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jmarsdenAnyone know when the respun images for Beta2 will land in iso.qa.ubuntu.com?  I'm about to try testing a server image, but it would be good to know when the desktop images will return.06:18
jmarsdenOK, I think queuebot just answered my question :)07:17
ClaudinuxHi, is there any known issue with the tracker notifications? I only received notification for ubuntu-i386 new iso, but not for other images I subscribed07:35
kanliotsup man08:38
kanliotlet's say you join the qa team08:38
kanliotwhat would you expect?08:38
kanliotfrom the experience?08:38
LuvLinuxOSI would like to learn more about Lubuntu and become a better programmer!  I lover this stuff and I really want to make a positive impact on a project.08:40
kanliotwell if you want to learn lubuntu you could join the wiki team08:40
kanlioti suggested that you join the qa team08:41
kanliotbecause there's some other people learning qa08:41
kanliotand you could piggy back with them08:41
kanliotto be honest, the #lubuntu channel is a bit empty this month08:41
kanliotalthough we do try and answer general support questions there08:42
LuvLinuxOSI am waiting on approval from the qa team, I would like to do testing as it is a vital step in any development project!08:43
kanliotyou might start with creating a wiki page08:43
kanlioti for one would like to know if you are a native english speaker08:43
kanliotyour time zone, general technical profieciency08:43
kanliotsee mine @08:43
kanliotalso mention your "project"08:44
kanliotif you need help editing a wiki page, please aks08:45
kanliotyou could be wiki.ubuntu.com/LuvLinuxOS08:45
kanliotor wiki.ubuntu.com/YourName08:45
kanliotyour nickname is fine08:45
kanliotalthough there are a lot of linux** people08:46
LuvLinuxOScool, I am viewing your page now!08:46
LuvLinuxOSnice, we are about the same age and I am currently self-employed as well!!! I will create my wiki so that you I can share a little information also!!! Thanks so much for the reply and I look forward to working with you and the entire team!!!08:49
kanliotgood!  I'm not sure what you expect from the process, but if you have any questions please email me08:50
LuvLinuxOSThanks kanliot09:26
deltahello, need some immediate help with ubuntu studio.09:49
kanliot !ask09:54
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:54
deltatest case says : Note the state of the 'Erase disk and install Ubuntu Studio' radio button     The 'Erase disk and install Ubuntu Studio' radio button should be checked. Click on the continue button (if there is only one hard disk in the system, the button should read 'Install now')     If there is only one hard disk, the installer should skip to the "Where are you?' screen. Otherwise, the 'Installation type' screen is display10:02
deltaMy sys has only one hard disk. It doesn't read 'Install Now' as required and it properly jumps to 'Wherere are you' screen10:03
deltacan that be considered a bug?10:03
deltaI know, testcases are undergoing changes.10:04
deltajust confused whether it's a problem with testcase or a problem with the image10:04
kanliotgood question10:05
deltaany suggestions??10:09
kanliotignore it10:10
deltaokay. thanks!10:11
kanliotmove on10:11
deltafine :)10:11
kanliotemail indiana jones, tell him we have some questions about his test cases10:12
deltasorry to ask this, where can i get the email id of indiana jones?10:13
kanliotuh bad joke10:14
kanliotif you want to follow up10:16
kanliotping phillw when get comes into chat10:17
deltak. thanks.10:18
Laneycan somebody remind me where the mapping of packages to teams for the release tracking page lives? and can I edit it?10:26
phillwLaney: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates11:35
phillwand yes, you can edit it.11:35
LaneyI don't think that's what I'm looking for.11:36
phillwdo you mean the actual test cases?11:36
LaneyI don't mean anything about test cases11:36
phillwhmm, not sure what you're seeking?11:38
Laneyjibel: perhaps you know?11:38
LaneyISTR a spreadsheet11:38
kanliotphillw you should scroll back see my convo with LuvLinuxOS11:50
jibelLaney, this https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bryce/arsenal/2.x/view/head:/reports/package-team-mapping.csv ?12:01
Laneysounds right12:01
* Laney thinks that should be team maintained12:03
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astraljavaballoons: elfy will be my successor for Xubuntu stuff, effective immediately.15:14
balloonsexcellent choice15:15
smartboyhwballoons thinks it is fun, congrats elfy15:16
