wrsthello pbjtime14:48
pbjtimesrry about all the reconnects at work on phone. wanted to get opinion on if I should just reload ubuntu on my computer since i forgot my log in password14:49
Ubikor boot single-user and then reset it (unless you're using encryption)14:50
pbjtimei believe i am, my main computer is down this is an old one i had a few years ago since i do not remeber my password14:51
wrstpbjtime: booting in single user mode sounds like a pretty good plan to me too, of course if using encryption...14:53
pbjtimethanks for the help, will try it when i get home14:53
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wrstxTEMPLARx: are you finally here?19:35
chris4585hey wrst20:01
wrstchris4585: how you doing?20:01
wrstand good morning ;)20:01
chris4585on manjaro linux (installed on my media pc), I decided to go ahead and try cinnamon since it is the default desktop on the gnome iso20:03
chris4585surprisingly its not so bad using it, I'm not a fan of the bottom panel setup, but its okay I just need basic keyboard functions20:05
wrstyeah i mean i'm sure its ok i really haven't tried it, i would just prefer no fork and add extensions20:05
chris4585I'm good, just a boring wednesday20:06
chris4585fork or no fork its actually decent on arch surprisingly and manjaro auto detects and installs proper video drivers which is nice!20:06
wrstha ha20:07
wrstchris4585: everything is a little better on arch it seems20:07
chris4585it seems, manjaro feels like what ubuntu is for debian or what mint is for ubuntu20:08
wrsthmm interesting20:10
chris4585how are you wrst ?20:15
wrsti'm doing well20:17
wrstjust getting a day at work finished up20:17
chris4585awesome, server working today?20:17
wrstchris4585: yep, ISP had some issues yesterday, then my power went out for a couple hours last night!20:18
chris4585ahh, glad its sorted out20:19
chris4585I would like to eventually try quassel ? but xchat does just fine for me20:20
wrstyeah its quassel i'm pretty fond of it20:21
chris4585if I had a vpn or server off site I would probably try it then because I like being connected all times but! I turn my computer off to conserve power20:22
wrstyeah i leave this machine on all the time and shut down desktops, laptops etc20:23
wrsthello mac941621:04
mac9416Hey, wrst, how's thi21:04
mac9416 ngs today?21:04
wrstthey are good, hwo about you?21:04
mac9416Pretty darned good.21:04
mac9416Just did some C++ homework.21:04
mac9416I hate C.  :-P21:04
wrsti understood before the correction... i'm smart like that... or i make mistakes like that which one is it?21:04
mac9416Human edition.21:05
wrstha ha21:05
wrsti thought i had done a Unit193 for a second but i can get into my server21:06
Unit193Me: "This'll break things, lets do it", I'll have access again tongiht. :D21:07
wrstha ha Unit193 well that i understand thats why i was messing with things so late21:07
Unit193Now I wonder if I installed the new kernel or not...21:07
wrstyou may never know Unit193 :)21:09
Unit193I'll know on checking...21:10

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