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superflyOvercast and cool day today...05:04
superflyMaaz: tell Kilos I say hi05:04
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:04
Kilosmorning fellas05:08
magespawnmorning all05:36
Kiloshi magespawn 05:36
magespawnhey Kilos05:36
magespawnand now Kilos?06:00
magespawnhey Squirm06:00
Kiloshi Squirm 06:00
Kiloslast night sound worked on xchat, today nothing06:01
* Kilos cries06:01
SquirmI'd rejoice ;)06:01
* Squirm waits impatiently for dd to finish06:01
Kiloshi Tonberry 06:02
Squirmmorning Tonberry06:02
Squirmtook a while...06:04
Squirmmaaz: 430/6006:05
MaazSquirm: 7.1666666666706:05
Kilossee now magespawn if i make a backup next install sound wont work either06:10
Squirmgoing to try get a terminal server running with edubuntu06:10
magespawnhave you tried to restart the sound06:11
Kilosthats good for a school06:11
Kiloshow does one restart sound06:11
magespawnnot sure 06:11
Kiloslogin sound is there06:12
magespawnMaaz google how to restart sound in ubuntu06:12
Maazmagespawn: "Reset sound in Ubuntu 10.10 without restarting | Stream of Ry" http://rystraum.com/blog/2011/02/reset-sound-in-ubuntu-10-10-without-restarting/ :: "UBUNTU RESTART SOUND - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/186496/ubuntu-restart-sound :: "SoundTroubleshooting - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting :: "Restart Ubuntu sound processes via command line - Super User" http://sup06:12
magespawni would try that last one06:12
Kilos Maaz google how to restart sound in ubuntu 12.0406:12
MaazKilos: "sound - restore speakers / headphones option in ubuntu 12.04 - Ask ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/128099/restore-speakers-headphones-option-in-ubuntu-12-04 :: "SoundTroubleshootingProcedure - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure :: "no sound on ubuntu 12.04" http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/no-sound-on-ubuntu-12-04-a-4175418706/ :: "[How to] Enable06:12
Squirmrestart pulseaudio06:12
SquirmKilos, run `pavucontrol`06:13
Squirmsee if there's anything to help in there06:13
Kiloswhen i change the volume on pavucontrol it makes a sound here but nothing in xchat06:16
Kilosgo well magespawn 06:16
Kilosill try jumpstart pulse06:17
SquirmKilos: tried restarting xChat?06:18
Kilosyip even purging and installing again06:18
Kiloseven deleted the xchat2 in home hidden06:19
Kiloslemme reboot06:19
Squirmturn sound on in xchat options?06:22
Kilosit is in alerts06:22
Kilosfirst thing i do so i can hear when someone chats to me06:23
Kiloshad this once before with 11.04 and had to add my own sound files06:23
Kilosbut now id rather clean install06:24
SquirmKilos: can you play music?06:24
Kilosbut so much work without a backup06:24
Kilossec ill try06:24
Kilosvlc works kiff06:26
Squirmso sound works06:28
Kilosalways something, no two installs are exactly the same06:28
Squirmyet they should be06:29
Kiloswith this last install even unity seems quicker06:30
Kilosmaybe imagination06:30
Squirmedubuntu gave me the option of installing gnome-fallback as default :)06:30
Kiloswhats lirc06:33
SquirmNo software pantents! What is LIRC ? LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many (but not all) commonly ...06:36
Kilosif you type in pulse in synaptic it says one package does something with lirc06:38
Kilosnow i cant find which one it was again06:42
jrgnsmorning all06:51
Kilosonly xchat no sound06:51
Kiloshi jrgns 06:51
superflyKilos: then it's a problem with xchat06:54
superflyand Kilos, reinstalling a package doesn't usually fix an issue like that06:54
Kilosya but xchat never gives probs06:54
superflyMaaz: google for xchat no sound06:54
Maazsuperfly: "xchat.org • View topic - No sound directory" http://forum.xchat.org/viewtopic.php?t=687 :: "XCHAT FAQ" http://xchat.org/faq/ :: "No sound in stock xchat 2.8.4 | b-initials" http://bapoumba.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/no-sound-in-stock-xchat-284/ :: "how to setup xchat - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElC7eNy3BT4 :: "Download X-Chat Azure for Mac - IRC chat client ported from UNIX ..." http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/110706:54
