thafreakMorning OHIO!14:16
_bbbyo dawg14:29
paultagyao all14:29
_bbbi guess were having dinner with the castros friday night14:30
_bbbaccording to bookface14:30
dzhois this the value-add dinner-with-speakers thing?14:31
_bbbjust wives scheming14:31
_bbbi thought about that14:31
paultaggeorge? :)14:32
_bbbbut no14:32
paultagmr horhay14:32
_bbbnot sure if he knows yet heh14:32
_bbbisnt the hyatt closer to the "action" anyway14:38
paultagboth are connected iirc14:38
paultagI'm super jacked for it.14:39
_bbbyeah but i think the hyatt was less of a haul iirc14:39
dzhojust fueld up the car14:39
paultag_bbb: yeah, I think so too14:39
_bbbare you jacked into the matrix14:39
paultagok, wee need to set up a loco-drinkathon14:39
_bbbdid you consult he oracle14:39
dzhoif you hear the putt putt of a VW diesel, that's me :(14:39
dzhoer, :)14:39
dzho_bbb: there is no spoon14:44
_bbbfinally registered for olf14:49
_bbb+tshirt and donation14:49
dzhowell, it's about time14:49
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thafreakI registered for t-shirt like the last day to actually get it at the conference15:02
thafreakOh, so rackspace will be there head hunting as usual15:03
thafreakbut NOW they're looking for "remote rackers"15:03
thafreakI guess they couldn't convince many to move to texas15:03
paultagor atlanta or whatever15:04
_bbboh yeha i got that email on linkedin too15:05
_bbbfrom rackspace15:05
thafreakI thought they were just in texas15:05
_bbbspeaking of15:06
dzhoI hated that rackspace bought slicehost15:10
paultagwho's ready to hack on Debian at OLF?15:11
paultag← this guy15:11
_bbbdang you15:12
_bbbyou kids and your control codes15:12
_bbbjust added you on linkedin..15:13
dzhounicode to da max15:13
_bbbmight as well be zmodem15:13
thafreakah zmodem16:02
thafreakand kermit16:02
thafreaki hear you can still use zmodem16:03
thafreakthere's some hack to let you use zmodem during an ssh session16:03
thafreakI meant to try it...16:03
thafreakrsync for lvm using snapshots...16:55
thafreakonly downside, requires ruby16:55
thafreakI'm tempted to port it to python...or C16:55
thafreakor python and C16:55
thafreakSo, there's a microcenter down near columbus18:32
thafreakanyone up for hittin it up sometime18:33
thafreaki may stop on my way down friday18:33
Unit193I sure want to visit that!18:33
thafreakWhen you going down Unit193?18:35
yanonot near but in columbus18:36
thafreakyeah, I thought some one had said it wasn't too far from the convention center, like maybe 20 minutes18:36
Unit193thafreak: Pretty sure I won't be there for anything.18:36
thafreakARchos carries a 7" android tablet, with multi-touch, and microcenter has them for $9918:37
thafreakUnit193: that sucks bro18:37
thafreakAny reason you can't make it?18:37
Unit193Couple, but one is kind of getting there.18:39
Unit193Hopefully can do that C-Bus meetup like last year.19:00
_bbbnerds of a feather19:40
canthus13Kermit was an interesting protocol... I used it on dirty lines a lot.19:43
canthus13iirc it was made for x.25?19:43
stlsaintany tough mudders in here?20:57
thafreakwhat's a tough mudder21:12
_bbbhe's talkin bout shaft21:49
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jrgiffordpaultag: you run straight debian on your laptops, right?22:10
paultagjrgifford: yep!23:29
paultagjrgifford: thinkpads t520i and hp mini 11023:29
paultagubuntu's on my t420s23:30
paultagjrgifford: going to OLF?23:30

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