xnoxjbicha: Не очень =) так просто интересно. Спокойной ночи. Я спать =)00:00
xnoxjbicha: see above ;-)00:00
jbichanope, I don't understand that eitehr00:01
xnoxgood night =)00:01
jbichagood night!00:01
mfischrobert_ancell: bug is filed #105652700:33
robert_ancellbug 105652700:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056527 in gnome-icon-theme "update gnome-icon-theme to 3.6.0" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105652700:41
bkerensaSo disks (udisks) seems to be broken? not formatting drives01:09
mfischrobert_ancell: here's the other one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic/+bug/105652901:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056529 in gnome-icon-theme-symbolic "update to 3.6.0 in quantal" [Wishlist,In progress]01:13
cyphermoxbkerensa: I can c02:56
cyphermoxI can check again in a few hours, in case this system was out of date, but I just formatted a drive successfully02:57
RAOFrobert_ancell: libsane is terrible. Could you please fix it and all its modules? kthxbye.02:57
robert_ancellRAOF, it sure is. Don't ever run it inside your process02:58
RAOFDon't ever run it inside a long-running process, either. It leaks fds.02:58
cyphermoxbkerensa: according to apt-cache policy after updating the cache, it looks like my system is up to date02:59
cyphermoxI did have issues foramtting thumb drives before though, and this isn't one03:00
bkerensacyphermox: I was being n00b03:05
bkerensaI forgot to unmount03:05
bkerensathe new UI tricked me03:05
RAOFLast chance to ask for some SRU processing before I go off and do something else!03:38
pittiGood morning03:53
RAOFpitti: Good morning!03:57
pittiglib2.0 -proposed upload, take umpteen04:15
* pitti radiates hate towards our arm builders04:16
didrocksgood morning05:38
pittibonjour didrocks05:38
didrocksguten morgen pitti, hey RAOF :)05:42
didrockspitti: RAOF: where would you set the option to disable the online search part from the dash?05:45
didrocks(in gnome-control-center)05:46
RAOFdidrocks: I'd look in privacy.05:46
RAOFBut, of course, living in .au mine is pre-disabled.05:46
pittihm, good question05:46
didrockspitti: pick one! :)05:46
pittiyeah, privacy sounds good05:46
didrocksso privacy seems logical for you as well05:46
didrocksas for me05:46
didrocksdesign wants that in "appearance"05:46
pittiif unity wouldn't be called "appearance", it would be a better place05:47
didrocksI'm afraid of a side-effect of putting it in appearance05:48
didrockspeople will just think we "hide" the results05:48
didrocksbut that the request is still done05:48
pittiwell, I wouldn't look there in the first place -- "appearance" is theming and colors for me05:48
pittinot behaviour and network search05:48
pittiI wuold actually prefer a checkbox in the dash itself05:49
RAOFI guess they're thinking that unity behaviour is already there, in the “behaviour” tab?05:49
pitti[ ] Include Amazon shopping results in the list05:49
pittis/in the list//05:49
didrockspitti: well, took 8 hours for them to come with a checkbox first :)05:49
didrocksRAOF: yeah, I guess so05:50
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:06
* bryceh waves07:07
brycehRAOF, nvidia experimental still stuck in New, so no SRUs today I guess :-/07:12
RAOFThere's still time :)07:13
didrockshey chrisccoulson07:20
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks, how are you?07:23
didrockschrisccoulson: still coughing, a little bit of fiever, but not that bad07:27
brycehdidrocks, bronchitis?  I had that for a couple weeks myself.  Still got a bit of cough.07:29
didrocksbryceh: yeah, a bronchitis :/ been 2 weeks and half… it starts to be quite long :)07:30
didrocksbryceh: but the doctor gave me some medecine on Monday. So I'm hopeful for next week to be better ;)07:30
brycehdidrocks, yeah my dr put me on antibiotics, although I don't think it mattered by that point07:30
didrocksbryceh: I objected the same to my doctor, but he said that it's better to get it 100% killed than having some surviving, has they can become stronger then07:31
didrocksso antibiotics it is…07:31
brycehdidrocks, one less thing for you and I to catch at UDS ;-)07:33
didrocksbryceh: that's exactly what I was thinking about!07:35
didrocksthis is the positive side :)07:36
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: poing?07:39
robrudidrocks: ping07:45
didrockshey robru07:46
seb128hey desktopers07:46
seb128hey robru, didrocks07:46
robrudidrocks: I heard back from upstream regarding that rygel ftbfs you assigned me... they say it's fixed in the next release, 0.16 IIRC07:47
robruhey seb12807:47
didrockshey seb128 :)07:48
didrocksrobru: is it a bug fix release?07:48
didrocksrobru: or can we backport the fix only?07:48
robrudidrocks: those are excellent questions... ;-)07:48
robrudidrocks: I didn't get a chance to review the changelog extensively07:49
robruI can look into it more tomorrow if you like. 2AM here right no w;-)07:49
didrocksrobru: sure! have a good night :)07:50
robruok ;-)07:50
mvoseb128: do you think someone from your team could give me a quick code review for https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/ubuntu-release-upgrader/lp1052605/+merge/125693?08:07
seb128didrocks, ^ want to do that? ;-)08:08
seb128didrocks, unping08:09
mvono real rush as we are frozen and all08:09
seb128I guess I can do it08:09
mvobut it would be nice08:09
seb128mvo, I will have a look08:09
* mvo hugs seb12808:09
* seb128 hugs mvo back08:09
didrocks(quite busy with the privacy-thingy change :))08:10
chrisccoulsonwoohoo, new laptop bag :)08:21
chrisccoulsonafter trashing the zip on my old one at the airport in warsaw :/08:21
seb128chrisccoulson, hey08:21
chrisccoulsonhi seb12808:21
seb128chrisccoulson, how was the mozilla thing in warsaw?08:21
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, it was pretty good :)08:22
seb128chrisccoulson, do they plan to take over the world? ;-)08:23
chrisccoulsonhah :)08:24
chrisccoulsonthe firefox os stuff looks pretty interesting. i even have it running on my laptop now ;)08:24
seb128chrisccoulson, is that chrome OS like?08:28
chrisccoulsonseb128, not really. the UI is really only for phones08:29
chrisccoulsonbut it's possible to run it without putting it on a phone: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Boot_to_Gecko/Using_the_B2G_desktop_client08:29
seb128I guess it doesn't make for a great desktop OS then if that's not the target?08:30
chrisccoulsonyeah, you wouldn't want to use it as a desktop OS08:30
seb128you will show me at UDS ;-)08:30
seb128did you try to hack your phone to put it on it? :p08:31
chrisccoulsonheh, i've not tried putting it on a phone yet08:32
didrocksLaney: hey!09:00
didrocksLaney: I'm sure you never heard of it, but there is a FFe on bug #1054746 ;)09:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1054746 in unity-lens-shopping "[FFe] [UIFe] No easy way to disable (results from) this lens" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105474609:00
