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dholbachgood morning07:05
iulianGoooood morning dholbach.07:32
dholbachhi iulian!07:34
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bobweaverHello there I was just playing around with playonlinx when I noticed that a third of the programs will not install because it (play on linux version) Is too old. I am on 12.10  the version is 4.1.1 and I noticed on Play on linux's site that they are up to 4.1.8 so I installed 4.1.8  and this version is way better then the one in the ubuntu ppa I mean there is more features and way more tools. So I was thinking why does Ubuntu have such16:51
bobweavera old versions ? And is there anything that I could do to update the repo to be 4.1.8 and not 4.1.1 ?16:51
bobweaverthanks for your time16:51
ubottuDebian bug 687207 in playonlinux "playonlinux: New version available" [Wishlist,Open]16:52
bobweavercjwatson,  should I make debian package of 4.1.8 ?16:54
bobweaverI do not know How to work with debian though they where real real real real real mean to mean on there channels when I was 1st starting out so I do not know if I care to either16:55
bobweavermaybe someone can explain some stuff to me about there hosting and what not at UDS ?16:56
bobweaverwould any one like to set up a appointment with me at UDS to explain there hosting and tools that they use ?16:57
bobweaverI have a question about debuild  I am so use to uploading my own packages that I have made from scratch that I do not know how to tell debuild not to include everything on upload, Example I always have ran  debuild -S -sa    what do I run to tell it that they source code is already uploaded and there is no reason to upload source code when running dput on the changes file17:33
tumbleweedbobweaver: we (Ubuntu) care about debian, so please don't write off debian too easily17:37
tumbleweedas I didn't see this myself, I have no idea about the specifics, but yes, happy to chat about it at UDS17:38
bobweavertumbleweed,  I will not tumbleweed  I also care about debian a bunch and use it all the time and Love the freedoom that it gives , But I just had a hard time with the community17:38
bobweaverthat is all17:38
bobweaverit happens you know17:38
tumbleweedof course17:38
tumbleweedbobweaver: as to your debuild question: -sa means include the orig tarball even if it doesn't think it needs to17:39
bobweaverI am also sure that they where not to impressed by me asking a bunch of question ;)17:40
tumbleweedusually you don't need to specifiy -sd or -sa, it should get it right17:40
tumbleweedbobweaver: being patient, respectful of others' time, and having a thick skin - all usually helps17:40
bobweaverbut you are right I am not going to let a couple bad eggs ruin my omelet . maybe they where having a bad day, we all do17:41
* bobweaver goes to medical cabinet and gets out vit B (think skin) 17:42
bobweaverthick *17:42
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bobweavertumbleweed,  PM ? about meetup at UDS17:43
tumbleweedbobweaver: sure17:46
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cjwatsonbobweaver: #debian IRC is often not desperately representative of Debian.  It works much more by e-mail.17:56
bobweaverThanks cjwatson  !17:56
bobweaverI will keep that in mind for the future17:56
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bobweaverquestion: under the line Uploaders: in the debian dir can I have 2 people? example  Uploaders: Jose Doe <josedoe@email.com>, Jose Moe <josemoe@email>17:58
bobweaverin the control file sorry17:59
cjwatsonYes.  http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Uploaders18:00
bobweavercjwatson, I was just reading that and was wondering what folded means ? in the line "The Uploaders field in debian/control can be folded."18:02
cjwatsonhttp://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-controlsyntax defines that.18:03
bobweaverI see thanks again18:06
bobweaverI am sorry to ask another question but I can not seem to get this control file right. error is line 37: first block lacks a source field   Here is the control file http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228959/18:17
bobweaverthanks again for your time18:17
jtaylorbobweaver: why not use the existing package as a starting point?18:19
jtaylorbobweaver: in that control file you are mixing source and binary package18:19
bobweaveryou mean that the stanza is not correct and there needs to be two ? I tried that like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228973/ but it errors out on line 13 because of the white space18:22
bobweaverI m sorry I dont not follow18:22
jtaylorthe first line should be Source:18:22
jtaylorand installed-size is no key18:22
jtaylorneither is Version18:22
jtaylorapt-get source playonlinux for a working control18:23
bobweaverOh my I see what you are saying I am dumb sometimes line one neds to be Source not package18:25
bobweaverSweet it worked18:35
bobweaverIn the ppa ! https://launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+archive/beta18:35
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bobweaverHello there as some of you know I was playing with play on linux and updating the version. Well I am done now. And Fixed http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=687207    Now  I am wondering how to upload to debian so it will make its way to Ubuntu ?23:00
ubottuDebian bug 687207 in playonlinux "playonlinux: New version available" [Wishlist,Open]23:00
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cjwatsonbobweaver: You can't - you offer a patch to the Debian maintainers and they decide whether to accept it23:21
cjwatsonbobweaver: However I noticed that you appeared to have repackaged playonlinux from scratch23:22
cjwatsonThat's not good23:22
bobweaverYeah because the source upstream had changed23:22
cjwatsonThat's not a reason to repackage from scratch23:22
bobweaverI sould make it with the upstream tar ball ?23:22
cjwatsonWhen you update a Debian (or Ubuntu) package to a new upstream version, you don't start from scratch and run dh_make against the upstream tarball23:23
cjwatsonYou update the existing packaging23:23
cjwatsonYou appear to have taken things like the changelog but thrown away most of the rest of the packaging23:25
cjwatsonI'd actually suggest just leaving it to the Debian games team, TBH, as they likely know what they're doing here - they just said in the bug that they didn't want to bother with it until after wheezy's released23:26
cjwatsonAh, it looks like upstream has their own partial debian/ directory now, or something23:27
cjwatsonWe generally ignore those23:27
bobweavercjwatson,  could you point me to a tutorial for that ? I know that it is a large subject . I guess what I am missing is . do I go to Git and grab upstream or apt-get source POL  then run a diff on that tarball and change the files and the debian stuff ?  Yeah I think that must of the stuff that was in the debian/*23:27
cjwatsonEr, in general it is a creative task that involves knowing the package23:27
bobweaverwas old and not needed23:27
cjwatsonThings like uscan can help with the basics but the details of revision control and the like totally depend on the package and its maintainers23:28
cjwatsonI don't have a tutorial for you23:28

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