xxSn1p3rxxthats the wave length of a 2.4 ghz wifi signal :P00:00
the56ker-MouSeshihan, ill let you know in a moment00:00
the56ker-MouSereturned no chroot environment found. starting normal installation an unsupported bcm4301, bcm4306 or bcm4306/2 device was found. use b43legacy firmware (firmware-b43legacy-installer.....00:05
the56ker-MouSepackage) instead.00:05
KillJoyI wish OMGUBUNTU was on right now.  I really need to thank him/her for recommending playonlinux.00:05
the56ker-MouSeshihan, that would make sense because i beleave i have BCM4306 if im not mistaken that sounds correct00:07
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, ahhh, yeah, legacy installer supports tho, fair enough00:08
the56ker-MouSeshihan, used my brain just downloaded the installer after modifying the link you sent me before lets see what happens00:09
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, if you just go to packages.ubuntu.com you can search from there00:10
the56ker-MouSeshihan, yeah i did it the lazy way but i have my next problem already00:10
xxSn1p3rxxbtw... is efnet still alive ?00:11
the56ker-MouSeshihan, the installer tries to download wl_apsta-  it cant with no internet access i already have that file in the same directory though00:12
dewwxxSn1p3rxx: yes.00:12
VlanZhey there... anyone using vmware under ubuntu?00:12
Krambiorixhi guys, since i rebooted my mail server, i can't connect via IMAP anymore, any ideas?00:12
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, ahh, that part im not sure i can help with, i've never used a b43 myself00:13
shihanVlanZ, yeah00:13
xxSn1p3rxxdeww: you wouldnt know any servers would you? all i found was irc.servercentra.net ...00:13
compdocKrambiorix, guess it depends on teh mail ser4ver package you have running00:13
shihanKrambiorix, what does your imap for you?00:13
dewwxxSn1p3rxx: wrong channel for it, but check efnet.org, unofficial page.00:14
the56ker-MouSeshihan, ahhh lol that package is already installed i believe is there a command line to edit the installer to read from the directory and install insteal of grabbing from the internet?00:14
xxSn1p3rxxkk tnx :)00:14
Krambiorixcompdoc, dovecot00:14
VlanZshihan: i'm just curious, when i run a VM, the RAM consumption of the host never changes no matter how many VM i power up00:14
shihanVlanZ, which vmware btw?00:15
VlanZshihan: workstation00:15
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, not a clue unfortunately00:15
shihanVlanZ, yeah, thats what i use, where are you watching memory from?00:15
Krambiorixcompdoc, i can't connect with telnet00:15
Krambiorixcompdoc, could it be a firewall issue?00:15
k4r1mdamn ubuntu, just deleted centrifydc after an update and I can no longer login to my machine >.<00:16
compdocKrambiorix, there are times when an update will replace the old .conf file with a newer one. You might want to find the dovecot files, likelt in /etc/dovecot/ and look at the names of the files there. Im not familure with dovecot00:16
VlanZshihan: system monitor, free -m, ANYTHING00:16
rtcgWell, I'm giving up on 10.04 audio.  It's too choppy.  Maybe I'll truy again later.00:16
the56ker-MouSeshihan, is there a offline install FAQ possibly? i'll be right back also thank you for your help thus far greatly appreaciated00:16
tsimpsonVlanZ: I'd assume vmware would reserve the memory just before starting up the VM, rather than allocating it bit by bit00:17
shihanVlanZ, watch top, you should see vmware-vmx process which reports its memory, it should change a bit for each vm00:17
WeThePeoplehow do i find out the free space amount on windows mounted disk?00:17
Krambiorixcompdoc, all files have a last modified date in the past00:17
escottWeThePeople, df -h should say00:17
compdocKrambiorix, how do you connect, from outside the lan?00:17
shihanKrambiorix, checp "ps -ef |grep imap" you should see some dovecot proc's00:17
blackshirtkrambioric, if you can't telnet your imap,something goes wrong00:18
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, just having a look atm00:18
Krambiorixcompdoc outside, but it tried telnet localhost 143 and can't connect00:18
the56ker-MouSeshihan, no problem take your time00:18
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, have a look at this one: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43%20-%20No%20Internet%20access00:18
Krambiorixshihan, http://pastebin.com/yRx3f0KV00:18
compdocKrambiorix, was the server using a static IP address? Sounds like it might have changed, so port forwarding no longer works00:19
compdocKrambiorix, if thats true, its not recieving mail either00:19
Krambiorixcompdoc, static ip, didn't change, cause i can login with ssh still00:19
VlanZshihan: yeah, i can see that, but if i add up all the vm processes, i end up with a much larger amount compared to what free -m tells me00:19
compdocoh, good00:19
WeThePeoplewill deleting windows and then reinstalling windows mess up the grub?00:20
compdocKrambiorix, there is no default firewall enabled in Ubuntu00:20
escottWeThePeople, yes00:20
shihanVlanZ, well, depends on which column your looking at, res is the "memory im really using" column00:20
compdocKrambiorix, can you telnet port 25 on the server?00:20
escottVlanZ, it might be sharing pages between the VMs00:21
Krambiorixcompdoc, iptables is running ... But i added iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s [my_ip] --dport 143 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEP00:21
Krambiorixcompdoc yes, i can telnet 25 on localhost00:21
compdocKrambiorix, but from the outside, is port 25 reaching the server?00:21
Krambiorixcompdoc yes00:22
VlanZshihan: at the moment i just have two VM running, one is 1.1G and the other is 1.0G.  But free -m only sees 1204Mb00:23
k4r1mis there anyway to print a user's password using root?00:24
escottk4r1m, no00:24
k4r1mescott :(00:25
shihanKrambiorix, by default (iirc) ubuntu only enables the ssl port for imap (993) and disables 14300:25
tsimpsonk4r1m: passwords are stored using a one-way hashing algorithm, so you can't reverse that to get the password back. though root can change the password for any user00:25
compdocKrambiorix, if you can ssh to it, what happens if you type in:  telnet 14300:26
shihanVlanZ, ahhh, vmware workstation can be quite tricky with the way it handles memory00:26
k4r1mI just tried reseting but that doesn't seem to work either.. tells me user doesn't exist00:26
VlanZshihan: might be a stupid question, but how do i exactly read this   Mem:         15936       5700      10235          0         76       442000:26
escottk4r1m, what are you trying to do?00:26
VlanZused 5.7G and cached 4.4G?00:27
zack6849Hey guys, how do I use the advanced partitioning tool, when I try to select my 150gb partition it says "no root file system is defined, please correct this In the partitioning menu"00:27
escottVlanZ, yes00:27
shihanVlanZ, yeah,00:27
k4r1mescott: my user on machine is an active directory user via centrifydc.. I ran an update and janitor and I believe it removed centrify. I can no longer log in.00:27
VlanZbu why so much cached?00:27
wilee-nileezack6849, you using the something other manual install option?00:28
Krambiorixcompdoc, 993 works00:28
zack6849I used install with windows00:28
zack6849I'm on the desktop 12.04 lts00:28
k4r1malso my user doesn't exist inside passwd00:28
escottzack6849, in the installer you need to have a partition for which you specify the mountpoint as "/" any data on that partition will be deleted00:28
shihanVlanZ, linux tends to just chew up mem for cache by design, it wont erally impact anything if something needs memory00:28
wilee-nileezack6849, Can you be a little more clear on what you are doing ay least for me and be sure to use nicks. ;)00:29
escottk4r1m, active directory is a windows thing... presumably you must be using some kind of ldap or samba connector to AD00:29
zack6849Well wilee, I'm trying to dual boot ubuntu00:29
escottk4r1m, but the user would not appear in /etc/passwd if it were an LDAP or AD account00:29
k4r1mescott: yeah centrifyDc00:29
zack6849And it gives me a few options in the installer00:29
zack6849Replace windows, install with windows, and something else00:30
Skapareshihan: worse, it frequently lags on starting writes to devices ... it just leaves what your program writes in that cache until a sync call00:30
EighteensHello, i'm trying to help my dad get m4v, and ogg files to work inside his browser, we are both on 10.04, it's working on mine, we both use chromium-browser, i forgot which plugin i installed to make this work, can someone give me the sudo apt-get install  plugin-name00:30
escottk4r1m, so if centrify was the interface to the AD server then you need to reinstall centrify00:30
zack6849I selected install with00:30
VlanZshihan: however, assuming i'm running two VMs and i open line 20 firefox pages till i cap the 1.0G that i've allocated for that VM and the system monitor does show me that on the gest VM, how is it possible that i just see 1.2G on the host?00:30
k4r1mescott: well actually I think centrify is still here00:31
wilee-nileezack6849, A true dual boot is partitioned installs, the ubuntu install from windows is only a file in windows.00:31
zack6849And when I select the partition I want and hit install now, it says that a root file system isn't defined00:31
zack6849Wilee, I'm doing dual boot.00:31
k4r1mescott: adinfo says the machine is joined but centrifydc is down00:31
zack6849With partitions00:31
i7cBBBBBB/BBBBBBconditionally fatal and cause an exit with a nonzero exit; this applies to internal inconsistencies and some cases of running out of memory. All error messages are written to the standard error stream; normal output from executed commands is written to standard output.00:31
i7csorry for that00:31
escottVlanZ, the 1.0GB limit on the VM memory is the limit on RAM, but the VM still has 2^32 or 2^64 addressable. so the VM might decide given its limited RAM that it wants to swap out the unused firefox pages00:32
wilee-nileezack6849, Are doing a manual install from the something else option on the live cd install?00:32
zack6849No, I'm doing install Ubuntu alongside windows00:32
wilee-nileezack6849, And how are you doing that?00:33
xxSn1p3rxxsorry perhaps out of topic but... anybody have knowhow on wifi cantennas ?00:33
zack6849It then gives me two sliders to splitnthe parfition I want00:33
zack6849But I didn't want it split00:33
zack6849I already sized it how I wished00:33
zack6849so iI hit advanced partitioning tool00:33
escottk4r1m, you'll have to find someone who knows more about this centrify program00:34
wilee-nileezack6849, If you were paying attention at the gui before that one there was a something else option, this is why I asked you that first.00:34
k4r1mhow can I add a new user from the recovery shell? I tried using 'adduser' and proceeded to gdm and got a crash after login.00:34
zack6849Shohld I use the something else option?00:34
VlanZescott: that's it i'm going to create a VM with 6GB of available ram, and then i'm running linpack on it. If i'm not seeing anything on the host i think i could break something00:34
k4r1mis there a special group or permission users need to have to run gnome desktop?00:34
wilee-nileezack6849, Not sure to be honest we are not really communicating, so I can't help in good concious. ;)00:35
zack6849What is it you need to kniw wilee?00:35
zack6849apologies for typos, I'm on a phone00:35
wilee-nileezack6849, I think the channel in general is your best help with the info you have given, someone can do it no biggie. ;)00:36
WeThePeopleescott, so when windows is reinstalled will their be a dual boot menu00:36
zack6849Im sorry what00:36
escottk4r1m, you might try logging into the new user on tty1 (ctrl-alt-f1) then stopping your dm (sudo service gdm stop) and then startx00:36
escott!grub | WeThePeople follow the instructions here after windows overwrites the MBR00:37
ubottuWeThePeople follow the instructions here after windows overwrites the MBR: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:37
WeThePeopleescott, will ubuntu fs be ok00:38
escottWeThePeople, fs?00:38
escottVlanZ, why are you bothered by this?00:38
Eighteensmp4 m4v ogg browser plugin for chromium on 10.04, which sudo command line do i use00:38
zack6849Can somone please help me?00:39
escottWeThePeople, for windows? no windows will need NTFS on its partition, but the windows installer will take care of making the windows filesystem just make sure you have a partition to install windows onto00:39
bglazerI used disper to extend my display to an external monitor. How do I now change the offset of the external display up 500 pixels?00:39
IngEliasHey guys I have a problem with ubuntu 11.10 and xfce-desktop, sometimes my desktop wallpaper is changed to unity desktop wallpaper and icons desapears except the ones which are archives created by me00:39
WeThePeopleeighteens, to install that plugin??00:39
zack6849All I need to know is why the partitioner tool says that I haven't selected a root file system00:40
WeThePeopleescott, will ubuntu be ok if grub goes00:40
zack6849How do I do this?00:40
VlanXaaaand of course the system crashed00:40
=== fire_ is now known as fire
escottbglazer, xrandr could do that... not sure the exact incantation something like xrandr --output DVI-0 --pos 0x500 ...00:40
EighteensWeThePeople, i have it working on mine, but i forgot what i did to make it work, trying to get it to work on my dads, we are on identical systems under 10.0400:41
escottWeThePeople, shouldn't affect the OS other than your need to reinstall grub onto the mbr00:41
WeThePeopleeighteens, did you download it from a different site so it wont be automatically addes to chrome?00:41
gimpy38Running Ubuntu Server 12.04 with LXDE+Openbox I get no thumbnails of any videos with nautilus or pcmanfm.  Any clue as to why?00:41
VlanXescott: maybe running xlinpack inside a VM is not a good idea :/00:41
WeThePeopleescott, thanks00:41
bglazerThanks escott, I was hoping there might be a solution that didn't involve xrandr but I'll look into it00:42
usr13zack6849: The partitioner tool tells you that you have not selected a root file system because you haven't.  You need a partition for / and for swap, at the very least, (two partitions).  If you designate one for /home/, that will be three;  /  and  /home/ and swap.  etc. etc. etc.00:42
escottbglazer, im sure there are some guis, but its all xrandr in the end00:42
zack6849Oh okay00:43
zack6849Thanks usr00:43
usr13zack6849: NP00:43
zack6849Usr, is there one that I should give momre memory too?00:43
zack6849Or should I make it even or what?00:44
WeThePeopleeighteens, if you did that, find the file you downloaded open up the extensions page in chrome and drag and drop.. its that easy00:44
usr13zack6849: How much room do you have for the Ubuntu install (altogether)?00:44
k4r1mhmm that didn't work.. now "I'm getting account cannot be access this time, contact your system admin"00:44
zack6849About 200gb00:44
usr13zack6849: If you are going with / and /home/ and swap, I would suggest 20G for / and 6G for swap and the rest for /home/00:45
k4r1mloool I think my account is locked.00:45
usr13zack6849: How much RAM is in this system?00:45
the56ker-MouSeshihan, in that walk-through ../pool/main/p/patch00:45
the56ker-MouSe:/patch/$ sudo dpkg -i patch* does not exhist00:45
EighteensWeThePeople, i think i used sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg  "but i didn't want to guess"00:45
zack6849Usr, it doesn't tell me what goes where00:46
Eighteensor sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra00:46
zack6849and its only one slider for splitting in half00:46
WeThePeopleeighteens, you need to get those videos to play in chrome00:46
usr13zack6849: Sure it does.  / is root.  /home/ is home.   swap is swap00:46
zack6849No but look00:47
zack68491 sec00:47
EighteensWeThePeople, actually i'm using chromium-browser00:47
usr13zack6849: I usually like to do it in this order:00:47
Eighteensvery close to chrome tho00:47
WeThePeopleeighteens, download 'ubuntu restricted extras' in soft center00:47
WeThePeopleeighteens, yeah i know :)00:47
EighteensWeThePeople, i had him do that, video still didn't play00:47
usr13zack6849: 8G for swap.   20G for /.   the rest for /home/00:47
zack6849Look usr00:48
WeThePeopleeighteens, sounds like something is conflicting00:48
zack6849It doesn't label them.00:48
k4r1mis an account lock feature in ubuntu after entering bad password too many times?00:48
EighteensWeThePeople thanks for the help00:48
escottk4r1m, not by default, and since your account isn't a standard unix account anyways we are going to have to point you back to your AD server centrify configuration00:49
zack6849Usr13, see what I mean?00:49
escottk4r1m, you might want to try the #ubuntu-server channel they *might* know more about AD00:50
usr13zack6849: What I see is that you have yet to create any partitions for Ubuntu.  Do you see where it says, "Allocate drive space by dragging the devider below."  And "use the advanced partitioning tool for more control"?00:51
usr13zack6849: Try clicking on "advanced partitioning tool".00:52
zack6849Now what00:52
usr13zack6849: (in other words, it was waiting for YOU to do something.00:52
zack6849I see my main partition (800gb NTFS)00:52
zack6849And the one I wanna install ubuntu on00:52
zack6849The 200gb one00:52
jagginesszack6849, and swap?00:53
zack6849What jagg?00:53
jagginesszack6849, swap partition (type 83)00:53
usr13zack6849: Yea, you need a swap partition too.00:53
jagginessor (type 82? :/)00:53
zack6849Can I resize the 200gb one and split it somehow?00:54
xxSn1p3rxxswap should be around the same ammount as your system ram00:54
jagginesszack6849, can use the end of it.. you should be fine with a gig swap00:54
mmnicolasxxSn1p3rxx: unless.. you have more than 1gb of ram00:54
usr13jagginess: Yea,  it's 8200:54
zack6849I don't know what's going on right now..00:54
usr13zack6849: Send another pic00:55
Dominciihello, my fstab file won't let me alter it, how do I do it?00:55
DominciiSorry, I'm new to this00:55
bazhangDomincii, what have you tried00:55
xxSn1p3rxxmmnicolas: yeah... i dont think i ever saw my swap being used... and i just have 2 gigs00:55
escottDomincii, "gksudo gedit /etc/fstab"00:56
winuxHow do I get the latest email header using the mail command?00:56
Dominciigksudo opens as admin then?00:56
Dominciithank you btw, it worked perfectly00:56
usr13zack6849: Choose  free space00:57
zack6849Then add?00:57
=== anonymous is now known as Guest14781
zack6849K now what00:57
usr13zack6849: 8G for swap.  20G for /  and the rest for /home/00:58
xxSn1p3rxxmmm.. usb wifi card + TV satellite dish = 10+ mile range. mmmm.... range...00:58
shihanthe56ker-MouSe, whic part are you up 2? it says something about not needing the patch if it doesnt exist00:58
jagginessno screw that.. he can just use "/" and "swap"..00:58
DominciiI was also told to change UID in fstab to 1000,default to stop those pesky error messages popping up due to lack of permission but I can't seem to fidn the part where it says UID 100000:58
zack6849What is the size in ubuntu measured in?00:58
bazhangDomincii, check with sudo blkid00:59
Basstard`zack6849: The wrong one.00:59
bazhang!blkid | Domincii00:59
ubottuDomincii: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)00:59
vankoochHi I'm tring to create a custom ubuntu iso. I'm using the mini iso from 12.04. I've tried to use a preseed file which is on the iso too, but I cann't load it. I've added file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed to my txt.cfg with no success00:59
xxSn1p3rxxzack: a standard install with 12.04 is around 2.5 gigs00:59
usr13jagginess: Come on, you know what MB and GB mean.00:59
usr13zack6849: Come on, you know what MB and GB mean.00:59
blackshirtthats big00:59
zack6849It didn't say on the page, I was herping00:59
xxSn1p3rxxmy current linux box is... 50 mb :-)01:00
xxSn1p3rxxrunning entirely in RAM01:00
usr13zack6849: There are three decimal places difference01:00
bazhang!ot | xxSn1p3rxx01:00
ubottuxxSn1p3rxx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:00
escottDomincii, you would have to add that to the arguments to the mountpoint. what type of partition is this?01:00
Basstard`usr13: Base 2 or 10? SI or IEC?01:00
xxSn1p3rxxo. my bad01:00
bazhangBasstard`, is this really  helping?01:01
zack6849should I be setting these to logical or primary01:01
escottzack6849, ubuntu doesn't care01:01
zack6849K then01:01
jagginesszack6849, you can use minimal , "/" and "swap".. it's optional to you if you want a separate partition for /home ..01:01
Basstard`bazhang: It helps to be accurate, even in the question.01:01
escottzack6849, you are limited to 4 primaries, but you can use 1 primary to contain essentially unlimited numbers of logicals01:01
usr13zack6849:  What you will have is one primary with a couple logical partitions within that primary partition.01:01
usr13zack6849: So, Logical01:02
zack6849Usr, which do I install to?01:02
jagginesszack6849, best to stcik with gpt if you're using it, otherwise try to stick to 4 primary partitions01:02
Kre10sI need to start the restructed drivers manager from command line... whents the cmd name?01:02
usr13zack6849: All three.01:02
jagginesszack6849, (imho <=4 prim)01:02
jribKre10s: jockey-gtk or jockey-text01:02
bazhangKre10s, jockey-gtk you mean?01:02
zack6849No but01:02
usr13zack6849: Send pic01:03
zack6849Usr, I'm supposed tto select one to.install.too01:03
=== vankooch_ is now known as vankooch
escottzack6849, that looks good to me01:05
zack6849Yeah, but01:05
zack6849Which do I install bootloader to01:05
usr13zack6849: Looks good, you should be able to click install now.01:05
Kre10sbazhang, YEA01:05
zack6849Swap, /, ,/home?01:05
escottzack6849, thats correct as is. /dev/sda01:05
zack6849I assume /?01:05
usr13zack6849: You will install the bootloader to the MBR of that drive.01:05
zack6849Usr, did you click my image..01:06
xxSn1p3rxxmay i post ubuntu related web links here?01:06
escottzack6849, the kernel and support files for boot will be in /boot folder on /dev/sda501:06
xxSn1p3rxxmainly for zack...01:06
usr13zack6849: Yes01:06
zack6849It requests I select a device for bootloader install01:06
bazhangxxSn1p3rxx, about what01:06
zack6849Which do I select01:06
jagginesszack6849, /dev/sda01:06
CreativeRoundHello, Is it recommended to do a sudo do-release-upgrade  on ubuntu 9.1?01:07
escottzack6849, /dev/sda is correct. that dropbox at the bottom of the screen is showing the correct selection01:07
zack6849 Fuuuuuuu01:07
xxSn1p3rxxits a manual partitioning guide for ubuntu 11...with screenshots.. could be helpful :-)01:07
usr13zack6849: click   Install Now01:07
zack6849I did01:07
escottzack6849, /dev/sda in the context of the bootloader means the MBR of the disk known as /dev/sda01:07
CreativeRoundHow do I upgrade from 9.10 to 11?  Is it recommended to do a sudo do-release-upgrade on ubuntu 9?01:07
usr13zack6849: What error?01:08
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:08
usr13zack6849: send pic01:08
zack6849Some of the partitions you created are too small. Please make the following partitions at least this small "/2.4GB")01:08
bazhang!eolupgrades > CreativeRound01:08
ubottuCreativeRound, please see my private message01:08
jribCreativeRound: I'd suggest you consider upgrading to 10.04 and then to 12.04 (since 10.04 and 12.04 are both LTS, you can skip the intermediate versions when upgrading)01:08
usr13zack6849: Oh, I see.   / is too small.01:08
escottzack6849, the partition for / is too small. that needs to be at least 10GB01:09
vankoochHow do I add a preseed file to txt.cfg, I've tried all the vartions found on google with no success. file=/cdrom/preseed/public.seed and preseed/file=/cdrom/preseed/public.seed did not work.01:09
usr13zack6849: 2046MB is only 2G01:09
xxSn1p3rxxtake a look at this guide... its well documented and has screenshots01:09
zack6849What do I set it to then01:09
usr13zack6849: So make it 20G (not 2G)01:09
zack6849lol, I failed01:09
usr13zack6849: delete /home01:10
CreativeRoundwhat would you recommend for a web server version?01:10
usr13zack6849: Then make / bigger01:10
zack6849I know01:10
zack6849Doin it01:10
k4r1mescott: After a little more digging it seem that I'm connected to my AD and I can log in fine from the recovery shell using "su username" but I can't login from gdm01:10
bazhangCreativeRound, LTS ? yes, thats five years of support01:10
jagginesszack6849, you can stick with 2 partitions (as i originally said--if you'd like), make it as big as you like and the other has to be at least 1 gig (i think 1 gig for swap is large enough)01:10
