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AaronMickDeeAnyone have luck setting up a Half Life 2 server on Ubuntu Server? It's a legacy mod. It's not showing up in the Master Server list. I don't know if its a Valve problem or the OS problem.00:31
sarnoldAaronMickDee: my first guess is firewalling, both on the machine (check iptables or ufw) and on any NAT devices (wireless routers? routers? firewalls?) that may be between your server and the valve servers00:32
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k4r1manybody has experience with AD using centrifydc?00:51
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jvbeusing 12.04 , linux-virtual package + pvgrub kernel on ec2, can't mount root device, uuid not found, seems like LVM kernel mods are not loaded/included, is there an easy workaround ?01:52
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1030107 in glance (main) "Glance-API and Glance-Registry Continuously Reload" [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103010704:26
cluelesspersonHello all.04:46
cluelesspersonI don't understand this, something happened and my linux installation has gone to hell.  I've tried completely reinstalling but nothing fucking works anymore.04:47
cluelesspersonFirst of all.  My FRESH install of ubuntu 12.04 lts will not reboot or shutdown anymore with "sudo shutdown" "sudo reboot"04:48
cluelesspersonSecond.  The apache2 installation is completely fucked up.04:48
IdleOnePlease stop cursing04:48
cluelesspersonThird.  MySQL is screwed up04:49
IdleOnetry sudo shutdown now04:49
cluelesspersonFourth.  I cannot install guest additions04:49
SpamapScluelessperson: Typically when you have a set of problems that you want to get help with, its a good idea to start by gathering evidence so you can help your helpers understand.04:51
cluelesspersonSpamapS: Instead of shutting down.  Ubuntu Server reports a  "[FAIL]" and goes into "single user mode" as root, awaiting more commands.04:52
cluelesspersonThis is with a fresh install.04:52
cluelessperson"sudo reboot -h now" does worl04:53
SpamapScluelessperson: ok, thats a pretty difficult situation to get into. There should be a set of text before [FAIL] that explains what failed04:53
cluelesspersonSpamapS: I've reinstalled a number of times, and it continues to happen.04:53
SpamapScluelessperson: I can't really help you without knowing what failed.04:54
cluelesspersonSpamapS: My fstab configuration, which has been working for weeks, is suddenly failing to mount my shared folders, but I assume this an issue with guest additions with virtualbox, but before getting off track.04:56
cluelesspersonSpamapS:   "Killing all remaining processes.... [fail]"  "Will now switch to single-user mode"04:57
SpamapSguest additions?04:57
cluelesspersonSpamapS: VirtualBox is a VirtualMachine Manager on my host machine, that seems to require a package or software "Guest Additions" to be installed in order for certain interfaces to be made.04:58
SpamapScluelessperson: the thing that does 'Killing all remaining processes....' (/etc/init.d/killprocs) doesn't switch to single user mode. thats weird.04:58
cluelesspersonSpamapS: I know.04:58
cluelesspersonSpamapS: Well, I don't know that doesn't switch, I know it's weird though.  Everything's been working fine for over a month.  I've been using this configuration.  As of two days ago, this suddenly is a disaster for me.04:59
cluelesspersonSpamapS: my fstab music mount is failing "could not convert "subsonic" to integer, result = 0: numerical result ouf of ra$    ?05:00
SpamapScluelessperson: can you pastebin 'ls -l /etc/rc0.d' ?05:00
SpamapScluelessperson: in the past, vmware's guest additions broke the shutdown/boot *badly*05:00
cluelesspersonSpamapS: That's probably what's happening here. and I'll be done with virtualbox05:01
cluelesspersonSpamapS: I made a snapshot of the VM before I attempted to install additions, let me double check05:01
cluelesspersonSpamapS: Fails.05:02
cluelesspersonSpamapS: But again, it could just be within virtualbox05:02
SpamapScluelessperson: ls -l /etc/rc0.d will at least rule out or confirm the same problem as vmware had05:03
cluelesspersonSpamapS: I should have said this earlier, but this happened just after virtualbox was updated.05:04
cluelesspersonSpamapS: but I also read ubuntu had a kernal update? I dunno how it all works yet.05:04
cluelesspersonSpamapS: I'm not even able to putty in.05:09
