xnoxcjwatson: debconffilter doesn't quite like multi-line input, e.g. for SUBST command.11:39
xnoxthere is a "TODO: handle excaped input"11:39
xnoxis there an easy way to tell debconf to perform debconf-escaped SUBST commands?11:40
cjwatsondb_capb escape11:41
cjwatsonactual multi-line text breaks the debconf protocol; multi-line subst is only legal at all if the escape capb is set11:42
xnoxpartman-lvm/displayall just does it =)11:42
cjwatsonpartman-base enables the escape capb11:52
cjwatsonso it's fine for stuff in partman to use it11:52
cjwatsonbut we do need to make debconffilter handle it11:52
cjwatsonthis is ubiquity's problem, not partman's :)11:52
xnoxah.... hmm....11:52

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