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julian_fernHello guys :)14:02
smartboyhwHi julian_fern14:02
julian_fernI just became a Ubuntu member. I wonder if i can get a cloak, please?14:02
julian_fernMy LP page: https://launchpad.net/~julianfernandes14:02
Sidewinder1^ Pici Are you available for ^  ?14:03
Sidewinder1julian_fern, BTW, congrats on the Member.14:04
julian_fernSidewinder1: thanks :)14:04
PiciSure, give me a minute :)14:06
Sidewinder1{Probably checking your launchpad, etc.}14:07
julian_fernNo problem :)14:08
Sidewinder1And, trying to find some staff in #freenode. :-)14:08
julian_fernw00t, thanks guys :D14:12
Picijulian_fern: congrats :)14:12
Sidewinder1Pici, I thought that you were able to grant member cloaks; guess not. Humblest apologies for pinging you, my bad.. For future reference, whom should I ping regarding such requests?14:12
julian_fernNow i can start using IRC again :P14:12
PiciSidewinder1: me.14:12
Sidewinder1Oh, OK.. :)14:12
PiciSidewinder1: Ubuntu GCs still need to contact a freenode staffer to actually action the cloak.14:12
julian_fernWell, time to go to work. Thanks again and bye everyone :)14:14
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