cluelesspersonSpamapS: What are you looking for?05:11
cluelesspersonThere'sa  list of things05:11
cluelesspersonK09apache2, K10unattended-upgrades,README,S20sendsigs,S30urandom,S31urandom, S31umountnfs.sh,S35networking,S40umountfs,S60umountroot,S90halt05:12
SpamapScluelessperson: the order looks right05:15
SpamapScluelessperson: note that nowhere in there does 'single' appear, and none of those things run the 'runlevel' command, so thats pretty odd05:17
cluelesspersonSpamapS: This is a fresh install of ubuntu headless server 12.04 lts05:17
SpamapScluelessperson: I've shutdown quite a few of those.. no problems. Never in vbox tho05:19
cluelesspersonSpamapS: I never had a problem until last night.05:20
cluelesspersonthen, bam, disaster05:20
SpamapSyou know.. ccze is really cool. Why isn't that just built in to gnome-terminal06:16
SpamapSjust like I can say in vim ":syntax on" and it highlights stuff.. I want that for the whole terminal06:17
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YamakasYguys is it doable to install Ubuntu on USB for KVM usage when you storage is local on disks ?06:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #1056643 in maas (main) "maas-dhcp does not remove existing dhcp server" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105664307:16
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YamakasYhow odd... grub canot be installed on a HP disk array!08:24
fidelhi - i played with apt-mirror so far - but am willing to test apt-cacher or similar now. would you recommend apt-cacher or apt-cacher-ng08:45
cluelesspersonSo ubuntu 12.04 is being an utter bitch right now under virtualbox.08:48
cluelesspersonnot sure whose fault it is yet.08:48
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keeguonHey, for any advanced UFW users out there, does anybody know if this is possible to source another file in the before.rules file?09:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #957957 in qemu-kvm (main) "kvm: 7767: cpu0 unhandled rdmsr: 0xc0010001" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95795709:41
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fidelok - got apt-cacher-ng working. any experiences how much space i should have at least for that cache-dir on a long time view?09:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1056756 in openssh (main) "sshd: preauth child terminated by signal 11" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105675610:21
DarkSimI have a problem with 12.04, I installed ubuntu-desktop and now I'm stuck at login screen11:05
patdk-lapdarksim, try #ubuntu11:07
patdk-lapthere is no gui support in here11:08
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Ul_Hello everybody! does anybody have any pointers to documentation on how to deploy Openstack in a small environment with only a couple of TB of storage? I've found http://joearnold.com/2011/06/27/swift-in-the-small/ which talks about Swift. I would be interested in recommendations how the services are to be distributed in such a small deployment. If I'm thinking of a four node cluster, would each cluster run all the services? Any11:37
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jdstrandkeeguon: re sourcing a file> I don't think so. the ufw *.rules files are just standard iptables-restore files. you could modify /lib/ufw/ufw-init-functions to pull it in, but that file is not a configuration file and will be overwritten on upgrades11:40
keeguonjdstrand: that's what I thought and it doesn't seem to be possible directly in iptables either or I am missing something, my guess is that I'm going to highlight a portion of the file using specific comments and parse them to perform the changes I want11:43
keeguonthanks anyway11:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1056816 in maas-enlist (main) "maas-enlist does not post subarch" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105681612:35
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acidflashhello all13:17
acidflashwhere can I see a list of precompiled kernel featues in ubuntu-server13:21
acidflashi want to know if these 2 modules are precompiled -> "IP: advanced router" and "IP: policy routing"13:21
patdk-wkin your /boot folder13:22
acidflashyeah, whats in there?13:23
acidflashi just see images13:23
patdk-wkI see lots of config-* files13:23
pmatulisfile /boot/config-$(uname -r)13:23
acidflashnot a directory13:24
