52
bkerensaso if you upvote stuff too much17:52
mhall119well, now it's in there twice17:52
bkerensatoo soon17:52
jcastro_heh yeah17:52
jonoI see mhall119's post17:52
bkerensait will block your domain and fuzz your acct17:52
jcastro_it's like, reddit is designed to stop us from gaming it17:52
bkerensaand you guys technically game it :)17:52
jonook so mhall119's post worked17:52
jonobkerensa can't be trusted with simple tasks17:53
jcastro_I know how17:53
mhall119bkerensa: we're not gaming it, we're just very demanding17:53
jcastro_bkerensa, hey, if you post this on reddit I'll give you a klout17:53
jcastro_there, that will fix it17:53
snap-lI see mhall119's post.17:54
bkerensajcastro_: you send me Keurig u say? :P17:54
jcastro_I have one17:54
jcastro_they break17:54
jonobkerensa, we all set?17:54
jonofor my hangout?17:54
snap-lMy parents got me a Keurig for my bday.17:54
bkerensajono in a sec yep17:54
snap-lThey're quite complex17:54
bkerensajono: invited17:56
bkerensasnap-l: ahh Keurig is sending me there new one :D17:56
jonobkerensa, cant hear you17:57
bkerensajono: see chat17:57
snap-lbkerensa: Very cool. We have one at work that I abuse all day. I personally like the Dark Magic k-cups17:57
mhall119I'm gonna need to buy more coffee before next thursday17:57
snap-lI like my coffee black, just like my metal.17:57
jcastro_mhall119, the marathon page should link to jono's post17:58
jcastro_"What is this about?" or something17:58
jonobkerensa, is it streaming?18:01
jonocan people see me on ubuntuonair?18:01
bkerensajono: the caching is not updating so disqus is not showing18:02
bkerensajcastro_: ^18:02
bkerensajcastro_: ^18:02
jonobkerensa, is the video feed showing18:02
jonobkerensa, where did the IRC channel go?18:03
bkerensajono: disqus?18:03
jonobkerensa, I need that for my Q+A18:03
jonobkerensa, dude, I am streaming18:03
bkerensadamn let me revert18:03
cprofittI am still seeing the old one18:03
jonobkerensa, why did you remove it?18:04
bkerensajono: tell them to refresh18:04
cprofittnow I am gettin jono18:04
jonobkerensa, it isnt there still18:04
bkerensaI see the chat and your stream fine18:04
bkerensajono: they use caching18:04
jonofor gods sake18:04
bkerensaso the ubuntuonair you see might be different from everyone else18:04
bkerensajcastro_: can you flush the cache?18:05
jcastro_what cache?18:05
cprofitthigh quality video experience18:05
cprofittI am seeing that live right now18:05
cprofittnot seeing any chat though18:05
jonobkerensa, can you fix this or not?18:05
jonoif not I am going to cancel18:06
bkerensaits all there18:06
bkerensalook at the source18:06
bkerensachat and stream18:06
bkerensano idea why its not showing for you guys18:06
bkerensajcastro_: is something missing I see everything here fine18:06
jonoI canceled it18:08
jcastro_nothing should be missing18:08
bkerensaI know18:09
bkerensaits all correct18:09
bkerensaso idk18:09
bkerensastream widget18:09
bkerensait was loading for me18:09
bkerensaonly thing I can think is caching18:09
mhall119jcastro_: I sent dholbach a patch to add that link18:11
cprofittbkerensa: I had never been to that page before -- so not sure it would be a local cache, but perhaps my ISP does18:13
mhall119jono: bkerensa: what's the issue?18:13
bkerensamhall119: Idk wordpress decided to not load the freenode widget18:13
bkerensaits still not loading but its in the source for the wp page18:14
mhall119try it now18:14
mhall119it was being enclosed by CDATA tags :(18:15
mhall119jono: bkerensa is is showing the chat widget for you now?18:16
bkerensamhall119: the cdata tags were already there18:16
bkerensathey were only around the Youtube thing18:16
mhall119bkerensa: they shouldn't have been18:16
bkerensaif you check the post revisions you can see that I did not add that18:16
mhall119I removed them, and I see the chat widget now18:16
