jrwrenis it s3 ?00:01
jrwrenhttp api?00:01
snap-lJesus, playing semantics on identi.ca00:10
snap-lno wonder people were knocking themselves over to hang out there. :-P00:11
jcastro_rick_h_ hey00:58
rick_h_jcastro_: yep01:17
jcastro_rick_h_ recommendation for like a laser wall thing?01:37
jcastro_for like lining things up01:37
jcastro_or does it matter01:38
rick_h_The big thing is get something that runs both ways if you can. So you put it on the wall once and have a line both directions to hang stuff01:38
rick_h_I got one with the 3M removable sticky things and works great01:39
rick_h_don't know on the suction kind and I didn't want anything that made a hole01:39
jcastro_do I need a stud finder?01:39
rick_h_you'll find things that need to be on studs, or to avoid the studs01:40
rick_h_especially electical01:40
jrwrenyou may not borrow my wife for that.01:48
snap-ljrwren: He said stud finder, not drip detector. ;)01:59
snap-lWhy did that suddenly feel like a Welcome Back Kotter line?01:59
jrwren*sad trombone*02:15
rick_h_ouch http://blog.cihar.com/archives/2012/09/26/compromised-sourceforge-mirror/?utm_source=rss210:56
rick_h_finally read the stuff on that this morning10:56
brouschAnother rough week for poor Dave11:17
snap-lGood morning12:22
snap-lbrousch: Likely not Dave's baliwick12:22
snap-lBut still sucks because it takes resources away from other projects.12:27
brouschjrwren: Dreamhosts object storage is not S3, but has a S3-compatible API12:38
rick_h_*cough* openstack *cough* I think12:39
brousch"Canonical Ltd’s Ubuntu Linux 12.4 powers DreamObjects"12:43
jrwrens3 compat abpi is cool.13:26
jrwrenwe need that in our basements.13:26
snap-lkitten has discovered the joy of paper towel13:41
snap-land toilet paper13:41
rick_h_snap-l: hah14:00
brouschFull HD tablet from B&N for $270 http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Compare-NOOKs/37900318114:29
brouschI thought they would give up14:29
snap-lbrousch: Nah, they still have a compelling story to tell14:31
snap-lWonder if the nook tablet will get an upgrade14:32
snap-lThinking htat's highly doubtful14:32
brouschThose new tablets are better specs than the Kindle fires14:32
brouschsnap-l: Thise are the upgrades14:32
snap-lI hean software upgrades for current owners14:35
brouschah, software14:35
brouschHaven't there been software updates?14:35
rick_h_right, but no amazon video, no amazon music14:35
rick_h_they've got devices without content :/14:36
brouschI remember one of them broke the Nook Color rooting hole for a while14:36
brouschrick_h_: Root and ROM14:36
snap-lfrom the press release, it doesn't sound like it14:36
jcastro_jrwren, yeah so the dreamhost thing is cool14:39
jcastro_because it's like 4 cents cheaper than S3 last I checked14:39
brouschWhat is Coderwall? http://coderwall.com/brousch/achievements/3370714:47
brouschThey just wander the web stalking people and giving them badges?14:48
rick_h_http://coderwall.com/mitechie it started out as badges for github stuff14:49
rick_h_"you've got 5 python projects" etc14:49
brousch"Rick needs just 3 more endorsements to unlock ActionScript"14:51
brouschI'm so going to endorse you14:51
brouschEven better, PHP14:51
jcastro_"Git has taken over where Linux left off separating the geeks into know-nothings and know-it-alls. I didn’t really expect anyone to use it because it’s so hard to use, but that turns out to be its big appeal. No technology can ever be too arcane or complicated for the black t-shirt crowd."14:51
jcastro_linus is so awesome14:51
brousch"Rick needs just 3 more endorsements to unlock PHP"14:51
jcastro_there you go rick_h_14:51
rick_h_heh, thankfully it proves I've left my bad habits behind me...14:52
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snap-lrick_h_: You're always one hit away from going back to bad habits15:08
snap-l<- king of bad habits15:09
dzhojcastro_: word is you're going to be hitting Columbus soon15:11
jcastro_yeah, friday15:11
snap-ljcastro_: No way we can convince you to stay through Saturday?15:11
jcastro_jill has an open house on saturday we have to go to15:12
jcastro_for her work15:12
snap-lunderstandable. No worries.15:12
snap-lGrateful for the bit of time we'll have.15:12
snap-lNOOK Cloud: All NOOK content is delivered via Wi-Fi and safely stored through NOOK Cloud, making NOOK Books, videos, apps and other content accessible across NOOK, personal computing and mobile devices using free NOOK Reading and NOOK Video apps.15:24
snap-lApparently Digital Locker is now referred to as "Cloud"15:25
rick_h_online == cloud, didn't you hear?15:25
rick_h_you need to contact your cloud service provider if you can't access google15:25
brouschIt's a cloud if they have more than one datacenter15:26
snap-lIt's like everything being called "mainframe"15:29
brouschThe cloud is mainframes!15:33
brouschI'll be at GrrCON tomorrow with Kevin Mitnick. Who wants an authograph?15:35
snap-lbrousch: Too bad there's not enough time for you to grab my copy of Art of Deception15:38
brouschBut there is time for you to come!15:41
greg-gsnap-l / brousch that joke is almost too close to true :/16:15
snap-lgreg-g: The cloud / mainframe one?16:15
* greg-g nods16:15
snap-lYeah, it's enough to make a semantic lawyer nearly apoplectic.16:16
greg-gsnap-l: so, I don't know, I just have to say that in the morning, when I reading the twitter and identi.ca "scrollback" I see much more awesome discussion on identi.ca. Which, is obviously a function of  who I follow where (what else would it be a function of? medium isn't that different). Which is why I'm on a twitter following purge16:26