Laneyoh, that's a very well written bug09:00
didrocksthanks ;)09:02
Laneywhen do you want to upload it?09:02
Laneyjust as part of the next unity release?09:02
didrocksLaney: yeah, will be part of the next unity release I guess09:08
Laneydidrocks: right, thanks, commenting in a second then09:10
didrocksthanks Laney :)09:11
LaneySweetshark: yo, I tried to branch libreoffice to give you a proper git diff but I couldn't figure out how your git layout works there. People (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fonts-unfonts-core/+bug/1034928/comments/50) keep complaining about this warning. Simple patch is: http://paste.debian.net/193128/09:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1034928 in libreoffice "Fontconfig warning: Having multiple values in <test> isn't supported and may not works as expected" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:12
Laneydidrocks: done09:25
didrocksLaney: thanks, FYI, the software-center part is out of the scope right now09:27
didrocksby design09:27
didrocks(of course, after writing the code for it :/)09:27
LaneyI don't even see a software-center part there :P09:27
didrocksLaney: in the app lens09:27
didrocksLaney: I removed it from the description09:27
* Laney is starting to wonder about "by design"09:28
LaneyARGH, also "Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users." is annoying09:30
didrocksLaney: you think we can make a launchpad group for this bot-hater :)09:33
LaneyI would join ;)09:34
hyperairwell technically it's not wrong09:35
hyperairif the bug affects multiple users it's considered confirmed09:35
hyperairand when it's acked by a developer, it becomes triaged09:36
Laneyit shouldn't overrule a human09:37
Laneyin this case it went New->Confirmed and I reverted it, then the bot reverted me09:38
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seb128Sweetshark, hey11:37
Sweetsharkseb128: ho11:54
seb128Sweetshark, doko is looking for you11:55
seb128Sweetshark, he pinged me to know if you were working today11:55
didrocksdesrt: hey, how are you? I have more vala/bind (in other part of code) awesomeness to ask :)11:55
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, I am fixing up the unity stuff for LO :/11:56
seb128Sweetshark, I guess pong back doko anyway11:57
seb128Sweetshark, what unity stuff?11:57
Sweetsharkseb128: LO unity menu integration ...11:58
didrocksbut, it was fixed from the last new I had11:58
didrockshum larsu, is not around11:58
seb128Sweetshark, what is broken?11:58
Sweetsharkseb128: we are almost there. it is rather stable, but if you start with the LibreOffice startcenter (with the buttons for writer, calc etc.) and then click on one of those buttons (e.g. writer) to get that app into the window, you get no menu in that app.12:02
seb128Sweetshark, works here12:02
Sweetsharkseb128: with the version in main you still are subject to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/105220012:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1052200 in libreoffice "LibreOffice crashes with a SIGSEGV sometimes because GMenuModel exporter receives a NULL menu" [Critical,Fix committed]12:06
seb128Sweetshark, ok12:06
Sweetsharkseb128: antonio did some more work on the unitymenus branch, which led to some other troubles, most are being fixed by now.12:07
seb128Sweetshark, you are confident that it's going to be in an ok state for release at this point?12:08
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, with the work I did yesterday I am. Still shit happens and Murphy never sleeps.12:09
seb128Sweetshark, right, thanks for the update!12:09
Sweetsharkseb128: What I have now survives running subsequentcheck under unity (the version currently in main does not -- it crashes)12:10
didrocksdavidcalle: hey!12:22
davidcalledidrocks, hey :)12:22
didrocksdavidcalle: do you think you have the time today to review my merge proposal for your lenses?12:23
davidcalledidrocks, your mp is on the wrong branch :P The team has worked all this cycle on the scope branch in the unity-lens-videos project, they haven't noticed when I said the code had moved.12:24
didrocksdavidcalle: argh? but the target branch is the main one, isn't it?12:24
didrocksdavidcalle: what's the right branch then?12:24
davidcalledidrocks, lp:unity-lens-videos/remote-videos-scope-trunk12:25
didrocksdavidcalle: why isn't that a lp: ?12:25
didrocksit should have its own project12:25
davidcalledidrocks, it has, and you have found it. But not people who have worked on it this cycle.12:26
jibelI lost ctrl+alt+t shortcut again with yesterdays updates, it's defined in system's settings but does nothing. is there a bug already filed ?12:26
didrocksjibel: in system settings, it's defined twice, right?12:27
davidcalledidrocks, and since there always was a branch waiting to be merged, I haven't moved the "trunk" this cycle.12:27
didrocksdavidcalle: hum, there is just one line of diff, let me merge that12:28
jibeldidrocks, right, it was, once in 'launchers' and once in 'Custom shortcuts'12:28
davidcalledidrocks, one line of diff...?12:28
jibelthen I replaced the one from custom shortcut to have one working at least12:29
jibelbut the default still doesn't work12:29
didrocksjibel: you need to not have them conflicting12:29
didrocksjibel: so just set one of the two12:29
didrocksjibel: and just one of the two is actually wired12:30
didrocksdavidcalle: do you have the real name of the branch?12:31
didrocksdavidcalle: I only have some ~person result when retargetting the merge proposal12:31
didrockshere we go12:32
davidcalledidrocks, yes, that's the right one12:32
jibeldidrocks, in 'Launchers' I have 2 shortcuts 'Launch terminal' and 'Launch Terminal' (note the capital T)12:34
didrocksdavidcalle: https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/unity-lens-videos/add-disabling-remote-search/+merge/12644112:34
pittididrocks: pgraner just filed bug 1056821 about it, FYI12:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056821 in unity "Quantal: ctl-alt-t does not bring up terminal after updating" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105682112:35
didrocksjibel: one sec, both are translated for it12:35
didrockspitti: it's fixed and a dup12:35
didrocksjibel: "Launch in a terminal" is the right one12:35
didrocksno capital T12:35
didrockspitti: jibel: FYI, fixed upstream, but it will bind with "Launch in a Terminal" (so if you disable you, you will have to enable it again in the future)12:36
jibeldidrocks, ok, I disabled both since I cannot remove any. then bound ctrl+alt+t to 'Launch terminal' and that fixed it12:37
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didrocksjibel: yeah, be warned it will be broken again soon and you will have to reset it12:40
didrocksbut at last, we'll have the right value12:40
didrocksjibel: I'm surprised you are telling it's broken in today's update! compiz has been available on Friday :)12:41
