plarsinfinity: writing the image to card, then booting from that, and selecting the default install options, so I'm wondering if it's something in the partitioning step that clobbered it01:52
plarsinfinity: fwiw, the target appears to correctly be sda (the usb stick) though01:53
jbichahi, could gnome-shell get accepted, as it needs to rebuild against the new mutter that was accepted earlier02:16
RAOFHm. Queuebot seems to be missing everything not going to quantal?02:23
stgraberRAOF: like that one? ^02:27
RAOFHeh. Indeed, like that one :)02:28
RAOFJust a bit slow, I take it :)02:28
RAOFOk. precise queue is now down to a single page again.03:23
skaetinfinity,  did the arm flash issue get resolved for desktop or not?04:17
* skaet can't tell from pad or backscroll... 04:17
infinityskaet: Looks like it's resolved for server (and probably desktop, though no one confirmed that directly), but seems to still be occasionally goofy for netboot.04:25
skaetthanks infinity,  thought plars was still seeing issues was desktop, but if its resolved, that's good.04:27
plarsinfinity: I've seen a report from someone that it works on desktop, just netboot seems to be causing me grief now04:27
plarsskaet: ^04:28
* skaet nods04:28
infinityMmkay.  I'm slightly less concerned about netboot, but I'll test it nonetheless.04:28
infinityWe should be good to go to respin everything qith ubiquity on it for the most recent upload thereof.04:28
skaetany other pain points emerging?   or should this be it?04:29
* skaet goes to stare at iso tracker04:30
plarsskaet: seeing some missing options in the installer04:30
plarsex. no "install alongside" option if you have a previous version of ubuntu on the drive04:30
skaetplars, is there a bug number?04:30
infinityplars: On ARM, or in general?04:31
plarsand no reinstall option if you are installing the same version (unless it's intended to not really be a separate option.. I'm slightly more skeptical of this one since it could be an interpretation of install spec)04:31
plarsinfinity: in general04:31
plarsskaet: yeah, sec04:31
skaetalso,  any progress from TheMuso on the orca stopping reading after ubiquity?04:32
plars bug #1056571  bug #105658704:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056571 in ubiquity "Missing "reinstall" option when installing same version of Ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105657104:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056587 in ubiquity "Install alongside option missing when installing quantal over precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105658704:32
skaetthanks plars04:32
plarsskaet: he replied asking for details, so I updated the bug with more information on *exactly* which screen it stopped on04:32
infinityskaet: If you respin the world now, you should catch triggers 5, 17, 13, and 16.04:32
infinityskaet: I could also promote gtk+2.0 and overlay-scrollbar from proposed and pick up trigger 14.04:33
skaetinfinity,  and 11?04:35
* skaet thought gtk2.0 was trigger 11.04:35
infinityskaet: Oh, and 11.  gtk+2.0 is also 14 (as in, the overlay-scrollbar thing is tied up with gtk being fixed/changed, and overlay-scrollbar needing to change with it)04:36
skaetinfinity,  gotcha.04:36
infinityskaet: Anyhow, if we want to do that, can't start rebuilds for ~1h.04:38
skaetHow about we respin kubuntu now,  so its ready when Riddell shows up.     Others we can see what the flavors want,  and decide on a respin of Ubuntu early tomorrow?04:38
infinityskaet: GTK is in kubuntu too.  If we decide to promote gtk+overlay, there's very little that doesn't need rebuilding.04:39
infinity(And "seeing what flavours want" doesn't change that things should be tested with the new installer upload, etc.  We should probably just do a full respin overnight)04:40
infinityskaet: Between GTK (if we take it, and we probably should) and ubiquity (which is already in), that touches literally every image built on nusakan except core.  I saw we JFDI.04:42
* skaet was staring at what had been tested already04:42
skaetlubuntu's the one that's been tested the most,  and I know they want some of the powerpc fixes.04:43
infinitylubuntu's folks already told me they were prepared for respins.04:43
skaetok infinity,  lets respin04:43
infinityAnd, regardless, it's Tuesday, if this is the last image, I'll eat my hat.04:43
infinityskaet: Right, let me promote the gtk and overlay stuff.04:43
infinityskaet: Which should put us in respin land in ~45m.04:43
skaetinfinity,  can you stay up long enough to kick off the full respin?04:44
infinityskaet: Given the above timing, I think I can line it up now and hit <enter> three times on my way out the door for the evening. :)04:45
skaetinfinity,  goodness,  thanks.04:45
skaetok,  I'll go mark the iso tracker we're respinning.04:45
* skaet not sure we need a wubi respin04:46
infinityIt's still got the gtk change.04:46
infinityAnd overlay-scrollbar.04:46
skaetok then we do.04:46
infinityThe only thing that doesn't strictly need a rebuild is core, and it really doesn't matter if we rebuild it or not, since I can validate it in about 20s.04:47
skaethowever,  please special case Edubuntu to just the shipped architectures.04:47
skaet(ie.  waiting on arm for it is a waste of time,  since that's not shipping, and its in the defaults)04:47
infinityI can just drop ARM from default-arches for Edubuntu for now.  *shrug*04:47
skaetwhat ever works,  I'll let you and stgraber decide when to add it back, if that's the route you prefer04:48
infinityI'll drop it from defaul-arches in production, so there's an obvious diff against bzr that people can scratch their heads over.04:49
infinityIt's less prone to screwing up that way.04:49
stgrabersounds good04:49
skaetubuntu server images don't have any issues reported against them.   Much point in respinning them?  (already respun for 5)04:50
plarsskaet: none that I see, other than arm which was already done04:51
plarsskaet: we still have 2 bugs on arm server that, for different reasons, seem to require that most people install from serial04:51
plarsskaet: but those were both in beta1 also04:51
infinitystgraber: "bzr diff /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com" look like a good enough reminder for you?04:52
skaetinfinity,   ok,   leave ubuntu server out of the full respin then,  unless we get some specific fixes for them.04:52
stgraberinfinity: yep04:53
infinityskaet: ubiquity is on the server images too.04:54
skaetinfinity,  yeah, but 16 is down as opportunity target,  and 5 has already been applied.04:55