fidelhi - i get hash sum mismatch while trying to install updates via my apt-cacher-ng machine13:24
fidelany experience with that and what is the best thing to do at that moment? is there a defined command to clean the cache or should i do that manually?13:25
patdk-wkacidflash, every kernel I have used on ubuntu has had both those turned on13:25
acidflashpatdk-wk: by default right?13:26
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hallynstgraber: ppa:serge-hallyn/virt has packages which work for me to fix the qxl bug.13:49
hallynstgraber: i'm preetty sure the spicy window is messed up at lightdm - offset.  but after that it's fine.13:50
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skritehey all14:21
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jcastro_lfaraone|sh, hey, did you end up doing anything interesting with the instances?14:49
BrixSatHello, i need to upgrade a ubuntu server from 10.04 to 12.04, but it seems not to do anything with apt-get dist-upgrade15:08
BrixSatis it with do-release-upgrade -d15:10
SpamapSBrixSat: -d is for the *dev* releas15:14
SpamapSBrixSat: do-release-upgrade w/o -d is what you want15:14
BrixSatok :)15:14
BrixSatjust in case i made a backup :)15:15
BrixSatit always complaining about "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory"15:16
BrixSati seem not to find solution for these15:16
smoserhallyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228619/15:16
smoserhave you seen that ?15:17
smoserthat is on canonistack. i got a node where i was actually able to load the kvm_intel module15:17
smoser(precise host, quantal guest)15:18
AlexOHey! I've difficulties to config my network between my host and virtual machine may some one help me to config it? :°15:26
hallynsmoser: no, have not seen that.15:26
hallynsmb ^15:26
hallynsmoser: i'm not entirely surprised, there was a bug with newer linux kernel guests on older kernel hosts doing nested kvm.  but i thought it had been fixed.15:26
smbhallyn, smoser nope15:26
smbhallyn, But that bug would have prevented the module from loading15:27
hallynsmoser: http://www.mail-archive.com/kvm@vger.kernel.org/msg72902.html15:28
smoserpreviously the module would not load15:28
smoseri was surprised that it loaded (most intel canonistack guests can't load the module on quantal)15:29
smoserwhen it loaded, i assumed the host got the -updates kernel upgrade15:29
smoser(which is possible)15:29
smoserbut then attempt to use it crashed15:29
hallynsmb: ^ Avi mentions a proposed kvm kernel branch to fix it (big-real-mode) in that thread15:34
smbHm, I remember rtg to have submitted something about a regression in kvm...15:34
smbKVM: VMX: Fix KVM_SET_SREGS with big real mode segments15:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1045027 in linux "[regression] iPXE kills kvm with KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021" [Critical,In progress]15:36
hallynsmb: thanks.  proof positive that i need herbal supplmeents to augment my memory15:46
smbnot sure this is the same thin (though some keywords triggered that memory). I just saw them asking for feedback about some regression on the stable mailing list.15:48
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smosersmb, or hallyn you want me to open a bug on that ?16:39
smoseri can let either of you poke at the guest16:39
smoserbut i have no access or info to the host other than i suppose its running some 12.04 kernel16:40
hallynsmoser: yes, please.  i do think it's a dup of the one smb mentioned, but it can always be marked as such later16:48
smoserididnt' see that.16:49
smoserits quite possible and/or likely16:49
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smoserinterestingly, i did not se ethis yesterday16:49
smoseron quantal amd64 nested virt16:50
smoserhallyn, it would sure seem like a dupe though16:50
smoserso i'm not going to bother opening16:50
hallynsmoser: ok16:51
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ironmhello. Is there a recommended directory (unbuntu-server 12.04) for installation  of JBoss AS7 or glassfish? I have used just for testing /root ...17:19
ironmthank you in advance for any hints.17:19
sarnoldironm: probably /opt/something, if it isn't packaged to live in /usr with other applications....17:19
sarnoldironm: check linux filesystem heirarchy (spelling?) on google..17:19
ironmsarnold, thank you very much for your advice. no .. it is not a package ... just a .zip file you can unzip anywhere17:21