Kilosty superfly i go see06:54
superflyKilos: which version of xchat do you have?06:55
Kilossec i look in synaptic06:55
Kilos2.8.8-3 i think it is06:56
Kilosis there a better way to see versions06:57
superflysometimes the app will tell you in its about window06:58
superflyKilos: which version of Ubuntu do you have there? 12.04 ?06:58
superflyand which xchat package do you have installed?06:59
Kilosthe one in 12.0406:59
superflyno, xchat or xchat-gnome ?06:59
Kilosno not gnome that sucks07:00
superflyOK, cause they say the normal xchat doesn't come with sounds, and you have to add your own07:00
Kilosit worked last night and has worked since i started with 12.0407:01
Kilosit makes that bloep sound07:01
Kiloshi not_found-droid 07:14
not_found-droidHey uncle Kilos07:15
superflyhey not_found-droid07:15
not_found-droidsuperfly: alo 07:16
not_found-droidBack to work 07:16
* Kilos greets drussell hows deegee07:18
drussellhehe good thanks Kilos, how 'bout you?07:19
Kilosgood ty07:19
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Kilosmaccat, welcome to ubuntu-za08:27
maccathellooo and thanx08:28
Kilossuperfly, inetpro heres a new kubuntu user08:28
Kilosians work colleage08:28
Kilosthat thing08:28
maccatHI all08:28
KilosMaaz, google gmail wont authorise pidgin08:30
MaazKilos: "#10334 (gtalk won't authorize) – Pidgin" https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/10334 :: "How to configure Pidgin to work with Google Talk | ManasT.com" http://www.manast.com/2007/05/11/how-to-configure-pidgin-to-work-with-google-talk/ :: "Howto: Configure Pidgin for Google Talk [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-436651.html :: "Jabber client configuration |" https://techknowhow.library.emory.edu/mi08:30
Kilosmaccat, theres a few links you can look for gmail info08:30
maccatcool will get on it08:30
Kilosim sure its something to set at gmail just ndont remember what08:31
Kilosmaccat, look at this one first ^^08:33
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Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za 08:35
Kiloshi morgs 08:42
maccat@Kilos looks like google talk and gmail are sepperate products 08:48
maccatbut can be linked gonna attempt something in this line08:48
Kilosgoogle talk is from the mail site or used on windows if i member right08:49
Kilosyou dont need to put in the @ here08:49
Kilossome setting in gmail is not authorising you xmpp from pidgin08:51
superflyhiya morgs08:57
superflymaccat: if you hare a gmail account, you have a gtalk account too08:57
morgshi superfly 08:57
Kilossuperfly, when he puts his gmail account in pidgin it says not authorised08:58
superflymaybe he needs to enable it in his google account?09:00
Kilosthats what he doesnt know how to do at gmail09:00
Kilosnor me09:00
Kilosty superfly maccat check this link ^^09:02
Kilosdunno why ian gave him kubuntu, i can only help with terminal stuff09:02
maccatmy gmail account is a very old one09:05
Kilosdid you look at this link09:05
maccatit did not have gtalk as part of it i have created a new one and it works with pidgeon now09:06
Kilosoh good09:06
maccatk so how do i invite ppl to join me09:09
Kilosbuddies at the top09:09
Kilosthen add buddy09:09
Kilosim kilos@jabber.org09:10
Kiloshi kodez 09:27
kodezhi uncle kilos, how are you?09:47
Kilosgood ty kodez and you?09:50
kodezi am better than yesterday, thanks for asking09:50
kodezhow to change file permission by default to user not root for all files09:51
magespawnsuperfly i am little confused with vpn, is OpenVPN foss or not?09:51
Kiloskodez, in your home?09:52
kodezyes. for my laptop09:54
Kilosi just chown my home09:54
Kilossudo chown -R kodez:kodez /home/09:54
magespawnyou should not need to do that though09:55
kodezi am using Lubuntu and by default it changes all files permission to root09:57
superflymagespawn: afaik, yes09:57
magespawnso i install in on my shop server and run it from there?09:57
Kilossuperfly, my sound goes deeper than xchat , thunderbird has no sound and freecell too09:59
