MarkDudeAnyone near SF interested in trying Gangnam style flashmob?00:44
dragonI'm interested in the picnic, as long as I'm not among strangers.01:18
MarkDudeIt will be some of the flashmob people- as well as the Damsels of Distress01:25
philballewIs different text editors/ide's better for different languages or is it best to use just one?04:55
bkerensanano ftw04:59
philballewbkerensa, Do I need to install anything different to that for certain languages?05:03
bkerensayou will need packages for anything your working with05:04
bkerensaregardless of the editor or IDE05:04
bkerensaunless its bash05:04
philballewalright, that makes sense. because not all languages are installed by default05:05
bkerensasomething like....  while :; do curl -s -H 'UserAgent: Ubuntu Unity' http://productsearch.ubuntu.com/v1/search?q=potato; sleep $[ ( $RANDOM % 10 )  + 1 ]s; done05:05
darthrobot`Content type: [application/json] Size: [44860]05:05
bkerensawould not need a package ^05:05
philballewcurl is installed by default?05:06
philballewi did not think so.05:07
philballewwget is standard05:07
philballewJust trying to set up my laptop to do some java tonight05:07
philballewI know, I know. Thats a lame language05:11
bkerensaphilballew: its installed by default on server05:13
philballewbkerensa, wait, people use ubuntu server?05:14
philballewbut java was not default bkerensa . I had to install that05:14
bkerensaof course java is not default05:15
bkerensasociety would be better if it died05:15
bkerensasame with flash05:15
philballewbkerensa, true. but if I tell my college prof that I wont pass. Its used my enterprises along with .net stuff these days.05:16
bkerensachallenge his class?05:16
philballewbkerensa, cant. I have to take it.05:17
philballewits required05:17
darthrobot`Title: [How to Challenge a College Course | eHow.com]05:17
bkerensayou can challenge courses at most colleges and universities05:17
bkerensaeven if its required for your degree05:18
philballewyes, but I dont know java05:18
bkerensachallenging it is the same as passing it05:18
philballewso there is the problem05:18
philballewIf they had a class on being really awesome Id totally challenge that though05:19
philballewbkerensa, I did that for an English class freshman year.05:20
nhainesAaaand... it's upgrade time.06:11

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