sarnoldironm: ah. hrm. that's odd.17:21
sarnoldignore me then :)17:21
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ironmsarnold, I will use /usr/lib ... where you can find different softoware like java, postgresql etc ...17:38
yemingI setup MAAS and have 2 nodes ready. But I cannot login to them using 'ssh ubunt@node', although I have uploaded ssh key to MAAS. Tried several times install/reinstall, doesn't help. Does anyone have an idea?17:39
SpamapSutlemming: when will we be doing new 12.04 cloud images?17:43
SpamapSutlemming: already up to 50MB of packages to d/l17:43
utlemmingSpamapS: tomorrow....waiting on the Grub2 SRU17:43
RoyKany idea if canonical is planning extended support for server distros?17:45
RoyKin some cases, it'd be nice to have >5Y support17:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057054 in multipath-tools (main) "poor performance after upgrade to Precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105705417:46
SpamapSSep 26 17:44:12 clint-local-ci-u1-0 [CLOUDINIT] cc_apt_update_upgrade.py[DEBUG]: selected mirror at: http://ubuntu-mirror.localdomain/ubuntu17:48
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SpamapSsmoser: the logic that cloud-init uses to find if a mirror is resolvable is vulnerable to eeevil DNS17:54
SpamapSwhich my stupid cable provider has17:54
smoserSpamapS, fixed in quantal17:54
smosercloud-init selects wrong mirror with dns server redirection Edit17:54
smoser    Ubuntu17:54
smoser    “cloud-init” package17:54
smoser    Bugs17:54
smoser    Bug #97450917:54
smoserReported by Chuck Short on 2012-04-0517:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 974509 in cloud-init "cloud-init selects wrong mirror with dns server redirection" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97450917:54
smoserThis bug affects 4 people. Does this bug affect you? Edit17:54
smoserAffects Status Importance Assigned to Milestone17:54
smoser  cloud-init Remove17:55
zuluh oh17:55
smoserFix Committed17:55
SpamapSpaste more!17:55
smoser  Unassigned17:55
smoser​ cloud-init (Ubuntu) Remove 17:55
smoserFix Released17:55
* SpamapS hoots17:55
smoser  Unassigned17:55
smoserTarget to milestone17:55
RoyKsmoser: wtf?17:55
smoser​ Precise Remove 17:55
SpamapSgo smoser go17:55
smoser  Scott Moser17:55
smoserTarget to milestone17:55
smoserAlso affects project (?) Also affects distribution Nominate for series17:55
smoserBug Description17:55
smoserI have Rogers as an ISP in the great white north, and use their DNS servers. However they run DNS redirectors so that when you get a bad domain then it does bogus things to the hostname. Anyways this resolves in unresovalble hosts in my /etc/apt/sou17:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 974509 in cloud-init "cloud-init selects wrong mirror with dns server redirection" [Medium,Fix committed]17:56
SpamapSdon't we have bots for this?17:56
RoyKapparently not17:56
smoseryou all suck17:56
smoserand if you keep complaining, i've got all sorts more text i can paste here!17:56
RoyKsmoser: but not you, sweetheart? ;)17:56
smoserbut anyway, SpamapS that is fixed in quantal, and should be SRU'd17:56
SpamapSsmoser: sweet. For now I just changed my DNS server to something sane17:57
RoyKIMO if it's a security issue, perhaps fixing it in LTS would be a good idea?17:57
SpamapSsecurity? Not sure about that17:57
SpamapSIf you are letting your ISP do stuSep 26 17:44:12 clint-local-ci-u1-0 [CLOUDINIT] cc_apt_update_upgrade.py[DEBUG]: selected mirror at: http://ubuntu-mirror.localdomain/ubuntu17:58
* SpamapS also can't work the paste command17:58
smoserit will get fixed. and it was raised as a security issue too.17:58
SpamapShow so?17:58
RoyKseems spamming smoser flooded everything, so it's a bit hard to read it all17:58
smoserbut realistically... if you're in a "cloud" and you can't trust your dns server...17:58
SpamapSif your DNS is insecure, how can c-i protect you?17:58
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RoyKsorry, seems I jumped to conclusions17:59
SpamapSsmoser: tho actually relying on DNS alone to pick the mirror does mean somebody can prvent you from installing updates just by DNS spoofing ubuntu-mirror...17:59
SpamapS1040200 does not exist18:00
RoyKuse a secure DNS server18:00
SpamapSor its private18:00
SpamapSRoyK: no such thing really18:00
RoyKno, not really18:00
SpamapSUDP and caching means DNS is just not trustworthy ever18:00