escottk4r1m, su username won't work because the user doesn't exist unless the AD service is working01:11
k4r1mescott: it did work01:11
k4r1mNVM IT'S WORKING :)))))01:11
jagginesszack6849, "/home" would exist on the "/" mount partition, if you decide to only use 2 partitions01:11
k4r1mi guess rejoining the vpn updated the cache01:11
zack6849Jagg, no offense but all you're doing is confusing me01:11
jagginesszack6849, well they're now telling you to do 2..01:12
escottk4r1m, think about about the stuff in /etc/passwd. that is *all* you need to create an account, so things like LDAP and AD can just provide the required information (password auth process, $HOME location, UID and GIDs) to the login process, but without them it says "I don't know how to set $HOME or how to set GID or UID01:12
usr13zack6849: Did you change it?01:12
jagginesszack6849, it's simply 2 partitions, one for ext4(which would host "/"), and the other is "swap"01:12
zack6849Yes usr01:12
zack6849Then I redid /home01:12
zack6849And am installing01:12
usr13zack6849: Good.01:12
usr13zack6849: How big was /home?01:13
=== AndrewX192_ is now known as AndrewX192
CreativeRoundhow do I upgrade to 10.04?01:13
xxSn1p3rxxnormally... ubuntu makes 4 partitions... home, / (root), boot, and an optional 4th for general storage01:13
zack6849I forget01:13
zack6849I did 8gb swap and 20gb /01:13
wilee-nileeAndrewX192, From?01:13
zack6849Like 172gb?01:13
xxSn1p3rxxzack how much RAM does your system have?01:14
usr13zack6849: Ok, goodl.  (If you ever re-install, you will be glad you have separate /home/ partition.)01:14
wilee-nileexxSn1p3rxx, Ubuntu will make two partition only unless you specify other wise / and swap01:14
jagginessusr13, a separate /home partition really has no gain at all.. unless you're hosting thousands of users on a dedicated san storage or something01:14
usr13zack6849: You mean 120GB ?01:14
xxSn1p3rxxok then you really dont need a big swap...01:14
usr13jagginess: Not true.01:14
xxSn1p3rxxyou got more then enough there01:15
Basstard`If he wants to hibernate.01:15
zack6849I was told something called berg lookes better than grub01:15
zack6849What is it?01:15
the56ker-MouSedoes anyone know how to get my wireless adapter showing in connections again? or did i screw it up that bad lol it still shows in terminal lspci but it doesnt show under settings>network> wireless is no longer there01:15
usr13zack6849: Just use grub01:15
escottzack6849, an unsupported bit of software that appears for less than 1 second during the boot01:16
jagginessusr13, well if you can show a link how much benefit it is, i'd be glad to look.. I've been using linux for many many years :).. Never seen any performance gain with it01:16
=== mike_ is now known as Guest14634
xxSn1p3rxxwilee-nilee: ah... so default is just home and ext ?01:16
zack6849Lol, okay wont use it then01:16
wilee-nileethe56ker-MouSe, You probably want to give a synopsis of what git you where you're at.01:16
usr13jagginess: I did not say there would be a performance gain.01:16
zack6849How do people make it to where their.terminal has a cool loga and stuff with ascii?01:16
xxSn1p3rxxer wait.. nm.01:16
zack6849Always been curious01:17
wilee-nileexxSn1p3rxx, actually yeah it will wrap the swap in a a extended I have seen and a home, I always do manula installs so not sure on the extended being made.01:17
the56ker-MouSewilee-nilee, i have been trying to get my wireless adapter to work firmware was missing and i did a couple of walk throughs to get it to work everything ended up smoothly working out but now i have no wireless settings and i still cant enable drivers from settings>additional drivers>01:17
escottthe56ker-MouSe, what does rfkill list say01:18
xxSn1p3rxxwilee-nilee: is it viable to use FAT as extended for storage? or is there a security risk if its not a native linux partition?01:18
wilee-nileethe56ker-MouSe, cool that should get you the help you need. ;)01:18
the56ker-MouSewilee-nilee, BCM4306/2 adapter01:18
CreativeRoundhow do I upgrade to 10.04 from 9.10?01:18
wilee-nileethe56ker-MouSe, outside my pay range otherwise.01:18
escottxxSn1p3rxx, (a) doesn't support posix permissions (b) just a overall ****ty filesystem without journalling or large file support01:18
usr13CreativeRound: With AlternateCD or USB01:18
jribCreativeRound: read the links ubottu gave you last time you asked01:19
CreativeRoundok thanks01:19
CreativeRoundits an AWS server I'm updating01:19
xxSn1p3rxxescott: hah... i guess the only plus side is the interoperability with windows...01:19
jagginessCreativeRound, you're asking this for like the 3rd time.. why not just download 12.04? (also read the message ubottu gave on !upgrade)01:19
escottxxSn1p3rxx, but you certainly could use it for data files (dont use it for $HOME or anything user sensitive)01:19
escottxxSn1p3rxx, probably better off using NTFS-3g for interop01:20
the56ker-MouSeescott, (rfkill list) returns nothing01:20
wilee-nileeCreativeRound, I would just install 12.04 and get the 5 years coverage if it was me.01:20
usr13jagginess: Maybe he just wants 10.04?01:20
xxSn1p3rxxescott: ah... yeah ill go ntfs then.01:20
escottthe56ker-MouSe, sounds like the kernel drivers aren't even loaded then01:20
CreativeRoundthats what I'm going to do wilee01:20
CreativeRoundwhat does that provide me?   support?01:20
the56ker-MouSeescott, possbily im typing the command wrong?01:21
wilee-nileeCreativeRound, It wont go end of life for one and yes support here.01:21
wilee-nileenot for five years anyway.01:21
WeThePeoplewhat does the last part mean the 'image'>>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1227721/01:21
escottthe56ker-MouSe, it would just be "rfkill list" if you were typing it wrong you would probably get some kind of error message01:21
the56ker-MouSeok yes just returns to command01:22
escottthe56ker-MouSe, what kind of wireless card do you have01:22
the56ker-MouSeescott, broadcom BCM4306/201:22
escottthe56ker-MouSe, have you followed the !broadcom instructions to install the drivers?01:23
the56ker-MouSeescott, i currently have no active internet connection on the laptop either01:23
the56ker-MouSeescott, to my knowledge i have followed the offline instructions if you can provide me a link i can double check to see if ive already tried it lol01:23
escott!broadcom | the56ker-MouSe01:24
ubottuthe56ker-MouSe: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:24
the56ker-MouSeescott, yes i just did all of that no errors everything went smooth01:24
the56ker-MouSeescott, i believe last night i di the ndiswrapper guide and that mite possibly be what made my adapter disapear last night i started with no firmware installed but the adapter was there now everything installed smoothly and the adapter never came back but it shows in lspci still01:26
superfake123when I set 'Auto-hide the Launcher' to 'On' it does not ever reveal again D: How can I fix?01:26
usr13the56ker-MouSe: Did you get the firmware installed?01:27
the56ker-MouSeusr13, following the broadcom b43xx guide everything installed smoothly01:28
escottthe56ker-MouSe, lspci just shows that the hardware exists, but it doesn't mean the OS knows anything about it. you need to load the drivers01:28
usr13the56ker-MouSe:  Ok then, issue command iwconfig  #See what it says.01:28
the56ker-MouSeusr13, it iwconfig returned no wireless extensions01:29
the56ker-MouSeusr13, escott, like i said it was there last night before i tried the ndiswrapper guide and now its not ;_;01:30
SparkyFlarywhat's the difference between ubuntu server and debian?01:30
escottSparkyFlary, one is ubuntu the other is debian01:30
eroach101- -01:30
the56ker-MouSeusr13, escott, i believe i followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper and another guide01:31
SparkyFlarybesides the names..01:31
usr13the56ker-MouSe: sudo ndiswrapper -l01:31
escottSparkyFlary, traditionally ubuntu takes debian testing, freezes packages for a few months and bug fixes so ubuntu is approximately debian testing lagged a few months, but thats not set in stone01:31
usr13the56ker-MouSe: sudo ndiswrapper -l  #This command will show the currently installed drivers.01:32
SparkyFlarywhat about the server edition01:32
the56ker-MouSeusr13, thats the guide i followed last night its today i did the other guide that i probably should have done first01:33
usr13the56ker-MouSe:  Do you have the inf file?01:33
escottSparkyFlary, what about it. its a different set of packages more appropriate for a server install01:33
SparkyFlarywhy would they make a sever edition if debian does just that?01:33
the56ker-MouSeusr13, it returned bcmwl5 annd bcmwl5a drivers installed01:33
usr13the56ker-MouSe: Good.  Now go back to the guide and take it up from there. Finish the process.01:34
escottSparkyFlary, because some people want to run ubuntu. debian includes all the gui programs if you want them01:34
rickbolsince we're on the subject: bcm4311... how to?01:34
SparkyFlaryi don't want gui01:34
the56ker-MouSeusr13, i also did this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76656001:34
usr13the56ker-MouSe: Which one is yours?  What is your wireless device?01:35
escottSparkyFlary, ubuntu is to debian as scientific linux is to rhel, with the exception that ubuntu doesn't target debian compatibility to the same extent that scientific would to rhel01:35
the56ker-MouSeusr12 my is bcm4306/201:35
the56ker-MouSeusr13, ** i did this guide today it went smooth https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:36
usr13the56ker-MouSe: So you are down to step 301:36
=== ferret__ is now known as ferret_
the56ker-MouSeusr13, your saying i should continue the ndiswrapper guide and try it agian?01:36
escottSparkyFlary, you can start from ubuntu-minimal and then install whatever programs/ubuntu flavor you want01:36
jribSparkyFlary: probably the biggest differences imo are canonical supporting ubuntu and the release cycles01:36
usr13the56ker-MouSe: Did you do  "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper"?01:36
the56ker-MouSeusr13, i did all 3 guides that i linked you 2 last night and 1 today01:37
blackshirt1SparkyFlary: escot was right, you can play with ubuntu-minimal and build grow up your system do you like01:37
SparkyFlaryso ubuntu server might have more features and might be better for me compared to debian?01:37
escott!best | SparkyFlary01:38
ubottuSparkyFlary: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:38
jribSparkyFlary: have you said what you want to do exactly yet?01:38
usr13the56ker-MouSe: Wait a minute. Do you see the date on these instructions?  "2008"  3 years old!01:38
escottSparkyFlary, if you are familiar with the ubuntu init (upstart) and like the ubuntu release cycle, then you would probably like ubuntu-server over debian01:38
SparkyFlaryyeah, I'll be using it as a vps01:38
TaylorBaby1985www.quickcollegehookups.com is accepting 45 more free accounts!01:38
jribusr13: we're in 2012 ;)01:38
the56ker-MouSeusr13, what link lol01:38
usr13jrib: 4 Years old!  Ok thanks.01:39
blackshirt1SparkyFlary: I think that was a relative thing :D01:39
the56ker-MouSeusr13, it seemed to work smoothly the bcm43xx guide today01:39
escottSparkyFlary, otherwise at the level of core server applications you probably won't find much of a difference between the two01:39
usr13the56ker-MouSe: See my PM01:40
hallgrimurj #ruby01:41
c2tarunmy idle laptop screen is going black in just 35 seconds :( I disabled it from every where. but when I open vlc it is working fine :(01:43
rickbolwhere is "System > Administration > Hardware/Additional Drivers" in 12.0401:43
c2tarunI have kubuntu and I disable all the factors that can turn off screen :(01:43
c2tarunrickbol: type jockey after pressing meta key01:44
bglazerescott: I tried xrandr and it only detects one display. The size is the combined size of the two displays.01:44
escottbglazer, nvidia?01:44
escottbglazer, goodluck01:44
bglazerHaha thanks. Nothing but problems with nv01:45
jribbglazer: you're using nvidia or nv for the driver?01:46
bglazerSorry, it's the proprietary nvidia01:46
xcervohello guys just wast to ask if know some irc channels for android support?01:46
jribbglazer: have you tried just messing around with nvidia-settings?01:46
jribxcervo: maybe #android?01:46
bglazerYeah I was looking for a scripted solution.01:47
bglazerI can't get nvidia-settings to do it from the command line01:47
jribbglazer: to do what exactly (I missed your original question)?01:47
ClientAliveI'm kind of curius: If I'm running x window server on both my laptop and desktop, and I have ssh on both (so that I'm able to connect to my desktop from my laptop over ssh) - can't I make whatever is/ or would display on the desktop's screen show up on my laptop's screen? What I mean is to just have x on the desktop pipe over through ssh to my laptop. I know about vnc but I wonder if this can be done.01:47
superfake123when I set 'Auto-hide the Launcher' to 'On' it does not ever reveal again D: How can I fix?01:47
bglazerjrib: I've got a second monitor that I've extended my display onto using disper. I would like to move the the second display down by 500 pixels.01:48
rickbolc2tarun, meta key? ALT or CTRL? jockey in a terminal = "cmd  not found"01:48
xcervojrib, i cant access there01:48
c2tarunohh... the that have windows symbol over it.01:48
jrib!register | xcervo01:49
ubottuxcervo: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:49
escottClientAlive, you can ssh -X and then run gui application and they will appear on the local display but the application is running on the other machine. migrating X applications from one display to another usually requires another X server in the middle to provide a virtual display and usually breaks acceleration01:49
c2tarunrickbol: ^01:49
jribxcervo: after you register and identify, you will be able to join #android01:49
c2tarunrickbol: ohh... the that have windows symbol over it.01:49
xcervothanks jrib01:50
jribbglazer: I see; and you need to have it scripted somehow?01:50
bglazerjrib: Yes, the nvidia-settings GUI is a hassle.01:51
ClientAliveescott: What you said first I think is it. I have a programming project on the desktop but have no physical access to it right now. I don't want to copy the files over and modify them since I use revision control (afraid to freak mercurial out). So I'd like to use ssh to just run a gui app on the desktop but see it and control it here on my laptop.01:51
escottClientAlive, afraid to freak out mercurial??!?!?!?!?!?! its a distributed VCS thats the whole point01:52
bglazerClientAlive: Couldn't you just clone the project?01:52
ClientAliveescott: idk, I don't really know how to use it very well and it's the program I need to work on right now (not learning mercurial)  :)01:52
jribbglazer: right, disper is the only thing I know about.  I think you can pass something like --load-config-file to nvidia-settings (and you could create the config file by saving your settings after using the gui one time).  But I've never used nvidia-settings this way and I've only used disper to do something very simple01:52
nicko_Is this a bug.? drag selecting on Libreoffice writer on Ubuntu 12.10 cancels out after selecting many words?01:53
jrib!12.10 | nicko_01:53
ubottunicko_: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+101:53
ClientAliveIf I could learn what a clone does without having to spend more than 10 min reading about it I'd do that but I'm pressed for time and need to work on the program (you should see my calendar right now)  :)01:54
escottClientAlive, should just be: hg clone ssh://server:~/path/to/archive, then make your edits and then add the remote spec to the .hgrc so you can hg pull remote01:54
jribClientAlive: I'm sure there's some quick intro to mercurial you could read.  What's the point of using it if you aren't actually /using/ it01:54
rickbolc2tarun, no jockey. no result from meta-key. ther exist a "/usr/share/jockey/jockey-backend"01:54
ClientAliveescott: remote spec?01:55
wilee-nileenicko_, here is the bug and you want #ubuntu+1 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/105112101:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1051121 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Spontaneous loss of text selection when dragging cursor." [Undecided,New]01:55
ClientAliveand what happens when you clone? What does it do?01:55
bglazerjrib: I've tried doing that to no effect. I don't think it supports hot plugging a new config file in like that. Thanks though.01:55
c2tarunrickbol: which distro are you using?01:55
escottClientAlive, a clone just copies the whole shebang history and all. the only thing you have to do after that is tell the system you cloned from about the new clone you created (the clone tracks the parent, but the parent does not automatically track the clone)01:55
ClientAlivejrib: I hate to say - you've got a point  :)01:55
wilee-nileeClientAlive, it is a exact image that can be reinstalled.01:55
nicko_thanks wilee-nilee01:56
rickbolubuntustudio (xfce)01:56
rickbolc2tarun: 12.0401:56
escottClientAlive, im sure there is a mercurial channel... i use git so i don't know the exact commands, they can walk you through it in a few seconds01:56
c2tarunrickbol: ohh... my bad, I thought you are using ubuntu 12.04, just give me a second01:56
rickbolc2tarun: I am. Ubuntustudio 12.04 lte (xfce)01:57
c2tarunrickbol: do one thing, type jocke in terminal and then press tab, you'll get all the available options.01:57
c2tarunrickbol: mine is jockey-kde, yours must me something similar01:57
ClientAliveescott: Yes, there is a mercurial channel but I think you just about gave me all I need already. The only other thing I wonder is if it's equivalent to clone from the desktop to my laptop, do my work, do my commit, then clone from the laptop to the desktop (once I get back to the desktop) - now that I could handle, if it's equivalent.01:58
rickbolc2tarun: mine is jockey-gtk01:59
c2tarunrickbol: good :)01:59
Sn0op2can someone please help me. I need to get something done for school and the application wont start up on my windows laptop or my ubuntu laptop. on my netbook, however, it does work but the screen is too small so when it opens it is huge and i cant do my homework on it. on the netbook it asks me before loading if i want to run the application and there is a java logo in it, if this helps.02:00
escottClientAlive, when you clone desktop -> laptop, then laptop should have an entry in .hgrc for the path to desktop, when you clone back laptop->desktop you would get a brand new copy on the desktop (not what you want) rather you would modify the .hgrc in desktop to reference laptop so you can hg pull. think of clone as being "hg init + setup hgrc to pull in one direction only + hg pull". so going backwards you have done the first bit you02:00
escott just need to do the second02:00
escottClientAlive, the only thing i dont know about hg is how it handles branches in that case. with git you have to specify the branch to pull to, hg might create a branch whenever you pull/clone so you might have to merge or something02:01
rickbolJockey claims I'm running Broadcom STA, but no wireless options show up under the net manager in notification area (xfce)02:01
Sn0op2I can give more information so please help if you can I would really appreciate it02:02
escottClientAlive, http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/QuickStart#Clone.2C_commit.2C_merge02:02
hashpuppyi have some upstart script that keeps failing and i don't know why.  would this be logged anywhere?02:02
hashpuppyfailing as in… it starts and then stop02:02
ClientAliveescott: oh, there are no branches to this (very tiny repo with like 5 files - all linear/ no branches)02:02
hashpuppySyntax error: newline unexpected02:02
ClientAliveescott: thanks02:02
escottClientAlive, you might end up with a branch with hg. it does some "automatic branch creation" in certain situations02:03
ClientAliveahh, I see...  :)02:03
escottClientAlive, in some sense a clone is a branch, its just not on the same computer (or in the same folder)02:04
SnowieEvening all. feels like forever since i was here. Hope all is well and everyone is excited for 12.10. can anyone tell me how to stop the dash showing pr0n even when the folder containing all the files is hidden? cheers02:04
ClientAliveescott: what would be wrong with pull/push?02:04
escottClientAlive, and a pull just syncs the DAGs such that you have might have multiple leaf nodes corresponding to the branches that were in different clones02:04
blackshirt1hashpuppy: that's a bad error, check agains your script02:05
Sn0op2I have a question, I have Thawte CA certificate installed on my windows netbook in order to run an application for school. Can I install this on ubuntu somehow so I can run the application from ubuntu laptop??02:05
ClientAliveescott: I see02:05
escottClientAlive, push is usually discouraged (at least with git) unless the repo is a bare repo (no work directories) because when you push its not clear how to handle any uncommitted changes in the remote02:05
ClientAliveescott: well, looks like I need to quit putting it off and learn how to really use the thing  :) I had only worked on one machine with it for so long. Now I have that second computer and bounce back and forth between them.02:07
NautilusHi's. In my ubuntu 10.04 the hosts file has this line "ff02::3 ip6-allhosts", but in my fresh install of 12.04 that line isn't there.  All I know is that it has to do with ip6 ... anyone know what it does / if I want it?02:08
ushello everybody.. I am having an issue... I cant acces to my session... I star the computer after i put the password It get frozen... I tried to fix using fsck and I get this message.../dev/sda7: superbloque lasta mount time is in the future (by less than a day probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly set) fixed... and then I cant access one more time02:08
SnowieSn0op2, does the application even run on ubuntu?02:08
Sn0op2never, it didnt work on windows either, i had to install the certificate. but can i do that on ubuntu?02:08
escottClientAlive, when you pull in git you say "git pull remote branchname" and it downloads the remote HEAD and merges it to branchname. hg should have something similar, but worst case you hg pull remote and end up with a branch that is something like remote/branchname and then have to hg merge remote/branchname localbranchname02:08
escottClientAlive, its well worth learning enough to get a basic workflow going02:09
SnowieSn0op2, what i mean is, it runs on windows with the certificate, but im asking if the application itself, whatever it is, would run on ubuntu at all, certificate or not02:09
escottClientAlive, for a single developer you really only need like 3 commands... its just a matter of knowing what they are and running them in the correct order02:10
SnowieSn0op2, is it in the browser or something02:10
ClientAliveescott: for sure. Well, by this point I'll be back at the desktop soon anyhow; but, in the future, it would be nice to know.02:10
ushello everybody.. I am having an issue... I cant acces to my session... I star the computer after i put the password It get frozen... I tried to fix using fsck and I get this message.../dev/sda7: superbloque lasta mount time is in the future (by less than a day probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly set) fixed... and then I cant access one more time02:10
escottNautilus, it should be there in 12.04. not sure why it would, but its establishing the ipv6 broadcast ip address02:10
Sn0op2snowie, it is online but i dont think you would be able to access it because you have to be logged into my school account.02:11
Sn0op2Snowie, yes it is in the firefox browser still02:11
ClientAlivepeace out fellas...02:11
escottClientAlive, the other reason to clone is its a free backup :)02:11
Sn0op2it just says loading module but it never does anything after that.02:11
* Fyodorovna thinks martha stewart would say "clning is a good thing"02:12
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
SnowieSn0op2, i dont want to access it. ok, so if you have firefox, the certificate is part of the browser config i believe. try google adding a certificate to firefox on linux.02:13
Snowiescuse paste sorry To import a certificate into your browser:02:13
SnowieFor Firefox:02:13
SnowieLinux: open Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Certificates -> Manage Certificates02:13
SnowieSo noone can give me advice on how to stop "hidden files :)" showing up in dash when searching?02:14
