trijntjethe new strings for the documentation have landed, but they are not shown on the template list10:11
trijntje'upstream' docs on launchpad: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docs/quantal10:11
trijntjethe 'ubuntu-help' template on the template list:https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/ubuntu-docs/+pots/ubuntu-help10:11
dpmkelemengabor, trijntje, head_victim (or any other translator). Are you around to give a hand with a user interface freeze exception? It should not take more than a few minutes16:06
kelemengaboryeah, sure16:06
dpmcool, thanks. So here's the deal: you've probably heard about the discussion about online search results, and we're now creating a settings dialog to optionally disable it to address community concerns16:08
dpmThat is done as part of a user interface freeze exception on this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/activity-log-manager/+bug/105474616:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1054746 in Google Documents Lens "[FFe] [UIFe] No easy way to disable results from Canonical partners in lenses" [High,In progress]16:08
dpmI myself gave it a +1, as I think if this should be blocked, it should not be because of translations16:09
dpm(3 new strings are added)16:09
dpmjbicha from the docs team gave it a -1, but he's just mentioned that he'll change his vote if 2 non-Canonical translators give it a +1. I would just like to ask you to have a look at the bug and give it a +1 if you honestly think that this should be accepted from the translations side16:10
dpmI'm not trying to coerce anyone into voting, so if you don't believe this should be accepted, it is not a problem16:11
dpmObviously, I'd like it to be accepted, which is why I'm asking, but I'd like a sincere vote16:11
trijntjeI'm reading the bug now16:11
dpmgreat, thanks16:12
trijntjedpm: will it add a single string or multiple?16:13
trijntjenevermind, I see it already16:14
dpmtrijntje, it will add 3 new strings, the ones listed on the bug description:16:14
dpm#: ../src/activity-log-manager.vala:5716:14
dpmmsgid "Search Results"16:14
dpmmsgstr ""16:14
dpm#: ../src/searchresults-widget.vala:6016:14
dpm#, c-format16:14
dpmmsgid "When searching in the Dash:"16:14
dpmmsgstr ""16:14
dpm#: ../src/searchresults-widget.vala:6716:14
dpm#, c-format16:14
dpmmsgid "Include commercial suggestions from Ubuntu partners."16:14
dpmmsgstr ""16:14
trijntjeI will add a +1 from a translation perspective, also because I think the privacy concerns are valid16:18
trijntjebut this cycle has been realy bad for docs team with all UIFE, and it's really a motivation killer if your work becomes irrelevant just like that16:19
dpmI know, I do feel their pain. The work has not become irrelevant, though, as the changes were mostly about new things, but it did really add a lot of work to their plate :(16:20
dpmtrijntje, would you mind adding the +1 to the bug report as a comment, so that we follow the UIFe process? -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/activity-log-manager/+bug/105474616:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1054746 in Google Documents Lens "[FFe] [UIFe] No easy way to disable results from Canonical partners in lenses" [High,In progress]16:20
kelemengaborfine by me. it's not that hard to translate these <15 words, and avoiding disastrously bad press is more important.16:24
dpmthanks kelemengabor, may I also ask you to add the comment on the bug, so that the UIFe can go ahead? (at least from translators and documenters, the release team has got the final say)16:29
trijntjedpm: I've added a comment to the bug16:30
dpmtrijntje, many thanks for the honest feedback on the comment too, and for unblocking the Desktop team on the UIFe!16:31
trijntjedpm: you're welcome. Are the problems with all these UIFE on the radar of the community team? I'm really worried a lot of people will lose their motivation this way16:32
dpmtrijntje, they are, but often they are outside of our control unfortunately. In terms of community contribution, they fall on our domain, but in terms of enforcing the policy, it falls into the domain of the release team. And believe me, they are well aware of them, as freeze exceptions generate more work not only for contributors in the different areas of Ubuntu, but also for them!16:35
trijntjedpm: that good to know. I'll just have a little faith and hope things work out for everybody.16:41
kelemengaborgave a +1 too. It's the minimum to give people an easy way to opt out of ads :)16:45
dpmthanks everyone17:08

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