jibeldidrocks, ok, but now I know what will break and how to fix it12:41
didrocksyep :)12:42
jibeldidrocks, yesterday, but maybe the pacakge was uploaded before and I didn't install the update.12:43
jibeldidrocks, I was not an emergency because I had another shortcut for terminals until pgraner got the bug ;)12:43
didrocksheh :)12:43
jbichaI'm not happy about bug 105474612:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1054746 in unity-lens-gdocs "[FFe] [UIFe] No easy way to disable (results from) this lens" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105474612:45
jbichathis is why we shouldn't have major features land so late, because they *will* need tweaking12:46
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* ogra_ curses firefox loudly13:02
ogra_i'm close to switch to chromium it really got unusable in precise13:03
ogra_chrisccoulson, do you have any idea why i cant reach the last tab in my tablist without jumping through several hoops all the time ?13:04
ogra_klicking the little arrow in the tab bar only gets me to the pre-last tab ... i can only reach the last one if i go to the pre-las in windowed mode ... when i then maximize the window i can reach the last one ... but it works only with that combo13:05
ogra_(same for the pulldown ... using it gets me the content of the last tab, but not the handle in the tab bar to close it)13:06
chrisccoulsonogra_, not sure. have you tried disabling addons? ;)13:09
ogra_i dont think i have any but the default ones13:09
chrisccoulsonit could be one of those ;)13:09
chrisccoulson(i don't have all of the default ones installed)13:09
didrocksjbicha: I'm making a screenshot of it13:12
seb128chrisccoulson, (you don't test the code you ship to our user?! :p)13:13
ogra_chrisccoulson, ARGH ... seems there was an ancient grab n' drag extension (thats what you get copying your home from a multitouch laptop :P)13:14
chrisccoulsonogra_, there we go ;)13:14
ogra_i removed it ans will check if the issue gets better13:14
ogra_oh, yeah13:15
ogra_the tab bar behaves totally different now even on window size changes13:15
ogra_(it actually scrolls to the tab handle for the tab in use, didnt do that before)13:15
* ogra_ hugs chrisccoulson 13:15
ogra_thanks so much, that annoyed me since i switched to precise13:16
ogra_now if i could only get a proper alt+tab behavior out of unity :)13:16
didrocksjbicha: see the screenshot, it's an additional panel, you don't have to document it if you don't have team13:19
didrocksskaet: can you look at bug #1054746 please?13:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 1054746 in unity-lens-gdocs "[FFe] [UIFe] No easy way to disable (results from) this lens" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105474613:19
didrocksjbicha: you should have let me first post the screenshot :) I waited to have the definitive design answer13:23
jbicha"Dash plugins you install may disregard this setting." <- that's not very confidence building13:27
seb128jbicha, there is no way to make sure that all third party lens do respect that key13:27
seb128jbicha, it would be misleading to not warn users about that13:27
jbichayou could ensure that all dash plugins in the Ubuntu archives do; if people use third party repositories, that's not as much our problem13:28
seb128didrocks is fixing all the default lenses13:28
seb128so it's mostly warning users that respecting the settings is not something unity enforce for you13:29
seb128it's something you have to trust the lens writer for13:29
jbichait looks like the other two available are -help and -radios13:29
seb128well that doesn't include appdev13:29
seb128extras.ubuntu.com I mean13:29
jbichaok, well Ubuntu controls that channel too13:30
Laneyerk, that does sound concerning13:31
Laneycould we have a Learn more or something that explains which lenses will respect it?13:31
jbichaexplain to people how to fix their lenses and give them a month to do it so that by release we don't need a string that sounds bad to those that are already upset over this problem13:31
didrocksLaney: it's better to keep honesty and don't mislead the users13:31
didrocksjbicha: well, would you have this option for the radio lens for instance?13:31
didrocksjbicha: the radio lens completely rely on a remote service13:32
jbichadidrocks: that system settings switch sounds universal to me13:32
didrocksif there was a local part, it would make sense to have the option13:32
didrocksjbicha: on the contrary, it's telling that it's only for the default lens13:32
didrockswhich is what you don't like :)13:32
jbichathat's not what the UI says13:32
didrocksnot telling it would sounds universal13:32
Laneydidrocks: I'm saying keep it and explain which lenses will respect it, and possibly why some won't13:33
didrocksLaney: not me choosing the wording, the design team did, I'm asking them to come here13:34
didrocksbut as they took one day to think about it, I think they are more advanced than us on this13:34
jcastro_Just tell them "Some lenses might not respect this key, we recommend lens authors follow _these guidelines_ to support this feature."13:34
jcastro_and then a link to how to integrate it into their lens13:34
Laneythat's not the place for guidelines to developers13:35
jcastro_and then put it in quickly so all new lens will just use the feature ootb13:35
jbichaunless you're going to implement the setting per lens, I think it needs to be universal and every lens should respect it13:35
seb128it should13:35
didrocksjbicha: but how do you want it to be universal?13:35
seb128reality is that lens developers might not implement support for it13:36
Laneyyou can't do that without restricting the API available to them13:36
didrocksand better to not lie to the user13:36
jbichaby telling developers that it's mandatory, and pushing lenses out of extras if they don't comply after a reasonable period of time13:36
didrocksLaney: exactly13:36
seb128and there is little we can do to ensure that whatever lens you will find in a ppa does it13:36
LaneyI just want to convey that the lenses we ship as official will definitely respect this13:36
davidcalleThere could be a notice about how this doesn't affect your Online Accounts integration. Gdocs, Gwibber and Photos in the Dash are not affected, you control that in OA.13:36
jbichappa's are totally different and Ubuntu has no control over ppa's13:36
didrocksLaney: well, I'm working on this, and it's done13:36
jbichapeople are welcome to complain to the ppa maintainers as the ppa's are not part of Ubuntu13:37
seb128jbicha, well, the issue is to message that unity doesn't enforce that setting in an universal way13:37
seb128so there is a part of "lens might screw up and unity will not block them"13:37
jbichadavidcalle: +1, yeah that part is a bit confusing13:37
Laneyit should be "these settings" btw13:37
Laneyor this setting13:38
Laneyprobably the second one13:38
jbichaactually, a lot confusing; how do we explain that online results from gwibber are ok?13:39