greg-gso, all I'm saying is, I find the (smaller number of) people I follow on identi.ca to be more interesting, generally, than the (much larger number of) people I follow on twitter, except! for getting news16:27
greg-gnews is still better from twitter, my followers there tend to be more (openly) political16:28
snap-lgreg-g: Oh, I've never sipped in the quality of the conversation16:28
snap-lif I need to know the pulse of CC or OSS, identi.ca is the place16:29
greg-gso, I think an important thing is to clarify, it isn't the medium, it is who you follow. Which is why I was careful to say "those who I follow on identi.ca versus who I follow on twitter"16:31
rick_h_right, all these tools are what you make of them16:31
snap-lIt's like the people who bitch about Mongolian having dry meat, after making a bowl of essentially meatloaf.16:33
snap-l(no veggies, no sauce, etc)16:33
greg-gso yeah, apparently I follow more interesting people (to my taste) on identi.ca than twitter, minus the news commentary on twitter, which is why I follow both16:34
snap-lThe reason for the original post was to disabuse folks from seeking api freedom from Twitter.16:38
snap-lAnd also to explain why "muggles" aren't flocking to the OSS freedom16:39
snap-lTwitter's audience knows what they want, and identi.ca / Diaspora / etc. don't yet have that16:40
snap-land that's the folks they follow.16:40
snap-l"I want heated leather seats in my car" does not mean I want a heated waterbottle in my pants when I drive.16:41
snap-lNo matter how efficient / portable that waterbottle may be over the seat warmers16:42
snap-lPeople couldn't care less about Facebook or Twitter as development platforms, they care more about who they can access.16:44
snap-lAnd why some people still log into AIM or Yahoo chat16:44
* greg-g nods16:46
snap-lWHich was the genesis of the "Conversation without an audience is meaningless" debacle.16:47
jrwrenthe dreamhost dreamstore says they use ceph, that is the piece i want to run myself in our datacenter.16:53
jcastro_yeah they use ceph17:12
jcastro_and you can set up something similar to what they have17:12
jrwrenyeah, I think i shall17:15
jcastro_I am doing a charity drive!18:03
jcastro_Any donations accepted!18:03
jcastro_I'm supporting music education in poor schools via littlekidsrock.org18:04
jcastro_snap-l, come on buddy, pony up18:04
jcastro_I can't lose to jono18:04
snap-ljcastro_: I will when the next check comes in18:16
brouschIs the Thinkpad x220 still a recommended laptop?19:44
rick_h_I've got the 230 and <319:51
brouschI'm worried about downgrading to 1366x76819:52
jrwrenits fine when you are on the go, and when you aren't, use an external display.19:52
jrwrenand if you are on the go but need to settle in, use airdisplay and your ipad as a second monitor... oh wait...19:53
brouschI rarely use 2 monitors19:53
jrwrenno dual display? wtf do you do?19:53
brouschworkspaces are my thing19:53
brouschi have 10 workspaces19:53
brouschI can get 1600x900 on a thinkpad T42019:54
jrwrenyeah, but its HUGE.  14" is way to big.19:54
jrwrenif you go T420, at least go T420s19:55
jrwren1440x900 would be a lot nicer on that small screen though.19:55
jrwrenhow often do you buy?19:56
jrwrenIMO its a terrible time to buy.19:56
jrwrenin 6mo to 1yr apple will put retina on mac book air, and then 6mo after that everyone else will be catching up.19:56
brouschI bought this one 4 years ago, and the MBP 2 years ago19:57
brouschSo I guess every 2 years I buy something that's 2 years old19:57
jrwrenso the next year or so will be a notebook display revolution IMO19:57
brousch1280x800 on the MBP annoys me19:58
brouschI think 768 does not suit my needs19:58
brouschI buy 2 year old laptops to minimize bleeding edge issues with linux19:59
brouschWow Asus Zenbook UX21A 11.6" screen with 1920x108020:34
jrwren1280x800 on an MBP? my MBA is 1440x900, how did you get such a small display?20:53
greg-gbrousch: btw, I hate the x220 display size. It's about 90% of the reason I'm using my x200s 100% of the time20:54
brouschjrwren: It's from mid 2009 13.3"20:55
brouschgreg-g: x200s has more pixels?20:55
brouschoh man, max of 4GB RAM?20:56
greg-gmy x200s actually has 8gigs in it, and it works, but that's the *real real* max20:56
greg-gbrousch: and yeah, 1440x900 instead of the stupid 768 or whatever20:57
greg-gand I hate the new aspect ratio all laptops are going to :/20:58
brouschhm, no touchpad. seems like scrolling would be hard20:58
brouschi can't scroll with the nipple20:58
greg-gyeah you can20:58
greg-gtakes two fingers, just like it would on a touchpad20:58
greg-gthumb on middle 'mouse' button, and index finger on nipple20:59
brouschhm, doesn't work on my dell20:59
greg-gwell, dells suck ;)20:59
greg-gactually, it may need a fix in your synaptics config, I remember it not working OOTB on all laptop in Ubuntu21:00
brouschI don't have a proper middle mouse button21:01
greg-gwell then, I have no idea how you scroll on that with out a middle mouse button nor touchpad ;)21:01
brouschpg up/pg down21:02
greg-gI guess so, and space bar21:03
greg-ginstall Vimperator and use vim keybindings to scroll in Fx21:03
rick_h_logoff time, see you all in VA21:17
* rick_h_ starts getting the twitches21:17
jrwrenno two finger scrolling?21:25

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