skaetinfinity,  can you turn off the auto erase of images so we can keep the current ones until after we ship out beta 1.05:00
skaetbeta 2 rather05:00
* skaet needs sleep it appears05:00
infinityIf a new one is broken, but an old one isn't, don't we want to actually fix what broke it?05:01
skaetturning off the auto erase means that if we have a regressions,   we can do some direct comparisons quickly, rather than worry about loosing the image05:03
* infinity nods.05:03
infinityThat's the justification I was hoping for. :P05:04
skaetiso tracker marked now as rebuilding all images except server05:05
skaetI figure we can redo that one quickly enough tomorrow,  if needed.05:05
* skaet --> zzz05:11
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=== henrix_ is now known as henrix
apwi see linux-lowlatency needs updating, i would like to get an update building but do not want to disrupt the beta efforts.  I would propose uploading it to quantal-proposed as normal and letting it out after freeze.  if that is good?09:03
cjwatsonapw: seems reasonable, especially since it only builds on fast architectures09:10
cjwatsonDoes the current version still have that cluster of i915 bugs?09:11
* apw checks09:11
cjwatson(Or, what is the update for?)09:11
infinityapw: It only lands on ubuntustudio images anyway, and I'm not against respinning those once it's built.09:12
infinityapw: But toss it in proposed, and we can sort it from there.09:12
apwok the current version has half of the i915 fixes, but not the latest reverts, this rebuild would bring those09:13
infinitySeems worth it.09:13
* infinity should get some sleep tonight.09:14
cjwatsonRight.  Stick it in -proposed anyway and then we can choose, as the man says.09:14
apwmakes sense, thanks09:14
cjwatsonpopey: does rsalveti's comment in bug 1046392 indicate sufficient testing to you?09:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1046392 in unity-2d "Update dependency on the renamed libgeis" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104639209:18
cjwatsonsince you were the one who said it needed more testing on ARM09:18
infinityapw: Do I get a meta too?09:24
infinityapw: Err, no ABI bump, nevermind.09:25
infinityapw: Not awake, clearly.09:25
* ogra_ sees bug 1056482 anfd wonders if in-target behaves differently between netinst and a normal install ... i tested the fix in a locally hacked up server image and there it worked09:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056482 in flash-kernel "/dev/mmcblk0p1 is not a block device when installing flash-kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105648209:26
apwinfinity, :) have a coffee09:36
infinityapw: A nap is probably more sensible.09:38
ogra_have both :)09:38
ogra_(in the right order indeed)09:38
popeycjwatson, yes09:45
cjwatsonpopey: how about on oneiric?09:47
popeycjwatson, i tested on oneiric, but not arm oneiric. :S09:49
popeyi can do that cjwatson, I'll get back to you09:49
Laneycoffee. a good idea.09:51
* cjwatson is at coffee == 2 and still zonked09:57
LaneyI ought to acquire a grinder and level up in the coffee stakes10:00
* ogra_ wonders if there is something bind mounting /dev in server and desktop installs that is missing in netboot ...10:00
ogra_so that in-target doesnt find /dev/mmcblk0p110:00
infinityThat's entirely possible.10:01
ogra_thats my only explanation i can get to10:01
cjwatsonIt's a bit unlikely that server and netboot would differ.10:02
cjwatsondesktop vs. server/netboot, certainly10:02
ogra_live-installer ?10:02
infinitylive-installer versus base-installer.10:02
infinityThere are subtle differences there.10:02
cjwatsonOh, if that's calling f-k then possibly, yes.10:02
* ogra_ has just a test of all server images running, will go for netinst once they are done and inspect 10:03
cjwatsonplars: as a general rule, could you please attach full syslogs to bugs rather than just quoting sections of them?  we often need to go through more context than people think is needed10:04
cjwatson(installer bugs, that is)10:05
cjwatsonogra_: Except flash-kernel-installer.postinst appears to bind-mount /dev itself ...10:05
cjwatsonmount -o bind /dev /target/dev10:05
cjwatsonif ! in-target flash-kernel; then10:05
cjwatson        umount /target/dev || true10:05
cjwatson        error "flash-kernel failed"10:05
cjwatsonumount /target/dev || true10:05
cjwatsonWhich would appear to be the section that's failing here?10:06
ogra_i'm not sure it could be the dosfstools above10:06
* cjwatson curses incomplete logs10:06
ogra_(or rather i think its more likely its that)10:06
ogra_              export VOLID=$(blkid -o value $(findfs /)|head -1)10:07
ogra_                # hide the boot partition from udisks automounting10:07
ogra_                bootdev=$(get_machine_field "$machine" "Boot-Device")10:07
ogra_                [ -b $bootdev ] && in-target dosfslabel $bootdev "SERVICEV001"10:07
cjwatsonAh, no10:07
ogra_no bind mouonting there10:07
cjwatsonIt's installing u-boot-tools10:07
cjwatsonSo it must be the section that installs Required-Packages10:07
ogra_oh, so its past that step, right10:07
cjwatsonAnd indeed, no bind-mount there10:08
cjwatsonI'm inclined to suggest that maybe live-installer ought to change here to be more in line with bootstrap-base10:08
ogra_live-installer is fine10:08
infinitycjwatson: Didn't live-installer have some bindmounts commented out?10:08
ogra_it bindmounts before running the postinst10:08
cjwatsonRight, setup_dev is commented out in live-installer.postinst10:08
infinitycjwatson: (But, in this case, live-installer is actually the one that works)10:08
ogra_so all of it is wrapped10:08
cjwatsonogra_: What bind-mounts before running what postinst10:09
ogra_one sec10:09
cjwatsoninfinity: huh.  exactly backwards from what I'd expect ...10:09
infinitycjwatson: Indeed.  But the server and desktop images both work, while netboot fails.10:09
infinitycjwatson: That's the curiosity.10:10
cjwatsonbootstrap-base (as in netboot installs) leaves /dev bind-mounted onto /target/dev for most of the rest of the installation, I think.10:10
ogra_hmm, i'm sure we implemented some /dev bindmounting in l-i around beta110:10
cjwatson(Just from code inspection; haven't checked recently.)10:10
* ogra_ cant find it10:11
cjwatsonBut in any case, as you say, live-installer isn't the one that's broken here.10:11
cjwatsonSo would that qemu beagle test you suggested be a reasonable way for me to reproduce this?10:12