* smartboyhw means having elfy being QA release manager is fun15:16
elfyhi balloons15:36
balloonshi elfy15:37
elfyso then balloons I've been getting back into testing these omap things - what is it actually for - the arm things or whatever they are called15:38
elfythe end product is for ...15:38
balloonselfy, un momento15:38
elfytake as long as you like - I was just clarifying what I wanted to know :)15:39
smartboyhwballoons, give me an explainiation for the latin un momento please:P15:39
balloonsit's spanish for 'a moment'15:40
balloonsun momento por favor is common even in english15:40
balloonsas a moment please15:40
* smartboyhw thanks balloons for Spanish:P15:43
phillwsorry i missed QA meeting, my meeting was longer than planned then stuck in  a traffic jam for 30 mins to tavel ~ 1,000 meters :/15:44
smartboyhwphillw: Some news for you15:44
smartboyhwelfy is now Xubuntu QA Manager replacing astraljava15:44
elfyphillw: some time today when you have a minute - spare me a few :)15:45
smartboyhwI am now Ubuntu Studio QA (and Release) Manager "P15:45
phillwelfy: now is a good time. Just caught up with IRC logs.15:46
smartboyhwcya elfy phillw balloons nice testing everybody!:P15:49
* smartboyhw wonders if elfy is eager to see him leave:P15:50
balloonspleasant dreams smartboyhw15:51
balloonsok, so let's chat elfy :-)15:51
balloonsthose arm things, yes15:51
balloonsthe key is that ARM work the same as x86 chips.. meaning, we want the same experience on both15:52
balloonsyou do want an ARM ubuntu laptop right? (I do!)15:52
elfyaah right15:52
balloonsso the boards are development boards15:52
balloonsintending to help developers write against them15:53
balloonsand for us, to test against them :-)15:53
davmor2balloons: No I want an amd64 bit laptop that lasts as long as an arm laptop15:53
elfyright - that makes some sense now - it was just this thing about 3 inches square :D15:53
balloonsdavmor2, ahh.. :-)15:56
balloonswell actually those have come a long way too15:56
balloonsI like having options15:57
balloonsoptions means we as a buyer win15:57
elfyballoons: thanks - was not sure - am more sure now :)15:57
balloonsso yes.. that's why it's small, and open15:59
balloonsit's meant for tinkering and testing15:59
njinballoons, hallo howdi ? all ok ?16:27
balloonsnjin, good yourself?16:27
balloonsbusy busy.. but in a good way16:28
balloonsgood to be busy16:28
balloonswe're churning out stuff :-)16:28
njingreat then, that is exctasy16:28
njinI'm a little tired, but ok16:28
balloonsSto mangiando il pranzo :-)16:29
njinjust moving firsts steps on wayland (curiosity)16:29
njinAAh you are learn9ng italian ?16:29
balloonsI'm sorry to hear you are tired.. don't work yourself into exhaustion16:30
balloonsahh yes, wayland.. fun thing isn't it?16:30
balloonsnjin, no, sadly I don't know any italien16:30
balloonsor how to spell it! Italian16:30
njinhave you planned something here '16:31
njin? in italy16:31
njinmuch more i'm tired for the situation of the work here in Italy and for the future16:32
njinis anxiety mine problem16:32
balloonsahh yes.. I know it's not easy.. heck it's not easy anywhere16:32
balloonsI ended up going to Germany16:32
balloonsItaly was a bit too hard to get to this time around16:33
balloonsbut I will get there :-)16:33
njinYes, Italy needs time16:33
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adeEvening all, hope testing is going well.18:14
balloonshowdy ade18:14
adeHey balloons18:15
adeballoons: Great work on the css theme again by the way, I only just noticed y'day how the grey title holds the top of the screen as you scroll down the various iso testcase summaries, nice touch! Did spot a small problem tho.. :op18:18
balloonssure -- what do you see?18:18
adeballoons: http://imagebin.org/229916 - Very small problem admittedly, see at the top right of the screen, the title text is under the bug summary images instead of above?18:22
balloonsade if you wish, file a bug on this: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+filebug18:24
balloonsthough I agree.. and it may not be possible to change it due to browser rendering18:24
adeballoons: Ok, it's a minor issue so will raise it later on if I have time, doesn't really affect performance or clarity.18:28
balloonsright right.. I'm wondering as I said if it's just browser rendeirng or if we could change it18:29
adeballoons: Am sure it can be changed, let me have a look in firebug and will see if a simple solution is available.. 5mins..18:33
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phillwballoons: when you have a chance to draw breath, can you ping me - Thanks.19:31