didrocksalso, I do see little value to have this for the gwibber lens13:39
didrocksshould add "commercial"13:39
jbichahow does the gdocs scope work? isn't it pulling direct from the web?13:39
didrocks"Include results from commercial online content source"13:39
Laney"While the lenses which Ubuntu provides by default respect this setting, Ubuntu cannot guarantee that other lenses will."13:40
jcastro_yeah but then you're stuck figuring out what is commercial or not13:40
jcastro_just make it a toggle, online sources, or not online sources.13:40
jcastro_otherwise people will be like "how come wikipedia is ok but google isn't ok."13:40
jbichajcastro_: and should the gwibber lens just be deactivated then?13:41
davidcalle"When searching the Dash" "Include commercial suggestions" "ON/OFF"13:41
didrocksso if you want gwibber results, you need the shopping lens on?13:41
jcastro_I would think so.13:41
jcastro_well, they're granular on top of that too right?13:42
seb128it's not an online,offline setting13:42
didrocksjcastro_: not on this iteration, look at the bug please13:42
seb128it's a stopgap pour quantal13:42
didrocksI would add "commercial"13:42
seb128we can't do the full granular thing for this cycle at this point13:42
didrocksbut waiting on design…13:42
seb128or "don't query the canonical server for commercial suggestions"13:42
seb128that's really about stuff you can buy (u1, amazon)13:42
seb128not about blocking gwibber or fb photos13:43
jcastro_right, so I would do online/offline for now, then figure the granular stuff at UDS13:43
jbichaTurn off Amazon & Ubuntu One Music Store results?13:43
Laneydoesn't it disable videosearch too?13:43
didrocksI don't think that people would see "Amazon" as "canonical server"13:43
didrocksLaney: it does13:43
seb128Laney, those go through the canonical server, u1 as well13:43
Laneyyeah, but they're not all "commercial"13:43
jcastro_didrocks, sorry to barge in here like this, but I've been whining about lenses spamming the home lens since 11.04. No one cared until now, heh.13:43
seb128"don't let the dash agregate sponsored content for you" :p13:44
seb128jcastro_, still no one care about the spamming, the issue is sending queries on the wire to a server of ours basically13:44
didrocksjcastro_: yeah, and at the end I'm the one having to fix that in a hurry where my schedule wasn't for that, so I would appreciate to keep the level of general bikeshedding low and not add that to my bagel :)13:44
jbichathe "Keep Mark from taking your money" switch13:44
jcastro_seb128, yeah but they send to all sorts of stuff depending on what you have installed13:45
seb128jbicha, ;-)13:45
seb128I guess it's close from "don't show sponsored results"13:45
LaneyIt's why I think a Learn More would let us explain what we've done13:45
jbichadidrocks: except that if it's not done right, then it will need to get fixed again13:46
seb128those a sponsored13:46
seb128not commercial13:46
Laneytoo subtle to get across13:46
seb128"don't show sponsored results (u1 music store, amazon)"13:46
jbichaI don't think people are upset by the video lens (or the radio lens) for instance13:46
seb128the other option is to give up on the UI and keep it as a gsetting key13:46
seb128but it's a shame if the reason is just that we can't agree on some wording13:47
Laneywhere's design :P13:47
jbichaLaney: probably hiding ;)13:47
didrockspattoin: hey!13:48
pattoinohhh yes13:48
Laney"Not all dash plugins respect this setting. The shopping, video and photo plugins which Ubuntu supplies by default does."13:49
pattoinhere I am13:49
Laneyor so?13:49
didrocksah good :)13:49
didrockspattoin: so, regarding the discussion we had13:49
didrockspattoin: seems that the wording is misleading about what "online" is13:49
didrockspattoin: indeed, I think we don't want to cut the connexion of the gwibber lens for instance13:50
didrocksonly for the online recommends13:50
seb128nor stop the photo lens to show your facebook photos13:50
didrockswe discussed adding "sponsored, commercial"13:50
didrockswhat do you think?13:50
* didrocks has vim opened :)13:50
seb128people argued that all results are not "commercial" ones13:51
LaneyI'm more concerned about the qualifier, fwiw13:51
seb128the video lens gets some videos from youtube, etc13:51
seb128which are not commercial services13:51
didrocksnor sponsored :/13:51
jbichayoutube is commercial-ish13:51
pattoinyes true13:51
pattoinwhat about 'something more explicit as 'payable content'13:52
seb128pattoin, well, would you qualify youtube videos as "payable"?13:53
seb128(since they are free)13:53
jbicha"payable" isn't a good word13:54
pattoinI know is not good but thinking about the concept of aontent I pay for13:54
pattoinand content I don't pay for13:54
didrocksand not all online activity :)13:55
seb128what's the main issue for users there? that the queries are made to a Canonical server ?13:55
pattoinso you still have your facebook photos and so on open13:55
seb128should be convey the idea of "don't get aggregated result through the Canonical services"?13:55
jbicha"Include sponsored online results"....and then we wouldn't have to touch the video or gwibber lenses (as currently set up) or even third-party lenses until they set up their own affiliate programs13:55
jbicha*unless they*13:56
Laneyjust make it disable the shopping lens for now? :)13:57
seb128well, the backend side is done13:57
seb128it basically just stop queries proxied through the canonical server13:57
jbichawould that wording need U1MS disabled too?13:57
seb128u1ms is disabled I think13:58
seb128didrocks, ^ is it?13:58
seb128jbicha, it basically disable stuff that go through our server13:58
didrocksin every default lenses13:58
seb128which is video lens results, u1ms, amazon13:58
seb128the u1 go through the server because it does select the sources according to your region and some other fancy stuff13:59
jbichacan it be smarter, to not disable the video results?13:59
LaneyDon't retrieve results from Canonical servers13:59
didrocksjbicha: well, you would still have request to Canonical servers13:59
didrocksjbicha: why not the shopping lens and this one?13:59
seb128jbicha, no, what people complain is that we send queries to Canonical13:59
seb128that option would basically stop any query to be sent this way14:00
didrocksjbicha: there is still "what I type here it stealing every single letters and my ip address"14:00
jbichavideo was there in 12.04 and music was in 11.10 & I didn't hear much criticism14:00
kenvandinejbicha, the new icon for the gwibber lens is attached to bug 105619114:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056191 in unity "[UIFe] Social Lens doesn't have authorised and meaningful icon" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105619114:00
kenvandineit's basically the same as the previous one (before the twitter one was used)14:01
seb128jbicha, go figure why people freak out now about queries made online and they didn't before...14:01