cjwatsonI think I need to see it in action.10:12
ogra_cjwatson, it should, behaves like a beagleboard without all the nasty HW bugs :)10:13
cjwatsonHeh.  It'll save me having to debug lowmem mode right now.10:13
infinityOh dear, I just realised we have meetings in 4 hours.10:18
infinityThis isn't going to be a good day.10:18
infinityAt all.10:18
* infinity runs off to try to force himself to nap.10:19
infinityEmphasis on the "run".  Maybe I can tire myself out.10:19
* ogra_ glares at the flash-kernel-installer.postinst and thinks its all wrong ... 10:19
ogra_it is actually calling "in-target update-initramfs -c -k $(uname -r) || true" around line 74 ...10:20
ogra_long before flash-kernel is actually ready10:20
cjwatsonogra_: which of the many boot images should I be using with qemu-system-arm -M beaglexm then?10:20
ogra_and then it calls flash-kernel again in the end10:20
ogra_cjwatson, one of the gzipped img files (if you refer to netboot)10:21
cjwatsonyes.  which one exactly?10:21
infinitycjwatson: boot-img-fb.gz or -serial.gz, depending on if your commandline is setting up a serial console.10:21
ogra_cjwatson, ise the fb one10:21
ogra_or hack my script to not steal the serial console if you use --serial10:22
ogra_and indeed create a target device before10:22
ogra_(for --root)10:23
cjwatsonThat gives me "qemu: hardware error: no boot device found"10:24
cjwatsonDo I need to uncompress the img file?10:24
ogra_did you unzip it ?10:24
cjwatson(feel free to point me at wiki directions)10:24
cjwatsonogra_: Hah.  Not quick, is it.10:51
ogra_lol, nope10:51
ogra_i'm at the hostname setup alread and started after you though10:52
cjwatsonMine's still loading additional components.10:52
ogra_(and my omap3 test that i did before failed :/)10:52
cjwatsonOh, I suppose that could be slow network.10:52
ogra_yup, i use the server image here10:52
ogra_(and i have a local mirror of ports for netinst())10:53
cjwatsonYeah, but I want to see the failure.10:53
ogra_right, i just want to inspect the postinst inside the image atm10:53
cjwatsonI expect I'd have a local mirror if I worked on ARM all the time.10:53
ogra_i'm pretty sure the failure is that unconditional update-initramfs call in the postinst10:55
ogra_there is no bind mounting at all10:55
cjwatsonBut I want to understand why this differs between live-installer and bootstrap-base, in case this is a consequence of a bug elsewhere.10:56
ogra_and it happens directly after apt-install10:56
ogra_it very likely is10:56
cjwatsonI don't have a problem if it turns out to be solely an f-k-i bug and you want to fix it there.10:57
cjwatsonBut I also don't want to have a system composed of patches for its own bugs, when we could just fix them directly, if that's what needs to be done.10:57
cjwatsonHence investigation.10:57
ogra_well, the update-initramfs call definitely needs some bind mount logic ... but it would still be good to know why the environments differ10:58
ogra_so yes, i will fix it in f-k in the end10:58
ogra_why does my image have the wrong postinst10:58
cjwatsonThe reason I don't find that argument compelling yet is that the environment that fails is the one that is *more* likely to have an appropriate bind-mount already.10:59
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/Desktop/images$ cat /mnt/.disk/info10:59
ogra_Ubuntu-Server 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" - Beta armhf+omap (20120925)10:59
ogra_now why does the md5 match 25.210:59
cjwatsonIn what way is it wrong?10:59
ogra_dont we put the .x into the info file ?11:00
ogra_(the content agrees that it isnt 25.2 (teh f-k fix isnt there))11:01
cjwatsonWhat's the URL for this image?11:01
ogra_the timestamp for omap4 is at 21:0011:02
ogra_omap is 9:0011:03
ogra_looks like that wasnt rebuilt11:03
ogra_oh, and we now publish all squashfs'es11:04
infinityogra_: Oh, no, I only did omap4, I forgot we were still building omap.  Feel free to spin an omap/server image (everything else is rebuilt by now)11:04
ogra_ah, awesome11:04
* infinity passes out now.11:04
ogra_we'll excuse you at the meeting if you sleep in :)11:05
cjwatsonsquashfses> only for the server image11:05
ogra_ah, k11:05
cjwatson(well, strictly, only for squashfs-base images, but that's just ubuntu-server at the moment)11:05
ogra_i thought you wanted to disable that ...11:05
cjwatsonI explicitly enabled it; it was never previously enabled11:06
cjwatsonso not sure what you mean there :)11:06
ogra_i pointed you to the amd64+mac squashfs yesterady and understood you wanted to disable it :)11:07
ogra_but then i misunderstood11:07
NCommanderogra_, I'm looking through the backscroll, how goes the f-k fixing?11:13
ogra_if nobody minds i'll do a respin of omap server now11:13
ogra_NCommander, only affects netinst ... who uses that anyway :P11:13
cjwatsonogra_: I deleted that because it wasn't currently being emitted by the code11:14
ogra_omap server running11:14
cjwatsonogra_: It was there because Daviey had inserted it manually and hadn't either updated the code or cleaned up afterwards, so it was faithfully copied across by subsequent builds11:14
ogra_k, your recation just made me think it was unwanted ... i just interpreted to much :)11:15
cjwatsonNah, I just care about consistency :)11:16
NCommanderogra_, .oO(I do)11:17
ogra_NCommander, ah, then it is because of you that we debug this now :)11:17
ogra_(just adding a fix to f-k wold be easy btw ... but that wouldnt explain why the envs differ)11:18
Riddellcould I get a rebuild of kubuntu amd64 and amd64+mac and powerpc?  they're oversized and I just removed a langpack from the seed11:19
cjwatsonthough they looked *way* oversized11:20
cjwatsonoh, bah, daily-checks has the wrong limits so quotes them wrongly in mail11:21
cjwatsonthat explains some weirdness I've noticed in the past11:21
cjwatsonI'll see if I can fix that in a bit11:21
cjwatsonRiddell: on its way11:22
plarscjwatson, ogra_ : sorry, just woke up... I intended to attach the full syslog and partman but fell asleep first. They are both attached now11:27
plarsfor https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1056482 that is11:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056482 in flash-kernel "/dev/mmcblk0p1 is not a block device when installing flash-kernel" [Undecided,New]11:28
plarsI'll try to go through it again in just a bit, since it worked on server and desktop, I'm guessing it might be something with the default partition selection for guided/full install11:28