adeballoons: Have a simple fix for the render issue if you'd like me to share? Only tested in firefox mind you.19:35
balloonsade, awesome19:36
balloonsdo you have an lp account?19:36
balloonsif so, I'll do you one further19:36
balloonsyou can commit it :-)19:36
adeYes I do! Ok then, be it on my head lol19:37
balloonsok, let me help then19:38
adefire away :o)19:38
balloonsso what you do is branch that19:39
balloonsbzr branch lp:ubuntu-qa-website19:39
balloonsthen make the changes, then propose for merging19:40
balloonsif you need help setting up bzr and using it, lp has some tutorials19:40
adeOk... it's one line of code believe it or not but, am always up for a challenge so see how I get on :o)19:41
adebaloons: May I add you as a reviewer when proposing the new changes??19:43
balloonsade, best to add stgraber actually19:47
adeballoons: no problem19:49
bdmurraypsivaa: can you tell me more about the steps to recreate bug 1056815?20:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1056815 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "'Could not restore packages from the previous install' error message when installed from live usb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105681520:01
phillwhiyas silverarrow20:04
balloonsso, I've been thinking more about kanilot's ideas20:06
balloonsdid he get anywhere with posting them?20:06
psivaabdmurray, i got this dialog box popping nearly at the end of an installation started from live usb20:06
bdmurraypsivaa: and were you installing over an install? if so what version.  how was the live usb made?20:07
silverarrowwhat is trouble with splash really?20:08
psivaabdmurray, the usb was made using dd, if that's what you ask and i *think i was installing side by side on those instances, i could confirm that if you'd want20:09
silverarrowI need a new laptop it seems20:11
silverarrowand this time I want the very best one20:11
silverarrownot macbook pro, even if they are good20:11
silverarrowand I want one with full Ubuntu support, hardware acceleration and all20:12
phillwsilverarrow: there are two joined, but slightly different issues... 1) kernel change 2) x-org change. that they both happened together has taken a while to settle out.20:12
noskcajWhy is there a beta build with no testcases?20:13
silverarrowyeah, the kernel and xorg change will improve os, but seems to need a real attempt to make all run fine20:13
phillwsilverarrow: the good news? We know that you CAN install PPC, it just needs some tweaking.20:13
silverarrowI want to do it now20:14
bdmurraypsivaa: yes it would be good to know the steps you took to produce the bug20:14
silverarrowit is all about tweaking and rebuilding packages I suppose,20:15
psivaabdmurray, ok i assumed the message was because of live usb installation, so i did not really look into if its on a side by side install, but ill confirm that tomorrow20:15
phillwnoskcaj: for the issues which arrived between the A3 being out there & the B1 arriving, with two critical components changed it has taken a while for the extremely limited number of PPC testers to be able to report bugs that can pooled together instead of a lot of bugs saying different things, but all affected by the same two facts.20:15
phillwsilverarrow: follow the PPC-FAQ, you will have an working installation.20:16
silverarrowdownloading beta20:16
silverarrowhave the ppc-faq been updated then?20:17
silverarrowI have been reading that page up and down several times20:17
phillwsilverarrow: yes, as have the bug reports.20:17
silverarrownot lately though20:17
phillwbug 1040544 is now invalid and will be marked as such, it is an x-org bug.20:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1040544 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installer dialog does not come up on PPC" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104054420:18
silverarrowso it was x-org all the time?20:19
phillwsilverarrow: sadly not, it is a combination of a kernel change and x-org. Either can provide a fix so it appears, but getting an x-org fix for ppc is a less risky path than a full kernel respin that may cause regressions to all the other architectures.20:20
silverarrowseveral bugreports on that one I think20:20
silverarrowand I will likely get a system at least arguable running well?20:20
silverarrowrespin? what?20:21
phillwsilverarrow: the guys are reporting back that following the PPC-FQA that they are getting quite happy machines.20:21
silverarrowwhich is the best way to do testing20:22