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
pattoinsorry I screem14:01
* Laney runs14:01
seb128pattoin, sure, thanks for trying to bring back some sanity in that discussion ;-)14:01
seb128pattoin, so I think we agree that users are concerned more about what they type being sent to an online server than about commercial nature of results14:02
seb128pattoin, do you think it would make sense to try to message "sponsored result" or "Canonical aggregated" or something around those lines?14:02
jbichakenvandine: yeah, that icon is fine, thanks14:03
pattoinso we have those options , please tell me what is the problem with those so I also understand more the issue14:08
pattoinOption 1: Include results from online stores14:08
pattoinOption 2:  Include results from online content sources14:09
seb128pattoin, problem with 2 is that the option only control if we do queries to Canonical's server for aggregated "sponsored" content (e.g linked to revenue streams)14:10
pattoinOption 3:  Include sponsored results14:10
seb128pattoin, we wouldn't stop e.g the photos to come directly from facebook14:10
didrocks(nor we want to stop them, it doesn't make sense)14:10
seb128pattoin, option1 issue, is that it's not only store, like youtube is part of the concerned stream (we proxy the videos queries through our servers)14:11
pattoinOption 4:  Include Canonical aggregated14:11
seb128pattoin, Option 3 and 4 would work for me14:11
seb128didrocks, Laney, jbicha: ^ wdyt?14:11
LaneyI wouldn't consider youtube sponsored14:11
Laney4. works14:11
didrockssame for me, 4. if fine14:12
Laneycould we then do something about the subtext?14:12
LaneyThis will disable online results from the x y and z Dash plugin14:13
pattointhe problem I see with number 4 is that is hard to know for a new user what is 'Canonical aggregated'14:13
Laneyinstead of "Dash plugins may disregard..."14:14
seb128pattoin, maybe  'Canonical aggregated (UbuntuOne music store, Amazon product, ...)'14:14
jbichaor even what Canonical is14:15
pattoinseb128: yes something like that14:15
pattoinor canonical partners14:15
pattoinor ubuntu partners ... I am just thinking aloud14:15
seb128even if the string is not perfect or clear to all users I don't think it's a big deal14:16
pattoinyes I don't think people rally knows what canonical is14:16
didrocksseb128: agreed, we should make it as best as possible without spending 2 hours on it14:16
seb128ubuntu partners, or commercial partners...14:16
seb128pattoin, I'm fine with any variant of articulated around option 414:18
pattoinyes Option 5:  Include Ubuntu partners commercial suggestions   maybe?#14:18
seb128I think even if some users don't find the description really good, at least the option is there for those who really care to have a control over that setting14:18
LaneyMy closing suggestion: "Include content from Canonical partners" then on the next line "This will disable internet results from the shopping, video and blah Dash plugins"14:18
didrocksOption 5 is fine with me :)14:19
seb128pattoin, I'm happy with option 5 or what Laney says ... I think design should have the final word on the exact variant so feel free to pick whatever sounds best for you guys14:20
Laneyit's clearly an implementation to be finessed over time14:20
Laneythanks didrocks for working on it ;)14:21
* Laney hugs didrocks 14:21
* didrocks hugs Laney back14:21
pattoinOK I will updated the mock up with Option 5 or Laneys:  I wll just check it with the copywriter14:23
skaetdidrocks, seb128, Laney - key in my mind at this point is not to churn the images (and docs and translations)  with tweaks.   Once design settles the wording,  I'd prefer to see it land earlier rather than later.   Next real window is Friday.  But we'd need a test plan created to make sure we're not causing more problems that this solves, and we do have room to finesse and communicate this over time.14:23
Laneywell jbicha nacked it anyway14:23
LaneyI don't know if that was for wording or screenshot reasons14:24
didrockspattoin: don't bother about taking the time to update the mockup, I can take a screenshot once you have the final wording14:24
jbichaLaney: for text reasons, there aren't screenshots of that14:24
didrocksskaet: oh sure, it's post-beta2 anyway14:24
didrocksjbicha: there are14:24
LaneyI think he's referring just to ubuntu-docs14:24
didrocksah :)14:24
jbichadidrocks: screenshots where?14:24
didrocksjbicha: no, I thought you were speaking about screenshot on the bug, not the doc :)14:25
Laneywhat should we do about that?14:28
* jbicha has to log out for 10 min14:29
didrocksdesrt: not around yet btw? :)14:30
desrtdidrocks: i am14:30
desrtah.  didn't see your ping.14:30
didrocksdesrt: no worry ;)14:30
didrocksdesrt: so, basically, all is fine with _bind() for get and accessing through the property the latest possible value in vala14:31
didrocksdesrt: but when I set it, the gsettings key itself is not updated14:31
desrtdidrocks: check your flags?14:31
desrtthe default is a two-way sync with the initial value being the one out of the gsettings14:32
desrtof course, in order for the other way to work, you have to be properly emitting notifies on the property on the object in vala....14:32
didrocksdesrt: yeah, I forced the default to ensure it should work14:32
didrocksdesrt: stripped code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228551/14:32
desrtthis will happen automatically if you have { get; set; }14:32
desrtbut not if you do manual accessors...14:32
didrocksso the notification shuld happen14:32
desrttry "remote-content-search"14:33
desrtas the property name to bind to14:33
desrtif it's watching for notify::remote_content_search instead of notify::remote-content-search then it may miss the notification because of a mismatch in the detail14:33
desrtthat would be an interesting issue... possibly worthy of a bug report...14:34
didrocksdesrt: ah interesting, but the marshmalling for setting gsettings -> property works :)14:34
desrtdidrocks: with gobject property you have some equivalents in the names14:34
didrocksyeah, vala should just not find the property to assign it to first, or really support both :)14:34
desrtlike - is the same as _14:34
desrtbut i don't know if those same equivalences extend to signal detail quarks14:34
desrtand i suspect that they don't14:35
didrocksdesrt: right, I know (and have just used that for listening to property change in the slave classes)14:35
didrocksdesrt: I was thinking that listening to the property by the binding would do the translation for you :)14:35
didrocksinteresting :)14:35
desrtwe could make that tweak14:35
desrtor at least issue a warning about it14:35
didrocksdesrt: working perfectly fine :)14:37
desrtfile a bug about that against gsettings please14:37
didrocksdesrt: thanks a lot, want a bug report? this is in the bind() itself or vala?14:37
desrtwe should issue a g_warning() in this case14:37
didrocksok, doing in 5min :)14:37
didrocksthanks to you :)14:38