plarshowever, I can confirm that it looks like it's trying to install to /dev/sda (the usb stick): /dev/sda1 is mounted as /target/boot and /dev/sda2 is mounted as /target11:29
cjwatsonWe think it's more likely to be a difference between the base system installation methods at this point11:30
cjwatsonSince there should be no difference in the default partition selection between server and netboot11:30
* Laney erks at that server failure11:33
Laneydpkg-deb: file `/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ftp/pool/main/d/debootstrap/debootstrap-udeb_1.0.42_all.udeb' contains ununderstood data member11:33
Laney+data.tar.xz     , giving up11:34
ogra_hmm, my omap server build finished 30min ago11:51
ogra_but there is still no 20120925.3/11:51
ogra_or rather no 20120926 i should say11:52
cjwatsonLaney: yeah, I was trying to comprehend that11:54
cjwatsondpkg was upgraded an hour ago11:54
cjwatson2012-09-26 11:17:41 upgrade dpkg
cjwatsonoh dear11:54
* cjwatson takes this to #is11:55
Laneyah, so they had backported that patch from 1.15.6 and something happened to it11:58
cjwatsonYeah.  Fixed now12:01
cjwatsonogra_: Try again12:02
cjwatsonogra_: It failed due to the problem Laney and I were just discussing12:02
cjwatsonFortunately this was downgraded in time not to affect the Kubuntu build in progress12:03
Laneyon the bright side, I just found out that "ununderstood" is a real word12:04
dokocould somebody let python2.7 build in quantal-proposed?12:22
Riddellcjwatson: those kubuntu images still have language-pack-kde-de on them, should we have waited a bit for the seed change to get picked up?12:23
ogra_ah, thanks !12:23
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, with try again you meant i should re-run for-project ?12:24
ogra_or should it magically appear on cdimage ?12:24
* ogra_ runs it again12:26
cjwatsonRiddell: Yes12:29
cjwatsonRiddell: Seed changes that affect tasks need a publisher run that's doing something else12:29
cjwatson(i.e. publishing a package)12:29
cjwatsonRiddell: I'll accept something from universe12:29
cjwatsonogra_: I meant do the build again, since it failed very early12:29
ogra_right, well, buildlive was fine12:30
cjwatsonbuildlive wasn't the bit that failed12:30
ogra_for-project is running12:30
cjwatsonYou can do just the cron.daily* part, yes12:30
ogra_and done :)12:31
cjwatsonRiddell: We can try again in half an hour or so12:32
* ogra_ lols about the recent spam .... "ever wanted to sit like an executive ? buy and executive arm chair"12:33
=== ralsina_ is now known as ralsina
skaetgood morning ogra_,  cjwatson13:06
cjwatsonogra_: so for this qemu/beagle test, which disk should I partition, mmcblk0 or sda?13:08
skaetogra_,  working through the backscroll ( and not had sufficient caffine yet), but I can't tell if we still have issues with the flash kernel on the arm ports or not yet.    Impression I've got is that we're ok on desktop and server, but netboot is still???   Is this accurate?13:09
cjwatsonthere's something wrong with netboot that I don't believe we fully understand yet13:11
cjwatsonI have a test running at the moment13:11
ogra_right, i wanted to look into it as well, but am fighting on several other fronts13:12
skaetthanks cjwatson.  is issue likely to be beyond arm then for netboot?13:12
skaetogra_,  are arm images basically sane at this point, or are there other blocker bugs that should be added to the under investigation list?13:14
ogra_skaet, still pending desktop tests here13:16
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ogra_server are all fine13:16
ogra_skaet, working around the netboot issue with a flash-kernel hack is trivial btw ...13:18
ogra_(two bind mount/umount lines)13:19
skaetthanks ogra_13:19
ogra_if we havent fixed it based on teh environemt difference by end of my day i'll happily upload a fix13:21
cjwatsonskaet: I don't know yet.13:21
ogra_(or i could even do that now and we leave it sit in proposed until needed)13:22
skaetthanks cjwatson13:22
skaetogra_  sounds good.13:24
ogra_ok. will do then13:24
skaetthanks.  :)13:24
skaetxnox,  any feedback on the bug with latest images: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1056707 ?13:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056707 in ubiquity ""Unsafe swap space detected" dialog displayed too late if swap is created after an encrypted partition and makes manual partitioner unusable" [Undecided,New]13:27
xnoxskaet: standard debian-installer behaviour.13:28
cjwatsondisplayed too late is standard; making the partitioner unusable seems rather a shame though13:29
NCommanderxnox, that sounds like a bug to me. Having unencrypted swap is a bad thing, plus hosing partman is worse13:29
xnoxskaet: as in, exactly the same behaviour is present on alternate/server cds since... forever.13:29
NCommanderxnox, just because the behavior been around since the dawn of time doesn't mean it ain't a bug13:32
cjwatsonxnox: I'm not aware that it makes the partitioner unusable as described in d-i13:33
cjwatsonAre you saying that it does?13:33
xnoxNCommander: true. I agree it's a bug. I simply don't know the best way to correct this.13:33
xnoxcjwatson: it bails out on commit, let me check d-i quickly.13:34
cjwatsonAnyway, if it isn't a regression from d-i then there's no reason to consider it RC13:37
xnoxcjwatson: d-i "This program will now abort"13:39
xnoxplease diable the swap space or configure encrypted swap and run the setup again.13:40
xnoxbut then it returns to the partitioner.... hmm...13:40
ogra_how else would you create encrypted swap if not in the partitioner13:42
skaetcjwatson, agreed,  if its not a regression,  its not release critical for beta 2.13:42
xnoxcjwatson: hmm... but the bug described is different.13:42
xnoxcjwatson: activate encrypted volume, then create swap, then click "Install now" and installation starts and yanks you back from "timezone" step back to guided partitioning.13:43
cjwatsonencrypted swap is really most easily done by way of encrypted LVM13:43
cjwatsonit's a right pain to encrypt independently13:44
* ogra_ ponders over bug 105641013:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056410 in ubiquity "changing drive partitioning on ARM Quantal does not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105641013:45
cjwatsonRiddell: I've kicked off those Kubuntu builds for you again13:47
ogra_heh, xaos ... that still exists ?13:52
tumbleweedand seeded, even13:52
* ogra_ wonders if joey ever accepted his patch to add a .desktop file 13:52