silverarrowI mean, a system that at least runs some what20:22
phillwfor liveCD, use Greg's proposed fix - that will hopefully be landing in the test case shortly (as soon as I receive it). that is the removal of splash. The one for 'black screen after re-boot following installation' requires the x-org file to be put in.20:23
silverarrow sorry, that is me  logging in double20:24
phillwhaving the parameter for PPC set to nosplash I'm hoping is not a big job.20:24
silverarroware there any hope to get the clever guys to look at the broken packages?20:25
silverarrowthe packages that was broken in 12.04 I  mean20:26
silverarrowsome of them where soo close to work20:26
psivaabdmurray, i could confirm that it's not a side-by-side installation, its a fresh single install started from a live session20:31
bdmurraypsivaa: and is there a previous install on the system? I also asked for a file in the bug report20:31
phillwsilverarrow: for the kernel, hopefully as it is accross distros (also affects red hat based systems such as CentOs, Fedora etc). It was only at the end of last week that the parts of jigsaw started to fit together and I've just had a crazy busy week with RL stuff.20:34
phillwbug 104351820:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1043518 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "live cd is unusable due to video degradation with the splash boot option enabled" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104351820:34
silverarrowthat is the real bug we have been struggeling with?20:35
silverarrownice to have it sorted out finally20:35
silverarrowexiting when beta is coming a long20:37
phillwit lands nicely with the fix proposed by Greg, as you can see, it is something of a minefield. But I'm hopeful we can get that fix in for PPC. That is if Colin does not hire an assisination squad have have me deleted from www.earth :P20:39
phillwIn the mean time, do it manually.20:40
adeballoons: Have done as you instructed, bzr dwnld later, ssh key generated and uploaded, downloaded source files but cannot find the CSS files anywhere? Are they held at a dif location??20:44
balloonsade, yikes I hope I didn't mislead you :-)20:46
phillwballoons: some good(ish) news, it appears there is a fix at kernel level... Bad news? I don't think 12.10 are shipping with it :'(20:48
phillwi chased bug 1043518 through to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=85730020:49
balloonsade, one sec and let me go looking20:49
ubot5bugzilla.redhat.com bug 857300 in kernel "Graphical environment doesn't appear or appears corrupted on certain NVIDIA adapters with plymouth 0.8.7" [High,Closed: errata]20:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1043518 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "live cd is unusable due to video degradation with the splash boot option enabled" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104351820:49
adeballoons: no probs, I know you're more than busy20:49
balloonsbtw 'Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption)' has landed :)20:49
phillwballoons: there were a couple you wanted me to do, but the functionallity was not yet there. If they are now, poke me & I'll download the iso tonight.20:50
balloonsphillw, what do you mean?20:50
balloonsphillw, refresh my memory20:51
balloonsi'm apologize as usual :-)20:51
balloonsk, ade, having a loo20:53
phillwI think it was lvm / encryption etc. but that the iso had not been spun so I could not check the instructions...20:54
balloonsok, well it's up.. only in ubuntu desktop for now20:54
phillwabout last Friday? (seems like last year!)20:54
balloonspretty much20:55
phillwgood that they're up... one less thing nagging at the back of my mind.... Death by pecking is a possibility this release :P20:55
silverarrowkernel fixes, can they be launched later in an update?21:01
silverarrowor is it to many major adjustments that has to be made?21:01
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silverarrowI can`t find the new additions on the faq page?21:03
silverarrowppc faq page21:03
phillwsilverarrow: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/PPC%26Mac64#Other_links21:05
silverarrowoh there, thanks21:06
phillwsilverarrow: as we now have a lubuntu dev with actual harware, once he finishes screaming and is allowed out of the sanitorium for mentally infirm he will hopefully be better placed to find exactly what area a bug should be reeported to.21:07
silverarrowpoor guy21:12
silverarrowit looks good for lubuntu21:13
silverarrowI am glad21:13
silverarrowthere are a few of us ppc users21:13