didrocksok, just waiting on design for the wording now and everything is ready14:38
Laneyapart from the UIF14:38
didrocksLaney: I meant code-wise :)14:38
Laneyonly half the battle :P14:38
didrocksLaney: I think getting jbicha in the discussion helped already14:39
didrockslaunchpad, please stop timeouting14:39
didrocksah finally :)14:40
didrocksdesrt: bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=684882 FYI14:48
ubot2Gnome bug 684882 in gsettings "Gsettings should spaw a warning when binding against a low_under_property" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:48
pattoin1didrocks: having the same idea only change a bit the order the final copy is :    'Include commercial suggestions from Ubuntu partners'15:14
pattoin1and I updated the mockup15:14
didrockspattoin1: argh, I just changed it and posted the screenshot :)15:15
didrocksok, changing :p15:15
pattoin1didrocks: :)15:16
pattoin1Thank you!.... it seems it is my spanish that changes the order of the english sentences15:18
didrockspattoin1: heh, my French is not any better :)15:18
didrocksfor english words order :)15:19
Laneydo you think we could get rid of the "disregard" line if you don't want to change it to expand on exactly what the option means?15:20
didrockspattoin1: ^15:20
Laneythe only thing it does to me is to make me worry15:20
pattoin1Laney: you mean the whole line?15:22
LaneyI think with that wording it isn't very good now that we say "Ubuntu partners"15:22
pattoin1Laney: I thought we need to warn the user that the setting won't apply on new lenses the user will install?15:22
Laneybecause really nothing that is an Ubuntu partner is going to disregard the setting15:23
Laneyif you see what I mean15:23
seb128pattoin1, Laney has a point, it's not likely that extra lenses include 'commercial suggestions from Ubuntu partners'15:23
seb128pattoin1, they might go online but they will not be commercial nor Ubuntu partners15:23
Laneyif just makes me think "oh, so I can't be sure that the toggle will do what I want"15:23
Laneywhich leaves me with an edgy feeling15:23
pattoin1OK, if you think that new lenses won't have content from other ubuntu partners, then I think is better not to incluide this line as well, it is confusing and make someone worry15:25
didrocksLaney: don't be like an eft ;)15:25
didrockspattoin1: well, if they do have, I think they will be canonical-related, so will apply to this setting15:26
didrocksremoving then15:26
pattoin1I am happy then15:26
Laneyoh, edgy, those were the days15:26
pattoin1I will remove it15:26
didrocksdoing then :)15:27
Laneyepic discussion for one sentence15:27
Laneygotta love free software15:27
pattoin1didrocks: OK, updated15:29
didrocksLaney: and you wanted to reuse an existing one, isn't it?15:29
didrockspattoin1: already implemented, screenshoted and bug updated :)15:29
Laneyan existing what?15:29
Laneystring ...15:30
Laneywell, if it were possible15:30
Laneyat that point I didn't know what the UI was going to be :(15:30
pattoin1didrocks: screenshot?15:31
seb128Laney, didrocks, pattoin1: thanks for being constructive and keeping up with the discussion ;-)15:31
didrockspattoin1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/activity-log-manager/+bug/1054746/+attachment/3345576/+files/privacy_dash.png15:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 1054746 in unity-lens-gdocs "[FFe] [UIFe] No easy way to disable online results in lenses" [High,In progress]15:31
seb128didrocks, next you need to hand some cookies to jbicha15:31
didrocksjbicha: did you follow the discussion around here? Now that we changed the wording and updated the bug report, are you fine with it (as the doc doesn't mention/screenshot it)15:32
pattoin1seb128: what is your name?15:32
pattoin1your real name :)15:32
seb128pattoin1, Sébastien Bacher15:32
jbichadidrocks: ubuntu-docs tells people that want to disable shopping results to uninstall unity-lens-shopping, which isn't the best GUI way to do this any more15:33
didrocksjbicha: still valid, but not as easy as the settings15:33
desrtdidrocks: not seeing the bug yet?15:35
desrthuh.  i wonder why my bugmail is not coming.15:36
didrocks16:48:22      didrocks | desrt: bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=684882 FYI15:36
ubot2Gnome bug 684882 in gsettings "Gsettings should spaw a warning when binding against a low_underscored_property" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:36
pattoin1seb128: Thanks Sébastien15:36
desrtdidrocks: ya.  i see it now.15:36
seb128pattoin1, you're welcome ;-)15:36
desrtwas just not in my inbox for some reason15:36
desrti think thunderbird was just having a slow morning because it's there now :)15:37
jbichamy protest is about Ubuntu freezes being ignored and oh, we'll just file a bug which has a 95% chance of getting approved15:37
didrocksdesrt: ahah :)15:37
seb128jbicha, yeah, freeze situation is an issue :-(15:38
Laneyyes, it certainly is15:38
didrocksbut I think we all agree here and are not really the cause of it15:38
jbichasaying No is a way to get that message back to those who push these changes15:39
didrocksjbicha: I'll just have to spend more time to get it accepted as the community is really upset about the current situation15:39
didrocksit won't impact the other people15:39
didrocksAnd TBH I didn't plan to work on that and spending 2 days on it and had better to do like fixing bugs. Just doing it because it was the right thing to do :)15:40
didrocksso making it harder will just make my work harder :/15:40
jbichaonce that message is made clear, the only ones affected are me and the translators so...15:40
jbichahow about I change my mind if 2 non-Canonical translators give their +1 to the extra work?15:40
didrocksdpm: can you get that? ^15:40
Laneyhow about we agree to bring a discussion about freezes up ;-)15:41
dpmdidrocks, jbicha, otp, let me come back to you in a few minutes15:41
Laneyreal shame you won't be at UDS for that jbicha15:42
Laneyjbicha: (moving it here), could you test the -session with lightdm and gdm?15:53
LaneyI'm open to considering accepting it if it works out alright15:53
jbichaI tested with gdm, let me reboot and test with lightdm also15:54
Laneytry launching a few different sessions15:54
jbichaok, lightdm starts and log in works as expected, the a11y needs checking though15:57
jbichaturning on and off the screen keyboard worked15:57
ogra_hmm, is it normal that i have a littel green dot on the messaging indicator by default now (right after install before configuring anything on the system)15:57
seb128ogra_, "normal" as "kwown bug being worked"15:57
ogra_seems that tries to indicate "available" status ...15:57
ogra_ah, k15:58
seb128ogra_, bug #104636015:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 1046360 in telepathy-indicator "should start on login only if accounts are configured" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104636015:58
