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Andy80I was reading this http://benjaminkerensa.com/2012/09/25/technical-diagram-of-how-unity-shopping-lens-likely-works - do you confirm me that everything I enter in my dash is trasmitted to productsearch.ubuntu.com O_o ?!11:03
Andy80I'm not concerned about Amazon knowing what I'm looking for (when I'm actually searching a product)11:04
Andy80I'm concerned about Canonical: how they distinguish if I'm looking for a local file name or for an online thing?11:04
davidcalleAndy80, currently yes, but a setting to remove remote calls from the Home Dash (and other lenses) is worked on, should land soon.11:04
Andy80davidcalle: and this also happens with 12.04 or it hasn't remote calls enabled?11:05
davidcalleAndy80, on 12.04, it only happens from the Videos lens. But you can filter the search and target a specific provider or your local files only.11:06
Andy80davidcalle: ok, thanks for the clarification11:06
davidcalleAndy80, np11:07
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dandradernautilus is not being spawned to draw the desktop background. And it makes no difference if I run it manually. What could be wrong? (I'm in quantal)12:18
seb128dandrader, is "ubuntu-settings" installed?12:18
dandraderand the strangest thing is that for one of my users it works fine12:18
dandraderbut not for any users that I create...12:18
seb128dandrader, nautilus upstream defaults to not displaying the background12:19
* dandrader checks12:19
dandraderhmm, ubuntu-settings is not installed. doing it now12:19
* dandrader log off and in again12:20
dandraderawesome! it's working now!12:20
dandraderseb128, thanks a lot!12:20
seb128dandrader, yw12:20
seb128dandrader, you might want to (re)install ubuntu-desktop12:21
seb128you might be missing other things12:21
dandraderhmm, ok12:21
dandraderhmm, I'm missing a handful of packages indeed12:22
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anantI'm trying to build unity from source by reading instructions at http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/13:10
anant"sudo apt-get build-dep nux" mentioned as one of the commands fails with "Unable to find a source package for nux" ..13:10
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anantcould someone please help me build unity from source .. I'm a newbie :)13:22
mhall119anant: try build-dep nux-3.014:06
anantmhall119: same problem ...14:31
snwhI'm not certain of this is the place but: I'm having difficulties with either lightdm or the unity-greeter, where it will not allow me to log in. (using gdm in the meantime)14:32
snwhin 12.10*14:32
mhr3anant, libnux<tab>14:38
mhr3anant, but you really want build deps of unity, not of nux14:39
anantmhr3: I was following the steps in http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/14:40
mhr3anant, from the section "Building NUX"14:41
anantmhr3: libnux<tab> gave no options ... infact, libn<tab> gives only libnetcfg14:43
mhr3i meant .... build-dep libnux<tab>14:44
anantmhr3: ah .. sorry .. gives "libnux-2.0-"14:47
anantmhr3: note that among the errors emitted when trying to compile unity ("remake-unity" as per the instructions page), was one for nux: "package 'nux-3.0>=3.0.0' not found"14:51
mhr3oh you're on precise? it's too hard to compile unity on precise now, you should use Q14:52
anantmhr3: yes, I'm on precise :( ... actually the whole idea was to work on a bitesize bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1019457 ... Can I install Quantal on VirtualBox and still work on the bug?15:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1019457 in unity (Ubuntu) "The Dash closes when trying to switch to the Command lens (Alt+F2)" [Low,Confirmed]15:00
mhr3anant, sure15:06
anantmhr3: thanks a ton! I'd been struggling with unity compilation the entire day .. :)15:08
mhr3anant, getting is to build the first time is pretty hard, i reinstalled yesterday and spent 4 hours on it... even though i knew what i'm doing :)15:09
mhr3although that was building compiz+nux+unity15:09
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mhr3davidcalle, ping?15:32
davidcallemhr3, pong15:33
mhr3oh.. nvm15:33
mhr3too late :)15:33
davidcallemhr3, heh :)15:35
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berniedoes anybody have problems with ccsm being unable to parse hotkey strings containing "<Super>" ?17:18
bernieit started happening a couple of weeks ago17:18
berniei can reproduce it on two different ubuntu precise installs17:19
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