phillwhe is a lubunteer... and I'm sure having a piece of PPC kit for testing will not send him insane (Although I am expecting some 'interesting' emails from him... He and myself do email quite honest opinions on things :P )21:13
silverarrow;- )21:14
silverarrowI am all for using the latest xorg and kernel though21:14
phillwsilverarrow: and whilst no use for 12.10, the kernel issue does seem to have been addressed. I'll ask the PPC guys to test it out post Beta 2.21:14
silverarrowit often pays off if possible21:14
silverarrowI see21:15
phillwfrom what I see, it solves the radeon issue.21:15
silverarrowI think debian benefits from having lubuntu users too21:16
silverarroweven if it souds like to hit ubuntuers over the head with something hard21:16
phillwcorrection.. nvidea...21:16
silverarrowwhy do people respond to emails at the bottom ?21:17
silverarrowI`m not familiar with the nvida issues21:17
silverarrowyou should write any reply at the top !!!!!!21:18
phillwsilverarrow: all testers help eachother. It is an unwriiten rule. I run my *buntu's mainly in a VM on a CentOS system. I also run Chromium daily build, some days are better than others :P21:18
silverarrowyeah, but you one of the clever guys21:19
silverarrowI`m a mere mortal21:19
phillwbut for laptop testing, I can boot into my other hard-drive which is 100% Lubuntu and can run CentOS in a VM.21:19
silverarrowwhich means beta 2 seems to be my limit for testing21:19
phillwsilverarrow: I can assure you that I am not. I just read the manuals, follow blog posts and learn :)21:19
silverarrowif you ever posted on the debian forum you would now, you get ignored if you mentions ubuntu21:20
silverarrowor hit over the head21:20
silverarrowi am reading up on all I can too21:21
silverarrowit seems to sink in after a few rounds with the stuff21:21
phillwI have been made aware of the fact that they have 'different' culture on their forums to the snarling, saliva dribbling staffers and members on the ubuntu forum... no offence elfy :P21:22
phillwsilverarrow: one of the reasons I'm so passionate about writing stuff up to the wiki area is that I need to frequently check something out.21:22
silverarrowI`m not kidding with the debian forum21:22
silverarrowwhich is great for the faq page21:23
phillwI've never had the dis-pleasure to be on there. After a couple of people told me about their experiences it went down tothe bottom of my list of areas to visit and say 'Hi' on :)21:24
phillwFedora, I'm told, can also be sharp with people. I use the CentOS area.21:24
silverarrowI once had a arguably half mental guy chase me all over freenode,21:29
silverarrowI had picked him up in the fedora channel21:29
silverarrowtelling me i should just leave all linux distros for good, it would never work on my computer21:30
silverarrowit was a bit weird21:31
silverarrowall in the past now21:32
silverarrowis there a way I can get the b43 package for quantal on a usb for22:25
wxlsomeone tell me i'm wrong but doesn't this suggest that if you run ppc to live and then run the installer from the desktop, the live session should actually have the b43 package and so the wireless should work? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/lubuntu.quantal/live23:13
phillwwxl: what version does it say is installed?23:16
wxlphillw: i dunno, but i was trying to answer silverarrow's question above23:17
phillwas am I, but then he vanished!23:18
phillwthe one I see for Quantal is http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/quantal/multiverse/base/firmware-b43-installer23:18
phillwit is possible that either the Live-CD seed does not pull that one, or that the installer seed does not. I would need someone to confirm the issue. If the LiveCD is okay and the installer seed is not, then it should be a very easy bug to squish :)23:20
phillwwxl: I don't see b43 onhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/lubuntu.quantal/desktop23:24
phillwIt'd need to be followed up for the lubuntu-desktop meta package to see if it is on there.23:26
phillwwxl: seems we have a respin in progress!23:27
wxlwell i'm just baffled about these seeds phillw23:27
wxli THINK i understand tho23:27
wxlthe "desktop cd" as we think about it is really desktop+live23:27
wxlcuz look at the desktop and show me where you see ubiquuity23:27
phillwwxl: I'm about nodding terms with them. I must REALLY set up a wiki page with where all the seed files are held to be more easily found (it is on the wiki area somewhere!)23:28
wxli bookmarked it XD23:28
wxli think we really need to get a good grasp on these tho23:28