ushello everybody.. I am having an issue... I cant acces to my session... I star the computer after i put the password It get frozen... I tried to fix using fsck and I get this message.../dev/sda7: superbloque lasta mount time is in the future (by less than a day probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly set) fixed... and then I cant access one more time02:15
wilee-nileeSnowie, turn off show hidden files in nautilus I would suspect.02:15
ussorry for interrupting02:15
escottus, can you login to the tty "ctrl-alt-f1"02:15
Snowieus, i think it's more likely corrupted desktop session. try starting ubuntu in one of the alternate modes from the login screen (Gnome/classic) and test.02:16
usunfortunatly I am using windows not ubuntu... but I could try02:16
escottus, and how frozen is it? does the capslock or numlock key cause the capslock or numlock light to light up?02:17
Snowieahhh, so if i have need to see hidden files and turn this on, and then turn it off, it should stop showing up. OK, that makes sense.02:17
usnop... I cant use anything, and nothing else works02:17
bkovacsI went to a local Apple store and I noticed that OSX runs very fast compared to my system. Why does OSX seem to run allot faster than Ubuntu on my Intel i5 8GB system?. Is it the hard drive they are using, Are they using a Xeon processor, just curious.02:17
escottus, things that would help to know are (a) does the capslock light come on when you press the capslock, if it does its not really frozen (b) does ctrl-alt-f1 take you to a tty (c) can you successfully reboot with REISUB02:17
escott!sysrq | us02:17
ubottuus: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key02:17
Nautilusescott: yea, i dont understand why it isnt there in 12.04.  I have 5 other ip6 lines but in 10.04 there is this sixth02:18
escottNautilus, they probably just took out that broadcast host then. i thought you were saying none of your ipv6 addresses were there02:18
Snowiebkovacs, it's an os desinged specifically for a piece of VERY efficient hardware to run that single OS. that's why02:18
escottbkovacs, OSX is faster on different hardware?02:19
Nautilusescott: do you think I should leave it out?02:19
bkovacsCan Ubuntu or any Linux distro be made to run that efficent.02:19
usok.. I dont know as much as you know but I will try and see what happend... Thanks... copying and pasting now to try...02:19
escottNautilus, unless you need that particular broadcast host i would imagine they removed it for a reason02:19
blackshirt1bkovacs: I think yes ..02:20
Nautilusok, thanks!02:20
escottbkovacs, almost all supercomputers run linux of some sort so... yes02:20
wilee-nileeSnowie, If you want to see hidden files in the future just ctrl-h02:20
=== blackshirt1 is now known as blackshirt
Snowiebkovacs, if a team sat down and tuned the os and the hardware for about (um... how many evolutions of mac have there been?) 30-40yrs, then probably02:20
usby the way... any light turns when I press caps lock02:21
usturns on02:21
Snowiewilee-nilee, yeah, thanks mate. makes complete sense now. one of those things you dont even think of til someone points out the obvious02:21
bkovacsTrue but how can you make the Ubuntu desktop run that efficent.02:22
escottus, the capslock, numlock buttons are tied at a relatively low level to those keyboard lights, so even if the screen is non-responsive those lights might be responsive telling you the system is still running, just the way you interact with it has crashed02:22
SpamiclesI used compiz config to enable opacity. desktop freaked out a little bit so I restored to default settings. now unity disappeared. i managed to get unity back but now everything is behaving really weird. how do i actually restore to default settings?02:22
mmnicolas...never seen any mac being "faster" than my linux desktops02:22
escottus, hopefully you know what lights im referring to02:23
SilverSlimermac is slow02:23
SilverSlimerit doesn't matter how fast your processor is02:23
SilverSlimerthe os always feels bloated02:23
escottus, on a laptop the little ones probably at the front of the case, on a keyboard usually on the upper right hand of the keyboard02:23
wilee-nileeSpamicles, you can reset the whole desktop stock with alt-f2 the unityi --reset02:23
=== scottast is now known as zz_scottast
xanguahttp://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-reset-unity-launcher-icons-or.html Spamicles02:23
wilee-nileeunity -reset  sorry Spamicles02:23
xanguawilee-nilee: that only reset the unity icons02:23
wilee-nileeunity --reset   Doh.02:23
escottbkovacs, you really have to define efficient, and what it is about the OSX experience that makes you say it was faster02:24
DeltaHeavyHey, my Chrome tabs aren't behaving properly in Unity. They won't stick to any other Chrome window and it's really troublesome. How do I fix this?02:24
wilee-nileexangua, Ah I thought it reset compiz as well then it is on to compiz --replace02:24
escottbkovacs, many times people say "faster" when they really mean "lower latency"02:24
Snowiebkovacs, i think what we're all getting at is you would need a group of people who all know exactly what they need to do to tune ubuntu for one, and only one, bench top piece of hardware. which is why it works on supercomputers so well. As for you doing it, try a masters degree in systems engineering ;) sorry, just the truth02:24
usthanks!!! escott.. I am going to try now..02:24
escottbkovacs, was this even the same hardware... you said this was a machine in the apple store... so if its not the same hardware...02:25
bkovacsJust seemed like when the tech was showing me some applications the application loaded very fast, almost instant.02:25
wilee-nileeSpamicles, alt f2 compiz --replace should reset it02:25
escottbkovacs, probably because the programs had already been loaded and were sitting in ram ready to go02:25
EpicCyndaquilMy config file for weechat disappeared when I lost power on my server, but my log files are intact. What happened?02:25
Snowieescott, yup02:26
Spamicleswilee-nilee, xangua, the unity --reset seems to have brought back the correct window behavior. do i need to do anything else to make sure everything doesnt disappear again?02:26
mmnicolasbkovacs: he probably makes the same demo to every customer every 2 minutes, try opening libreoffice 12 times in a row, I bet the last 11 times will be instant02:26
bkovacsIs  there graphics  better than compiz.02:26
escottbkovacs, go back there and ask him to powerdown the system and turn it back on. then you will see how long it really takes to load an application. in addition that thing probably has an SSD which helps a LOT02:26
denebeimI've got a really weird issue with apt-get anyone up to discuss this?02:27
bkovacsCould be he was running an ssd02:27
wilee-nileeSpamicles, compiz is a bit tempermental have a restrt like desktop icon running the fusion icon will restrt it when tweaking02:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:27
DeltaHeavybkovacs: Linux is far more lightweight and faster than Windows or OS X as fact. I can't speak much for Unity personally but look at DE's like XFCE, KDE, GNOME02:28
Snowieyeah, read a really convincing article recently that had SSD as the BEST thing you can do for your pc, even if it is small and unreliable. just need to get the os and most used apps onto it, and the benchtests were ridiculous02:28
bkovacsOSX is not a light weight, but they get it to run as though it was.02:29
SkapareDeltaHeavy: I like Xfce/Xubuntu myself02:29
DeltaHeavybkovacs: Yeah, I have a 40GB SSD and it's faster than anything. Did the computer have an SSD in it? Unless the hardware was the same it's incomparable.02:29
SkapareDeltaHeavy: is it as fast as RAM?02:29
DeltaHeavySkapare: I don't think so no.02:30
denebeimapt-get is failing to find packages and is complaining about not finding i386 versions of the packages although it's an amd64 system.  I've upgraded this system from 10.04lts.  The ones I've installed originally with 12.04 are not having the problem.02:30
DeltaHeavyOn Windows 7 64-bit I can load every game I've played so far in mere seconds. Less than a 10th of the time EASILY.02:30
SnowieSkapare, nah, but it's more  comparable to ram speed than spinning hdd speed is what i have been lead to believe02:30
SkapareDeltaHeavy: I've been wanting to load everything into RAM and run it from there ... when I get my new 64 GB box02:30
DeltaHeavyI don't have time to quickly read what Skyrim loading screens are telling me.02:30
racsminilaptopHey I could loggin!       I am Us02:30
DeltaHeavySkapare: That would be bad ass02:31
bkovacsI'll have to ask him, the next time I go in. But Apple techs never like to talk tech stuff, because Apple is all secretive. I asked him to open the terminal. and he though I was trying to hack OSX. No joke.02:31
SkapareDeltaHeavy: yeah ... as soon as the bank account can handle it ... close02:31
racsminilaptopI am using now gnome classic02:31
SnowieSkapare, 64G!!!! what are you doing with that thing?02:31
denebeimmy google fu is weak, I've been poking around trying to find an answer to this for a couple of hours.02:31
xangua!ot | DeltaHeavy Skapare bkovacs02:31
ubottuDeltaHeavy Skapare bkovacs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:31
zerowaitstateyeah, my sister gets all jumpy when I open the term on her laptop too02:31
SkapareSnowie: dreaming of it for now ... soon02:31
racsminilaptopHow do I fix the ubuntu session???02:31
iFlipbkovacs: I'm a mac user and some people are just paranoid02:32
Snowieracsminilaptop, WIN!!! so yeah, you should be able to fix it by setting unity back to defaults. have you been experimenting with themes etc?02:32
escottdenebeim, 12.04 has something called multiarch so i386 packages can be installed on an amd64 system02:32
DeltaHeavyIs there a channel where I can ask Unity related questions? Still having problems with Chrome tabs02:33
Snowiebkovacs, "Genius" ;)02:33
racsminilaptopHow do i  set up unity as default??02:33
racsminilaptopone more time02:33
denebeimYeah, I found that.  Tried installing it, didn't help.02:33
escottracsminilaptop, unity --reset?02:33
Snowieracsminilaptop, try http://askubuntu.com/questions/91928/how-to-restore-unity-3d02:33
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
wilee-nileeracsminilaptop, Whatever desktop that is running on shutdown or a reboot is the default02:34
escottdenebeim, its not something you install. its just supported. i was suggesting it as a might be related to the problem you didnt clearly specify02:34
DeltaHeavyImma give up on Unity. It can't manage tabs =/02:34
SnowieDeltaHeavy, hang on a sec. let me test.02:34
denebeimYeah I think that my issue is it's not finding the sources correctly and the i386 bit is a red herring.  I commented out the foreign architecture i386 in the dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch file, and it stopped flagging i386 as missing, it just is flat out not finding anything at all.02:35
SnowieDeltaHeavy, ah, i see. When you drag them over the dock, focus wont switch. and even if there side by side, you can seperate, but not reattach. hmmmm..... anyone?02:36
escott!details | denebeim02:36
ubottudenebeim: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:36
denebeimI copied the /etc/apt directory from the working system to the non-working system and there is no change, so I don't think it's a missing repository from sources.list02:36
DeltaHeavySnowie: Exactly what's happening here.02:36
denebeimHere's the error, probably the rest should be obvious: smartmontools:i386 : Depends: libcap-ng0:i386 but it is not going to be installed02:37
SnowieDeltaHeavy, it's broken. I've never had need to do it, so Ive never noticed it before. I guess i just dont browse that way02:37
denebeimI think this is a symptom of it not finding smartmontools at all (several other packages as well)02:38
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
DeltaHeavySnowie: I'm a web dev and often have many tabs open anyway. I make use of this feature a lot.02:38
daslinkardHello room!02:38
SnowieDeltaHeavy, someone smarter than me may be able to tell you if it's unity or chrome that you should report to, or if there is a fix, but i think its just usability02:38
DeltaHeavyI guess Unity is just unusable for my needs.02:38
denebeimthe same command works fine on the working system.02:38
* daslinkard has a friend who cannot get his wired ethernet connection to work.02:38
* daslinkard wonders if anyone can help me02:38
DeltaHeavySnowie: It's the same package they shove out for ever Ubuntu DE. Pretty sure it's Unity.02:39
escottdenebeim, you copied /etc/apt from a working system... what was the "working" system running?02:39
megamanx1978I downloaded my humble bundle 6 games from the software center and they will not start02:39
denebeimexactly the same thing.02:39
kriskropddenebeim: was it also 64 bit architecture?02:39
denebeimthe only difference is the working system was installed and the non-working system was upgraded from 10.04 lts02:39
EnderTheThirdAnyone else have issues with the mouse pointer being too large in Ubuntu?  It's a different size/aspect compared to what it's supposed to be.02:40
SnowieDeltaHeavy, you could make your case to the unity devs02:40
RobbyFEnderTheThird, nope02:40
* daslinkard jumping up and down for someone to help.02:40
DeltaHeavySnowie: Is there a place I can report to them?02:40
denebeimOh, and the working system has btrfs02:40
EnderTheThirdPicture to demonstrate in a moment.02:40
kriskropddaslinkard: !ask02:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:40
escottdaslinkard, details please02:40
DeltaHeavySnowie: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/93571302:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935713 in unity-2d "Can no longer drop tabs onto tabs area in Chromium" [Undecided,New]02:40
daslinkardescott: wired connection hooked in....but unable to get Internet02:41
escottdenebeim, not the filesystem. what version of ubuntu did you install, the 64bit or the 32bit02:41
denebeimOh.  Sorry all of the systems are running 6402:41
escottdaslinkard, paste.ubuntu.com the output of ifconfig02:41
kriskropddaslinkard: 'ifconfig' does it read anything?02:41
SnowieDeltaHeavy, have you tried unity 3d then? that bug seems very specific02:41
megamanx1978I cannot play my humble bundle games can someone please help02:42
escottdenebeim, and the 10.04 upgrade was a 64bit system02:42
DeltaHeavyLooks like it's not getting fixed. Unity is too bloated for my tastes anyway. Was a good try. Guess I'm going to XFCE02:42
escottdenebeim, its just very strange you would ever have a i386 smartmontools on a 64bit system02:42
DeltaHeavySnowie: I'm not sure what that is. I'm on a VM so idk if I can use 3D stuff.02:42
daslinkardAs far as IP address?02:42
escottdenebeim, you could just apt-get remote smartmontools:i386; apt-get install smartmontools02:42
escottdenebeim, but copying /etc/apt from one system to another is something you should never do02:43
denebeimah I'm unfamiliar with 'remote'  let me man it just a sec.02:43
Nautilusi also have a copying question, for a directory in my /home/myname dir.  I copied the files to a separate drive with 'cp -a' and that seems to have worked (perms are drwxr-xr-x), but when I copied the dir to my new 12.04 install (using -a again) I just got perms of drwx------.  Can I copy them back without that happening?02:43
SnowieDeltaHeavy, think it depends on you VM. when you login to ubuntu, you should see options for desktop. if 3d's not there, then you need to talk to the admins.02:43
denebeimOh I know.  I renamed the original to apt.old so I could go back02:43
escottNautilus, what filesystem was the "separate drive"02:44
DeltaHeavyNo time to go on a wild goose chase right now. I'll check it out later02:44
Nautilusboth are ext302:44
kriskropdDeltaHeavy: XFCE is rather nice, you can install it with 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop'02:45
denebeimsudo apt-get remote smartmontools:i38602:45
denebeimE: Invalid operation remote02:45
no1specialgood evening, I am looking for information to reveal the true versioning information from services utilizing backporting. Services like OpenSSH02:45
DeltaHeavykriskropd: WOn't that install a whole bunch of other apps too that both Unity and XFCE will kinda share, mucking up all my menus?02:45
Nautilusescott: both are ext302:45
escottdenebeim, remove not remote sorry02:45
SnowieDeltaHeavy, np mate. i should point out im a fan of Unity, so i just want you to enjoy the same shortcuts i enjoy02:45
denebeimah okay.  already tried that, it's not there.02:45
EnderTheThirdhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/162975/mouse.png    You can see that the pointer icon is the wrong size.  Sometimes it goes to the regular pointer with the correct resolution and aspect when I mouse over certain applications.  I think this has something to do with my Korean monitor at 2560x1440.  I'm using a custom EDID because the nvidia driver can't read it from the monitor correctly.  Problem exists in both 12.04 and 12.10.02:45
escottNautilus, if you used cp -a in both copies it should have the same permissions02:46
denebeimtried it again, still not there ;-)02:46
Nautilusescott: huh, I wonder if I forgot it second ime. didnt think so.  Will try again02:46
b2couttsHey, I was messing around with screen configuration to try to get a game running in wine, and now, when I boot into Ubuntu 12.04, it sends me into a tty, and at tty7 it says "Stopping save kernel messages" as the last line. The 3rd last line is starting LightDM display manager. I've tried using xorg.conf.failsafe, reinstalling nvidia (GTX 680) drivers via apt-get nvidia-current, and reinstalling lightdm, but these haven't fixed it. Does 02:46
DeltaHeavySnowie: Thanks for the help! By any chance do you know how to speed up Unity? There seems to be a terrible delay on everything I do. In other DE's, like GNOME 2/3, KDE, XFCE it's responsive but this doesn't feel responsive at all.02:46
escottdenebeim, maybe smartmontools:i386 was selected for install by something, and is pending but blocked02:47
b2couttsI also tried booting in recovery mode, and failsafe graphics mode gave me an error, saying something about there being no monitors02:47
kriskropdDeltaHeavy: yeah it will, everything you see under 'apt-cache show xubuntu-desktop' which you can weed out for just the packages you need, but I don't know what those are off the top of my head :)02:47
SilverSlimerhaving the program's icon bounce like on the mac would give unity users the impression that it's responsive. a small thing like that would help significantly.02:47
SnowieDeltaHeavy, this is why i say im a fan and not a fanboi, because the answer, as far as i can tell, is development time02:47
denebeimYeah I was wondering that.  however I've been unable to get it to tell me what is pending. (if anything) what command would you try for that?02:48
denebeimBTW I'm really really good with redhat, not so good with ubuntu02:48
RobbyFEnderTheThird, are you using a montior or a TV? I had that issue with a receiver to a TV using HDMI. oudated hardware was my issue02:48
SnowieDeltaHeavy, i get delays too :(02:48
escottdenebeim, what does dpkg --get-selections smart* say02:48
DeltaHeavySnowie: Yeah, I hope it improves. Right now I'm not sure if it's ready for my tastes, or if these problems I dislike will ever go away.02:48
denebeimooo that looks promising just a sec.02:48
DeltaHeavykriskropd: Ok, I think I'll just do a Xubuntu install or lurk around for some other distro to try. Thanks! I think imma actually try out Yellow Hat Linux02:49
EnderTheThirdRobbyF:  Monitor.  It's a Shimian QH270-Lite 27" 2560x1440 monitor.02:49
SnowieDeltaHeavy, yeah, which is why i try. more users == more developers02:49
denebeimI'm really thinking that my package cache is screwed up, but I don't know how to fix it.02:49
b2couttsI just checked the Xorg logs, it says "Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration"02:49
EnderTheThirdRobby-F:  DVI02:49
EnderTheThirdRobbyF: DVI02:49
kriskropdDeltaHeavy: if you just want to "try" and you intend to overwrite your current install, I do insist just trying the 'xubuntu-desktop' - it will take a lot less time02:49
b2couttsEven though they should really have any configuration with xorg.conf.failsafe02:49
RobbyFhmm, not to sure, sorry.02:50
Snowiekamal_, howdy02:50
DeltaHeavykriskropd: I've used XFCE many times before but thanks for your suggestions :p02:50
DeltaHeavyI wish more distros ran Mate. I miss GNOME 2 T_T02:51
EnderTheThirdRobbyF:  Thanks.  I'm not even sure where to start with this thing, heh.02:51
Nautilusthis command look ok to copy a whole dir, so that the dir ends up in my current location?  sudo cp -ar /mnt/myb1/home/brian/sites .02:51
EnderTheThirdRobbyF: I just know I'm tired of booting into Win7 now that I'm not playing Diablo anymore.02:51
escottNautilus, sudo is probably the problem here.02:51
denebeimis there a way to force apt-get to reload all of the lists like you can with yum?02:51
Domincii_how do i start a private chat?02:51
Nautilusescott: ok, i'll try without, but also the '.' is good?  put the sites folder in current location?02:52
kriskropdNautilus: you could add a '-v' option to cp to make it more verbose02:52
escottdenebeim, you can try apt-get -f install to fix broken packages02:52
kriskropdNautilus: would let you know when and where something goes wrong02:52
denebeimYeah already did that too sadly, will try again02:52
Nautiluskriskropd: except I cant read this fast02:53
escottNautilus, you have to be careful combining things like sudo and relative paths, but yes . would be the current directory. the bigger issue is you just don't need root for this02:53
denebeimah hah, this is interesting.  I've always done install -f not -f install. this time I'm getting  upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.02:53
Nautilusescott: it's a runnin'02:53
denebeimbut I've just done an apt-get update, so I may just be confused....02:53
kriskropdNautilus: you can make it log the output by sending it into a file 'cp -arv /mydir > /home/me/cp.log'02:54
escottdenebeim, and the 7 not upgraded are the problem packages02:54
kriskropdNautilus: though in reality, the problem will likely occur when it stops xD02:54
denebeimDoubt it, it is unity stuff, didn't that just get updated?02:54
denebeimupdating now02:55
cjsWhat do I do when usb-creator-gtk refuses to enable the "Make Startup Disk" button even after erasing the USB drive using the "Erase Disk" option?02:56
BlackWebIs Anyone familiar with commandline FTP, Just wondering how I'd go about downloading Mutiple files at once02:56
Snowiecjs, check the format option you have on the usb drive02:56
cjsHow do I do that?02:56
escottBlackWeb, mget, and stop using ftp02:57
denebeimNope same problem.02:57
cjsI did remove all the partitions using gparted, and have the same issue.02:57
BlackWebUsing SFTP02:57
Snowiecjs, ahhh, sec02:57
BlackWebMainly so that all transfers will be secure02:57
Snowiecjs, your creating a liveusb for ubuntu right?02:57
escottdenebeim, what command are you running that gives you the error?02:57
cjsSnowie: Yup!02:57
escottBlackWeb, good02:57
cjsAnd I'm on an Ubuntu 12.04 box that's pretty near up to date. (It's missing maybe a week of patches.)02:58
escottBlackWeb, if you have remote shell scp might be easier02:58
denebeimsudo apt-get install smartmontools02:58
escottdenebeim, and dpkg --get-selection smart* does not mention smartmontools?02:58
Snowiecjs, is there anything helpful here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:58
BlackWebwhen downloading multiple files then what do i to the syntax like this (Remote_File Local_File Remote-File Local File)02:58
kriskropdcjs: with gparted, if you were to try and make a partition ont he usb, does it say it needs a table first? I'm unfamiliar with the usb-creator-gtk, but I'll bet it needs a tablet to write the FAT32 partition to.02:59
denebeimcomes back totally empty02:59
kriskropdon the*02:59
denebeimI really think my package list cache is busted.02:59
denebeimbut I don't know how to force it to reload it02:59
escottBlackWeb, you don't specify the local file in any way at all. its just downloaded to the current directory02:59
escottBlackWeb, unless you were asking about scp in which case its just like cp with an "s" at the beginning03:00
BlackWebAlright I'll give it ago Thanks03:00
denebeimI'm also having lockup issues with this machine (hence the smartmon) so I could have some sort of disk corruption.03:00
onemanI'm looking for someone to create a PPA for my project, will pay $03:00
onemanor BTC for that matter03:00
