dholbachgood morning07:05
lousygaruagood morning08:13
GeochrGood morning from Greece09:05
czajkowskiGeochr: hey there 09:06
GeochrHi czajkowski 09:07
GeochrHi mates, the Greek community has created a countdown banner for 12.10 which is used in our forum : https://forum.ubuntu-gr.org/12:59
Geochrif you like it, here is the instruction how to convert it in your language13:00
GeochrFeel free to use it...13:00
czajkowskiGeochr: great job! 13:02
Geochrthanks czajkowski 13:02
Geochrthe art team of our community doing good job13:04
Geochrwe are proud fo them...13:05
czajkowskidoing a great job! 13:05
Geochrand i am proud which i am a part of Ubuntu Greece...13:05
Geochrok "great job" as you wish !13:06
=== SaMe is now known as SergioMeneses
locodir-userAtualizei de 10.04LTS para 12.04 através do gerenciador de atualização. Não removi os "pacotes obsoletos" na instalação e agora como faço para remover??16:59

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