darkxstjbicha, anyway here is an updated build script https://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/+junk/iso-build-script00:48
darkxstit applys the latest casper changes (re-enable log out, patch login.defs)00:49
darkxstand hides the password prompt00:50
jbichaok, I'll look at it a bit later, thanks again!00:51
darkxstonce you don't need to local patches anymore just remove the files from 'casper-scripts'00:51
jbichadarkxst: I changed my mind again, I'm going to go ahead and push your gdm change01:40
darkxstdid you get the other fix as well?01:54
jbichathe one included in gdm 3.6?01:56
jbichayes, I'll do both at once, it's up to the release team whether they'll accept it before thursday though01:56
darkxstok, cool02:11
jbichaoops, gnome-shell is temporarily uninstallable until it gets rebuilt against the latest mutter02:14
jbicha.0 GNOME releases are annoying, for that reason02:15
darkxstanyway my gdm fix probably needs to go into precise also at some point02:25
smartboyhwHi jbicha12:58
jbichasmartboyhw: hi12:59
jbicha um, so I broke gdm in the last upload14:21
* smartboyhw should now go and cancel the email of self-nominating to be QA Lead14:22
jbichaI was bad and didn't test that it worked before pushing it14:22
jbichaman, and it's already Wednesday :(14:23
smartboyhwjbicha: just fix it don't worry14:23
jbichawe have to fix it today or revert or we'll miss the deadline14:23
everaldojbicha, hey15:14
everaldojbicha, did you notice any problem with GDM after dist-upgrade ?15:14
smartboyhweveraldo, yes jbicha declared he messed it up15:15
jbichaoh, maybe we need gnome-session15:17
jbichaI opened bug 1056936 to track the issue15:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1056936 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM 3.6.0 won't start" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105693615:18
* jbicha builds gnome-session and see it that fixes it15:18
everaldoI just start my system using startx15:20
jbichaI don't think the Release Team will want gnome-session updated before Beta 2 though15:20
everaldolong time since I used it15:20
everaldosmartboyhw, jbicha, any ppa with this fixes?15:21
* smartboyhw doesn't know15:21
jbichawe could cheat and include the newer gnome-session anyway in our remix15:21
jbichareverting sounds messy15:21
everaldohow hard is to include a custom package on iso?15:22
jbichaok, the new gnome-session works, rebooting just to double check15:25
jbichayeah, works after reboot too15:27
jbichabecause we have our own build script, we could include the newer gnome-session in our image15:28
jbichabut it doesn't change that people that install the new gdm today and reboot will have broken systems until later tomorrow15:28
jbichaso I'm going to talk to the release guys about what we can do15:28
everaldooh, my internet is really bad today15:48
everaldojbicha, where I can found the sources for new gnome-session?15:51
jbichabut I actually used https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-session/ubuntu instead15:52
everaldojbicha, nice, thanks15:52
everaldowill compile and install it here15:52
everaldoalso will genera an new iso just to test and report any bugs15:53

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