escottBlackWeb, so ftp its "cd whatever_remote; lcd whatever_local; mget folder" with scp its scp remote:~/path ~/path03:00
cjskriskropd: Oh, a partition table is there. Though come to think of it, I didn't check to see if it was old/"DOS" or modern eboot or whatever it is. The USB stick (a Sandisk 32 GB) actually came with a partition already on it that was the first thing I'd tried.03:00
Nautilusescott: yep, looks like my initial attempt was as root, this cp seems to have the right perms!  I get so use to having to sudo stuff03:01
=== luist_ is now known as luist
kriskropdcjs: Additionally to not being familiar with the usb-creator-gtk, it could be a simple user error, like missing a step to enable the button03:01
escottNautilus, run commands without sudo first, then if you get a permission error think about using sudo03:01
Nautilusescott: yea i figured that out :)03:02
onemanif anyone is or knows someone who wants to do this let me know03:02
cjskriskropd: There's not a lot of steps. Just "erase" (which is optional in some cases) and "make startup disk". :-)03:02
delinquentmeOk so im showing a WEBrick in my processes ... however $ killall WEBrick .. says    "WEBrick: no process found"03:03
cjsSnowie: Didn't see anything on that page, which seemed mostly to deal with problems getting persistent storage, which I don't need anyway.03:03
escottkriskropd, did you get a gksudo prompt at some point in this?03:03
delinquentmeam i missing something to kill this process?03:03
=== Kane is now known as Guest91846
kriskropdescott: wrong guy :)03:03
cjsI think that this is just a massively buggy usb-creator-gtk in 12.04. I'll go do this on an 11.10 machine.03:03
Snowieoneman, there a alot of sites on the web where you can get devs to bid on your job. maybe try one of those. anyone here recommend a site for oneman03:03
escottkriskropd, sorry...03:03
DaeI haven't had any issues with the USB creator on 12.04.1 so far.03:04
escottcjs, did you get a gksudo prompt at some point. presumably you must have to erase the disk03:04
kriskropddelinquentme: try this 'ps -aux | grep WEBrick' it should give oyu the process ID, then type 'sudo kill -9 id_number_here'03:04
Snowiecjs, agreed. i think the fact that it should be fat32 limited to 4g, and you have a 32G drive might be part of the problem though. that's what i got from theere03:04
cjsescott: I was doing this all from the command line after I'd sudo'd -s.03:04
cjsSnowie: Ah, I missed that bit!03:04
escottcjs, there may actually be an issue with it being too large. you can't make the persistence file larger than 2GB iirc03:04
delinquentmethrive   10016  0.0  0.0   7628   940 pts/1    S+   23:04   0:00 grep --color=auto WEBrick     kriskropd which is the process? the 10016?03:05
escottdelinquentme, when you ps aux | grep WEBrick you create a process "grep .... WEBrick" that shows up in ps aux03:05
kriskropddelinquentme: nope, thats the process id that you just ran trying to identify WEBrick03:05
Nautilusthis might be more an apache Q... I see that the vhosts I've created over a couple years are a mix between my user as the owner and root as the owner.  Is one more correct than the other?03:05
delinquentmeescott, OHHHHH03:06
kriskropddelinquentme: are you certain the process name is WEBrick or atleast contains that word in it? its also case sensitive03:06
delinquentmekriskropd, so ive got a web server of the type WEBrick .. which is currently hogging port 300003:06
DaeMake a 4G partition, go from there.03:06
denebeimAh, I found this from a really old post: dpkg --clear-avail but no joy03:06
delinquentmebut I guess WEBrick isnt the right name bc im only getting one process .. the search / grep process03:07
escottdelinquentme, capitalized binaries are unusual try grep -i webrick03:07
cjsescott: I'm not trying to create any sort of persistence file!03:07
kriskropddelinquentme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WEBrick this was my quick lil lesson for me; I think webrick is actually running under a process for ruby, but I'm only guessing here03:07
Nautilusoh duh, the default vhost is root, so I suppose thats the way to go03:08
Snowiedelinquentme, i a noob at this WARNING, but maybe try ' *WEB* or *rick* and see if there are similar matches03:08
escottcjs, nonetheless you have an image file for the ext4 loopback, and that needs to be <4GB03:08
cjsSnowie: Nope, it still doesn't work with a 3.9 GB partition. Oh, and I just remembered, the last time this happened, I did just boot up an 11.10 system where it worked fine.03:08
BlackWebescott Thank you mget worked like a charm :) problem solved03:08
kriskropddelinquentme: try greeping for 'webrick' all lowercase03:08
delinquentmeescott, thanks .. no beans though03:08
delinquentmeill just run on another port ! thanks guys :D03:09
kriskropddelinquentme: it's quite uncommon to see uppercase on process names03:09
escottdelinquentme, lsof or netstat are able to give you the PID holding the socket open03:09
delinquentmekriskropd, noted .. as well as the nifty grep -i caseinsensitive03:09
kriskropddelinquentme: always learning, thansk for the feedback :D03:09
kriskropdthanks* <_<03:09
cjsescott: If you're talking about one created by usb-creator-gtk, I think not, because I'm giving it the command line option not to create any persistence partition. If you're talking about something set up by the installer on the ISO after it boots, usb-creator-gtk wouldn't know about it.03:09
Snowiecjs, is it just me, or did formatting that drive, creating partitions, then reinstalling ubuntu take an unusally short amount of time?03:10
delinquentmeescott, how would I just the netstat ?03:10
delinquentmekriskropd, you and me both :D!03:10
DaeSnowie, how long does it normally take you?03:10
cjsSnowie: Hm? You mean for me to do it? I got nowhere near that. I just want to take an Ubuntu installer ISO and get this USB stick to boot it.03:10
escottcjs, if you aren't creating the persistence file then its probably not related to the 4gb limit of fat files. but all the livecds made though usb-creator have that casper image file03:11
SnowieDae, I will admit, i have not done it, but if I were stuck, and had to do all of that, i would say at least 20 mins, but then im a noob. cjs is just clearly faster than i am03:11
escottcjs, netstat -lpt for tcp -lpu for udp03:11
Daecjs: You said you're trying with a 32GB drive? I ask to try it myself.03:11
=== ryan is now known as Guest63813
escottcjs, sorry03:12
escottdelinquentme, netstat -lpt for tcp, -lpu for udp03:12
kriskropdescott: thats awesome03:12
escottcan't keep track of who i am talking to == time for bed03:13
maicoddo there maybe exist 2 versions of lxshortcut , one for console and one for GUI ?03:14
denebeimIf anyone is interested:  If your list of packages becomes corrupted 'rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists'03:14
wilee-nileedenebeim, hehe we knew that, just wanted to see if you could figure it out. ;)03:15
Hydrogrowhello all03:15
DaeI would be more concerned with why the package list got corrupted.03:15
DaeHello, Hydrogrow.03:15
HydrogrowI'm just trying out IRC chatting ,cant find a room with my subject03:16
maicodnot for every subject is a room03:16
Hydrogrowyea I see that now but there are lots of them03:17
maicodtry /list03:17
Dae irc.xs4all.nl #bsc-discgolf maybe03:17
HydrogrowI see03:17
cjsSnowie, escott: Ha, usb-creator-gtk is broken under 11.10, too. Must be the huge size of this thing that's the problem.03:18
Snowiecjs, sorry mate. just read through that link i posted, and read back through this thread. I pointed this whole conversation the wrong way. my fault. Ive learnt some stuff at least. post your issue again and i will read instad of speak03:18
Hydrogrowwell thank you for the reply Dae03:18
escottcjs, you might try a direct install if the bioses you are using support it, or unetbootin03:19
Daecjs, if you're interested, I'm trying with a 64G FDD atm.03:19
Hydrogrowno one home there though03:19
maicodhow do I get LXshortcut to display its gui under X ? I only get a commandline of it03:19
cjsSnowie: I just want to boot an installer (the mini.iso, to be particular), from a 32 GB USB flash drive.03:19
Snowiecjs, lol. yeah, soz bud. well, you didnt do your google dilignence ;)03:19
DaeSorry, Hydrogrow. I tried. :-)03:20
cjsActually, I'm happy with any way of dealing with this  at all, if it can be fairly simple, and leave 8 GB of room on the flash drive for the target install.03:20
cjsSnowie: Hmmm?03:20
wilee-nileeHydrogrow, Happry northern lights. ;)03:20
Hydrogrowthanks for helping a noob out03:20
Hydrogrowlol thats a myth03:20
Hydrogrowbut true!03:20
Snowiecjs, kiddin mate, just pissed i feel like i wasted your time03:20
kriskropdcjs: why not just make a 4GB fat32 partition with gparted?03:21
Hydrogrowactually everyone out there like the northern lights now that I think of it!03:21
kriskropdcjs: also I apologize if that was already suggested03:21
cjsSnowie: Oh, it wasn't that bad. At least, talking with you, I wasted less than I would have screwing around with it on my lonesome. :-)03:21
cjskriskropd: I tried that already, actually. No luck.03:21
maicodcjs: screwing around lonesome is no fun :)03:22
Costeelationsomeone know any command for close sessions in the terminal?03:22
DaeOk, 64G bootdisk is done. Time to test.03:22
kriskropdcjs: did you try runng the usb creator with sudo?03:23
Costeelationor restart the lightdm03:23
cjskriskropd: Yup. Always have been.03:23
Snowiecjs, is your image on your HDD or do you have a live cd?03:23
kriskropdcjs: ick, im confused too then xD03:23
cjsSnowie: It's on an hdd. Just a "mini.iso" that I downloaded (though I have a few others, too).03:23
cjsI am totally hating on usb-creator-gtk right now. I've seen issues like this before, but this is now seriously broken.03:24
cjsI bet it's a "drive larger than 4 GB" thing.03:24
SnowieI work in tech support, and sometimes it's better to go round than through. burn it and try here maybe ???? disagreements? better advice?? http://askubuntu.com/questions/163982/run-12-04-from-usb-with-no-hard-disk-usage03:24
escottCosteelation, you can kill gnome-session, or service lightdm restart03:24
Costeelationescott: ok man thanks so much03:25
kriskropdcjs: it shouldn't complain if its just asking for a partition though03:25
kriskropdcjs: and fat32 is not limited to a 4GB partition size, only a 4GB file size03:25
DaeWell, mine works fine.03:26
cjsSnowie: That page is almost exactly what I'm trying to do, but once I can get an installer booted, I'm set. (And I need to do a manual partition setup anyway due to using encryption: I need an unencrypted boot partition, then an encrypted partition with an lvm in it that in turn contains the root and swap.)03:26
cjsThe problem is, how do I boot the installer?!03:26
Snowiecjs, BURN the image03:26
Costeelationescott: im use cinnamon03:26
Costeelationescott: is similar¡03:27
Snowiecjs, and PS myhedasplode. what the hell are you trying to do???03:27
kriskropddeep breaths, clear some neurons :)03:27
Dae64G flash drive, Ubuntu 12.04.1 boots perfectly.03:28
cjsSnowie: I have an ISO image. I want to boot that ISO image on my laptop.03:28
Snowieand your laptop has no ability to burn a CD?03:28
cjsSnowie: Not even read, much less burn. Who has a CD drive these days? What, next I should have a 5.25" floppy drive, too? :-)03:29
SnowieDae, so this can be done, but i think, if you read back, there is more to this puzzle, and i see only pictographs03:29
wilee-nileecjs, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1549847   boot the ISO with grub03:29
kriskropdcjs just to be sure, the laptop can boot from usb, right? its in the bios? i dont think any of this is relevant, but worth asking since we're ont he subject03:29
cjsTechnically, not a netbook, but yeah, a laptop with no internal drive. And I don't have any external drives kicking around here either.03:30
DaeMy guess is that I missed a vital piece of info, like which ISO is being used, or which startup disk creator/method.03:30
cjskriskropd: Yup! Boots fine from my old Ubuntu USB install.03:30
Snowiecjs, just a question. saw a way around your issue, and thought it might be a solution. clearly, that solution is not available03:30
kriskropdcjs yeah, your laptop is golden then - you are just having trouble with usb-creator-gtk as it is not cooperating03:31
cjskriskropd: Yup. That seems to sum it up.03:31
Snowiekriskropd, agreed03:31
cjsMaybe if I cut my USB stick into eight tiny pieces, and use only one of them....03:31
Daecjs, did you already mention which ISO you're trying to boot?03:31
OerHeksuse an other machine to create an usb installer03:31
cjsDae: The mini. I can't use the standard 12.04 alternate install 'cause that requires PAE. (And don't even get me started on *that*.)03:32
DaeI understand.03:32
escottcjs, pita on windows which wont (easily) mount partitioned usb03:33
cjsOerHeks: I was already doing that. The problem is, my other machine is an Ubuntu system as well. :-/03:33
DaeAnd why wouldn't it be? ^_^03:33
Nautiluswoohoo! Just about have my 10.04 -> 12.04 migration done!  Many dev web sites up and running03:34
Daecjs, just so we're clear on the details, 32- or 64-bit?03:34
kriskropdcjs: ive always used unetbootin on a windows box to make my usb installers, so thats why im unfamiliar with usb-creator-gtk OR any alternatives for it03:34
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
cjsDae: 32-bit.03:35
DaeI've usually used unetbootin myself, even in Ubuntu, but recently I've been using usb-creator-gtk without issue.03:35
SnowiePolarBear, try a 'slash' (/) in front of those :)03:35
kriskropdPolarBear: needs a forward slash '/leave' '/quit'03:35
xcervohello guys what software do i use i order to boot multiple iso's with usb?03:36
cjsescott: Sorry, what's the problem with Windows and partitioned USB? It's always worked ok for me, in the basic arrangement of a USB stick with 1 DOS and 2 other partitions on it.03:36
ramprasadgkhow can i enabe quickedit mode in ubuntu03:36
Nautilusany tips about optimizing ubuntu & apache for dev purposes?  8 seconds to load a web page locally is a lonnnng time?03:36
Nautilus^ also involves php and MySQL03:37
escottcjs, yes... but windows doesn't provide any way to mount those two other partitions. you can access them from the low level \\ device paths, but you cant get drive letters on them03:37
wilee-nileexcervo, I use this app format the thumb with gparted though it is a bit picky. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/03:37
andrewacltNautilus, sounds like something is wrong, what is the php code?03:38
cjsescott: Oh, you mean if you have, e.g., more than one FAT filesystem! Ah, good to know.03:38
xcervothanks wilee03:38
Nautilusandrewaclt: it's drupal03:38
ramprasadgkHI xcervo how can i enabe quickedit mode in ubuntu03:38
cjsescott: (In my case, duh, windows can't access an ext4 or LUKS encrypted partition. :-))03:38
cjsNautilus: Stop using all that horribly slow software? :-)03:38
Nautilusandrewaclt: fwiw, 10.04 was sloth-like as well.   perhaps theres heavy logging or something by default?03:38
Nautilustis the platform03:39
escott!pm | ramprasadgk03:39
ubotturamprasadgk: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:39
=== Guddu__ is now known as Guddu
kriskropdNautilus: you should benchmark a simple html only file and use that for latency test, then you can watch top to see how hard which processes are working when trying to load a drupal page03:39
phunyguyis it possible to specify what quality to encode transferred music when syncing a media player in rhythmbox?03:39
=== shantorn_ is now known as shantorn
cjsNautilus: Oh, I missed your, "it's Drupal" comment. Drupal is known for sometimes doing thousands of DB queries just to render a single page. It's probably something like that.03:39
phunyguyfor example I have my entire collection in FLAC, and my device doesnt support flac, so I wanna go something like V0 MP3..03:40
Nautilusramprasadgk: dont send question in PM03:40
cjsNautilus: If you want, I'd be happy to provide a lot more detail via PM, or another channel if others are interested.03:40
Nautiluscjs the sites I dev on my local box actually get faster when I post them to a live server03:40
Snowiehmm, nope03:40
ramprasadgkthis channe suks03:40
phunyguyso does your spelling.03:41
cjsNautilus: Well, the live server probably has a hotter cache, less stuff using memory, that kind of thing.03:41
DaeYou tend to get what you offer, rampr.03:41
Snowiephunyguy, you can use a player, but i think ffmpeg is what your after. transcoding is the term from one form to another. i use a couple of apps on my box, let me check03:41
kriskropdNautilus: drupal is pretty heavy, it could just be processing time on a machine not optimized for web serving on a large scale?03:41
ramprasadgkbiunch of heavy heads03:41
Nautiluscjs: perhaps, i still just think theres something more.  And yea I know drupal can be heavy03:42
ramprasadgkno content03:42
=== gen2pac is now known as nixiedoeszorinos
phunyguySnowie, you missed the point of my question.  I was asking about the sync feature of Rhythmbox, when syncing it transcodes to what the device supports, but I want to change the quality.03:42
Daeubuntu quickedit03:42
Nautilusalso, this machine is just an Atom CPU, so maybe this is all I get03:42
DaeIt's an easy enough search03:42
kriskropdNautilus: case close03:42
phunyguyI dont want to encode my entire colleciton with ffmpeg.  FLAC is lossless03:42
Snowiephunyguy, understood03:42
phunyguySnowie and my device is only 16 gig.03:43
Nautiluscjs: so pm ok?03:43
phunyguySnowie there are no options to specify quality, so I was wondering if there was a way to modify the presets it uses or whatever03:44
DaeAtom CPUs can't be expected to be as quick as the higher-grade processors.03:44
Nautilusfor sure ;)03:44
Snowiephunyguy, still think the fastest way is to convert the lot using ffmpeg into rythmbox, and then import the new tracks. ive been wrong once before tonight though, so im out.03:44
phunyguySnowie I am already doing that....03:45
Nautilusiirc this whole motherboard was $79 (with cpu), lol03:45
=== nixiedoeszorinos is now known as itimos
Snowieso, if you have the tracks in the mp3 quality you want...03:45
phunyguyI want it done on the fly and have my flac collection in rhythymbox03:45
phunyguywhats wrong with that?03:46
cfhowlettphunyguy: might also find insight on this in #ubuntustudio03:46
phunyguyhow will that channel help me?03:46
phunyguycfhowlett, ^^^03:46
Daephunyguy, maybe use Banshee?03:47
phunyguyDae, I can try but I dont remember seeing settings for that in Banshee03:47
=== Guddu_ is now known as Guddu
Nautiluswell, of the 3 cores they reached only 20% for the lowest one to 60% for the highest one when I went to a new page03:47
DaeI seem to recall that transcoding on the fly, exactly as you want.03:47
cfhowlettphunyguy: ubuntustudio is about multimedia.  Transcoding music is likley to be a familiar topic.03:48
phunyguyonly ~30 ppl in there03:49
DaeYou only need one, phunyguy. And some luck for it to be the right one. ;-)03:50
cjsNautilus: Yes. No need to ask me, at least. (I've never understood why someone would want to spam a public channel with what's effectively a private message.)03:50
kriskropdphunyguy: this isnt an irc for rythmbox, so your luck isn't going to be much better here, even with lots more ppl03:51
kriskropdcjs your usb problem, have you tried unetbootin?03:51
kriskropdcjs: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/03:52
=== itimos is now known as nixiedoeslinux
cjskriskropd: That looks promising.03:53
bazhang!info mp3fs | phunyguy03:54
ubottuphunyguy: mp3fs (source: mp3fs): FUSE filesystem for transcoding FLAC to MP3 on the fly. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 0.31-1 (precise), package size 14 kB, installed size 62 kB03:54
kriskropdcjs I for some reason didn't realize you could use it on a linux install, so I didnt think to mention it before xD03:54
kriskropdcjs: i blame the late hour03:54
phunyguybazhang, if that is legit, YOU ROCK.03:54
phunyguywould be exactly what I am looking for...03:54
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1980716  phunyguy03:55
NordomI am trying to find the location of a executable, how do I find it dpkg -l <name> lists a file directory but what if I want to find the location of a file inside03:55
nixiedoeslinuxbaxhang fuck u son of a bitch03:55
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FloodBot1nixiedoeslinux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:55
phunyguyhe didnt even spell the name right03:56
NordomI am trying to find the location of a executable, how do I find it dpkg -l <name> lists a file directory but what if I want to find the location of a file inside03:56
cjskriskropd: I'd known of it, but I had no idea there was a Linux version, either. And it looks like it worked. Woo!03:56
quiescensshrug, 3 lines doesn't really rate more than a raising of an eyebrow03:56
TankCNordom, which <executable>03:56
Nordoma file call adb, its from android sdk03:57
c2tarunmy KDE screen is turning off in 35 seconds, can anyone please help me with that?03:57
kriskropdNordom: you could try 'which exectuable_name' or 'whereis' even03:57
NordomI am having problems connecting to my phone via usb, and on way was try it in SU mode, and when I log into SU and type adb it doesnt work, but if I am not in SU, it works03:57
escottNordom, "which binary_name"03:58
Nordomescott:  what do you mean?03:58
kriskropdcjs: im glad to know that, because im expecting to go full linux on all my boxes here within a year and its good to know my favorite usb installer works in my future 8)03:58
akishi all. i am considering to buy a new wifi printer. is it sure that HP printers are 100% compatible with linux systems and they 're drivers for any model. i search here http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html and i can find the model of the printer i want to buy (3050a or 3070 a) and that wifi is supported. can i trust this site and proceed with the new bu?03:58
Nordomescott:  I am a nub so sorry if I seem daft03:59
escottNordom, the command would be "which adb" i see im late in giving that answer03:59
bazhangakis, check the linuxprinting.org database03:59
Nordomwhich is what I wanted ty!03:59
Nordomescott: : When I logged into SU, and went to the folder where adb was located it didnt do anything, and suggestions on why this happened?04:00
kriskropd"Day changed to 26 Sep 2012 " I really need to get some sleep, good luck all04:00
escottNordom, its failing because when you login as root "sudo -i" you change the working directory to /root but you installed adb to /home/username/whatever so you need to cd /home/username/whatever04:00
Nordomescott: so I need to type sudo -i su ?04:01
escottNordom, you shouldnt be using "su" on ubuntu at all04:01
NordomI see04:01
escottNordom, either sudo adb whatever or sudo -i; adb whatever04:02
Nordomthen this guide is probably not what I want to use then, thank you04:02
escottNordom, im sure the guide is fine except that we use sudo not su04:02
Nordomgot it!04:02
escottNordom, if you see "su" in isolation replace it with "sudo -i" if you see "su -c command" replace it with "sudo command"04:03
cjskriskropd: And it even boots happily. I'm not so sure that the mini.iso installer is too happy, but that's not a problem with UNetbootin.04:04
[TiZ]Hi. Wine's fonts are seriously ugly. There's no anti-aliasing at all, and the fonts look ridiculously jagged. How do I fix this?04:06
cjskriskropd: Ok, you have officially made my day. I never have to get near that !@#$#%!@#$ usb-creator-gtk program ever again. Heck, that probably made my year.04:06
ramprasadgkhow can i enabe quickedit mode in ubuntu04:07
akislinuxprinting.org database doesnt have those printers althought hp database seems to support them!04:08
pablo_boa noite tudo bom ?04:08
pablo_ho akis04:08
bazhangpablo_, #ubuntu-br04:08
pablo_hi ?04:08
Daeramprasadgk, in which program?04:09
DaeThe GNOME Terminal?04:09
ramprasadgkin terminal04:11
ramprasadgkyes or XTERM04:11
=== florin is now known as Guest50870
ramprasadgkor any terminal for that matter04:11
ramprasadgki use ubuntu ubuntu04:11
DaeWhat exactly are you trying to do? Because what I consider "quickedit" is enabled by default for me, with the standard terminal.04:11
cfhowlettramprasadgk: did you get wifi working?04:12
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:12
ramprasadgkoh yeah04:12
ramprasadgki got my wifi working04:13
ramprasadgkthanks for asking04:13
ramprasadgkmine was b43 driver04:14
ramprasadgkso installed all the firmwares needed04:14
ramprasadgkfrom ubuntu site04:14
ramprasadgkit works like a charm04:14