wxlis there a mailing list or irc channel specific to the seeds?23:29
wxlor a team or something?23:29
phillwso, does the lubuntu-desktop meta package call in the b43?23:29
phillwwxl: it would be via L-QA mailing list (the devs also 'live' on there).23:29
wxlwell no23:30
wxlthe "live" task does :)23:30
phillwthen it is an easy fix :)23:30
phillwJulien just needs to add it to the seed file.23:30
wxlthe lubutnu-desktop?23:31
phillwif the b43 is not being called, then it does need to be called. That is a seed file issue & Julien is the one best to sort it out.23:31
wxlinteresting: ubuntu.quantal/live does NOT have b43cutter or any of the other networking utilities23:31
phillwis it in their meta package?23:32
phillwthenit deffinately one for Julien to look into :)23:32
phillw*then it is *23:33
wxlalso i'd like to know why packages.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to list anything but amd64 and i386? ;)23:35
wxlfor example, here's one we know exists:23:35
phillwI'm assuming that he has taken the two weeks off, so no fix for B2. but if silverarrow has the PPC hooked up via ethernet, he can go grab it from multiverse. That was going to be my suggestion to him to see if that solved the issue. If it did, then it needs simply adding to the seed file.23:36
wxland it can be [powerpc] if no one else needs it23:36
phillwb43 is needed by more than just ppc23:36
wxlwell there y ago23:37
phillwget him to raise a bug against lubuntu-meta re: b43 if you see him before I do.23:37
wxlwhat i'm confused about is this: if it's in live, shouldn't booting into the live session provide wireless connectivity?23:38
phillwJulien can then take a look as to why it is on Live-CD and not on desktop. chances are it was a simple oversight.23:38
wxlwell i'm gonna post a message to the list23:38
phillwI *think* what silverarrow is saying is that b43 works in LiveCD but fails when installed.23:39
wxlnow that makes sense23:39
phillwBut, as he vanished, I am only 'assuming', which is a dangerous game!23:39
wxlit would never get installed in desktop23:40
phillwnever ASSUME, as it makes an "ASS' out of 'U" and "ME".23:40
wxldoesn't seem like it's restricted anymore23:40
wxl(which it shouldn't be)23:40
phillwnope, it got moved to multiverse, I think for 12.10 which may explain how it got missed.23:41
wxlsta is still in restricted23:41
wxlwhich doesn't make sense23:41
wxlit appears the change to multiverse is retroactive23:42
phillwthey only get moved when they remove the copyright stuff.23:42
wxlgoes all the way back to hardy without being stricted23:42
phillwchanges can be requested, lots of nagging to those parties who are holding back on making them GPL releases is the way forward.23:43
wxlwell it was big news there for a bit23:43
phillwnvidea drivers are one case I do recall from my forum days :)23:43
phillwwxl: I so love this status report... we should get it onto the Bug system as 'where is it up to' instead of triaged ... ""STALLED" means... that whatever code has been written is accumulating color and texture similar to that 3 week old slice of pizza in your fridge."23:47
wxlso i'm thinking23:48
wxlthere is no drivers specified on desktop23:48
wxlor core for that matter23:48
wxli, in fact, have no idea how the drivers are installed23:51
wxli've looked in minimal and standard (ubuntu) and nuttin23:51
phillwI simply lack the knowledge to do anything other than read them. The little I do know is that if something is missing from the seed (which has happened in the past), it is fairly easy for Julien to correct it.23:51
wxli need to confirm now with silverarrow23:53
phillwb43-installer has been in multiverse since natty23:53
wxlwhere'd you find that?23:54
phillwFrom dim and distant memory, it would pop up after installation under 'hardware drivers' where the system said that it had found some hardware for which drivers were not installed.23:55
phillwI also remember that you do NOT install the modem one, as it invariably knocked out sound :)23:55
phillwwxl: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/pm/firmware-b43-installer23:56
wxlfor some reason (i suspect our dns cache) i can't connect to that page23:57
phillwactually, maverick, the one before!23:57
phillwwxl: http://pastebin.com/z9JXahrr23:58
wxlisn't hardy < maverick?23:58
phillwyes, but I said natty, which is > maverick :)23:59
wxlyes but i said hardy a million lines ago XD23:59
wxli forget; it's late there23:59
phillwit is nearly 1 am, and I've had a busy day!23:59

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