qwebirc96565I'm planning on using mythbuntu as a pvr backend VM to a xbmc device. Is this retarded ?18:29
tgm4883Why would you put the backend in a VM?18:29
qwebirc96565Mutiple front end devices and they may be switched off where as the VM host will allways be on.18:30
tgm4883You're going to put the frontend in a VM too?18:30
tgm4883Sorry, I'm a bit confused as to exactly what you are doing18:31
qwebirc96565Basically a vm to do the recording, then mutiple other physical devices as front ends /viewing18:32
qwebirc96565vm is on a home server.18:32
tgm4883right, but why the vm to do the recording and not just have it on bare metal?18:32
qwebirc96565The home server is running esx and has a bunch of other stuff on it.18:33
qwebirc96565other vm's18:33

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