cfhowlettramprasadgk: ubuntu magic!04:14
Nordomhow do u restart udev?04:15
ramprasadgkcfhowlett now i am stuck with enabling quickedit mode04:15
cfhowlettramprasadgk: definitely not my area.  sorry.  Stay in channel and persevere.04:16
ramprasadgkok cfhowlett thanks though04:17
DaeNordom: sudo /etc/init.d/udev restart04:19
DaeAny time.04:20
min|dvir|usHi. My messages indicator is 1px wide. Any thoughts?04:21
DaeYou may want to make it wider.04:21
min|dvir|usDae: I'm asking for help with that.04:21
DaeAh, sorry. I thought you just wanted an opinion. Are you using anything special, or default Unity?04:22
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest86435
min|dvir|usDae: default Unity.04:23
robotdevilwonder why lm-sensors only shows on of my several cores in cpu and nothing for my nvidia gpu04:26
MACscrwhen doing an distro upgrade over ssh and it opens up a secondary ssh port just in case, it should still continue the upgrade on the main ssh connection. Right? just wondering as its been sitting at the same prompt after i hit continue for the past 15 minutes http://www.screencast.com/t/KxVJrv0W04:29
cn28hIf I tell the Ubuntu 12.10 beta installation to "Replace windows 7" will it leave my recovery partition intact? I'd like to choose that option, but I'd like to hae the option of restoring the computer to factory defaults later if I want04:30
cfhowlettcn28h: use the manual option to preserve your recovery partition.04:30
xangua!12.10 | cn28h04:31
ubottucn28h: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+104:31
cn28hall right, figured that might be the case -- thanks04:31
bsmith0931im trying to download an entire ftp site tthrough filezilla, its mostly text files, thousands of them, small, but in many folders, all in the pub directory, if i just select that will fz, grab it all, because it looks like its skipping subfolders04:32
min|dvir|usDae: every time I get on the computer.04:32
devslashhas anyone set up a torrent server with a web based interface04:32
min|dvir|usAt first I can see the messages indicator and can click on it.04:32
cn28hcfhowlett: If I choose that option, is it still possible to make it use LVM / crypto?04:32
min|dvir|usAnd I can see the dropdown.04:32
min|dvir|usBut then it disappears.04:32
min|dvir|usShrinks to 1px.04:32
MACscrdevslash: deluge or transmission04:33
cfhowlettcn28h: I would say yes and the manual option is MANUAL.  YOu get to choose and pick your configuration.  Less hand holding, more control.04:33
devslashMACscr: do either of those load from the console ?04:33
cn28hcfhowlett: hm okay, sounds fair enough04:33
MACscrdevslash: both do04:33
devslashand both have a web guy04:34
MACscryes, hence why i suggested them04:34
escottrobotdevil, did you run sensors-detect?04:34
devslashjust making sure04:34
robotdevilescott: yes sir04:34
devslashI've tried using rtorrent  but it sucks04:34
escottrobotdevil, did it find a module for you to probe for the nvidia card?04:35
MACscrdevslash: they pretty much all do04:35
devslashoh really ? even the 2 you mentioned ?04:35
MACscryes, they just suck the least out of the options. ive done a lot of research on the matter04:36
devslashIm not sure why but rtorrent is giving me connection errors04:36
devslashwhat issues have you run into ?04:36
MACscri rarely do anything with torrents anymore though. usenet ftw04:36
robotdevilescott: just read that only nvidia clock or nvidia-settings can read card. but still wondering about the cores of cpu04:39
cjsThe mini.iso install is giving me a list of optional software to install, which includes "OpenSSH server," "DNS server," and good stuff like that. The first option is, "Basic Ubuntu server." What is that?04:39
MACscrchamunks: ?04:40
robotdevilMACscr: thought usenet costs money04:40
MACscrrobotdevil: it cant. Some isp's provide it for free though04:40
MACscrer, can04:40
chamunksMACscr, I was just looking for this http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-format-cdrw-dvdrw/04:41
Daemin|dvir|us: are you by any chance using 11.04?04:41
chamunksbrasero never works04:41
chamunksfor blanking04:41
MACscrlol, you use rw's? for what?04:41
chamunksI wouldn't bother owning a dvd drive if it werent for rw's04:42
DaeI stopped using rw's a long time ago. Nothing seems to work 100% with them.04:42
MACscrsame here04:42
chamunksdae you're just not trying the right tools.04:42
chamunkscdrecord from the commandline always blanks a disk fine.04:42
DaeYou're probably right, but that's why I said "seems".04:42
oisaUsing Ubuntu 12.10, the package manager has made itself unusable with an error on "linux-image-3.5.0-14-generic"04:42
chamunksDae, MACscr http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-format-cdrw-dvdrw/ this is what you were looking for.04:43
oisaInstalling the kernel always exits with error, and so I cannot do anything with apt.04:43
MACscrwell i gave up on them like 8 years ago =P04:43
xangua!1210 | oisa04:43
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+104:43
chamunksMACscr, they're much better for burning new releases to that don't play well with Unetbootin / (the thing ubuntu uses for the same thing for usb os installs)04:43
MACscreh, regular cdr's work fine for that04:44
chamunksand costs too much.04:44
DaeThanks, chamunks, I'll use that if I ever come across an rw that needs blanking in the future.04:44
MACscr50 discs is like $10 and lasts me a couple years04:44
chamunksi buy a single rw and all rw's have some thousands of possible read writes.04:45
chamunksan rw costs like a dollar.04:45
chamunksI keep a couple04:45
chamunksand i never worry about running out.04:45
Nautilusone time i bought 100 cdr's for $10 and then got 2-for-1 on it.  200 cdr's04:45
=== Guest51367 is now known as mathieuw
chamunksNautilus, nice, if i'm forced to buy cdr's in a spindle I will only buy sony dvd+r's04:46
DaeOh, neat - wodim is already installed and updated.04:46
chamunksdae mhmm :)04:46
chamunksI wonder if you could even use a tool to set all bits on a dvd/cd to 104:46
chamunksbecause I imagine the 1 is what the laser sets when it burns a dot to the cd.04:47
chamunksso basically the opposite of zeroing out a harddrive with dban you could do that with 1's04:47
DaeI wonder what the result would be...empty, or full?04:48
chamunksDae, it would be full.04:48
DaeI'm assuming it would be read incorrectly.04:48
chamunksmy target would not be to re use the disk but to render it unreadable unrecoverable.04:48
loli_stonerno empty04:48
loli_stoner1 isn't full and 0 empty04:48
loli_stonerit depends on what the filesystem says04:48
loli_stonerthen just use sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx04:48
loli_stoneror use urandom instead of zero if you want04:49
chamunksloli_stoner, the point in my case / scenario would be to flip all bits to one side04:49
chamunkssort of like a dban (derek's boot and nuke)04:49
chamunkswhich performs a socalled "Secure wipe" of a hard drive.04:50
DaeYou could accomplish the same with a microwave. ;-)04:50
chamunksDae,  you're right and its instant and makes interesting xmas tree decor04:50
chamunksIts simply a curiosity thing.  Sort of like the concept of using dban is to theoretically render data unrecoverable on a magnetic storage device.04:51
gollumHey, Is it possible to upgrade from 10.10 to 12.04 LTS04:51
DaeI don't see why not, gollum.04:51
chamunksgollum, yes one level at a time.04:51
chamunksi believe its sudo apt-get distro upgrade or something like that04:52
gollum11.04 and 12.04 right04:52
SwedeMikegollum: upgrade path is 10.04->12.04 or 10.10->11.04->11.10->12.0404:52
xanguagollum: othere that goind thru 11.04, 11.10. 12.04 or fresh install, no04:52
cfhowlettgollum: no not directly.04:52
gollumThanks guys.04:52
Daesudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (repeat as needed)04:52
chamunksgollum, exactly what dae said.04:53
gollum@Dae Just doing that :)04:53
chamunksgollum, the only issue is you're going to have alot of skeletons in your closet from the old release.04:53
chamunksits usually better to simply have a separate partition/drive for /home/04:53
DaeMy suggestion: back up everything you want, wipe and start fresh.04:53
chamunksthat way you can update the /04:53
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
chamunksany time you wish.04:53
chamunksand your home and userspace is totally persistant through updates.04:54
DaeThat's not a bad idea, and is essentially why I use a Windows part mainly for storage.04:54
DaeI really must find a way to disable the enter/leave messages...04:56
chamunksDae, if you find out how to do that in x-chat please let me know.04:56
chamunksI dont care to see things like this  "* loli_stoner has quit (Quit: Chi on, Chi off, Chi on, Chi off, Chi on, Chi off, Chi on, Chi off, Chi on, Chi off, Chi on, Chi off OH BABY!)"04:56
chamunksall the time.04:57
Daechamunks: /SET irc_conf_mode 104:57
IdleOnechamunks: in xchat, right click on the channel name > Settings > Hide join/part messages04:57
DaeThat works. >_>04:57
chamunksI think that /set irc_con..... works all around.04:58
jonhallerHello everyone!04:58
chamunksit just made #ubuntu tolerable.04:59
chamunksthanks alot :D04:59
DaeAny time. :-)04:59
chamunksIdleOne, also thanks this will likely be how i do it from now on since i likely wont remember /set irc_con....04:59
DaeI wonder...04:59
DaeNope, unknown command. I trudge onward.04:59
DaeThat doesn't work for me. I had assumed it wouldn't, but I never actually tried it.05:00
jonhallerDoes anyone here know a lot about wireless adapters?05:01
devslashhas anyone here installed utorrent server in ubuntu05:01
chamunksdevslash, its likely ultra painless.05:03
chamunkswhats your issue?05:03
devslashi installed it but i can't access the webui05:03
devslashps -A shows utserver is running05:03
jonhallerdevslash: how are you trying to access the webui?05:04
d3f4c3dwhat is usual cpu idle on Ubuntu 12.4 with I7 920 CPU ?05:04
devslashi put in my browser myip:8080//gui05:04
cfhowlettjonhaller: broadcom a bit.05:04
devslashoops theres supposed to be 1 slash05:04
jonhallerdevslash: are you accessing the computer from outside or inside your network05:05
jonhallerdevslash: and from the local machine or a different machine05:05
devslashfrom another computer on my lan05:05
jonhallerdevslash: try accessing it from the box thats serving the page with an ip of
devslashi cant05:06
devslashmy server doesn't have X installed05:06
devslashits a headless server05:06
jonhallerdevslash: try lynx05:07
jonhallerdevslash: or links, not sure which ones being updated05:07
jilt007Any other text web browser other than elinks,links,lynx ?05:07
jonhallerjilt007: yes, xD05:08
jonhallerjilt007: its been a while05:08
=== Stonecold is now known as loli_stoner
KsMjilt007: w3m05:08
devslashi think it loaded but i can't see anything05:08
jilt007KsM: jonhaller  Thanks05:08
devslashit asked me if i want to proceed without a password05:08
KsMare you trying to use the framebuffer?05:09
chamunksdevslash, utorrent usually doesn't ship with the webui itself05:09
KsMbecause elinks and w3m have support for that05:09
devslashactually i checked and it does05:09
jonhallercfhowlett: im trying to make sense of some of these configuration options inside of config.mk05:09
chamunksin the windows version for the longest time (dont know if this has changed) you would be able to enable it but you still had to download its webui files separately.05:09
jonhallercfhowlett: for configuration of source for a driver for my ralink rt5390 chipset05:09
chamunksdevslash, than I would check to see if it has some sort of subdir in apache.05:09
cfhowlettjonhaller: sorry, never had to deal with ralink.  Broadcom only.05:10
chamunksso for example localhost/phpmyadmin05:10
cfhowlettjonhaller: stay in channel and ask05:10
devslashcfhowlett: does the server have to be installed in my apache directory05:10
devslashi know what the problem is05:10
chamunksdevslash, what happened?05:11
jonhallercfhowlett: theyre configuration options that should be cross platform, like has_client_wds_support05:11
devslashi disabled shorewall05:11
cfhowlettdevslash: over my head and not my area of "expertise"05:11
jonhallerAnyone alive that knows a lot about wireless technologies?05:12
devslashyup i got it working now05:12
jonhallerguest9723948: answer05:12
guest9723948tahnk you05:13
jonhallerdevslash: nice job, i didnt think of firewall since i use hardware firewall to protect entire network05:13
cheteenhi,my mozilla and chrome is crashed how can restore my system?05:14
devslashjonhaller: does utorrent server support magnet links05:15
jonhallerdevslash: i assume so since utorrent itself supports magnet links, though thats outside of my area of expertise as well, i switched to tixati05:16
devslashjonhaller: ok thanks again05:20
jonhallerdevslash: no problem, glad i could be of some help at least ^^05:21
devslashand by the way magnets do seem to work. you just go to add and paste it where it says torrent url05:22
devslashwow I'm loving this gui05:22
devslashnicer than rtorrent05:22
abitethhas anyone had any luck finding a program to convert an avi to dvd and burn it program05:26
Calinouabiteth: google is your friend05:26
Calinougoogle before asking :)05:26
Jordan_U!google | Calinou05:26
ubottuCalinou: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:26
abitethi have been googleing for 2 days05:26
Calinoujust search that kind of program in the software centre?05:27
abitethi have tried 5 different programs if you arnt going to help Calinou shut the fuck up respecfully05:27
IdleOne!language | abiteth05:28
ubottuabiteth: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:28
jonhallerCalinou: its not obvious to most users what the name of the type of software that performs that task is05:28
=== yosii is now known as nyRednek
Calinouusually, search in software centre/apt-cache search also searches in descriptions05:29
jonhallerCalinou: what would you search for then?05:30
* Calinou hides.05:30
lotuspsychjeis it possible to xkill a program automaticly after it freezes desktop?05:30
Calinouusually, that kind of software can be used for not-very-legal purposes05:30
jonhallerCalinou: its possible for a pen to kill someone, how an individual uses something isnt up for others to decide, DVD authoring is a term that isnt well known across many users05:32
CalinouI know05:32
Calinouwell, then search "rip"05:32
Calinouor that kind of stuff05:32
jonhallerCalinou: he wanted to burn a video file to a DVD to play in a dvd player, not rip the contents of an existing dvd to a file05:33
shottoh24hey. i needed some help with tethering my android to my computer05:35
jonhallerloli_stoner: probably usb05:35
loli_stonerwell i mean ethernet through usb05:35
loli_stoneri know the kindle can do that05:35
=== Jewbacca is now known as nyRednek
shottoh24not sure how to know05:36
jonhallerloli_stoner: many android phones use something called usb tethering, it lets you connect to the internet using the phone as a 3g modem05:36
loli_stonerso yes ethernet through usb05:36
shottoh24thats exactly what i want05:36
loli_stoneryeah i did the same thing with my kindle to get free 3G05:37
loli_stonerfree 3G?05:37
shottoh24i need the right driver for ubuntu05:37
loli_stoneri don't think you do05:38
loli_stoneri got into my kindle using telnet05:38
loli_stoneri think an android would work about the sae05:38
loli_stonerit's rooted, right?05:38
shottoh24any advice05:38
DaeUse a USB to ethernet adapter.05:38
jonhallershottoh24: ignore the bad advice: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=154455605:39
shottoh24i dont have the tethering option on my phone05:39
Richhhbest voice recognition software for programming?05:39
loli_stoneri think you'd have to root it05:39
loli_stoneryou don't need that, just use ethernet through usb05:39
DaeYou may still need drivers for that, loli.05:39
superfake123how can I fix alt right click in wine so it doesn't do the context menu?05:39
DaeDepends on the device.05:39
nomadloli_stoner: does walmart have that connector05:40
loli_stonerits not a connecter, its a way to get ethernet through a normal usb05:40
loli_stoneri think you have to root your android though05:40
jonhallernomad, dae: ethernet is a protocol, not a physical connector.05:40
Daejonhaller: I know, but the computer still needs to know how to handle the protocol through specific devices.05:41
jonhallerDae: sorry, you just mentioned a usb ethernet adapter, thought you got them confused ^^05:42
jonhallerCan anyone help me with understanding some of these configuration values for this STA driver source file?05:47
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jilt007Newb101:  yes05:57
Newb101Does anyone know how in css to make the page scale to the window?05:58
Newb101Can anyone recomend an irc client which is open-source and not chatzilla or xchat05:59
jilt007how to make my folder encrypt in ubuntu very eaisly05:59
phy1729what group should I add people to so they can run alsamixer?05:59
superfake123Newb101, go to #css05:59
somsipNewb101: irssi05:59
jilt007phy1729:  Just check the /etc/group | grep alsamixer06:00
phy1729jilt007: nothing06:01
phy1729I already tried audio06:01
jilt007phy1729: then i have no idea06:03
sulaimanhow can I create a shortcut in ubuntu?06:11
sulaimanI want to launch rdesktop with my arguments from the desktop06:11
sulaimaninstead of writing it on the command line all the time06:11
sulaimanI am using Unity06:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
aeon-ltdsulaiman: make a launcher with something like 'gnome-terminal -e rdesktop -various arguments'. like that?06:17
paulus68_Hi I am on dual boot is there a way to increase the time so that I am able to have some time to select ubuntu/windows06:20
aeon-ltdpaulus68: yes it part of the grub configuration06:22
eco_Hello hello :D06:22
paulus68_aeon-ltd: I figured that out however how can I increase the time now I just see it flashing by and I don't even have the time to select which OS I want to boot into06:24
aeon-ltdpaulus68_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Timed_Display06:24
paulus68_aeon-ltd: thx06:25
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eco_This is going to sound silly most likely, but are there any significant differences between coding C++ on a Windows Os and a Linux Os? I'm assuming no~06:33
tsimpsoneco_: as long as you stick to only standard C/C++, there is no difference06:35
eco_What IDE would you recommend for C++ on a Linux system?06:35
eco_Not sure if I wanna touch Code Blocks :I06:36
agtownzeco_: Do you need autocomplete and static code analysis?06:36
tsimpsonthere are many, I tend to use either Qt Creator or just kate06:36
cjsWell, one big difference is that under Unix a large number of coders use Emacs or Vim and command line tools, rather than an IDE.06:36
eco_Eh, don't really need them, no.06:37
agtownzeco_: Then any editor you're already used to will do fine. If you want ideas, try Komodo Edit or something.06:38
=== Guest63288 is now known as tf81_netbook
agtownzI'm sure there has been plenty said on stackoverflow about Linux C++ development, also.06:39
eco_Alright, cool. Thanks guys :) Uhm.. Another quick question. Any good books out there for grasping the ropes on a linux system/ Ubuntu specifically?06:39
eco_I feel almost like a lost puppy06:40
lixjoin #ubuntu-server06:40
scriptjerkWill a distro update mess my php install up?  It's from source. Seems like i am re-installing lamp stack every 6 months.06:43
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=== err is now known as error_code
|Nordom|I am trying to open a text file that has been written in Japanese, when I open it a bunch of boxes with numbers appear, I am guessing the uni-code is off. How do I open a text document of a different unti code to properly show the japanese characters?06:44
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.06:45
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
agtownz|Nordom|: You could try saving-as with gedit and changing the locale option on the bottom.06:47
|Nordom|how would I do that? (ubuntu nub here)06:48
agtownzNot sure if you changed defaults, but right-click text file, open with, select gedit.06:49
blackshirt|Nordom|: what the problem is ? I just sitting here for a seconds06:49
agtownzThen file, save as, and below the new name you want to select, it will have an encoding drop down option.06:49
agtownzUTF-8 should allow the characters to be displayed properly.06:50
|Nordom|blackshirt: have a text doc written in Japanese, I opened it shows boxes with numbers on them, I want to view it in Japanese but I think the uni-code is off or something and wondering how to get it to display properly06:50
|Nordom|agtownz: I will try that06:50
blackshirt|Nordom|: what the editor are you using now ?06:52
|Nordom|gedit, or whatever the default text editor is in ubuntu06:52
|Nordom|agtownz: tried to save it as the new encoding but it didn't work, might be something like it was opened with errors so u saved the errors too06:54
|Nordom|currently downloading more language packages maybe that will fix it06:55
chamunksnfs or smb06:57
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lotuspsychjeis it possible to xkill a program automaticly after it freezes the desktop?07:11
rp2how would you detect that condition?07:11
tasslehoffany recommended ppa for getting the latest/beta drivers for nvidia?07:11
lotuspsychje!nvidia | tasslehoff07:12
ubottutasslehoff: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:12
tuxinatorhi all07:16
tuxinatoris there any good reason on ubuntu that apache and ntp have the same nice level?07:17
lotuspsychje!ntp > lotuspsychje07:18
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message07:18
lotuspsychje!ntp | tuxinator07:19
ubottutuxinator: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)07:19
lotuspsychjetuxinator: theres server info on there maybe got info about your question07:19
writehey :)07:19
writeanyone here?07:20
lotuspsychjewrite:just ask your question mate07:20
fidelwrite: there is always someone inhere ;)07:20
fidel!ask > write07:20
ubottuwrite, please see my private message07:20
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=== Guest44428 is now known as syn-ack
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:21
tuxinatorlotuspsychje: there is no docu about process priorities for ntpd07:21
tuxinatori can't understand why it should make sense to run apache and ntpd on same nice level, actually why apache has so a high nice level.07:22
lotuspsychjetuxinator:what exactly is your purpose to know sync?07:22
writeoke, i have a problem with my netbook, Asus 1015BX, just installed ubuntu 12.04 on it (since the ubuntu netbook editions no longer exists), and the screen resolution is 1024x600. It should be 1024x768 as far as i know. I've played a bit with xrandr, but i get an error when trying to --addmode.07:23
lotuspsychje!xrandr | write07:23
ubottuwrite: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1207:23
agtownzwrite: The maximum screen resolution is 1024x600 according to asus.com.07:24
writelotuspsychje: it is just for dual screens ? :-s ... then its not what i need07:24
writeagtownz: but in win7, it goes higher to 768 since it is widescreen07:24
agtownzwrite: Resolution is defined by the number of pixels the display hardware itself has.07:25
lotuspsychjewrite:i agree with agtownz, ubuntu chooses best res07:25
jilt007How to block pen drive access to my ubuntu system, i entered in blacklist.conf file  blacklist usb_storage. now what to do07:25
siavashservertuxinator: user verynice to tune them.07:25
writeagtownz: i know, but i wouldn't have gone to all this trouble if i didn't see in windows 7 the better looking resolution 1024x768 :-s07:25
agtownzI'm wondering how W7 does it since the hardware itself has a maximum of 600 height pixels to work with.07:25
chbgi recently made the transition from win7 to ubuntu & my battery seems to be charging slower/draining faster than it was when i was running win7. any ideas?07:26
writeagtownz: just to be sure, and have a prt screen :) i'll install win7 again this afternoon oke ?07:26
writeagtownz: and i'll install the driver (since there is a specific one in windows) .. and if win7 does it, i'm sure ubuntu has to be able to also do this07:27
agtownzwrite: i'm not sure what a prt screen is. Do you mean you're not using the netbook's own display?07:27
tf81_netbooki have that problem with my netbook also, battery lasts about 20minutes longer in winblows07:27
writeagtownz: print screen, screenshot with the display preferences07:27
writeagtownz: will you be online in like... 5-6 hours from now ?07:28