RoyKjust use tcp, then, most dns servers run on tcp these days18:01
SpamapSthats no fix18:01
SpamapSbarely helps actually18:01
SpamapSRoyK: you have to verify whatever DNS has sent you to18:02
smoserwell, the long term fix is dnssec18:03
SpamapSsmoser: not sure I agree with the fix for this either. Its nice that you detected redirection in the naive sense, but it seems like the right way to go is to verify that the mirror has a valid signed set of distro metadata on it18:06
* koolhead17 wakes up18:07
smoserSpamapS, that can be plugged in.18:15
smoserand you're welcome to add that.18:15
hallynppetraki: do you have a working git url for multipath-tools?18:20
ppetrakihallyn, yes, The suse guy runs it now18:21
ppetrakihallyn, git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/storage/multipath/hare/multipath-tools.git18:23
* ppetraki be nice if we had a bzr branch that auto pulled this18:23
hallynppetraki: if you'll be at uds we could spend an hour tryin gto set upa  daily build recipe for multipath (including bzr branch pulling from git)18:24
hallynthx, got the tree :)18:24
ppetrakihallyn, will be remote, but I can make time either way18:24
ppetrakihallyn, It's been a brisk week in storage actually18:25
shantornmb downloads makes things go fast18:28
hallynppetraki: oh?18:29
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ppetrakihallyn, yeah, did some triage on a slow SSD reset, a Dell SAN "multipath too slow" bug just came in (and he cited my docs!), discovered a bug in the docs (#1057071 , branch attached pls commit), and been helping this dude on linux-scsi with his SES enclosure, in the process learned a whole bunch of new stuff18:31
SpamapShallyn: with the default lxc networking, is there a way to programatically query things like the host address?18:35
hallynppetraki: can you do a merge request on https://code.launchpad.net/~peter-petrakis/ubuntu/precise/ubuntu-core-doc/serverguide-bug-1057071 ?  (probably list pmatulis as the reviewer)18:36
SpamapShallyn: seems hard coded in /etc/init/lxc-net.conf18:36
hallynSpamapS: as in, get the host address from inside the container?18:36
SpamapShallyn: no, as in from the host18:37
SpamapShallyn: we're moving juju to use lxc's networking instead of libvirt's18:37
SpamapShallyn: but that loses the ability to say "what is the host address?" that libvirt has18:37
hallynyou mean like eth0 or wlan0 address?18:38
hallynwhy do you want it?  what are you trying to do?  and how do you get it in libvirt?18:38
SpamapSI run services on the host18:39
hallynstgraber: ^ maybe you understand SpamapS' question/intent?18:39
SpamapSthe containers have to contact them18:39
hallyncan you pass it in with cloudinit userdata file?18:39
SpamapSyes thats how its being passed in18:39
SpamapSright now it is accidentally working w/ the libvirt address :-P18:40
stgraberSpamapS: not sure I understand the question. If you want the host IP address, just use the container's gateway?18:40
hallynstgraber: well that won't *always* work for everyone, but in their case i think it always will18:40
SpamapShow we get it now:     output = subprocess.check_output(18:40
SpamapS        ["virsh", "net-dumpxml", name], env={"LC_ALL": "C"})18:40
ppetrakihallyn, it's not mergeable?18:41
hallynSpamapS: so you want the address of lxcbr0?  the answer i think is 'use ip', but that's probably not the q18:41
SpamapSstgraber: so I have to decypher it from the configuration which ends up on the container? :-/18:41
hallynppetraki: you have to do a merge request.  I can't merge it18:41
SpamapShallyn: that is actually ok if that works18:41
SpamapSI'll try that18:42
stgraberSpamapS: ah, if that's on the host, just look at lxcbr0 or source /etc/default/lxc and use LXC_ADDR from there18:42
hallynSpamapS: well how much control do *you* have over the host?18:42
SpamapShallyn: from juju? Very little.18:42
hallynSpamapS: oh, i thought you fully controlled how the continers and lxc were setup18:42
hallyni.e., you could create your own lxcbr1 if you wanted18:42
SpamapSI have sudo for lxc-* but I'd rather not extend that requirement much further18:42
SpamapSYeah I could do that18:42
* SpamapS has to step away and will look at doing that too18:43
hallynSpamapS: if you don't wnat to use root much, it may not be the way to go18:43
ppetrakihallyn, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1229023/18:44
hallynppetraki: jinkeys, i don't know what that means18:45