Kilosbut dont worry about it ill reinstall if i dont get it going09:59
Kiloshavent tried fsck yet10:00
Kilosor recovery10:00
superflykodez: probably because you did something wrong, like running an app as root10:05
superflymagespawn: I haven't run it in recent years, but I'm sure you can do something like that10:06
superflymagespawn: wy do you want to run OpenVPN?10:07
magespawnwant to try and set up a vpn, learn by doing10:07
superflyah, ok10:09
superflyya, openvpn is probably a good way to start10:09
magespawnalso busy trying a ftp server to do remote backups10:09
magespawnLove the Woooosh10:10
superflymagespawn: please, no. leave FTP to die in solitary misery10:11
superflyif you wnat to do remote backups, use scp or rsync10:11
magespawnokay but is there a way to get that to work with windows?10:12
magespawnand the backup program offers ftp already10:13
kodezsuperfly, i didn't do anything. from installation that's what i'm faced with10:13
superflymagespawn: http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/10:14
superflymagespawn: and you do get rsync for Windows10:14
inetproMaaz: ftp10:15
MaazDump FTP! http://www.43folders.com/2008/07/14/dump-ftp see also: FTP must Die!! http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie10:15
inetpromagespawn: ^^10:15
magespawnty guys10:18
magespawnokay so sftp is better but is that not still based on ftp?10:22
superflysftp is not ftp, it is an alternate protocol that uses SSH10:29
magespawncould you still use vsftp to do sftp?10:36
superflyno, that's an FTP server, SFTP != FTP10:36
superflymagespawn: you already have all the tools you need to do SFTP10:36
magespawnokay will go do some more research then10:37
magespawnyou would still need to set up accounts on a per user basis with keys for each account?10:44
magespawnokay now i am lost what the heck is ftps? secure ftp?10:49
tumbleweedftp + ssl10:54
tumbleweedconfusingly, some people say SFTP when they mean ftps10:54
magespawnokay 10:56
magespawnany pointers here would be welcome, a little lost10:57
Kilosaw wassup magespawn 10:57
magespawnftp, ftps and SFTP10:58
Kilosi mkissed everything methinks10:58
Kilosis that virtual networking10:58
magespawnfile transfer by various means to remote or from remote machines10:59
Kiloswhat are you networking with, alla shop pcs?10:59
magespawnyup and was looking to try a remote backup through the internet to my shop server10:59
Kiloseish work it out i wanna know that too when i get the guts to go the dhcp iptables thing again11:00
Kiloswhy dont you do backups with deja-dup to ubuntuone11:00
Kilosits the first option in deja-dup11:00
Kilosi had to fight it to get them local11:01
Kilosi think then after that ubuntuone syncs them daily11:01
magespawnthere is a fairly nice program called Cobian Backup that works well with windows that supports remote backup via ftp11:01
Kilosoh windows11:02
magespawnyup of course11:02
Kilosxp or 711:03
magespawnand probable xp, experimenting with my hardware11:03
Kilosthere is an irc channel called windows11:04
magespawnyes that side i had not got to yet11:05
Kilos448 peeps there11:05
magespawnwas looking into the software i would need on my ubuntu server11:05
Kilosaha write down hey, ian is also going ubuntu server with windows pcs11:06
Kilosand Squirm 11:06
Kilosbut he going lubuntu server11:06
Kilosmy sound prob seems to be a bad mate install. works on unity11:08
Kilosfirst time that happened to me11:09
magespawnthese things happen11:12
magespawnbut f11:13
Kilosnearly installed 12.04 from scratch11:14
magespawnsftp built into OpenSSH?11:14
Kiloslol ya again11:15
Kilosmagespawn, ubuntuone works with windows as well11:17
magespawni want to have the backup locally11:19
Kilosone backup for all pcs?11:20
magespawnone backup per user/customer if i can get it to work11:20
Kilosif you cant look at ubuntuone. maybe with one main backup folder there with individual folders in it as per customer it can sync the whole main folder to one pc by you as they back up each his own11:23
Kilossorry for bugging you11:23
Kilosjust an idea11:23