ogra_tumbleweed, yeah, i know, i seeded it some years ago :)13:52
tumbleweededubuntu: where we put all the fun stuff :)13:53
Laneyxaos is awesome13:53
ogra_yeah, edubuntu is a fun playground13:53
* smartboyhw finds Ubuntu Studio better:P13:54
ogra_back then it was a mix of both big desktops and streched even between server and desktop13:54
highvoltagesssh, we don't ever say that out loud ;)13:54
ogra_with unity added today it even mixes three desktops :)13:55
tumbleweedor the "client" and server, as I note ubuntu people saying recently (urgh, I really dislike that use of the word client)13:55
ogra_tumbleweed, +++13:55
ogra_and +1!!!11!13:56
highvoltagewhat is tripple plus? some weird php thing?13:56
ogra_its a plus doubleplus :)13:56
ogra_newspeak ;)13:56
highvoltageah I see13:57
ogra_sigh, not looking at my bug mailbox for 1h during a pre-milsetone day is dangerous13:57
* ogra_ notices 100 new bugs within 1h13:57
* smartboyhw agrees:)13:57
ogra_i guess i should leave some teams :)13:58
stgraberogra_: I guess you're in ~ubuntu-installer? :)13:58
smartboyhwogra_, er .....no:P13:58
ogra_stgraber, yep, and since someone of PES asked me a quaestion about an armhf buildfailure i'm in ubuntu-webapps too13:59
ogra_they tend to add me to their teams to give me access to their private bugs :)13:59
smartboyhwogra_, that's good:P14:00
LaneyI bet webapps is getting some well mannered email at the minute14:00
ogra_well at least their bug pre hour throughput stays the same it seems ... but its a constant flow :)14:00
ogra_did we change the wallpaper ?14:08
ogra_or is my pandaboard screen screwed up ?14:09
stgraberthat was a while ago I believe14:09
xnoxcjwatson: i commented in the bug 1056707 on a few options that are available to prevent users from hitting the warning at all, or to make it appear earlier.14:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056707 in ubiquity ""Unsafe swap space detected" dialog displayed too late if swap is created after an encrypted partition and makes manual partitioner unusable" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105670714:09
ogra_ah, k14:09
ogra_i didnt do fresh installs in a while for desktop14:09
xnoxcjwatson: can you check what would you prefer the best.14:09
stgraberogra_: it should looke like: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/ubuntu-wallpapers/quantal/download/head:/wartyfinalubuntu.png-20090702162935-bg4dfvc1nbr5imar-23/warty-final-ubuntu.png14:11
ogra_fun, FF doesnt want to open it and offers me eog ... eog says "not a png file"14:12
ogra_in any case its a lot more reddish and less violet i see14:13
ogra_if it changed than i'm fine, i just didnt follow the theme changes this time14:13
cjwatsonxnox: followed up14:19
xnoxcjwatson: ok, thanks =)14:21
stgraberogra_: well, that's because it's actually a jpeg file with a .png extension and eog is apparently not capable of detecting that14:21
ogra_stgraber, bug !14:23
stgraberogra_: I vaguely remember us getting in trouble on upgrade when changing the name of our wallpaper, that's why it's still called warty and still is a .png. Though I guess now that we have fancy settings upgrade scripts we probably could transition the setting properly.14:25
ogra_yeah. we should14:26
ogra_though i actually like the historical naming scheme :)14:27
knomeskaet, others: what's the sign-off time for acking b2 release?14:40
skaetknome 1200 UTC 9/2714:42
knomeoh shiny!14:42
knomei thought it was 21UTC today :)14:42
knomewill you remind us with the url with an email?14:43
skaetknome,   if you could have https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 filled out by 2100 today though it would be appreciated.  :)14:43
knomeskaet, right, yeah, i'll try to get that done when i get home14:43
skaetthanks knome  :)14:43
knomewhat's the url for acking/signing off the release?14:44
skaetI'll send out an email reminder to the flavor leads now,  so we're all on the same page.14:44
skaetknome,  for signing off for beta 2,   just comment in this channel that you're ok (or not) with the images going out.14:44
Laneythey get marked as 'ready' on the tracker14:44
skaetThere's a wiki for the final release.14:44
knomethanks skaet :)14:44
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dobeydoko: hi. i wonder if the armhf test rebuild was going slow and it introduced a weird race condition for that one ubuntuone-client failure. the same version built fine on arm in the normal archive builders. just rebuilding it might fix the problem14:58
skaetutlemming,   how are the cloud images looking for beta 2?15:00
dokodobey, given back15:02
dobeydoko: thanks15:03
ogra_hggdh, dod you think about stephane ( stgraber) when you updated the description of bug 105639415:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056394 in grub-installer "grub-mount /dev/sdb1 /var/lib/os-graber/mount hangs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105639415:06
hggdhogra_: huh?15:06
ogra_stephanes new spare time project for a presomalized ubuntu flavour :)15:06
* cjwatson corrects the title15:07
hggdhthanks cjwatson15:08
ogra_i liked the typo :)15:08
hggdhogra_: probably, Freud explains, I guess15:09
hggdhogra_: small issue with the new flash-kernel and uBoot/USBBoot: it loads, installs, reboots nicely. I can reboot again on the installed system. BUT if I power-cycle, USB-boot kicks in again15:16
hggdhogra_: sounds like the hidden P1 partition gets too well hidden15:17
ogra_hggdh, no, sounds like fallout of bug 105593815:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055938 in flash-kernel "uboot and mlo not in boot partition after install" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105593815:17
knomeskaet, i will take the release manager tasks from astraljava, elfy will take the QA contact tasks15:18
astraljavaskaet: Even while it's been fun, I will be concentrating on other tasks from now on, so I'm letting you know that contact persons for Studio and Xubuntu will be smartboyhw (Ho Wan Chan) and elfy, respectively.15:18
astraljavaErr... right. Sorry, my bad. knome of course for release tasks.15:19
ogra_hggdh, can you check if you are on the very last image ?15:19
hggdhogra_: how could that be the case, if I can reboot?15:19
ogra_you can reboot multiple times ?15:19
skaetthanks for letting me know astraljava.15:19
hggdhogra_: I downloaded it ~ 60m ago, will check for an update15:19
ogra_(the hiding of the partition only applies to udisks, it cant have any impact on anything else)15:19
hggdhogra_: yes, multiple times, while I do not power-cycle15:20
