MikeDKfortår dig godt kristian-aalborg men forstår osse soren's irritation for jeg har nemlig osse tænkt over det at amazon ikke sælger digitalt indhold til danske brugere igennem den måde det blir implementeret på00:37
kristian-aalborgdet er mest det, at man fedter den slags ind i systemet00:38
czajkowskiI'm going to be going to UDS09:39
czajkowskiand wondering if people could recommend some places to eat in copenhagen?09:39
czajkowskihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-R  has been created to add any local information09:40
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jarlenczajkowski: seems like the wiki login is bugged. Are you looking for anything in particular? Kitchen, size, price range?19:04
jarlenah, there it goes19:05
czajkowskijarlen: places to eat restaurants?19:07
czajkowskihow to get around? public transport?19:07
jarlenI'll add some notes about public transport19:10
czajkowskijarlen: thanks19:15
jarlenczajkowski: I believe the UDS is at the 'Bella centre', can you confirm? I can't find the location on the wiki page.19:25
czajkowskijarlen: http://uds.ubuntu.com/event/19:31
czajkowskiyup it is19:31
jarlenok, cool, that's nice for public transport :-)19:31
czajkowskiah good19:32
czajkowskitrying to orgnaise my team dinner also so looking for a place thats affordable and has good choice for 16 people19:32
cgtdkaffordable, lol19:33
cgtdkI'm sorry19:33
cgtdkSome places are more affordable than others19:33
cgtdkIt's just that they're all expensive (compared to other countries)19:34
czajkowskiwell yes19:34
czajkowskibut I orgiginally come from Ireland and lived in Dublin19:34
czajkowskiso most places are cheaper than that and I live in London now :)19:34
jarlenhttp://www.rizraz.dk/ is pretty affordable, provides for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, and should fit 16 people if you order tables19:36
jarlenit's centrally located so you have a chance the city by night, but still only a short travel from the venue19:37
czajkowskijarlen: thanks19:42
jarlenI hope this gives a good basic idea about public transportation in Copenhagen :-)19:59
cgtdkjarlen: thumbs up for actually being helpful (as opposed to my contributions to this conversation)20:00
jarlenI thought it was about time I did something useful with my life ;-)20:01
czajkowskijarlen: thank you20:02
jarlenI hope it'll be useful to somebody20:02
czajkowskiit will trust20:05
czajkowskiso some teams ( this is not to pressure your loco) organise a meet n gret or a tour and if you you can add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-R/OtherEvents20:05
czajkowskiI know someone asked in ubuntu-locotams could they20:05
jarlenyeah, I saw mention about somebody discussing whether to have a kind of event20:16
jarlennot sure how it ended, but at least something is going on :)20:17
jarlenBut it's probably hard with no clue about the amount of people going20:18
jarlenBut I see there's a few of the danes on the attendee list, I'm sure they'll figure out something20:19
czajkowskijarlen: with that restaurant I cant seem to work out, if people want to have buffeet and some want to eat from set menu is  this possible do you know20:21
jarlenit is20:27
jarlenI believe the menu is vegetarian for 99DKK20:28
jarlenif you go for one of the 'steaks' in the menu, you can add on the buffet for 35DKK extra20:29
czajkowskioh I see20:30
jarlenso T-Bone + Buffet is 220+35 :-)20:30
jarlenon the contact page it says you can mail cb@rizraz.dk for bookings, so they can probably help if you have any special requests as well20:33
czajkowskiis that good value20:34
jarlenI'd probably choose something cheaper, personally :P20:35
jarlenthe euro is ~7.45 DKK20:35
jarlenso it's about €3020:35
czajkowskiah not bad at all20:38

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