lotuspsychjetf81_netbook:what version of ubuntu?07:28
siavashserverchbg: you need to install your gpu driver07:28
jilt007Any One please07:28
tf81_netbooklotuspsychje:  12.0407:28
lotuspsychje!patience | jilt00707:28
ubottujilt007: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:28
Jordan_Utf81_netbook: Try installing powertop, running "sudo powertop", and following the recommendations that it gives.07:28
agtownzwrite: I'm actually heading off to sleep in about 30 minutes. :P07:29
lotuspsychjewrite:your going back to windows just for the res?07:29
agtownzI've found something describing what's happening.07:29
tf81_netbookJordan_U:  thanks i'll look into it07:29
writeagtownz: owh... well i'll install win7, try the resolution thingy, take a screenshot, and then install ubuntu, and i'll look for you maybe tomorrow if still, i cant figure this out oke ?07:29
Jordan_Utf81_netbook: You're welcome.07:30
agtownz"The native resolution of the computer 1024x600 doesn't change. The software compresses the icons and text to make it appear as a higher resolution."07:30
writelotuspsychje: naaah :) just this time, to see if i'm mistaking about the 768 res in win, or win also has just 1024x60007:30
agtownzPeople have enabled what you describe using registry hacks, but it's not really a different resolution.07:30
lotuspsychjewrite: you can try ##hardware too for excact info about your res hardware07:30
agtownzThere's no possible way to push 768 height pixels to hardware having only 600.07:31
=== adjtimex is now known as sig_wall
writeagtownz: .. can i paste a link here? or ...07:31
agtownzI suppose, I'm not really familiar with the rules. I'm not here often.07:32
lotuspsychjewrite: and whats the purpose exactly you want this specific res?07:32
lotuspsychjewrite:if its ubuntu support related you can paste url07:32
writelotuspsychje: my screen is wide... and with 600, it looks odd...07:32
lotuspsychjewrite:can you post a desktop screenshot?07:33
SlimGIs there a way for me to see what libraries a sepcific binary file is missing?07:33
writewell, its a post about xrandr, dont know how relevant it is after u telling me that its dual screen related07:33
writei'll get home to my netbook in like 5 hours .. right know i'm at work somehere ( http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html )07:33
lotuspsychjeSlimG: i think after installing the software u want, its gonna tell whats missing07:34
writelotuspsychje: i thought that this tutorial is what i need :)07:34
writelotuspsychje: in the sample i get like: Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 600, maximum 1800x180007:35
tf81_netbooklotuspsychje:  umm that failed epically lol07:35
writelotuspsychje: so shouldn;t it be able to go higher than 600... and i remember that on windows it did, but to be sure i have to reinstall it one more time and then get back to ubuntu :D07:35
tf81_netbookshuts everything off if i unplug it now07:35
SlimGlotuspsychje: It only tells me that it does not exist, I seem to remember this happening when a lib is missing07:36
SlimGby "it" I mean itself07:36
lotuspsychjeSlimG:what file are we talking about?07:36
lotuspsychjetf81_netbook: you were talking to Jordan_U07:36
lotuspsychjewrite:can you paste a desktop screenshot plz07:37
SlimGlotuspsychje: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.507:37
writelotuspsychje:  not right now, i have to get home from work in about 5 hours or so, i dont have the netbook with me.07:37
writeBRB, 1 minute07:38
lotuspsychjeSlimG:is that a boot speedup prog?07:39
=== penguinman is now known as penguin1337
Florini'm back07:40
lotuspsychje!info elf07:40
ubottuPackage elf does not exist in precise07:40
=== Florin is now known as write
lotuspsychje!test | Florin07:40
ubottuFlorin: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )07:40
writesorry for the nick change07:40
syn-ackelf isn't a program, its a binary format07:40
=== penguin1337 is now known as penguinman
tf81_netbookJordan_U:  how do i undo this?07:40
syn-ackyou have major types. elf and the older a.out07:41
tf81_netbookit borked my system07:41
tf81_netbookif i unplug the power it goes back to a screen showing the boot up messages07:41
tf81_netbookok Jordan_U is away, so does anyone know how to undo powertop in 12.04? would a apt-get purge do it?07:43
writelotuspsychje: will you be online in like 5 hours or so ?07:43
syn-acktf81_netbook, yes. it would07:43
tf81_netbooki'll do that then07:43
lotuspsychjewrite:no, re-ask your question here in chat when u come online07:44
writelotuspsychje: oke, thank you... i'll check on windows what we talked here and get back to ubuntu07:44
tf81_netbookdpkg: warning: while removing powertop, directory '/var/cache/powertop' not empty so not removed.07:44
syn-acktf81_netbook, pretty obvious what you have to do then.07:45
lotuspsychjewrite:im not sure what you want to acomplish reinstall win07:45
tf81_netbooksyn-ack:  yep07:45
tf81_netbookworking on it07:45
syn-ackrm -fr /path/to/powertop07:45
lotuspsychjewrite:discuss your res for windows and netbook in ##hardware07:46
writelotuspsychje: i wanna be sure, and take a screenshot even, that windows sets the resolution to 1024x768 ... if that's the case, ubuntu has to be able to do that so .. (as far as i can remember, windows did that, but not really sure), so i have to make this "experiment"07:46
writelotuspsychje: oke, ty07:46
syn-ackwrite, depends on the linux driver support07:46
syn-ackJust because the windows driver can do it doesnt mean jack on linux07:47
=== jewbacca is now known as nyRednek
syn-ackHow's it going, sir?07:47
nyRedneksyn-ack: it's going07:48
SlimGlotuspsychje: no, It's a remote agent for a ups07:48
writesyn-ack: and how can i be sure of that, or how can i be sure that i have the best driver in ubuntu... i don't really know how to install the drivers (supposebly that linux already installes them by itself)07:48
nyRedneksyn-ack: long time, no speak07:48
tf81_netbooksyn-ack:  that didn't fix the problem that powertap caused07:48
syn-acktf81_netbook, hrm07:48
syn-acktf81_netbook, don't know exactly where to go next07:48
tf81_netbooksystem goes into suspend as soon as i unplug the power07:49
syn-ackdon't really know how or what it does07:49
syn-acktf81_netbook, Dude, I'd probably recommend that you'd just reinstall since it'd be easier than tracking ghosts07:50
lotuspsychjeSlimG:plz give me some details mate, you getting any errors on the libs?07:50
syn-ackwrite, to be sure of that you have to read the documentation for the driver07:51
tf81_netbookhehehe fixed07:51
syn-ackit's either going to be in the kernel source, if you use that one or in the package that comes with it in the case of the nvidia driver07:51
tf81_netbookwent in the mate power options, clicked the make default button07:51
SlimGlotuspsychje: /usr/local/DevMan/DevManRA: No such file or directory07:52
SlimGlotuspsychje: it's a 32bit app on a 64bit ubuntu server07:54
lotuspsychjeSlimG:never heard of it, what does it do?07:54
lotuspsychje!info devman07:56
ubottuPackage devman does not exist in precise07:56
lotuspsychjeSlimG:you got an url on devman for ubuntu?07:56
C0FFEEHow to stop using launchpad account. Please tell me the page on the site.07:57
lotuspsychjeC0FFEE:maybe try #launchpad07:58
SlimGlotuspsychje: got a bit further, using readelf -l <file> it says it is looking for /dev/ld-linux.so.2, after installing libc6-i386 it spits out more verbose errormessages when running it, saying what lib's it is missing, thanks for trying to help me :)08:00
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
lotuspsychjeSlimG:and what libs is it missing?08:01
writeKevin`: well, i'll get back after sorting these things out oke ? Thank you for your time08:02
SlimGlotuspsychje: Plenty, but now it's no problem supplying it to the binary since it's actually letting me know which libs are required08:02
lotuspsychjewrite:wrong chan mate :p08:02
writelotuspsychje: =)) wow, sry08:03
writelotuspsychje:  that thank you is also for you08:03
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
writewell, guys.. i hope that we'll be keeping in touch and see each other more often :) i really wanna give ubuntu a shot and learn how to do all i need, with it08:05
yellabs-r2hello all08:06
yellabs-r2is there a way to change the colour of the unity lens overlay ?08:06
soundarhi all08:06
DarkSimI know I shouldn't ask to ask but its a question about latest ubuntu server, how to install stuff without network connection08:07
yellabs-r2DarkSim , use the cd or make an usb boot , i think08:07
IanWizard-CloudHow can i get the network load?08:08
fidelDarkSim: what do you mean by 'stuff'? installing single packages afterwards - or talking about the basic install of the os itself?08:08
DarkSimBecause I was thinking of installing a DE and a Webbrowser08:08
DarkSimbut I can't access internet without logging in to it via a browser08:09
DarkSimand the DE so I can try to be a client without creating a real one, its a laboration in school if you find this request wierd08:09
DarkSimSo Fidel, single packages08:10
aMiRi_how can i install vuze on ubuntu 11.0408:11
fidelDarkSim: well in case your install medium includes those packages - and the cd itself is still defined as apt-source - us apt08:11
yellabs-r2DarkSim, maybe virtualbox is an option ?08:11
DarkSimIt is not :/08:11
=== epzil0n_ is now known as epzil0n
[deXter]aMiRi_, sudo apt-get install vuze ?08:11
fidelDarkSim: you could for sure as well download those packages manually and installem them later on manually as well - which is ugly. on a long time view it might make sense to setup an local apt mirror in case you have several linux boxes without network access but with update-need08:12
yellabs-r2DarkSim,  you could then install your server in virtualbox , and login with the normal desktop08:12
yellabs-r2is there a way to change the colour of the unity lens overlay ?08:12
crizisyellabs-r2, it changes color based on wallpaper color08:13
crizisyellabs-r2, also 'myunity' tool has some options for color intensity and such iirc08:13
DarkSimI have access to VB but the server is not allowed to be installed that way08:13
yellabs-r2DarkSim, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu08:14
blackshirtdarksim, vb for virtual basic?08:14
yellabs-r2for some idea's on local repo08:14
=== intgr_ is now known as intgr
DarkSimSo I can put the package on a USB then refer to it as a repo, did I get that right?08:17
ActionParsnipDarkSim: just install the deb using terminal or double clicking the files.08:18
DarkSimbecause I just need the simplest of web browsers so I can log in and get access, then I can download everything with apt get08:18
yellabs-r2lynx ?08:18
yellabs-r2can lynx make the connection ?08:19
Kartagishow can I learn what the dependencies of a package on my system is?08:19
gordonjcpDarkSim: wget?08:19
gordonjcpDarkSim: do you already know the URL for the package?08:19
FloodBot1blackshirt: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:20
* mulrich|EEE throws paper balls at Batou08:20
lotuspsychjeSlimG:re-ask your question again once in a while08:20
mulrich|EEEI have an issue with Ubuntu 12.04: it reboots a few seconds after I shut the computer down08:21
FloodBot1blackshirt: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:21
yellabs-r2thanks for the tips. .. got it now08:21
mulrich|EEEI do not have access to the system right now as I'm just bored in class08:21
lotuspsychjeblackshirt:stop that08:21
fidelmulrich|EEE: how do you shutdown the comp in the first place?08:21
mulrich|EEEfidel, shutdown prompt in Ubuntu?08:21
yellabs-r2make class more interesting for yourselve.. :P08:21
fidelmulrich|EEE: so 'shutdown -h now' causes a reboot?08:21
mulrich|EEEFrom the terminal? Yeah08:22
fidelor clicking 'shutdown' in some obscure ui causes a reboot?08:22
yellabs-r2take care you all08:22
mulrich|EEENo obscure UI. Just the one that comes with Ubuntu08:22
ActionParsnipKartagis: i believe apt-depends is a command, may help see deps08:23
ILikePornhow to install ubuntu from windows w no cd or usb?08:23
ActionParsnipILikePorn: mount the iso using magicdisk or daemontools08:23
lotuspsychjeblackshirt:stop that before u get banned08:23
Kartagis!find apt-depends08:23
ActionParsnipILikePorn: windows is rubbish and cannot mount ISOs without 3rd party help08:23
ubottuPackage/file apt-depends does not exist in precise08:24
fidel!op | blackshirt08:24
ubottublackshirt: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!08:24
KartagisActionParsnip: doesn't exit08:24
fidelalmost - damn that cmd worked somehow different ;)08:24
bkerensaILikePorn: Please change your nick and see PM08:25
ActionParsnipKartagis: http://www.howtoforge.com/checking-package-dependencies-with-apt-rdepends-on-debian-ubuntu  which I found using: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu%20show%20dependencies%20of%20a%20package08:25
llutzKartagis: apt-cache depeds packagename08:25
ActionParsnipKartagis: too hard?08:25
bkerensa!guidelines > ILikePorn08:25
ubottuILikePorn, please see my private message08:25
bkerensaILikePorn: Now please08:25
=== ILikePorn is now known as SomethingMoreApp
SomethingMoreApphow to install ubuntu from windows w no cd or usb?08:26
igamaSomethingMoreApp: You can install it as a VirtualMachine08:26
bkerensaSomethingMoreApp: Thanks08:26
SomethingMoreAppbkerensa i apologize for offending you. not everyone shares my enthusiastic passion for pornography08:27
ActionParsnipSomethingMoreApp: I told you already08:27
timothypHi, how can I set the resolution of ubuntu 12.04 to 640x480 and keep it that way, even if a screen with a larger resolution support is detected. I have to limit it to 640x480 (nvidia chipset) there's not much in xorg.conf so I'm guessing that is no longer the place to do it?08:27
SomethingMoreAppActionParsnip - not really, you just said windows needs a third party to mount08:27
SomethingMoreAppthat doesn't mean it's not possible08:27
ActionParsnip09:23 < ActionParsnip> ILikePorn: mount the iso using magicdisk or daemontools   SomethingMoreApp: no I didn't08:28
somsipSomethingMoreApp: in the distant past I used MagicISO to mount ISOs in Win08:28
timothypSomethingMoreApp tried Wubi ?08:28
somsipAh. Already covered08:28
ActionParsnipSomethingMoreApp: scrolling up helps08:28
ActionParsnipSomethingMoreApp: i've told you twice now....08:28
mulrich|EEESo... the rebooting issue...08:30
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=== ^^ is now known as IanWizard-Cloud
SomethingMoreAppActionParsnip - can i mount the disc and install it while in windows?08:31
ozetteis there a stable version of Chrome on ubuntu? I find 21.0.1180.89 very unreliable, I can't do any web development on it08:32
timothypSomethingMoreApp seriously have you tried Wubi to install Linux while in Windows????08:32
ozettenow I am forced to dev on ubuntu and share a folder with my windows vm to see my changes correctly08:32
somsipozette: automatic update to 22 here today. Might have been on PPA though...brb08:32
zomb13you can install ubuntu right from the web in windows using the browser http://bit.ly/SyoM8B08:32
fidelozette: using the version google offers?08:32
ozettefider, yes08:33
ozettesomsip ok08:33
somsipozette: ah yes - I'm on PPA08:33
fidelozette: you could as well try to use chromium-browser - < tends to be older08:33
ozettefidel, I've tried both and I find chromium-browser even more unreliable :(08:33
fidelozette: well - both working stable here08:34
somsipozette: been on Chrome for webdev work here for months with no probs - what's not working for you?08:34
ozettefidel, no problems with flash content and such? (youtube i.e) ?08:34
ozettesomsip, especially borders aren't rendered correctly, and flash content is buggy08:34
fidelozette: i dont see how using youtube is related with dev-dev in the first place ;)08:34
ActionParsnipSomethingMoreApp: yes, using magicdisk or daemonools08:34
ozettefidel, it's just an example08:34
somsipozette: check to see if HTML5 is enabled for youtube.08:35
ozettesomsip let me see08:35
fidelozette: to answer it differently - i use both for testing code - not anything flash related. so sorry cant help you there08:35
somsipozette: layout and normal CSS - no probs here08:35
penguinmanI will be so glad once flash dies a horrible, fiery death...08:35
[deXter]I won't recommend daemontools as it comes bundled with spyware08:36
ozettesomsip, I'm running  a compass project here, and really my chrome just looks messed up. even for example when I simply changed my borders from dashed to solid, just as example it'd show the solid border but the left side of the div still had a dashed border08:37
ActionParsnip[deXter]: there is an option to not install it, all you have to do is read rather than the usual hammer next mentality08:38
ozettefidel, ok08:38
[deXter]ActionParsnip, yes, but I would rather they not support them for supporting spyware in the first place.08:38
[deXter]When there are better, spyware-free options available08:38
ozetteI'm fine with coding and backend on linux, but when it comes to css or flash ..08:38
somsipozette: I can't comment on Compass and we're probably well OT here. Maybe the Compass help forums can offer advice, or upgrade to 22 on PPA to see if that helps. Or log bugs to Chrome devs08:39
DarkSimOnly recommendations I get on the web is to install regular ubuntu and add all the server tools instead *sob*08:39
timothypAnybody know how to limit the resolution to 640x480 for both GDE and whatever window manager loads after that08:39
ozettesomsip, ok08:39
werner1Hello, since I changed my monitor, I regularly have the problem that my xserver freezes. Can someone guide me to how I can determine the cause of the problem? Currently I'm typing from another computer which has a ssh running on the problematic computer.08:40
napster[deXter]: I just tried [heXter] :)08:41
ActionParsnip[deXter]: I guess, plug magicdisk doesn't need a reboot :)08:45
DarkSimJust quick question, when choosing between which files to download, tar.gz or .dsc08:49
PriceyDarkSim: Are you downloading from packages.ubuntu.com with an intent to install later? You want a .deb08:50
DarkSimLooking at unintu-desktop, it doesn't give me deb08:51
PriceyDarkSim: You want to install the ubuntu-desktop package? Oh dear you're going to have hell trying to calculate dependencies.08:52
huhmasterhah Boohbah08:52
AristideHi !08:52
DarkSimGeeze its hard08:52
AristideIts possible to decrease packet lost on a UDP Server ? (DSMidiWifi)08:53
PriceyDarkSim: .deb's can be downloaded at the bottom of the page, choose i386 or amd64 as appropriate for your arch.08:53
RajiHello i want to configure an email for lan can any tell me how to do in ubuntu and which 3rd party tool should i use08:53
DarkSimIt al began as install ubuntu server, then it all blew up08:53
PriceyDarkSim: This is a bad idea though... you should use an ubuntu cd instead.08:53
DarkSimno GUI, no webbrowser, no internet08:53
DarkSimwhy must they make it so hard08:54
PriceyDarkSim: Oh so the 'no internet' isn't intentional? Is it plugged into something?08:54
fidelDarkSim: it MIGHT make sense to re-summarize your entire question - adding all needed details once again08:54
fidelwithout spreading it to x lines - which makes it hard to follow for some of us ;)08:54
RajiHello i want to configure an email for lan can anyone, tell me how to do in ubuntu and which 3rd party tool should i use08:55
DarkSimIt's for a school lab, install ubuntu server, internet access is given when I login in on a webpage which pops up when I try to browse, server doesnt come with GUI or a browser08:55
fidelDarkSim: and who is administrating this server?08:56
johnmDarkSim: does it not come with a cli based browser? links/links2/lynx?08:56
PriceyDarkSim: I wouldn't be surprised if that web page doesn't work. Also, there's no difference between 'server' and 'desktop' except the packages installed at the start.08:56
RajiHello i want to configure an email for lan can any tell me how to do in ubuntu and which 3rd party tool should i use in ubuntu08:57
ash_i am moving to debian Linux soon :D08:57
fidel!repeat > Raji08:57
ubottuRaji, please see my private message08:57
huhmasterguys, I have installed xubuntu .... I want to know how to get those cool desktop interfaces I see on deviantart ....08:57
RajiHello i want to configure an email  server for lan can any tell me how to do in ubuntu and which 3rd party tool should i use08:57
fidel!repeat > Raji08:57
ash_I had been using Ubuntu 12.04 for 8 months08:57
ash_now moving one08:58
puddleash_ and you got a reason for it aswell?08:58
fideleven if he as a reason - this is offtopic for this chan isnt it?08:58
johnmfidel: please try and put your words on a single line, instead of spreading it across many superfluous ones ;)08:59
puddleanyways if someone is using java ide (netbeans, phpstorm etc.) on linux and managed to set a font that doesnt look ugly and is readable pls help me out08:59
fideljohnm: there is !enter for that hrhr09:00
johnmfidel: thats quite impersonal though.09:00
somsippuddle: using default Monospaced 13 in Netbeans here and am not offended by its aesthetics09:00
puddlesomsip i understand you but it still looks ugly like hell09:00
johnmpuddle: you can throw additional fonts into the java_home dir (I think its under lib/fonts, but I forget), they need to be truetype. Then in the java settings (on ubuntu that should pop up in control panel I believe!) you can choose those you install.09:01
somsippuddle: subjective. UTU09:01
VlanZso guys, can i do a script in bash that makes a ssh connection to a device and performs some changes?09:01
DarkSimInstalling regular ubuntu, where can I find what packages define server edition?09:01
puddlewell phpstorm allopws me to change fonts but i just cannot find any font that looks good in it, it looks okay in every other program on ubuntu just not in java one09:01
somsippuddle: I saw some blog item about a new fixed font from Adobe today...can't find it now...09:02
ActionParsnipDarkSim: its pretty minimal with the server kernel really09:02
somsippuddle: http://blogs.adobe.com/typblography/2012/09/source-code-pro.html09:03
puddlety somsip gona check it out09:03
ActionParsnipVlanZ: ssh user@server 'bash -s' < local_script.sh09:03
frostyI'm using a 64bit edition of ubuntu 12.04 and I'm doing some tests in how much times it takes to allocate various memory sizes. When trying to allocate more than 2GB i get segmentation fault. Shouldn't I be able to allocate more?09:04
awestrokefrosty: code plx09:04
ActionParsnipfrosty: how much RAM do you have?09:04
ActionParsnipVlanZ: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/305035/how-to-use-ssh-to-run-shell-script-on-a-remote-machine09:05
awestrokefrosty: check the return value from malloc, it can fail09:05
frostyi got 3.9 GB ram09:05
frostythis is the code, http://pastebin.com/S7B3H9H309:06
tapoutwhat app is used on ubuntu to convert videos?09:06
VlanZActionParsnip: thanks for the feedback; can i also perform an IP address / hostname check to verify if it's modified and execute this script when t changes?09:07
Priceytapout: handbreak? ffmpeg? mencoder? etc. etc.09:07
somsiptapout: ffmpeg or mencoder are popular I believe09:07
awestrokefrosty: use valgrind and gdb to find what causes the segfault09:08
tf81_netbooktapout:  if you want one with a gui, i like handbrake09:08
ActionParsnipVlanZ: sure, you can grep / awk the output and then perform some logic based on the recovered data.09:08
puddleone more thing I would need help with, anyone can point me to a good documentation how can I set my 4th 5th 6th 7th mouse button (razer diamondback) because i need to switch some functionality, im right handed -.-09:08
awestrokefrosty: compile with -g flag and then: valgrind --attach-db=yes ./testprogram09:08
ActionParsnipSomethingMoreApp: without what?09:09
VlanZActionParsnip: that will be very helpful, do i have to use "if" parameters?09:09
tapouti like handbrake but i can't specify that I want *.avi  ( for some reason, my asus transformer running DiceVideo, won't let me increase video playback speed on *.mp4 and *.wmv), only *.avi and *.mov09:10
shijuhow to open an ununtu share foler in other computer using ubuntu?09:10
ActionParsnipVlanZ: as you like. Its very powerful09:10
ActionParsniptapout: tried ffmpeg?09:10
tf81_netbookwhat about .mkv?09:11
tapoutmkv's are sluggish so the playback would probably be choppy09:11
EaglemanI have network cards attached with lspci but they wont shwo up with ifconfig -a09:11
EaglemanHow do i get them to work?09:12
ActionParsnipEagleman: is there a switch/router in between?09:12
EaglemanIts on esxi09:12
EaglemanSO i think it is a virtual switch09:13