ogra_no, there wasnt an update in the last hour15:20
hggdhogra_: let me reinstall, it was *not* the last image15:20
smartboyhwskaet, so that means I will now be normally responsible for the -release weekly summary (along with ScottL) right?15:24
Laneyyou and ScottL can work it out between you15:25
knomeok, i'm off. i'll take care of my responsibilities later today. see you!15:25
skaetsmartboyhw,  yes,  please coordinate with ScottL who will be sending it out.     Also could you please add https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 information for Ubuntu Studio (new feature summary and worrisome bugs)15:26
skaetthanks nome15:26
skaetthanks knome15:26
knomeheh, np. thank *you* for tolerating all our changes ;)15:27
smartboyhwThanks skaet15:29
jbichahey, so we have a bit of a problem: gdm 3.6 won't start without gnome-session 3.6, I opened bug 1056936 to track this15:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056936 in gdm "GDM 3.6.0 won't start without gnome-session 3.6.0" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105693615:31
jbichawe can workaround this in the remix by just including gnome-session 3.6 manually, but it will still be broken for gdm users who upgrade today & reboot15:32
jbicha1. we could accept gnome-session 3.6.0-0ubuntu1 2. I could upload a newer gdm that depends on the new gnome-session, but that won't help those that have already upgraded15:34
jbicha3. I could do an ugly revert 4. I guess I could try to patch out the gdm change that needs the new gnome-session15:35
Laneyjbicha: sounds like it would be more correct to do 2 if we do 1 anyway15:37
jbichayes, #2 needs to be done but is not a full fix itself15:38
ogra_cjwatson, is there any magic in d-i that detects serial installs beyond it looking at console= from the cmdline ? ppisati is seeing some really weird behavior on a panda server install (booting the image seems to randomly switch between framebuffer and serial on different boots)15:38
* ogra_ has never seen such behavior and wouldnt think its possible at all15:39
cjwatsonAt what stage?15:40
ogra_initial boot15:40
cjwatsonYes, see e.g. rootskel/src/sbin/console-type.c15:40
cjwatsonAnd rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer/detect-console-linux15:41
cjwatsonIn fact just generally grep around in rootskel :)15:41
ogra_all that code shouldnt switch to fb then15:42
utlemmingstgraber: can you add http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/quantal/20120925 to the tracker please?15:55
hggdhogra_: ah, I wonder if the tests I am running automagically have something to do with it15:55
stgraberutlemming: sure15:56
dokodobey, build succeeded16:07
Laneyhas queuebot gone mad?16:16
cjwatsonLooks like it - same package disappearing and reappearing16:16
skaetwierd....what's going on with the queue?  some of those are seeded, and thought they were going to be after beta 2.16:22
stgraberskaet: don't worry, they haven't been accepted. When something disappears from the queue and isn't rejected queuebot assumes it's been accepted16:24
stgraberwhich means that when LP API is glitching and returns a subset of the queue, it marks a bunch of packages as accepted16:24
cjwatsonskaet: If you see the same package version being accepted and then shortly afterwards reappearing, you can safely assume that it hasn't actually been accepted.16:26
stgraber~ubuntu-archive: Can someone review and merge: https://code.launchpad.net/~stgraber/ubuntu-archive-tools/amis-add-argparse/+merge/126494 ?16:29
cjwatsonstgraber: well, I know argparse is the new hotness, but perhaps it would make sense to use optparse instead to match the rest of ubuntu-archive-tools?16:31
cjwatsondunno.  not hugely fussed, it just jumped out as different16:31
stgrabercjwatson: well, I grepped for argparse and saw that control-builders was using it, so just went with it :)16:32
cjwatsonah, ok16:32
cjwatsonseems fine anyway, will merge16:32
stgraberalso, optparse is deprecated, so I guess we should try to get rid of it as we move to python316:33
cjwatsonI don't think it's urgent since 3.2 has it, but yes16:33
skaetthanks stgraber, cjwatson - ok,  anxiety levels decreasing ;)16:33
stgrabercjwatson: thanks16:33
doko3.3 still has it16:33
dobeydoko: great, thanks again.16:43
kenvandineskaet, i just uploaded webapps-applications and libunity-webapps that fix bugs i would really like to see in b217:21
kenvandineone will prevent users from getting duplicate launchers for u1ms17:21
kenvandinethere they are :)17:21
kenvandinei need to run out for an appointment now though17:21
* kenvandine runs17:22
hggdhogra_: yes, the tests destroy mmcblk0. Red herring17:22
ogra_ohew, thx17:22
ogra_*phew even17:22
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, did your python porting of cdimage change anything in the zsync logic by chance ? zsyncing the ac100 tarball tells me there is no former image and then it starts to download the file as tar (vs tar.gz) ... specifiying the existing file with -i makes it work as expected17:49
xnoxthere are now one python-twitter to many in the unapproved queue. Feel free to reject one of them.17:49
* xnox still didn't get emails about either of them =(17:50
iulianWhy do we have python-twitter showing up twice in the queue?17:56
iulianSame version.17:56
xnoxiulian: see my comment above.17:58
xnoxiulian: i syncpackage twice, cause I didn't get an email about the first one, nor the second one, then checked the queue and noticed duplicate.17:58
iulianWhoops. Clearly missed that.17:58
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
iulianOkey-dokey. Will reject one of them then.17:59
xnoxiulian: cheers =)17:59
ogra_###################- 95.4% 0.0 kBps aborted18:01
ogra_failed to retrieve from quantal-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+ac100.tar.gz18:01
ogra_GRRRR !18:01
xnoxogra_: I zsync armhf without a hitch for a while now..... on daily basis along with other images. Didn't hit any problems....18:02
ogra_xnox, not the tar.gz for ac100 i assume18:02
ogra_thats special :)18:02
* ogra_ wipes and wgets instead, seems zsync is now stuck at that 95.4% and fails every time18:04
cjwatsonogra_: Well, I certainly had to rewrite all that code, but I didn't intend to change its behaviour.  I have a child on my lap at the moment, but I'll look later.18:04
ogra_cjwatson, no hurry18:04
ogra_i can also look myself later you are loaded enough18:04
ogra_i doubt there are many people zsyncing an image for a rare and discontinued device anyway :)18:05