jbichaI could turn on orca on, but it doesn't seem to want to turn off, I don't know if orca was broken on the log in screen before15:58
* ogra_ clicks "me too" :)16:02
jbichaLaney: yes, orca doesn't turn off in gnome-session 3.5.92 either, so everything seems to work with gdm or unity-greeter16:04
Laneyskaet: ^ I'm minded to accept it, given that gdm is busted. What do you think?16:05
Laneyit doesn't fix any bugs for Ubuntu or any main flavours that I know of.16:05
ricotzjbicha, hi :)16:08
jbicharicotz: hi16:08
ricotzjbicha, the keybindings definition for g-c-c arent installed in gnome-shell-common16:08
jbicharicotz: ok, let's fix that when we bump the minimum gnome-session required16:10
jbichaor, actually that's gdm that needs the newer gnome-session16:11
ricotzjbicha, http://paste.debian.net/plain/193250  think of it as reverse ;)16:12
ricotzjbicha, ah, if you arent working on g-s then, do you want a real debdiff?16:14
jbichareal debdiff's/mp's are better if you want to apply for upload privileges16:15
ricotzjbicha, no problem, give me a moment16:19
skaetLaney, *checking some things*16:19
ricotzjbicha, http://paste.debian.net/plain/19325716:30
didrocksjbicha: hey, so we have 2 +1 from non canonical translators16:31
didrockscan I send now the change to the translations team?16:32
Laneyskaet: I'm off out now for a while. Feel free to accept it.16:35
Laneyjbicha should then upload a gdm with the right versioned Depends16:36
skaetLaney,  ack.16:36
didrocksjbicha: thanks16:39
jbichathanks everyone16:39
didrocksjbicha: do you need a screenshot or whatever I can give to you?16:40
desrtdidrocks: hey.  can you test a patch for me?16:41
didrocksdesrt: sure, it's about the gsettings thingy? :)16:42
jbichadidrocks: yeah just so I can accurately describe what the UI says; if the last screenshot you posted is indeed final then that's fine16:42
didrocksdesrt: maybe not tonight though, headache and about to leave, but will give you the result tomorrow16:42
didrocksjbicha: it's the final one, I didn't change meanwhile16:43
jbichadidrocks: stress headache?16:43
didrocksjbicha: ok, so leaving this one, if it's not in the doc, you don't need an english only one :)16:43
desrti'll put it on the bug16:43
didrocksjbicha: probably that + bronchiotis for 2 weeks I guess :/16:43
didrocksdesrt: thanks!16:43
* didrocks waves good evening17:01
desrtjbicha: any word on why gnome3 ppa lacks g-s-d?17:16
desrtor rather, has a very very old one, only...17:17
jbichadesrt: ricotz has g-c-c & g-s-d 3.6 in his staging ppa, we probably want it in the gnome3 ppa for quantal but I haven't looked at the packaging yet to see what the tradeoffs would be17:19
desrtjbicha: g-s-d has a somewhat obnoxious libappindicator dependency17:20
jbichafor instance, his ppa uses the upstream appearance panel instead of the Ubuntu version17:20
desrtwould be nice to beat that out17:20
seb128desrt, why so much hate? ;-)17:20
desrtit's easy though -- they had the kindness to make it a --disable- switch17:20
seb128desrt, start by beating gconf out :p17:20
desrtseb128: gconf is just gconf17:20
desrtg-s-d has a lot of things that depend on it17:20
seb128haters are going to hate :p17:20
desrtand libappindicator depends on a lot of things17:20
seb128no it doesn't?17:21
jbichawell we don't necessarily want to make the Unity experience worse if someone installs the gnome3 ppa17:21
desrtso the result is that i have a lot of stuff i don't wnat installed for an unused feature of a package that absolutely must be installed17:21
desrtjbicha: is that the plan?17:21
desrtwhat about for the gnomebuntu cd image?17:21
jbichadesrt: for quantal, it's also shipping GNOME Classic with the status indicators17:22
* desrt wonders when gnome-panel will die...17:22
ricotzdesrt, jbicha, i even don17:22
ricotzdesrt, jbicha, i even don't want to put it in testing ppa to not break things for tester who use unity too17:23
* desrt is starting to suspect that there may be a conflict here17:27
desrti don't think it's possible to satisfy the "more upstream than fedora" gnomebuntu criteria at the same time as the "don't break it with unity" criteria17:27
jbichawe can't be more upstream than fedora but we compensate for our weaknesses by including things like Epiphany17:28
jbichadesrt: if you've got extra time, it'd be cool if you started on the ubuntu-control-center split for 13.0417:29
desrtthere's not a whole lot of work to do there17:29
desrtunless i miss something17:30
jbichawill u-c-c be co-installable with g-c-c?17:30
desrtoh.  i wasn't imagining so17:30
desrtif we want them to be parallel-installable then it is indeed a much bigger issue17:30
desrti personally gave up on having unity and gnome on the same system long ago...17:30
* desrt just uses a vm now17:30
desrtthe gdm/lightdm thing is pretty much the last nail in the coexistence coffin17:31
desrtof course, we could try to fix that one as well....17:32
desrtbut at some point i think we should stop wasting all of this effort17:33
ricotzjbicha, i hope you queued up the g-s upload in your todo list17:35
jbicharicotz: yeah, I'm uploading in a sec17:39
desrtseb128: what's your take on the concept of parallel-installable g-c-c/u-c-c?17:40
seb128desrt, no strong opinion17:41
desrti mean do you think it's worth the effort?17:41
seb128desrt, if somebody want to do a parallel installable for upstream g-c-c they can do it17:41
seb128desrt, no17:41
desrtya.  i agree.17:41
seb128especially that part of our design changes went upstream so it should reduce our patching level17:42
ricotzjbicha, thanks17:42
desrtso are you just going to start uploading the modified one with the name u-c-c next cycle and relegate g-c-c to a debian universe import?17:42
seb128we can do that17:42
desrtthat's always what i assumed would happen17:42
desrtwith a conflicts:, of course17:42
jbichawould the seeds have a problem with ubuntu-gnome depending on g-c-c | u-c-c and ubuntu-desktop depending on u-c-c | g-c-c17:43
jbichag-c-c has a fair amount of rdepends17:43
seb128desrt, right, that was my intent, having versionned names for icons etc would be a pain17:43
desrtcould we have u-c-c provides: g-c-c?17:43
desrtthen put u-c-c explicitly on the seed list17:44
desrtand with a conflicts: g-c-c that would be a good way to make sure we get the right package in the right seed, i think17:44
seb128the provides are not versioned though :-(17:44
desrtwe have versioned g-c-c depends/17:44
seb128jbicha, no, that | would be fine17:44
desrtseb128: 54 packages with g-c-c rdepend17:44
desrtlots of work to do :)17:44
seb128not worth it...17:45
desrtshame about the unversioned provides thing17:45
seb128I want to see if we can just fork some panels and play with OnlyShowIn17:45
desrtthat may help17:45
seb128like the appareance one17:46
seb128because we should have almost no change to most panels17:46
desrtmight make sense to maintain those forked panels in a separate package, even17:46
seb128like our sound fork went upstream in 3.617:46