ppetrakihallyn, even the original branch doesn't know it's stacked on serverguide/precise, according to lp.net18:46
hallynppetraki: what if you 'bzr push lp:~peter-petrakis/serverguide/lp-1057071' then bzr lp-open ?18:49
hallynif that doesn't work for you, it seems to be working for me.  I can do a merge request from lp:~serge-hallyn/serverguide/lp-1057071 (it seems).18:50
ppetrakihallyn, you know, it might be a group thing18:51
ppetrakihallyn, it's always done this18:51
hallynppetraki: ok, i'll just go ahead and propose merge from mine, and bounce any feedback back to you?18:52
ppetrakihallyn, sure it creates a new branch, but its not stacked18:52
ppetrakihallyn, that would be great18:52
hallynppetraki: https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/serverguide/lp-1057071/+merge/12652718:53
hallynppetraki: i assume we'll also want it to be applied to lp:serverguide?  (it's past string freeze for quantal though)18:54
ppetrakihallyn, yeah, broken there too, SRUs all around :)18:54
ppetrakihallyn, hour turn around time, not bad :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/multipath-tools/+bug/105705419:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1057054 in multipath-tools "poor performance after upgrade to Precise" [Undecided,Invalid]19:06
hallynpmatulis: when you get a chance, could you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/serverguide/lp-1057071/+merge/126527 ?19:07
hallynstgraber: i'm waiting for feedback from you on bug 1056381 - lemme know if i shouldnt' be.19:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1056381 in xserver-xorg-video-qxl "error on x startup" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105638119:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057098 in openvswitch (main) "[FFe] Please update to 1.4.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105709819:11
stgraberhallyn: busy with other things, if I get to it this week, it's going to be on Friday19:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057100 in postfix (main) "Failed to install postfix during server install without network" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105710019:15
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hallynstgraber: friday is coming up quick :)  np, thanks19:21
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1057111 in tomcat6 (universe) "Sync tomcat6 6.0.35-5 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105711119:31
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adam_gzul: did you upload a new nova?20:12
zuladam_g: yeah20:12
zulrc3 was out this morning20:12
zuladam_g: its still waiting to be approved by the archive admin20:13
adam_gzul: okay, just wanted to set a requirement on the newer sqlalchemy.20:13
zulk cool20:14
adam_gzul: ill apply it to branches and it'll make it next time20:14
allohakwhen I do an 'ls -l' what does the '+' mean at the end of crw-rw---T+20:30
allohakI'm having trouble googling it20:30
guntbertallohak: see http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/security/acls_extended_filepermissions  (search for acl)20:40
allohakguntbert: thanks, I'm reading through it now20:49
guntbertallohak: You're welcome20:50
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jMCgHello happy people o/~21:16
sarnoldallohak: btw, symbolhound is way better than google at searching for punctuation marks21:16
jMCgI'm having trouble restoring a partition from its LVM snapshot:21:16
allohaksarnold: i've never heard of symbolhound, I'll check it out21:17
sarnoldallohak: http://symbolhound.com/?q=ls+-l+%2B21:17
sarnoldallohak: on that listing, probably the one "How do I create a file..." near the bottom is probably the best.21:18
sarnold(not better than the source you've already got! that looks better based on the URL alone; but as a general, hey, symbolhound can help you with problems that otherwise look unsolvable, it's a useful tool.)21:18
allohaksarnold: interesting, this looks like it will be useful to me in the future actually. I'm a grad student so I often end up with some strange google queries that don't work terribly well because they contain crap like this21:20
sarnoldallohak: exactly :)21:20
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smoserstgraber, if i click on 'Hello smoser' on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/23:54
smoserit tells me "Access denied"23:54

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