cprofittI am now seeing the chat and the video window18:17
mhall119bkerensa: probably wordpress did when somebody was using the "Visual" editor18:17
jonomhall119, it is now18:17
mhall119the visual editor screws thins up when using the embedded webchat and stuff18:17
jononever use the visual editor18:17
bkerensajono: my apologies18:17
jonoit always screws things like this up18:17
* jono sighs18:17
jonobkerensa, please delete the video that was just recorded18:19
jussihe left? ? :(18:46
technovikingcan someone ping me?18:54
marcoceppitechnoviking: hello18:54
cprofitthey marcoceppi19:03
marcoceppicprofitt: 0/19:08
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jonoballoons, shall we roll, dear chap?21:00
jonoballoons, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/12350a8c3e1bdb386d0ec4cb35f8d667078d20eb?authuser=0&hl=en-US21:01
balloonsjono, that makes my phone ring like a call21:02
* balloons blames jcastro_ for suggesting install google+21:02
jcastro_turn off notifications too21:03
jcastro_it's spam city21:03
jcastro_balloons, I am a spammer, that's why I am winning for now21:03
jcastro_actually I am cheating21:03
jcastro_I have my wife running the spam show with her facebook connections21:04
cjohnstonwe are aware :-P21:04
dakercjohnston: do you have access to the analytics account for LTP ?21:08
jcastro_I know this is going to sound weird21:31
jcastro_but I love our group photo21:31
jcastro_I feel like it's all about planella's hair right there21:32
mhall119isn't our group always all about dpm's hair?21:35
jonojcastro_, around?22:05
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mhall119jcastro_: marcoceppi: hey guys, I'd be interest to know how your optimized Wordpress charm stacks up against http://highscalability.com/blog/2012/9/26/wordpresscom-serves-70000-reqsec-and-over-15-gbitsec-of-traf.html22:34
marcoceppimhall119: the set up they describe is very similar to the charm, only they've got scaled up hardware, whereas we've got scale-out cloud22:59
marcoceppim_3_: awesome23:11
mhall119marcoceppi: jcastro_: that'd be a nice selling point for juju23:21
jcastro_sec, let me get the word out on django first.23:21
jcastro_then it's back to wordpress. :)23:21
mhall119what's the word on django?23:21
mhall119dude jcastro_, you're killing us on the donations23:23
jcastro_I messed up too23:23
jcastro_I got a bunch of confusion around using pounds, and so on23:23
jcastro_actually, it's all Jill driving it, I've been working on other stuff all day23:23
jcastro_she's just awesome at social things23:23
jcastro_mhall119, so tldr23:24
jcastro_we just need to rename summit->django23:24
jcastro_and generalize it a bit23:24
jcastro_jimbaker's working on that23:24
jcastro_also I just blogged about it23:24
jcastro_" Working together with Summit maintainer Chris Johnston, we deployed and managed the schedule via juju."23:25
jcastro_I believe I get a cookie for perpetuating Chris as summit's maintainer.23:25
* mhall119 gives jcastro a cookie23:25
mhall119jcastro_: is this using the puppet script?23:26
jcastro_having been to busy to actually look at the charm23:26
jcastro_ask cjohnston23:26
jcastro_he's been a champ though, letting us basically run over everything a few times23:27
jcastro_get in his way23:27
jcastro_and so on..23:27
cjohnstonsomeone is running me over?23:27
mhall119better call an EMT23:29
cjohnstonya.. i may need one of those23:30
marcoceppimhall119: I agree, I plan on speaking with a wp dev about the charm sometime soon23:35
mhall119oh no, jcastro_ said I was still part of the Summit Hackers team23:50
cjohnstonyou are23:54
mhall119I quit months ago23:55
cjohnstonjcastro_: you happy now? your posts are out23:56
jcastro_cjohnston, let's drink beer about it23:58
cjohnstonyou arent here anymore23:58

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