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czajkowskitdr112: airurando http://skycon.skynet.ie/2012/timetable.php12:29
czajkowskitimetable is up12:30
airurandoczajkowski: nice one, looking forward to it.12:36
airurandoebel: slashtom: decided on go/no go for Skycon'12 yet?16:37
airurandowhoops that should have been slashbel16:41
airurandoebel: slashbel: decided on go/no go for Skycon'12 yet?19:38
zmoylanairurando: might be quicker to tweet them19:49
airurandozmoylan thanks but no rush, just curious.20:00
zmoylantickety boo20:00
czajkowskizmoylan: you coming down20:07
czajkowskihows' patrick you seen him lately20:08
zmoylanmy mobility is still an issue so unfortunately not.20:08
zmoylanhaven't seen patrick in ages.  we keep meaning to meetup but just keep miss timing our meetups.20:09
czajkowskizmoylan: does he know about skycon ?20:16
zmoylanhe's fairly plugged in.  will poke him tomorrow and see.20:16
Victor9098Hello room!20:38
czajkowskiVictor9098: aloha20:38
czajkowskiVictor9098: where are you based?20:41
ebelairurando: yeah I saw you asking earlier. i dunno, prob. not, only started paying attention to things in last few days20:41
Victor9098Enfield (Meath)20:41
czajkowskiVictor9098: you coming to skycon weekend after next in limerick20:42
Victor9098czajkowski: Originally I was hoping I would, but I do not think so now. Down to funds more then anything else20:43
czajkowski<-- dinner20:48
Victor9098Anyone come across this 'garda siochana' ransomware? Friend gave me a call this afternoon saying their PC had a big garda notification on it, popped over to have a look and its a ransomware that has been doing the rounds. Using Kaspersky to try to fix now20:51
ebelContact the guards? they might not be keen on someone impersonating them20:52
Victor9098Yes, done that. Been in touch with Phoenix park. they said not to provide any payment details that it asks for20:52
Victor9098They said they have been aware of it for a few months, even Irish versions of it out there20:53
Victor9098Have a bad feeling Kaspersky has frozen...clock stuck at 9.26 :-D20:55
airurandoebel: no prob. Would have been nice to meet up again.  Hopefully soon!21:25
airurandohi czajkowski and Victor909821:26
Victor9098Howdy airurando21:27
airurandopity you can't make skycon Victor909821:31
airurandohad hoped to meet you there21:31
Victor9098I was looking forward to it, but do not think its going to happen now21:38

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