EaglemanOther machines are working on that switch09:13
ActionParsnipEagleman: I'd check in #vmware to make sure the VMs are correctly configured. The OS will see the interfaces it is given09:13
johnmfrosty: 3.9GB looks anm awful lot to me like a 32bit kernel with PAE09:13
ActionParsnipEagleman: also check with:  sudo lshw -C network09:13
johnmfrosty: you need both 64bit applications, and a 64bit kernel, with a 64bit CPU to have it work, and then it does depend on how you write your application as well (although it's much harder to get wrong on a 64bit box ;))09:14
frostyawestroke, this is what comes out of it http://pastebin.com/WhDz0VHK09:15
johnmfrosty: paste the output of "cat /proc/cpuinfo; uname -a; ldd `which gcc`"09:16
DarkSimJesus, this school blows09:18
DarkSimcan I try live USB made of 64bit on a 32bit machine?09:18
ActionParsnipDarkSim: no, it won't run09:19
ActionParsnipDarkSim: you can run 32bit OS on 64bit CPU though09:19
DarkSimDarn it, and I can't create bootables in windows on this junk09:20
DarkSimcuz it is blocked by admin09:20
ActionParsnipDarkSim: sure you can, unetbootin runs on windows too09:20
frostyjohnm, http://pastebin.com/nW2EkqH209:20
ActionParsnipDarkSim: there are tonnes of bootable USB creators. Are you serious??09:20
DarkSimgonna try uboot09:20
ActionParsnipDarkSim: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/tag/linux-live-usb/09:21
ActionParsnipDarkSim: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/09:21
ActionParsnipDarkSim: to name just 209:21
johnmfrosty: that looks OK, check ulimit isn't restricting you (ulimit -m)09:21
johnmfrosty: ulimit -v will be relevant too.09:21
DarkSimHuzzah it worked09:21
DarkSimthanks a lot09:21
frostyjohnm, both says unlimited09:22
=== florin is now known as Guest86294
ActionParsnipDarkSim: np09:25
SomethingMoreAppActionParsnip - not sure how well this is working09:25
SomethingMoreAppit kept insisting on me restarting with the cd in the drive09:25
johnmfrosty: and you're just calling malloc()?09:25
frostyjohnm: yes, and writing one character on each "page" so it really gets allocated09:26
johnmfrosty: and you're allocating how much each time?09:26
=== Kenneth is now known as Guest31137
frostyjohnm: from 100 mb up to 2 gb (where segmentation fault comes after)09:27
Guest31137good morning people09:28
johnmfrosty: ah, so you're looking to allocate more than 2G in a single set?09:28
frostyjohnm: yes, that was the test. Is that even possible?09:29
DarkSimCan't even format my own USB, darn limitations09:29
Guest31137is there anyone home?09:29
fidel!ask | Guest3113709:29
ubottuGuest31137: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:29
johnmfrosty: it should be possible yes, but that'll explain the valgrind warnings you see.09:29
johnmfrosty: I'm not sure why you're seeing that limit, quite frankly, it would need some investigation. Just for the sake of trying, can you iterate over 500MB or so 5 times and see if they all succeed?09:30
johnmfrosty: in the same execution of course.09:30
MonkeyDustGuest31137  type /join #ubuntu-offtopic for social chat09:31
spuzhi, what is the name of the search window that appears in ubuntu 11+ when you press the "windows" key?09:33
ActionParsnipspuz: dash09:34
spuzActionParsnip, thanks09:34
spuzoh it's as of 12 actually09:35
frostyjohnm: this is the output http://pastebin.com/qLrP5iBm although i didnt change all of the script so pay no attention to my programs output09:35
ActionParsnipspuz: is it not in Oneiric? I though it used Unity shell too?09:36
Sergiushi everyone, i need help with ubuntu 12.0409:37
Sergiuscan anyone help me? it's about lagging video with fullscreen mode09:38
keeguonHey, for any advanced UFW users out there, does anybody know if this is possible to source another file in the before.rules file?09:38
johnmfrosty: so that works fine then.09:39
VlanZActionParsnip: last thing, could you point me to a tutorial where i can learn how to use the "if" command and how to store variables?09:40
Sergiushey people?09:40
MonkeyDustSergius  start with a question09:40
daanishI just installed xubuntu-desktop on Ubuntu, and now there are two bluetooth applets on the top right taskbar, how do I make one of them go away?09:41
SomethingMoreAppActionParsnip - yea so it didn't work09:41
TRONHi @ all, i need help with ubuntu 12.04 server / bonding / e1000e driver intel card 4 Port /09:41
SomethingMoreAppi got some error about file system medium because it forced me to restart09:41
Sergiushow fix lagging video in any player on fullscreen mode in ubuntu 12.04?09:41
SchmooHello! does anybody know if a Ubuntu have a spannish channel? i need suport, and i think my english is not very good to understan or explain my ptoblem.09:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:42
Sergiusor how make nice metacity --replace, cause all menus hide09:42
SomethingMoreAppI was told i could install ubuntu from windows by mounting it in a virtual drive. i did so, and it told me to restart to continue, and upon restarting and booting to ubuntu to "continue installation" it complains about unable to find file system medium09:43
johnmfrosty: I can't recreate it here (but I run fedora), and I do see a few people complaining about an identical problem with 12.0409:44
TRONmii-tool say SIOCGMIIREG on eth1 failed: Input/output error   @ eth1 / 2 / and 3 all use e1000e driver09:44
MonkeyDustSomethingMoreApp  sounds like you're mixing a virtual machine and wubi09:44
johnmfrosty: out of interest, have you tried on another 64bit distribution just to clarify?09:44
AxsuulHow come when I do, /bin/su - joe -c  -i 'echo $PATH', it gives me the correct $PATH under joe, but without the -i, it doesn't, and `su` doesn't appear to have a -i argument?09:44
johnmAxsuul: man su would answer all of that :)09:45
SomethingMoreAppActionParsnip - what you said to me before was incorrect09:45
PriceyAxsuul: I'm not sure what '-i' is meant to be? But you want "-c 'echo $PATH'" with nothing said between it?09:45
johnmAxsuul: the -i is passed as an argument to the shell, not su.09:46
frostyjohnm: Im running mint 13 on my laptop (if that counts as different consider all they share) and it fails above 2GB too.09:46
spuzActionParsnip, actually, yes it is (I'm using 11.10) do you know what the difference is between the Dash and the HUD?09:46
Sergiusplease!!! help me fix video... all movies lags in fullscreen mode.... ubuntu 12.04... any player...09:46
Axsuuljohnm: what does -i do? my shell is zsh, and -i is interactive mode09:46
johnmfrosty: if you're happy to share the code, i can test yours directly here and see what it is.09:46
MonkeyDustSergius  start with some detzails, type of card etc09:47
AxsuulPricey: if I put -i in between, it gives me the correct path09:47
AxsuulPricey: as if I've logged in09:47
SomethingMoreAppi feel violated09:47
johnmAxsuul: -i is indeed interactive mode, which sets an interactive shell/tty. I'm not sure on zsh but typically that would mean it will read in shell rc etc09:47
Sergiusati radeon 256 mb... and i try that - metacity --replace, and video was fine... but all menus hide09:48
johnmAxsuul: $PATH is only set when you parse the system and user rc/profiles09:48
=== fire_ is now known as nerd
Axsuuljohnm: cool, that makes sense. Is there anything wrong with putting a -i there?09:48
johnmAxsuul: Not at all/.09:49
Axsuuljohnm: just wanna know if I'm doing it "correct"09:49
parre90090hi everyone09:49
SchmooHi! Does anybody can help me?09:50
fidel!ask | Schmoo09:50
ubottuSchmoo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:50
truexfan81Schmoo: just ask your question, if someone can help, they will09:50
SchmooThanks, is my first in the Chat09:51
frostyjohnm: http://pastebin.com/Z3r2uxa509:51
SomethingMoreAppi tried to install ubuntu from a virtual drive and it fails09:51
SchmooThis is my problem.09:52
SchmooI have a Gsky RT8187L 500MW USB adapter, Ubuntu doesnt have problems to find the hardware, i mean the network mananger can conect to free networks arround.09:52
SchmooBut, the conection only remain arround 30 seconds, i mean, i can open the internet browser type a url, and the browser only partial load a webpage.09:52
SchmooThe network mananger says im still conected, but the browser doesnt load any webpage, also the package mananger and any other app that need internet dont show anything.09:52
SchmooJust for curiosity, when i make my fresh Ubuntu instalation via Live USB, the installer give me the option to conect to internet to download some files, i select the network and download whitout troubles (maybe only speed problems).09:52
SchmooRight now i dont have acces to a wired internet to download things via package mananger, but i can acces to internet to donwload any required file whitout troubles using windows.09:52
parre90090Where are (which directory) the Empathy log files on Ubuntu 12.04?09:52
antivirtelhi! I'm using the lastest 12.04 with the lastest xchat. The problem is that there is no xchat icon in line with the time... there is a setting to display it, but it seems not to work, do someone know about a bugreport of it?09:53
vladimir_mabe in /home/user/.cache | parrer9009009:54
truexfan81i believe xchat is no longer being developed, anyone feel free to correct my if i'm wrong09:54
IdleOnetruexfan81: you are. antivirtel make sure you have xchat-systray installed09:54
truexfan81IdleOne: i am wrong?09:55
IdleOnetruexfan81: unless they just recently stopped developing09:55
parre90090Where are (which directory) the Empathy log files on Ubuntu 12.04?09:55
truexfan81IdleOne: last time i checked the last xchat update was over a year ago09:56
vladimir_parre90090 why not use Chrome09:56
antivirtelIdleOne there is no package called xchat-systray in the repos09:57
truexfan81IdleOne: http://xchat.org/files/source/2.8/?S=D09:57
MonkeyDust!find xchat09:57
ubottuFound: xchat-gnome-indicator, xchat, xchat-common, xchat-guile, xchat-indicator09:57
frostyparre90090: ~/.gconf/apps/empathy/conversation09:57
truexfan8129-May-2010 23:4109:57
johnmfrosty: it just works here, even setting a huge increment.09:58
frostyjohnm: strange. But then I know its nothing wrong with the code09:59
=== Bish_ is now known as Bish
johnmfrosty: im just running it again to see if I can work out whats going on... I have an ubuntu vm somewhere, I'll dig it out. I have 5-10 mins :)09:59
IdleOneantivirtel: sorry xchat-indicator10:00
antivirtelIdleOne I've installed it, it is not enough, it just warns me if there is highlight, the icon is better10:01
frostyjohnm: thank you, you're being very helpful10:01
IdleOneantivirtel: I guess there isn't one10:01
truexfan81brb hexchat update10:02
antivirtelIdleOne - but why has the icon disappeared?10:02
IdleOneantivirtel: I don't know10:02
parre90090frosty my empathy is on defaul settings at the moment. I caheck the settings of empathy too, it logs the chats. I look /home/dave/.gconf/apps/empathy/conversation but there is no log files. There is a just a simple xml file which does not includes chat logs.10:03
frostyparre90090: anything in ~/.local/share/Empathy/logs ?10:05
=== florin is now known as Guest15977
jessekivimakicontact me please10:05
jessekivimakii need help10:05
parre90090frosty there is no folder Empathy inside .local/share10:06
jessekivimakiArttu lahtinen noormarkku 29600  050576460510:06
johnmfrosty: hmm, no I don't have a good ubuntu vm to test this on anymore, sorry :(10:07
frostyjohnm: it10:07
frostyjohnm: its alright, now i know theres nothing wrong with the script at least :)10:08
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
elaminatohow can I view the active enviroment variables?10:08
frostyparre90090: run "find ~ -iname '*empathy*' -print" in command and check those folders10:09
parre90090frosty I found the logs here: /home/dave/.local/share/TpLogger/logs Thank you! :)10:09
parre90090frosty can I ask you something else? How can I remove all configuration (profile files, user files) for an application? For example I want to use Firefox like the first time. I mean to reset all setttings...10:11
dr_willisfind the configs in your home, delete them  parre9009010:12
dr_willisthe package manager tools to NOT touch files in the user home dirs10:12
dr_willisdo not.. ;)10:12
frostyparre90090: profile should be in ~/.mozilla/firefox im not completely sure though because i dont use firefox.10:13
=== gauravgrt1 is now known as gauravgrt1_
yeauxcan anyone help me install firestorm, the second life viewer?10:15
ActionParsnipyeaux: let me search10:15
yeauxActionParsnip is that you>10:15
yeauxawesome you're my favourite bot :)10:16
ActionParsnipyeaux: http://askubuntu.com/questions/155289/how-do-i-install-the-firestorm-viewer-for-second-life10:16
ActionParsnipyeaux: hehe, not a bot ;)10:16
dr_willisthe askubuntu lens is handy. ;)10:16
yeauxI know I am only pulling your CPU :)10:16
crizishot tip: you can install askubuntu.com lens to search it right from the dash ;)10:16
MonkeyDustfallback <310:16
yeauxi might need help ActionP got any time>?10:16
dr_williscrizis:  thats in the default search lens in  12.1010:16
=== turtle_ is now known as deviantp`away
ActionParsnipyeaux: or this, has some git stuffs: http://forestaurora.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/setting-up-build-environment-in-ubuntu-11-10-for-building-firestorm-viewer/10:17
yeauxyes ActionParsnip I did all that10:17
yeauxi don;t know how to run it so it installs an icon10:17
crizisdr_willis, interesting. well, it's available in 12.04 repos too, anyway10:17
yeauxi already did ./etc/refresh_desktop_app_entry.sh10:17
yeauxor run ./etc/refresh_desktop_app_entry.sh10:17
ActionParsnipyeaux: playdeb has snowglobe, you'll be able to install via software centre once you add their PPA10:18
dr_willisyeaux:  if you know the command to run it from terminal , make a launcher for it10:18
yeauxyeah what is snowglobe ActionP I don;t understand i saw that also10:18
yeauxi think that;s a little above my skillset unless i get help Dr_willis10:19
ActionParsnipyeaux: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/10.10/?q=life10:19
dr_willissecondlife gpl'd their client a few years back, so thers several vairnts of it10:19
yeauxthanks AP10:19
yeauxno doubt there is dr_willis but i don;t know linux, still a novice10:19
ActionParsnipyeaux: you can use those links after you run:  wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; rm ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo apt-get update10:19
dr_willisyeaux:  the launcher is just a .desktop file you make/edit. its a simple text file10:20
=== mjanusz is now known as m32w
yeauxthe launcher won;t launch hehehe10:20
FloodBot1root_____: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:20
MonkeyDustroot_____  it's /exit10:20
ActionParsnipyeaux: yes, read what I put next...10:20
MonkeyDustroot_____  it's /quit10:20
ActionParsnipyeaux: you need the extra source so you can use the links10:20
yeauxahh okay AP10:20
ActionParsnipyeaux: why the 'hehehe' on the end?10:21
=== ryan is now known as Guest5467
yeauxhehehe is a common form of nervous laughter when you are out of your depth and faced by what is seen as a surmountable task in front of experts who find it easy10:22
yeauxsilly question but could one of you maybe login into my terminal and do it for me ?10:22
ActionParsnipyeaux: its not needed, it has no value to the situation10:23
yeauxreally but i am only a lil gurl10:23
ActionParsnipyeaux: all you have to do is copy and paste the command I gave and run it, nopthing more10:23
ActionParsnipyeaux: inviting complete strangers onto your PC isn't wise10:23
yeauxit might not help but it's just my way of communicating my frustration, granted it is not necessary10:23
ActionParsnipyeaux: just copy the command as one line and run it in terminal. Its nothing complicated10:24
yeauxokay as one line with or without the snowglobe bit10:24
EmoBoiix3Anyone knows to enable USB Modem Sticks like the Huawei E1550 to work on my laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit?10:24
yeauxdo i need the first url you provided10:24
MonkeyDustEmoBoiix3  try installing usb-modeswitch10:27
EmoBoiix3MonkeyDust I already did that but I don't know how it works.10:28
manolohi there, i would like to download a webpage... i've tried so far with wget but I don't know how to do it since the webpage requires authentication, any tip?10:28
ActionParsnipEmoBoiix3: run:  lsusb   and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides10:28
EmoBoiix3ActionParsnip thanks!10:29
timfrostjohnm: what was the issue with your code?   On 64-bit linux, an int overflows at about 2G. I changed the inner loop to use 'unsigned long int i=0;' and it has gone past 6600 without segfaulting10:30
johnmtimfrost: it wasn't my code, it was fine for me.10:32
timfrostjohnm: got it - frosty posted the code10:33
frostytimfrost: it was my code, i will try out what you suggested :)10:33
timfrostfrosty: I got a core dump at 2G, and the value of 'i' had gone negative10:34
frostytimfrost: it worked fine now, thank you for your help10:36
=== igama_ is now known as igama
zackHey gys, is gnome worth installing?10:37
zackim trying to play with the settings and make ubunut look better10:37
timfrostfrosty: glad to hear.10:38
fidelzack: i guess you have to answer it yourself if its worth for you ;)10:40
MonkeyDustzack  install it, see what you can do10:40
fidelopinions are like asses - everyone has one ;)10:40
dr_willisgnome-shell uses javascript zack so you can do a lot with it i hear10:40
manolozack: i'd say yes10:40
dr_willisi will stick to unity.10:40
manolozack: maybe because i'm just so much fan of zenity10:41
yeauxthank you all so much for your patience10:41
yeauxActionParsnip youre the best!10:42
zackWow, crash10:42
zacksorry, somone sent me a message and i didnt see it10:42
=== zack is now known as zack6849
dr_willisgnome-shell uses javascript zack so you can do a lot with it i hear10:42
fidelzack6849: in short: some like it - others dont - experience it yourself10:43
dr_willisi tend to stick with ubuntu defualts becsue  i do a lot of support here. so i need to know what the defaults are. ;)10:43
dr_willisand unity works well for me10:44
zack6849Oh, one other thing10:44
zack6849youtube ffullscreen looks retarted in ubuntu10:44
zack6849Any ideas why?10:44
dr_willisgive more details....10:44
dr_willisnot vague descriptions10:45
zack6849It doent od actual fullscreen like it did on windows10:45
zack6849it streatches it horizontally10:45
zack6849and not vertically10:45
dr_willisnever noticed the issue here10:45
ActionParsnipzack6849: which browser are you using?10:46
dr_willisi tedn to use flash downloader, and flash-replacer extensions to watch videos in vlc however10:46
ActionParsnipzack6849: have you tested in others?10:46
ActionParsnipzack6849: think you should?10:46
zack6849Is chromium availible for ubuntu?10:46
dr_willisof course10:46
MonkeyDustzack6849  yes, i use it10:47
ActionParsnipzack6849: see if its specific to firefox or not...explore the issue a little10:47
MonkeyDustas default10:47
ActionParsnip!info chromium-browser | zack684910:47
ubottuzack6849: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 18.0.1025.168~r134367-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 21158 kB, installed size 78054 kB10:47
blazemoreWhen does 12.04 LTS go EOL?10:47
dr_willisand googles chrome is avail, and has its own flash you can enable i belive10:47
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:47
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120410:47
dr_willishmm.. what factoid says the years.. ;) its different in 12.0410:48
dr_willis5 years for  one part of it..10:48
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)10:48
blazemoreReally I just need to know when it will stop receiving security updates, because I'm considering CentOS 6, and Ubuntu 12.0410:49
lotuspsychjeis it possible to xkill a proces after freezing the desktop?10:49
MonkeyDustplaying around with the factoids ;)10:49
lotuspsychjeautomaticly xkill10:49
dr_willislotuspsychje:  since xkill uses the mouse.. it may not be doable10:49
blazemoreIf 12.04 goes LTS in April 2017, and CentOS goes EOL is 2020, it's looking like CentOS here. What is the upgrade path like from LTS to LTS?10:49
yekomsdoes anyone got a decent guide to install openvz on ubuntu 12.04 LTS?10:49
blazemoreWe have more ubuntu experience in-house, but these are major production servers being migrated from CentOS 310:49
yekomsi cant find anything worth while on google :/10:50
lotuspsychjedr_willis:any alternatives for closing a process on high load?10:50
blazemoredr_willis: why not just use kill -9 pid10:50
blazemorelotuspsychje: ^10:50
dr_willislotuspsychje:  never really looked into it.10:50
lotuspsychjeblazemore: i cant do nothing anymore after desktop freezes10:50
dr_willisdont just use '-9' without trying other lower le-vels first10:50
lotuspsychjeblazemore:thats why i was looking for something automatic10:50
dr_willislotuspsychje:  can you ssh in?10:51
jilt007how to block usb drive10:51
blazemoreWhat do you mean jilt007 ?10:51
lotuspsychjedr_willis:its on my own box recording desktop with kazam10:51
dr_willislotuspsychje:  so... can you ssh in?10:51
jilt007blazemore:  i mean to say that i want to block  pendrvie in my system how to do this10:52
lotuspsychjedr_willis: i could if i install ssh10:52
blazemoreWhat do you mean by "block pendrive" jilt007 ?10:52
ActionParsnipblazemore: I always clean install each release personally, so LTS isn't a big thing to me :)10:52
dr_willisssh in and see whats cauisng the issues.10:52
blazemoreActionParsnip: This is for server10:52
jilt007blazemore:  i mean to say that if some one want to use pen drive in my sytem it wil not detect10:52
DarkSimGot a really weird problem now when we are done10:52
lotuspsychjedr_willis: or start kazam just from terminal could show me too right10:53
blazemorejilt007: Does it show up on the left in the file manager?10:53
ActionParsnipblazemore: ahh then I'd go with whatever has longest support regardless of disto (for me)10:53
dr_willislotuspsychje:  it might10:53
blazemorejilt007: Or do you want to stop people using pen drives?10:53
jilt007blazemore:  STOP USING PEN DRIVES10:53
jilt007blazemore:  sorry for caps lock it is by mistake10:53
blazemorejilt007: That's OK10:53
anantOn running "bzr branch lp:nux", I get the error message "Permission denied (publickey).ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1'"10:54
blazemorejilt007: How secure do you need it to be? The easiest way is to prevent the drives from mounting automatically. But this won't stop an advanced user from mounting it themselves10:54
zack6849ActionParsnip, just tried chromuim10:54
zack6849same issue,10:54
blazemorejilt007: http://askubuntu.com/questions/89244/how-to-disable-automount-in-nautiluss-preferences10:54
jilt007blazemore:  i just want not to mount and everything ,  fully disallow pen drives10:55
jilt007blazemore:  i  entered in blacklist.conf  and added there blacklist usb_storage10:55
jilt007blazemore:  after then in rc.local i entered modprobe -r usb_storage10:56
anantCould someone please help with solve the bzr error10:56
jilt007jilt007:  but it doesnot worked for me10:56
AxsuulWhy would ubuntu use swap if its only using 25% memory?10:56
dr_willisjilt007:  checked askubuntu.com yet?  this may be answered there10:56
jilt007dr_willis:  ok going to check once more10:56
dr_willisjilt007:  may be mentioned under the various koisk lockdown guides also10:57
ActionParsnipzack6849: ok can you give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'10:57
ActionParsnipzack6849: use http://pastie.org (or similar). thanks10:58
dr_williskiosk? koisk? ;) i never spell it right10:58
jilt007dr_willis:  not found10:59
zack6849ActionParsnip, http://pastie.org/480846910:59
AxsuulWhat do you guys recommend the swappiness value to be for ubuntu server?11:00
=== florin is now known as Guest741
lotuspsychje!ulimit > lotuspsychje11:01
lotuspsychjedr_willis: what do you think of this1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146987/how-can-i-automatically-kill-a-process-when-its-memory-use-exceeds-a-specific-l11:02
lotuspsychje!server | Axsuul11:03
ubottuAxsuul: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server11:03
DarkSimI have ubuntu server 12.04 with ubuntu-desktop installed but I can't login with unity11:03
Axsuullotuspsychje: ?11:03
lotuspsychjeAxsuul:usefull server info11:03
alecatI have some troubles with "jdb2" it makes my hard drive scratch every 2 or three seconds... i have searched solutions on google but nothing works. Help :(11:04