cjwatsonMaybe not, but I don't like regressions even if they're only currently known to affect something rarely used. :-)18:06
ogra_heh, ok18:06
* ogra_ needs to familiarize with the python port though 18:07
balloonsbtw, ty for keeping the notice board updated on the respins18:38
skaethmm... and on that note...  all the respins that comment referenced are done.   cleaning it again.18:39
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skaetcjwatson, ogra_, infinity - what's the story with netboot now?   we going to ship with what we have?19:54
cjwatsonmy side of it is that my test install was 6h remaining last I looked at it (an hour or two ago), but ogra_ had a flash-kernel upload in the queue correcting that side of it19:59
cjwatsonI haven't reviewed that yet, but will do within an hour or two19:59
skaetthanks cjwatson.20:00
cjwatsonany other installer insanities you know of that I need to look at tonight?20:02
cjwatsonwe have a bunch of stuff queued in -tracking, but it didn't look critical ...20:02
skaetthere was a set that jibel was highlighting,   just a sec, and I'll review, and paste any relevant ones here.20:03
cjwatsonthe accessibility indicator translations one looked fairly easy - just awaiting a slot to start up a test vm on my laptop for that20:04
cjwatsongenerally the usual bunch of missing translatability in a few places20:04
skaetbug 105532620:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055326 in ubiquity "During installation, flashplugin fails to install with: IOError: [Errno socket error] [Errno -2] Name or service not known" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105532620:05
skaetbug 104674420:05
skaetbug 105674420:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056744 in ubiquity "Ubiquity crashes after creating an encrypted partition manually" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105674420:06
skaetBug 105670720:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056707 in ubiquity ""Unsafe swap space detected" dialog displayed too late if swap is created after an encrypted partition and makes manual partitioner unusable" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105670720:06
skaetBug 105668920:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056689 in debian-installer ""Incomplete language support" for english after netboot installation" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105668920:07
cjwatsonOK, thanks.  I'll have a look over those.  None of them look respin-worthy to me, really.20:08
skaetrelease noting may be the only option at this point for beta 2 - but they should all be sorted before the release.20:08
* skaet nods20:09
cjwatsonI agree that at least the first three need to be fixed for release.20:09
cjwatsonThe fourth is untidy, but it wouldn't be the first time ... Medium's probably correct there.20:09
* skaet nods20:09
cjwatsonThe first is annoying because I thought we had systematically fixed that entire class of bugs in 12.04 ...20:10
cjwatsonOh well.20:10
cjwatsonAnd the second and third would appear to be xnox's headache :-), although I'll pitch in if I have time20:10
* skaet feels xnox will need much beer in UDS. ;-) 20:11
skaetsounds good.   thanks.20:12
cjwatsonI certainly plan to buy him some.20:12
skaetMe too :)20:13
* skaet removing Kubuntu Alternate from the beta 2 set, based on earlier discussions with Riddell20:16
skaetKubuntu is dropping alternates from the Manifest for 12.10 now.    I've updated the release manifest.20:16
skaetLaney,  ??20:17
Laneyjust saying hi :(20:18
infinityHow dare you?20:18
infinityBack in your cage.20:18
LaneyShan't make that mistake again20:18
skaetsorry Laney.   thought you were concerned about the Kubuntu changes.  ;)20:19
skaetLaney,   was looking into the rdepends on that  gnome-session 3.6 http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-session/commit/?id=17b0b11 (non translations part),  and am not comfortable judging the risk of it interacting with Ubuntu/Edubuntu existing images.    Did you have a look at that aspect when discussing earlier?20:21
* skaet marked it as a FFE since its a new upstream version effectively.20:22
infinityAll of GNOME has a standing exception to bring it to the stable versions before release.20:25
skaetinfinity, any issues being raised you're concerned with at this point for the beta 2 images?20:25
infinityOr did you mean specifically for the beta?20:25
skaetfor the beta20:25
LaneyWell, not an exception, but their release policy aligns with ours (by design) so we don't need to seek them.20:27
skaetLaney, Infinity - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/105693620:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056936 in gnome-session "[FFE] GDM 3.6.0 won't start without gnome-session 3.6.0" [Critical,Confirmed]20:27
Laneyjbicha tested launching sessions with the new package and lightdm20:28
skaetin Ubuntu as well as in his remix?20:28
skaetIf he can document it in the bug that both have been tested,  and you're comfortable documenting that the diff (other than translations) won't lead to regressions,  my concerns will be addressed.20:33
kenvandineskaet, i just uploaded the fix for your target of opportunity bug 744812, but definitely wait until after beta2 to let it in20:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 744812 in ubuntu-font-family-sources "FontConfig/Qt stack choke on Ubuntu Medium font meta-data (No medium in Inkscape and too bold in Qt apps)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74481220:34
skaetkenvandine,  ack.    Did the libreoffice issues get addressed?20:35
kenvandinenot sure20:35
kenvandinei wasn't paying attention to that one20:35
phillwcjwatson: do you promise not to kill me if I ask you about a bug? :)20:35
kenvandineseb128, ^^20:35
jbichaLaney: skaet: yes, I mentioned my testing on comment 6 of the gnome-session/gdm bug20:37
LaneyI can't promise no problems, but it seems fine to me.20:37
seb128kenvandine, skaet: Sweetshark is still working on libreoffice, we are still aiming for an upload just after beta220:37
LaneyI'm sure doko will love a qt4-x11 upload :P20:38
skaetjbicha,  comment #6 doesn't say if you tested it in Ubuntu as well as the Gnome remix,  want to make sure no regression surprises that's the key thing.20:39
skaetI need to take a break from bugs - you did say,  I just didn't read properly.20:39
jbichaI have almost all of ubuntu-desktop installed currently for ubuntu-docs work20:42
