tjaaltonbryceh: yeah, and I kinda wanted to have a separate bug like the one mdeslaur filed, just for that. but it got duped again :)03:44
tjaaltonsna would be one thing to try, even though it has backlight issues atm03:44
tjaaltonlooks like sna fixed thumpers bug03:48
bjsnidertjaalton, i've just gotten into the finnish symphonic metal/black metal scene. i'm sure it's commonplace in finland, but it came as a complete surprise to me04:06
bjsnideri'm convinced that the best and most interesting music in the world is coming out of finland04:06
tjaaltonbjsnider: hehe04:10
tjaaltonyeah quite a few groups on that genre04:11
bjsniderand they're genuises, all of them04:22
tjaaltonczajkowski: ping me when you're around, got something you could try06:12
mlankhorsttoo early for fencing :(06:41
tjaaltonbryceh: btw, I find the release targeted buglists (linked from totals-foo-workqueue) hugely useful06:41
tjaaltonotherwise the bugs would get lost in the noise06:41
mlankhorstyeah they are06:45
tjaaltonespecially now as it lists incomplete bugs too06:46
tjaaltoni think before they were excluded06:46
brycehtjaalton, oh good to hear, yeah I use them a lot too07:02
brycehthere's two kinds of incomplete bugs:  "With response" and "Without response".  The list excludes the latter only.07:02
brycehthat way if you ask a question and someone answers it, it'll pop back up on your list07:03
brycehbut be aware if like I ask a Q and set to Incomplete, then you follow up with another question and leave it Incomplete, your comment will result in it turning into "With response"07:03
brycehso, when adding questions to an incomplete bug, just set it to New, then ask your Q and set back to incomplete, and that'll keep it off this list.07:04
tjaaltonheh, well that doesn't matter much, not much noise there anyway07:04
brycehtjaalton, did you see someone went through and tested a bunch of obscure video drivers and gave us bugs on each?07:05
brycehwell, 3-4 bugs.  still, cute.07:05
tjaaltonbryceh: on quantal?07:05
tjaaltonoh, didn't notice it was the same guy07:06
tjaalton../../src/trident_dga.c:40:13: warning: 'TRIDENT_Sync' used but never defined [enabled by default]07:08
ricotzbryceh, hi :)07:36
brycehheya ricotz 07:37
ricotzbryceh, i wondering if there is some policy to join the ubuntu-x-swat group?07:37
ricotzi am *07:37
brycehricotz, there's definitely a policy I enforce07:37
brycehricotz, but you definitely qualify.  :-)07:37
ricotzbryceh, i thought about to join, but wasnt sure if i qualify ;)07:38
tjaaltonha, ok both trident and mga failures are due to sloppy xaa removal work :)07:38
ricotzbryceh, but while i saw the latest joins i got confused a bit07:38
brycehricotz, you do, go ahead and apply and I'll approve you.  Thanks for asking first though, I appreciate it!07:38
brycehtjaalton, heh07:38
tjaaltontime to send patches then07:39
ricotzbryceh, done07:40
brycehricotz, yeah I admit the last couple approved members I felt marginal about their qualifications but they seemed interested.  I suspect they'll expire out.07:40
ricotzbryceh, i see, dont worry then07:41
brycehI usually tell people what membership in ubuntu-x-swat implies (i.e. packaging work), and ask what they plan to use it for.  That seems sufficient to ward off most people who are just collecting badges or whatever.  The last couple people expressed interest in doing bug triage work.  We definitely need more triagers so I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and hope they do get involved.07:43
ricotzbryceh, that is perfectly fine07:44
brycehricotz, welcome to swat :-)07:46
ricotzbryceh, thanks, yeah a new badge ;P07:46
tjaaltonnow filter your email :)07:46
ricotztjaalton, i am already spammed with all kind of things ;)07:47
tjaaltonoh heh, we've uploaded -mga 1.6.1 as 1.6.008:23
tjaaltonby we I mean me08:23
mlankhorstthe royal we08:23
* mlankhorst testing vblank on patch08:23
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: hey, you were able to hang compiz like everyone else?08:36
tjaaltonon suspend/screensaver08:36
chrisccoulsontjaalton, yeah, although i've set "Turn screen off when inactive" to "Never" in the control centre now, to avoid it :)08:37
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: understood :) was just wondering if you could try the newer acceleration method to verify it doesn't happen there08:38
tjaaltonthough it has issues of it's own, but not this severe08:38
tjaaltonat least here08:38
chrisccoulsontjaalton, yeah, can do. although it'll need to wait a few minutes for some other stuff to finish first08:38
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: sure thing, you can check out the typo'ed xorg.conf from bug 104356208:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1043562 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[gm45] GPU lockup EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x60020100" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104356208:39
mlankhorstseems that my vblank patch works, even though that card has no output :x08:39
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: so comments #4 & 508:40
chrisccoulsontjaalton, yeah, will do08:40
tjaaltonit'll hit bug 1055987, but a simple vt change will remedy that08:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1055987 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[sna] Need tty switch after screen off to resume display" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105598708:41
tjaaltonhmm, wonder if we should provide a build of -intel with --enable-debug08:49
RAOFSounds like a job for xserver-xorg-video-intel-dbg!08:50
tjaaltonoh you mean build two versions and ship the other one with -dbg?08:51
tjaalton--enable-debug adds debugging output to the logfile08:51
tjaaltonI was thinking more like putting the other one in a ppa :)08:53