desrtsince we'll presumably continue with the public-library approach17:46
seb128which is one of the patches,but I don't think anyone care strongly about us adding that capability17:47
desrti sort of like the sound of this approach17:47
desrtthat patch would become the master patch17:47
desrtthe only one we need, really17:47
desrtsince it would facilitate any other changes we want to make without requiring other patches17:47
jbichawhat about the killing the icons next to Personal, Hardware, System which weren't done right & so look bad in non-light-themes17:47
desrtan interesting extra functionality might be the ability for an external module to 'hide' internal ones17:48
desrtso we don't have to explicitly mark them onlyshowin: gnome17:48
desrtwe just install the ubuntu one and it stomps out the upstream one17:48
robru_am I the only one experiencing the absolute worst round of system updates ever?17:52
desrtrobru_: that was me on monday :)17:53
robru_gdm won't start, lightdm won't launch gnome-shell, lightdm will launch unity, but once unity's screen is locked, there's no way to unlock the screen.17:53
desrtrobru_: don't make the mistake of trying a fresh reinstall from a daily either.  that's in bad shape at the moment as well.17:53
robru_oh, and emacs is hung. congrats guys17:54
robru_you broke emacs17:54
jbicharobru_: gdm is being worked on, bug 105693617:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056936 in gdm "[FFE] GDM 3.6.0 won't start without gnome-session 3.6.0" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105693617:56
robrujbicha: is there a workaround to launch gnome-shell in the meantime?17:57
cyphermoxDesrt I didn't have any issues installing this morning really17:57
cyphermoxThere are some gotchas but things work17:57
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
desrtperhaps it's fixed17:59
desrtthe installer was getting stuck for me running os-prober17:59
robrujbicha: do you need anybody to help you test this? looks like we are the only ones 'affected' by that bug ;-)17:59
* desrt makes a note of not rebooting... :)18:00
* xnox makes a note to schedule an unannounced powercut in desrt's area18:01
jbicharobru: it hit people on the forums too, we just need to convince the Release Team that gnome-session is safe when we're running out of time before Beta 218:01
jbichaor we could do a more-or-less-ugly revert18:01
jbichaor we could just wait 24 hours for the archive to open again and then the problem is magically fixed18:02
robrujbicha: sarcasm? I don't follow how waiting 24 hours magically fixes things. though I'm more than happy to take the day off ;-)18:02
jbichanope, not sarcasm, gnome-session is waiting in the NEW queue since we're in hard freeze for the beta, which expires tomorrow18:03
jbicha*unapproved queue18:03
jbicharobru: if you need to get work done, just install the old gdm from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/3.5.92-0ubuntu118:04
jbichaor /var/cache/apt/archive18:04
robrujbicha: ok thanks18:04
desrtxnox: laptop :)18:06
robruI'm also hitting an unrelated bug with unity. anybody else seeing this one? after my screen locks, when I come back to my computer, the screen is just black. I have a mouse and the mouse is responsive, but other than the mouse there is only solid black on the screen. the computer *seems* really unresponsive, however I rebooted, and then upon restoring my firefox session, I discovered that I'd done a google search for my password.18:07
robrumeans that the unlock dialog accepted my password, and then firefox accepted my password again, without any visual cues for me at all.18:07
robruso that's impressively terrible. also I was able to get back to lightdm by pressing tab and space to activate the 'switch user' button, but then when I tried to log back in as myself, it went back to the black screen thing.18:08
robru(the switch user button that I *couldn't* *see* because the screen was *only* *black*)18:08
jbicharobru: I've had similar black screen of death a few times this week, but most of the time screenlock has been working for me18:09
robruyeah, actually, sorry. I tried locking and unlocking screen manually, and that works. it's only when I go away for a bit, then come back, the screen is black.18:10
robruI don't mind "black screen of death", that's some understandable glitch. what I am incredibly bothered by is unwittingly doing google searches for my password. is that not incredibly terrifying to anybody else? how many times have I googled my password without even knowing?18:11
jbicharobru: just be glad you didn't have IRC focused!18:12
robruwhat's worse, google engineers knowing my password, or canonical ones? ;-)18:12
desrtgoogle already knows everything about you :)18:13
robruI unfortunately developed the habit of 'typing password into black screen' some time ago when I was experiencing some bug with screen lock showing only black, but entering the password was successfully able to unlock the screen and recover my session.18:13
robrujbicha: to downgrade gdm, do I just need gdm and gnome-shell 3.5, or other packages too?18:14
jbichaI think gdm is sufficient18:15
seb128robru, jbicha. the blank screen issue is known, tjaalton is working on it18:17
robruthanks seb12818:17
seb128robru, you are on intel?18:17
robruseb128: yeah, system76 gazelle, so intel 4000 gfx18:18
seb128yeah, intel driver bug apparently there...18:18
robrudoes tjaalton need any assistance with testing?18:22
ricotzjbicha, i will just copy gnome-session to gnome3 ppa18:32
jbicharicotz: thanks18:32
ricotzthis will at least help the ppa users18:33
tjaaltonrobru: can you reproduce the hang with gnome-shell?19:07
robrutjaalton: I haven't seen it with gnome-shell yet, only with unity19:08
robrutjaalton: is there something specific you want me to try in order to attempt to reproduce it?19:09
tjaaltonrobru: nah, i'm trying to get a newer kernel working with the current upstream code and see how it works and let upstream know19:12
robrutjaalton: alright, no worries. let me know if you need anything tested, this is a serious one that needs to die ;-)19:13
tjaaltontell me about it..19:14
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sbtepitti, is there anything you can say about this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/emesene/+bug/105035819:27
ubot2sbte: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0x9212c2c> bug 1050358 not found19:27
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jbicharobert_ancell: hey, did you see bug 1055783?22:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055783 in lightdm "LightDM doesn't take full ownership of /var/lib/lightdm which can prevent lightdm from starting" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105578322:36
robert_ancelljbicha, yes, haven't investigated yet though22:36
jbichaok, it should only affect people who go around uninstalling and reinstalling lightdm22:37
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