skaetLaney,  you ok with that diff?20:42
Laneyskaet: as much as I can be by just reading it20:46
balloonseveryone note, I finally landed a first pass at  Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption)20:47
balloonsit's only on ubuntu desktop atm, and I of course had lots of results from looping through it20:47
balloonsanyways, we'll continue to work on isolating the specific testcases in ubiquity to make testing and maintaining the cases as easy as possible.. for now, enjoy20:48
skaetjbicha,  its approved20:49
cjwatsonphillw: Man, do I come across as that touchy?  I've not killed anyone yet. :-)20:50
cjwatsonphillw: But I'm watching House for the next hour or so.20:50
highvoltagecjwatson: eek, be careful, before you know it you'll start to say things like "you're all idiots"20:52
DavieyIf House affects you, like everyone else.. I'd be expecting well thought through sarcastic, but whity, insults.20:52
phillwhe he... It does appear your thoughts on the issues are correct. I was alerted to bug 1043518 which took me to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=857300 from my very limited skills, it does seem that there is a kernel fix?20:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1043518 in ubiquity "live cd is unusable due to video degradation with the splash boot option enabled" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104351820:52
ubot2phillw: Error: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.redhat.com: HTTP Error 404: Not Found (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/xml.cgi?id=857300)20:52
phillwmost odd, ubot found it on -testing20:53
Laneyhe /is/ a DD, though. You know what they're like.20:59
* infinity glares at Laney.21:01
Laneyjbicha: ^ go wild21:06
jbichayay! thank you!21:11
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dokoLaney, well, if there's' an upload, let's build it without -g on arm*21:33
Laneydoko: go ahead and reupload. We can then reject the old one21:35
dokotomorrow ... need to figure out how to build without -g. but you did it recently, didn't you?21:36
Laneyusing filter-out21:36
dokothat easy? ok. and I would like to see this python2.7 upload building in -proposed while the archive is frozen21:36
infinityDo we really need to go all the way to removing -g?  Maybe -gstabs would be enough?21:37
dokoalready checked by Laney in webkit21:38
LaneyI'll do a PPA upload to be sure21:40
cjwatsonphillw: Not sure really - I know very little about this area, sorry.  Try #ubuntu-kernel?21:42
cjwatsonphillw: The linked kernel patch indeed looks pretty straightforward and easy to pull in, if that's in fact what it is.21:44
* infinity accepts some things into proposed...21:44
phillwcjwatson: except that 12.10 is running 3.5.x :'( I did ask. also, what are the chances of having ppc run with nomodeset, that seems to be the best work around we have at present.21:46
phillwcjwatson: it is 3.6.x, and will not be available for 12.1021:46
cjwatsonphillw: No obvious reason why that would stop the kernel team pulling in that one patch.21:47
cjwatsonI'd rather not force nomodeset for a whole architecture.  This stuff is generally chipset-specific.21:47
phillwcjwatson: do you know anyone I could go beg? ( I am good at begging, and it does seem a fix that would remove a lot of issues... or at least give us a level playing field).21:48
cjwatsonphillw: #ubuntu-kernel, as I said ...21:48
phillwMy concern, obviously, is any regression issues.21:48
cjwatsonI don't know which individual on the kernel team would be relevant, and that's not usually the right answer anyway21:49
cjwatsonLet them judge that.21:49
phillwcjwatson: thanks, I'll go ask again - maybe my 1st question was phrased incorrectly.21:49
cjwatsonphillw: Yes, it was.  You asked about an entire new kernel release, not a singlel patch.21:50
cjwatsonFor a one-line patch, while this isn't my field, it seems unlikely that an entire new kernel release is necessary.21:50
cjwatsonSledgehammers and nuts, etc.21:50
infinityBad mental image.  Curse American slang.21:51
cjwatsonSigh.  My n-hour armhf/omap test install failed due to random network glitch.21:52
* cjwatson reviews ogra_'s patch.21:53
skaetinfinity,  are the scripts ready for tomorrow for moving the armhf and amd64+mac images to publish in same location now as the amd64, i386 ones for Ubuntu/Ubuntu Server?22:16
cjwatsoncdimage doesn't care; that would be a matter of a publish-image-set change.22:19
cjwatsonProbably something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1229408/, but review the results of that ...22:20
infinityskaet: I hadn't changed publish-image-set yet, but I imagine Colin's diff is sane.22:21
* infinity looks.22:21
infinitycjwatson: Looks sane to me, if you want to commit it, I'll dry-run it and see if it does what it looks like it should.22:23
cjwatsonWhat about server armhf+omap?22:25
infinitycjwatson: Just omap4's going to releases, AFAIK.22:26
cjwatsonActually, let me be a little more subtle, or else this'll affect 10.04.2 too.22:27
infinitycjwatson: It would only affect .2 if we built those images.22:27
cjwatsonWell, I've done the work now :)22:28
infinitycjwatson: (We're not building ARM images for .2, not sure about +mac, but if we're building +mac, I'm not sure publishing it to releases for .2 would be awful and wrong anyway)22:28
cjwatsonfeel free to tweak22:28
infinityThat works too.22:29
cjwatsonogra_,plars: That flash-kernel upload looks good, so I've accepted it into -proposed.  Once it's built and published (~ an hour, maybe a bit more for safety - check 'rmadison -s quantal-proposed -S flash-kernel' against https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flash-kernel/3.0~rc.4ubuntu26), please could you try a test install with 'apt-setup/proposed=true' added as a boot parameter?22:32
cjwatson(I know, -proposed isn't for manual testing, but I wouldn't be copying it to quantal semi-automatically anyway during a freeze.)22:33
cjwatsonI give up on my own manual test; it's just taking way too long.22:34
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smoseranyone able to help?23:57
smoseri go to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/user23:57
smoser(to get my api keys)23:57
smoserand "Access denied"23:57
smoser(I get there by clicking "Hello smoser", so yes, i'm logged in)23:57
smoseri log out and log back in. it acknowledges im' me, but /user gives 40323:57
infinityDitto for me.23:57
infinitystgraber: ^23:58

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