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: had time to test yet? you can speed it up by changing the screen off timer to one minute, and then go through a couple of cycles10:01
tjaaltonenough to make sure it would've hung before10:02
tjaaltonand vt changes in between to wake the backlight :)10:02
RAOFtjaalton: I mean build two versions and ship the other one with -dbg, yes.10:04
RAOFYou know what they say - built twice, ship once.10:07
tjaaltonyeah, why not10:10
chrisccoulsontjaalton, i've got a job running over SSH at the moment. i need to wait for that to finish before i risk anything that might result in me needing to reboot :)10:42
mlankhorstguess I'll see if I can fix the quantal stack10:44
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: ok gotcha :)10:47
seb128chrisccoulson, tjaalton: is that the blank screen after dpms issue?10:47
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah10:47
seb128where is the fix to try?10:47
tjaaltonseb128: trying if 'Option "Accelmethod" "sna"' works around it10:49
tjaaltonit would at least narrow it down to the uxa code in the -intel driver..10:50
tjaaltonheard positive results from it so far10:50
seb128tjaalton, you don't have a full xorg.conf I could copy by any chance?10:50
tjaaltonseb128: hang on10:51
tjaaltonseb128: can you reproduce it at will?10:51
seb128I tried to not run often into it, but I got it the only time I let my screen go to idle the other day10:51
seb128and I got it today when I undocked my laptop10:51
tjaaltonok, "good"10:52
seb128(though the undock could be another issue)10:52
mlankhorsttjaalton: can you upload xxv-nouveau to quantal-proposed? (I guess archive is still frozen)10:58
tjaaltonmlankhorst: -proposed is reserved for transitions, we can upload to quantal and it'll reopen after the beta11:00
mlankhorsthm ok11:01
mlankhorstYeah seems the dpkg-control script creates slightly broken packages11:09
mlankhorstevery line with Replaces/Breaks/Provides/Conflicts that has a package name on the same line ends up with those packages being eaten entirely11:11
tjaaltonoh that11:12
mlankhorstnow confirmed it with random packages, but need to have this solved :-)11:14
* mlankhorst tries horrible hack11:21
tjaaltonseb128: did you get the pastebin link?11:51
seb128tjaalton, yes, thanks, did restart yet though, I will try that in a bit11:55
tjaaltonseb128: ok, good11:55
tjaaltonha, reproduced the hang on one of my machines12:02
tjaaltonbut it took several cycles12:02
tjaaltonchrisccoulson, seb128: I'll take it back, testing sna isn't worth it. I'll build a test kernel with the crack-of-the-day..12:22
seb128tjaalton, ok12:22
* mlankhorst gives up on gpg key for now, creates new one12:26
tjaaltonok, building a drm-dkms package for quantal..12:38
mlankhorstuploading ppa5 with the packages fixed :)13:07
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
mlankhorsthopefully the issues I came across with the packages being borked day before the demo are gone now13:55
tjaaltonbuilding ubuntu-r git + drm-intel-next-queued..13:56
tjaaltonhoping to retain overlayfs so sbuild works13:56
mlankhorstHah, you're building on dinq, I'm working on the code that eventually ends up there. :P13:57
tjaaltonwe'll see if it builds13:58
mlankhorstWith intel qa, that's probably the only thing that works for sure13:58
tjaaltongave up on the drm-dkms idea, not going to work14:00
tjaaltoncrazy changes14:00
mlankhorsthard to keep track of all, even..14:00
tjaaltonyeah, and irreversible changes ouside of drm14:06
tjaaltonwell, not worth the effort anyway14:06
mlankhorstwow, new nouveau kernel source.. I just don't get it..14:20
tjaaltonkernel buil14:23
tjaaltonlet's see if it works at all14:24
tjaaltonnope :P14:25
mlankhorstso many spinlocks just called 'lock' with no clue what it protects14:26
mlankhorstwhich is fun if foo->lock exists and you also have a foo->base.lock14:26
tjaaltonrecorded the kernel oops with my phone, need to slow it down so I can see where it started :)14:52
tjaaltonneed more hurts14:54
tjaaltonthe machine is too fast14:54
tjaaltonmoo, why doesn't shift-pgup work14:58
mlankhorstno wonder things were failing, I made it act like work was still being done after it was already completed15:04
mlankhorstyay, working now \o/15:17
om26erhi, latest nvidia driver breaks autohide in unity we are getting reports17:05
om26erbug 105700017:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1057000 in Unity "[Ubuntu 12.04.1/12.10][7300GT] nVidia drivers 304.51 make Unity launcher not unreveal in the autohide mode" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105700017:06
bjsniderdoes the .51 driver still support the 7300gt?18:21
bjsnideri'd like to know if it happens on present-day hardware18:24
mlankhorstprobably should20:38
mlankhorsthm it's a nv4620:39
mlankhorstnot going to be supported in the next one at least20:39
brycehRAOF, hey, for the nvidia experimental packages in NEW right now, since you're an archive admin are you empowered to wave them through?  Or can you handle only the SRU approval bit?20:51
brycehI'd like to get the 304 packages all the way to the end of the process prior to a "real" beta driver appearing so we know all the t's are crossed and i's dotted.  But in general I wonder if we need to streamline some of the review policies...20:53
RAOFbryceh: I'm not a real archive admin ☹.23:04
brycehRAOF, I've gotten infinity on -devel who is taking care of it.23:07
bjsniderRAOF is pretending to be an archive admin. actually he's a british spy under cover, and now he's admitted it23:15
brycehRAOF, the experimental drivers are now in precise-proposed.  Quick question for you with your SRU approver hat on: Since we are expediting this package as per TB, how long will the drivers need to sit in -proposed?23:52
RAOFbryceh: I'm hunting the actual TB mail, but generally the answer would be ‘until it's been tested to work’ - we don't necessarily have to have the 7-day cooling off period.23:55

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