Kilostakes my mind off where my mates sound went11:24
magespawnno worries Kilos11:24
Kiloshehe have you noted smileyborg gave up on us11:43
magespawnyup i saw11:51
Kilosinetpro, waar is jy11:57
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zereftumbleweed: Do you knwo if the python-evolution module is still under active development?13:54
zerefI'm busy looking to the API documentation for it: its keeps sending me to http://doc.conduit-project.org/evolution-python/13:56
tumbleweedzeref: does this help answer that? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-python-desktop/2.32.0+dfsg-2ubuntu113:56
tumbleweedin general, gnome-python-desktop appears to be on the way out13:57
tumbleweedyou should be using gobject introspection these days, I think13:57
zerefneed to look around to see if it works with eveolution-data-server14:00
inetproKilos: ek's hier... dit is jy waar kom en gaan14:40
Kilosskuus man ek sien nou net as ek die kable in het vrek my 3g14:41
Kiloslyk my hulle wil nie al twee nm gebruik nie14:41
Kilosinetpro, lotsa experimenting to do with networking its very frustrating at times14:51
Kilosso forgive me if i disappear evry now and then14:51
inetproKilos: np14:52
inetproit's part of the learning experience14:53
Squirmgood afternoon14:53
Kilosavy Squirm 15:01
Kilosyour server going?15:01
Kilosyo smile 17:12
smilehallo :p17:15
magespawnevening all17:25
Kiloshey magespawn 17:25
magespawnwhats up Kilos?17:25
Kilosthis is a lekker channel you know17:25
Kilosguys dont fight and be nasty here17:25
magespawnvery thats why i spend so much time here17:26
magespawnand they know a lot17:26
Kilosim still building up the guts to go try the networking thing again but wanna try with gnome-ppp and/or sakis3g instead of nm for the 3g connection17:27
magespawncan you only connect the pc's with a cable?17:27
Kilosyeah when i plug the cable now 3g disconnexts after a while till i unplug cable again17:29
Kilospity i didnt try this when i was still running maverick on 2 pcs17:30
Kilosoh can still do that from other drive here with maverick17:31
magespawnwe need to try and get to the bottom of why it does it17:31
Kilosyeah thats why i wanna try maverick and hopefully see where the weak point is17:32
Kilosmight even be the mb not happy with 3g and cable onboard17:32
Kilosi dont know enough17:33
magespawni still think is trys to use the cable as the default route for internet traffic17:34
magespawnmy tablet uses wifi as the default rather than 3g so i have turn that off when at home17:35
Kilostheres lots online about using wifi but min about cable and 3g17:38
Kiloswifi and cable seems to be mostly available on mod machines17:39
smileI bought a USB to LAN adapter today :) for my laptop :p17:40
smileand it worked :)17:40
Kilosthe frustrating part here is i could use both pcs to 3g for one night without a problem then nm crashed next morn on booting17:42
smileit was from China, lol :p17:42
magespawnsmile does your laptop not have a lan port?17:42
Kilosso i know it can work17:42
smileno, it's a very small one :)17:42
Kiloslol he has a small lap17:43
smile13.3 inch :p17:43
smileultrabook :p17:43
magespawnmore a netbook17:43
smileyea :p17:43
magespawnthose adaptors are supposed to work for all sorts of things like printers etc17:43
smileit only costed me 12 euros :)17:44
magespawnwanted to get one to test it with a phone/tablet etc17:44
magespawncool smile, any problems setting it up?17:47
smileyes :p the driver cd was really messy17:47
smilebut after 15 minutes I found out what program to start17:48
smilewindows xp has built-in support (according to the maker) :p but vista/7 do not :p17:48
smilebut there were drivers on that cd17:49
smileeven for linux :p17:49
magespawnthats pretty cool17:51
smileyeaa :D17:59
Kilosnight guys sleep tight18:27
Kilosi go dream about networking18:28
smilebye :)18:28
CantideTV is no small task in Linux18:28
Cantidei think i'm 90% there18:28
smilegood luck, Cantide 18:29
Kerberotv in linux?20:31
* Kerbero has no problem with his dvb-t2 receiver in linux20:31

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