rmg51Morning JonathanD10:31
JonathanDhey rmg5110:32
JonathanDbit late ;)10:32
rmg51I got to sleep in today10:33
rmg51no work for me10:34
rmg51but this is still early for me10:34
rmg51I was hoping to sleep later :-(10:36
InHisNamemorning all12:08
andrewWe are trying to get Rinxter (a java/tomcat program) running on Ubuntu. Basically, having trouble getting Tomcat 5.5 working on Ubuntu 12.04. Suggestions/tips/help/etc? (Something about setting CATALINA_HOME as well.)13:16
jedijfcatalina_home needs to be set to /path/to/tomcat13:26
jedijfandrew: ^^^13:27
jedijfthat's all i remember from tocat for a linux journal archive dvd setup13:27
andrewI'm guessing it's more involved than that. I'm not working on it directly.13:28
jedijfjava_home to wherever java lives13:28
andrewProbably comes down to trying to install tomcat 5.5 on ubuntu 12.04 is the start of the issues.13:28
jedijfshouldn't really13:29
jedijfthe catalina_home part should at least help get further into trouble13:30
jedijfthen it should complain about something else :)13:30
andrewI'll dig a bit deeper and see if there is anymore info about the issue.13:31
andrewSo he's able to get that part working, but stuck there.13:38
ChinnoDogfinally, I am back.17:56
ChinnoDogThe internet seems broken today17:57
ChinnoDogI want to shoot myself in the head18:55
ChinnoDogwrong channel18:56
jedijfsuicide is not a solution (for all)19:04
jedijffor some...maybe19:04
ChinnoDogLike Linux you have to see what works for you.19:06
ChinnoDoggit is pretty cool20:04

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