dr_willisjilt007:  i find it amazeing you can say its not found when im still looking through dozens of search hits.. no exact matches.. but this seems interesting..11:04
Axsuullotuspsychje: i'm asking for opinion on it11:05
jilt007dr_willis:  Thanks11:05
Shazer[2]Hello. :)11:06
dr_willisjilt007:  this one seems to say to do what you have allready done..11:06
Shazer[2]New Ubuntu user here. :) :)11:06
Shazer[2]Very happy with it!11:06
Shazer[2]It's awesome.11:08
Shazer[2]Just downloading vim, then I should probably get a proper IRC client.11:08
dr_willisitd ubuntureffic11:08
zack6849I installed gnome, but dont see any new apps / changes11:08
Shazer[2]Yes dr_willis11:08
Shazer[2]Which IRC client would you suggest, dr_willis?11:08
dr_williszack6849:  exactly what did you install...11:08
DarkSimI just installed ubuntu 1204 server with ubuntu-desktop, I can't login anymore11:09
fidelShazer[2]: great to hear. a general hint: this channel is focusing on troubleshooting/support - while there is an ubuntu-offtopic channel as well11:09
dr_willisShazer[2]:  i tend to use weechat these dats11:09
fidel!ot > Shazer[2]11:09
ubottuShazer[2], please see my private message11:09
skulltipmorning, some websites are not loading in firefox or chrome. could someone help me please, it was working before I installed several games from the repo but it has been a week since I noticed this issue11:09
Shazer[2]Ah sorry.11:09
google_360_baidu问下 ubuntu安装深度软件管理中心之后在安装里面的迅雷5 好像用不了啊11:09
dr_willisDarkSim:  you mean you installed 'ubuntu-desktop' on a ubuntu server, install ?11:09
zack6849"The gnome desktop environment11:10
zack6849withextra components11:10
DarkSimI wanted a gui, is that wrong?11:10
zack6849by gnome11:10
zack6849from the store.11:10
dr_willisDarkSim:  so you login at the lightdm login screen and what happens exactly11:11
MonkeyDustDarkSim  it's unusual11:11
dr_willisDarkSim:  does the console login work11:11
DarkSimI can login as guest11:11
dr_williszack6849:  you did select gnome at the login screen?11:11
zack6849Do i need to reboot?11:11
zack6849Cause it didnt say so, wasnt sure yet11:11
dr_williszack6849:  select gnome at the login screen11:12
DarkSimIt turns black and some text shows up quickly then I'm back at the login screen11:12
dr_willisDarkSim:  try the console. it sounds like some messed up user setting/file.11:12
cheteenAlthough there are enough disk space, I get an error message that is not enough disk space11:12
dr_willislike .Xauthority or the various .gnome* settings11:13
DarkSimI'll get back to that in a while, reinstalling ubuntu server fresh11:13
MonkeyDustcheteen  type df -h|pastebin and paste the url here11:13
cheteendf: `/root/.gvfs': Erişim engellendi11:14
cheteenDosyasistemi     Boy  Dolu   Boş Kull% Bağlanılan yer11:14
cheteen/dev/sda6        15G  3,6G   11G   26% /11:14
cheteenudev            1,5G   12K  1,5G    1% /dev11:14
cheteentmpfs           588M  948K  587M    1% /run11:14
cheteennone            5,0M     0  5,0M    0% /run/lock11:14
FloodBot1cheteen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:14
zackWhere would i select that, because i didnt see it11:15
=== zack is now known as zack6849
zack6849I rebooted11:16
zack6849all i noticed11:16
zack6849was that the background for grub changed.11:16
=== [1]MarcelT3 is now known as MarcelT3
fidelzack6849: still taking about choosing gnome at login-manager?11:16
zack6849YEah >_>11:16
=== paulus68__ is now known as paulus68
fidelif so - are you still using the default login-manager lightdm?11:16
zack6849Most likley.11:16
DarkSimZack, where you type in your password11:16
MonkeyDustcheteen  when does the error come up, what are you trying to do11:16
fidelzack6849: http://it-diary.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/lightdm-unity-greeter-session-chooser.jpg11:17
DarkSimclick the little icon which looks like a ubuntu icon11:17
fidelclick the white circle - and lightdm should show you your available options11:17
cheteenI cant anybody download11:17
fidelcheteen: could you please try to aks a full question / as in full sentence?11:18
zackYay! i havve no idea what im doing again11:18
=== zack is now known as zack6849
Shazer[2]I'm having problems installing vim for Ubuntu.11:19
Shazer[2]I get the error, checking for tgetent() not found11:19
Shazer[2]and it won't install vim11:19
zack6849How do i change which screen the bar is on?11:19
fidelShazer[2]: how do you try ti install vim?11:20
fidel!info vim11:21
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.3.429-2ubuntu2.1 (precise), package size 955 kB, installed size 1904 kB11:21
Shazer[2]fidel: I did ./configure.. and I got that error?11:21
Shazer[2]I downloaded the source.11:21
pishguyhi all. after installing intel vga i cant change monitor resulation of that11:21
fidelShazer[2]: why dont youz install via apt?11:21
MonkeyDustShazer[2]  try sudo apt-get install vim11:21
cheteenI get this error when I try to download a file from the Internet11:21
Shazer[2]I'll try that now.11:21
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: sudo apt-get install vim11:21
fidelShazer[2]: vim is available via your paket-managmeent - whoch you should almost always use11:21
MonkeyDustShazer[2]  that's the normal and easiest way11:21
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: why are you messing with source?11:21
fidelShazer[2]: compiling manualy should be done only in special cases - if you NEED to ;)11:22
Shazer[2]ActionParsnip, I am not sure, I'm new :(11:22
dr_willisusing source befor you know apt exists? ;)11:22
Shazer[2]E: Package 'vim' has no installation candidate11:22
Shazer[2]I guess this error now.11:22
dr_willis!manual > Shazer[2]11:22
ubottuShazer[2], please see my private message11:22
Shazer[2]By running the command that ActionParsnip told me.11:22
MonkeyDustShazer[2]  first type sudo apt-get update11:22
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: using  software centre and apt-get will install a large amount of what you need11:22
dr_willis!info vim11:22
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.3.429-2ubuntu2.1 (precise), package size 955 kB, installed size 1904 kB11:22
Shazer[2]Who created ubottu?11:23
dr_willisis vim-full the default now? it used to be vim-light11:23
pishguyhi all. after installing intel vga i cant change monitor resulation of that11:23
fidelShazer[2]: its one of several bots used in this irc-network - there is a team behind and a bot-team channel (which i dont remember)11:23
dr_willispishguy:  installed how?11:24
pishguydr_willis: apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel.11:24
jwtiyarwhere i can get these packages http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228283/ fro 12.0411:24
pishguydr_willis: my ubuntu is 10.1011:24
Shazer[2]how do you find out package names to use with apt-get?11:25
BebopSteveI'm having some really strange issues with everpad on ubuntu 12.04.  When I add an image it does nothing, and when I try to force a sync it confirms a sync is in progress but then about 5 seconds later it's right back to last sync whatever time ago11:25
fidelShazer[2]: apt-cache search SEARCHPHRASE11:25
dr_willispishguy:  thought that was installed by default.11:25
fidelShazer[2]: this will let apt search for the string SEARCHPHRASE11:25
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.11:25
fidelShazer[2]: and return a list of matching packages11:25
crizisShazer[2], you can just use software center to install apps..11:25
Shazer[2]Aweomse! :)11:25
pishguydr_willis: yeah! its 10.1011:26
fidelShazer[2]: a general hint if you want to work with apt in terminal. consider reading an apt tutorial - to get started with it11:26
dr_willispishguy:  10.10 is eol. it may be yourchipset is not supported by the older drivers11:26
fidelShazer[2]: apt comes with a lot of options - and its pretty important to understand it - at least if you want to work from terminal - instead of software -center11:26
pishguydr_willis: after change driver from nvidia to intel, remove all of nvidia vga and installing intel.11:27
Shazer[2]Of course I want to learn terminal instead! :D11:27
pishguydr_willis: now i cant use intel vga11:27
minastoday some updates were available, but they can't be install because of some errors. Here's what update manager tells me. http://pastebin.com/za5Spkve11:27
ActionParsnippishguy: I'd suggest a clean install of Precise11:27
minaswhat should I do?11:27
jwtiyarwhere i can get these packages http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228283/ fro 12.04??11:28
pishguydr_willis: can you help me?11:28
dr_willispishguy:  10.10 is basically dead. time to upgrade11:29
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ActionParsnip!find lib32ncurses5-dev11:29
ubottuFile lib32ncurses5-dev found in lib32ncurses5-dev11:29
ActionParsnipjwtiyar: install lib32ncurses5-dev11:29
mrojas6996I need your help11:29
pishguydr_willis: i cant upgrade now, i must be use this version of that, i dont get permission for upgrade ubuntu11:30
dr_willisminas:  you did do a 'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-ggget upgrade' ?11:30
ActionParsnippishguy: why such an old relase?11:30
ActionParsnippishguy: its not supported now11:30
mrojas6996in WIndows, the color palette could degrade from 32-bit to 256 colors11:31
dr_willispishguy:  i dont get how you dont have permission for it. when you aparently have permissions to switch video cards/drivers11:31
mrojas6996How can to do this in ubuntu?11:31
MonkeyDustmrojas6996  this is the ubuntu support channel11:31
dr_willispishguy:  if the drivers dont support your card..  well.. you may need newer drivers11:31
dr_willismrojas6996:  why do you need to?11:32
pishguydr_willis: mostly installed software in this version is used by users, and time limit and security of my work11:32
minasdr_willis: yes, http://pastebin.com/riiChyRK11:32
mrojas6996MonkeyDust: Yes I know, but I wanna be to know how to change the color palette in Ubuntu from 32-bit to 256 or 16 colors11:32
minasI tried sudo apt-get install -f after, then it tells me to install those that are missing, and same error again11:33
dr_willispishguy:  sounds like you should have planned to upgrade several months back.11:33
mrojas6996my english is experimental, sorry11:33
minasdr_willis: is it something with their server, or something wrong on my part?11:35
mac_nibbletHeya, im having an issue with our local firewall, since i replaced the server it gonna nuts on blocking everything11:36
mac_nibbletbut i have the same firewall script i use from the old server11:36
mac_nibbletfirewall = iptables11:36
mac_nibbletnot ufw11:36
mac_nibbleti have uninstalled that11:36
mrojas6996dr_willis: i need to know this, because I wonder how it loos with the 16 and 256 colors palette11:37
Shazer[2]god damn, how many updates are there...11:39
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: in a new install, you'll have a few11:40
mac_nibbletShazer[2]: be happy your not using Gentoo11:40
Shazer[2]mac-nibblet, haha yeah.11:41
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: same as a new install of Windows....11:41
MonkeyDusti use a custom upgrade script11:41
Shazer[2]Yeah true11:42
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ActionParsnipmac_nibblet: takes the same time to install gentoo no matter what point you take :). You wil still install the same sources for each package, in Ubuntu a package may not be upgraded after a new install :)11:46
mac_nibbletActionParsnip: im sorry, but have you ever tried to setup gentoo?11:48
mac_nibbletcompiling everything from a fresh install takes a good 6 hours11:48
thebananafishdepending on your pc11:48
thebananafishand cflags11:48
mac_nibbletthebananafish: top of the range ivy bridge :P11:49
blackshirtmac_nibblet, its depends on your hardware too11:49
thebananafishyoure doing something wrong then mate11:49
ActionParsnipmac_nibblet: yes but it will always take that lon. I have installed gentoo before11:49
mac_nibbletthebananafish: nah, i just have a lot of stuff i need before i can say it's ready for doing work on11:49
thebananafishlong yes, 6 hours... may be a slight exageration ;)11:49
thebananafishahh, see Im a minimalist11:50
ActionParsnipmac_nibblet: install a new release of Ubuntu and the updates will be fewer, taking less time to get the latest packages, that's my point11:50
mac_nibbletyeah i follow you there :P11:50
mrojas6996anybody helps me?11:50
blackshirtmrojas, what the problem is?11:51
arian-pchello I installed kde-full on ubuntu  but the menu of athe gtk programms (like firefox ) are like windows 98 :)  I have this bug on only gtk programms only on kde 4.9.1  . what i can do?11:51
mrojas6996i wanna to change the color palette from 32-bit to 256 colors11:52
ActionParsnipmrojas6996: I believe you can do it in an xorg.conf file11:52
mrojas6996xorg.conf? ok! where are this file?11:52
ActionParsnipmrojas6996: /etc/X11 is where it will eed to go, the file doesn't exist by default11:55
dr_willisi wonder if the xrand tools can change color depth11:56
DarkSimDr_willis: auth: file /root/.Xauthority does not exist11:56
dr_willisDarkSim:  why are you looking in /root/ for it?11:57
dr_willisDarkSim:  you logging into x as root?11:57
deviantp`awayHey guys, can I have multiple x sessions running with different users logged in? if so what do I need to look into?11:57
dr_willisdeviantp`away:  thats possible. or you could use vnc/vncserver and have 'hidden' x sessions you connect to with a vnc client as needed11:58
ActionParsnipdeviantp`away: like a multiseat?11:58
MonkeyDustdeviantp`away  try alt-f1 and install a light window manager, like jwm or so11:58
MonkeyDustalt-f1 = ctrl-alt-f111:59
dr_willisgdm/gnome used to have a 'new x session item' but i think its not been in the features of lightdm11:59
deviantp`awayoh ok cool, cheers guys :)11:59
dr_willisdeviantp`away:  itt depends on how you want to do things. and the details12:00
deviantp`awaycool, well I will look into it, i prefer learning by myself just didn't really know where to start :)12:00
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zack6849I get a permission denied message while moving a file, how do i prevent this?12:02
ActionParsnipzack6849: is the partition the folder on mounted as writable?12:03
zack6849Its /user/local/12:03
zack6849so it shouldbe as far as i know12:03
thebananafishwhat is the just the 7zip cli package12:03
dr_williszack6849:  for systemm locations you need to use sudo to get root rights12:03
zack6849how do i move a ile with sudo..12:03
=== florin is now known as Guest60613
dr_willis!terminal | zack684912:04
ubottuzack6849: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:04
JoshuaPzack6849, sudo mv file/12:04
dr_williszack6849:  sudo mv  foo bar12:04
Shazer[2]Hey guys.. so I installed vim, but I'm having trouble locating my file..12:04
JoshuaPdr_willis, why does this require answers by links from a bot? Why can't you just give answers?12:04
Shazer[2]It's on my USB?12:04
zack6849How would i do this is im moving something to/user/local?12:05
Shazer[2]Nevermind, got it.12:05
zack6849I hate to be a pain and have syntax spoonfed to me, but this is pretty confusing for me12:05
dr_willisJoshuaP:  better to show him a guide for the next 10 bash shell questions he will be asking12:05
JoshuaPShazer[2], try find /*/file.name12:05
lotuspsychjethebananfish: apt-cache search 7zip12:05
JoshuaPdr_willis, when I come here, it completely irritates me people have to give me botlinks. I liek when people can just tell me without all the extra work.12:06
dr_willis'give a man a fish, fead him for a day.... teach a  man to fish...'12:06
JoshuaPdr_willis, this isn't life, it's an operating system. Don't give me that!12:06
kijewskihello, can someone please explain how to report an issue to a ppa? https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers12:06
lotuspsychje!polite | JoshuaP12:07
ubottuJoshuaP: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:07
ActionParsnipdr_willis: and he'll trade his rod in, probably for a fish12:07
JoshuaPlotuspsychje, mind reading what I said up there ^12:07
JoshuaPIt's exactly the reason.12:07
lotuspsychjeJoshuaP:be happy someone wants to help you..12:07
dr_willisyea. lets get rid of all the documentions and guides... and just spoon feed people secret commands..12:08
zack6849Actually lotuspsychje , i think he was trying to help me a tad bit.12:08
JoshuaPlotuspsychje, they don't, though. They want to just bypass me and give me to a bot.12:08
zack6849Beause i was asking the syntax for moving a file with sudo12:08
lotuspsychjeJoshuaP:most ppl dont ever read the guides wich hold usefull info12:08
DarkSimHm non-administrative rights really is tight12:09
JoshuaPlotuspsychje, well give them the help on what they need, then point out they can find out information at so and so, as well.12:09
dr_willisDarkSim:  and thatsa a good thing.12:09
zack6849you cant honestly say you read the whole manual on every operating system youve every used12:09
zack6849You wanna go in and learn things, play around with it a bit first12:09
DarkSimWe can only log in with the GUI on the regular account12:09
lotuspsychjeJoshuaP:with such attitude you wont get help much here12:09
JoshuaPzack6849, and mostly thanks to this channel, that's exactly how I learn.12:09
dr_williszack6849:  thats a neat thing about learning the bash shell.. it should be pratically the same oon any os that has bash12:09
DarkSimcan't I be in the GUI with root?12:10
TJ-Problem: rsync between two hosts causing the disk-space usage to explode on the destination. Doing "rsync -av <hostname>:/usr/local/ /usr/local/" from a source file-system (7GB ext3) mounted at /usr/local/ is resulting in rsync running out of space on the destination (15GB ext4) mounted at /usr/local/. No obvious issues with symlinks, not crossing file-systems on the source. Any ideas... ?12:10
lotuspsychjeanyway lets keep ontopic12:10
kijewski[repeat] Hello, can someone please explain how to report an issue to a ppa? https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers12:10
JoshuaPlotuspsychje, I'm only pointing out that it could work wonders not to give people links rthat might sometimes not even asnwer their question.12:10
dr_willisDarkSim:  you do not directly login to the x desktop as root.12:10
JoshuaPBut I don't run the Ubuntu community, so I'm go9ing AFK.12:10
auronandaceJoshuaP: what was your question?12:10
JoshuaPNice day, all.12:11
DarkSimI did get that and I thank you for the help12:11
dr_williswe did both.. gave him the command and a url for further reading..12:11
DarkSimbut can't I login as root so I can change stuff12:11
dr_willisDarkSim:  you login as a user and use sudo as needed12:11
DarkSimSo I can't use the gui as normal, I have to be a regular user12:12
dr_willisDarkSim:  running the gui as root is NOT 'as normal'12:12
auronandaceDarkSim: the gui is meant to be used by the regular user12:12
dr_williseven logging into the console as root would be considered abnormal12:13
dr_willis'login as a user, use sudo as needed' is normal12:13
DarkSimBy normal I meant use the GUI functions12:13
dr_willisfor ubuntu at least12:13
DarkSimlike paste and copy wherever I want for example12:13
dr_willisyou do NOT want to be running the whold desktop as root.12:13
ActionParsnipoh hell no12:14
ActionParsnipnor is it needed12:14
dr_willisyou can run specific apps as root. via sudo, or gksudo12:14
BluesKajHey all12:14
ActionParsnipDarkSim: then run:  gksudo nautilus   and you have full file system access.12:15
dr_willisthis approach is sort of a big block of the foundation of linux security12:15
* lotuspsychje likes security12:15
dr_willisi would be very very carefull with even 'gksudo nautilus'12:15
ActionParsnipDarkSim: you don't need to log in as root, not all the processes need to run as root which is what happens when you log in as root12:15
ActionParsnipDarkSim: its not just the apps you launch, its the panels and the desktop itself, and the window manager12:16
ActionParsnipDarkSim: stuff like that, not needed12:16
dr_willismany apps wont even let themselfs be ran by 'root'12:16
mithranhai i have a problem while installing k3b showing the result http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228348/12:17
=== Sil4nc4_ is now known as SIl4nc4
ActionParsnipmithran: what is the output of:  apt-cache policy k3b; lsb_release -a    please use http://pastie.org (or similar)12:18
zack6849ActionParsnip, what happens if somehow everything im my usr/etc/ folder got deleted.12:19
zack6849Idk how the fuck that happened, but it did12:19
Picizack6849: mind your language here please.12:19
ActionParsnipzack6849: use your backups or you can get someone to give you theres12:19
DarkSim_ServerI'm done finally, thank you so very very much! :D12:19
ActionParsnipzack6849: I don't have /usr/etc12:20
zack6849So there are usually files in /usr/etc/ ?12:20
TJ-zack6849: there is no "/usr/etc/"12:20
jribzack6849: there is no /usr/etc by default...12:20
zack6849Im retarted then12:20
ActionParsnipzack6849: do you mean /etc ?12:20
mithranActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/480878712:20
DarkSim_ServerWhat is zack6849's problem?12:20
TJ-zack6849: The system has /etc/ /usr/  and for locally built/installed applications, /usr/local/etc/ /usr/local/bin/ and so on12:21
ActionParsnipmithran: what is the output of:  apt-cache policy k3b; lsb_release -a    please use http://pastie.org (or similar)12:21
mithranActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/480879512:21
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mac_12hello world12:22
BebopSteveI'm unable to attach images into everpad, it simply doesn't add one when I tell it to.  When I drag the image into the note window, it refuses to save or sync12:23
ActionParsnipmithran: are there any bugs reported?12:23
ActionParsnipmithran: why k3b when you are running Gnome? Seems like a lot of packages just for a cd burner....12:24
mac_12has anyone idea how to stop demon (like zeitgeist) in ubuntu 12.0412:25
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impaktorShould I not be able to run sudo grub-install from the install CD? (to fix my GRUB startup?)12:25
ActionParsnipmac_12: permanently?12:27
mac_12i'd like to save ram12:27
ActionParsnipmac_12: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177333212:28
BebopSteveDoes anyone know if everpad is still in its early development stages?  It seems pretty barebone compared to what evernote is capable of12:28
Guest67411gksudo nautilus, command of the day12:28
mac_12thank you so much......i'm going to look the link12:28
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TJ-ActionParsnip: mithran You've found a bug in the k3b package, looks like a typo in the debian/control file for the Depends on libc6. Should be >=2.14 but is actually >=2.412:29
TJ-ActionParsnip: mithran the k3b depends for amd64 is libc6 (>=2.14) but for i386 it's (>=2.4).  libc version in Precise is 2.1512:30
ActionParsnipCould use brasero or xfburn until the bug is fixed12:31
ActionParsnipit wil install fewer extra packages12:31
TJ-ActionParsnip: mithran I'm checking the source package. If there's a bug I'll file it (can't find it reported yet) and push a patch12:32
mbeierlWhen connecting to an MS Windows 7 system using rdesktop, the cursor showing on the local image is very large and white with no border around it.  This is quite difficult to see.  Does anyone know how the cursor image is controlled in rdesktop?12:35
ActionParsnipmbeierl: does it happen in other rdp clients?12:36
mbeierlActionParsnip, is there another one for Ubutnu?  I haven't tried it from any other os.12:36
mbeierlUbuntu even.12:37
ActionParsnipmbeierl: tsclient is one I can think of12:37
ActionParsnipmbeierl: why have you not tested with multiple clients?12:37
mbeierlActionParsnip, that doesn't exist in 12.0412:37
ActionParsnip!info tsclient12:37
ubottuPackage tsclient does not exist in precise12:38
mbeierlActionParsnip, because I only have ubuntu12:38
bulekI have problem - have Perl script that tries to create UDP socket listener, but get permission denied.... I have Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS. Is there something preventing opening socket ?12:38
ActionParsnip!info remmina12:38
ubotturemmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.0-1ubuntu6.1 (precise), package size 130 kB, installed size 360 kB12:38
mbeierlActionParsnip, I also believe that tsclient was just a gui wrapper over rdesktop12:38
ActionParsnip!info gnome-rdp12:39
ubottugnome-rdp (source: gnome-rdp): remote desktop client for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version (precise), package size 71 kB, installed size 291 kB12:39
ActionParsnipthats another wrapper12:39
ActionParsnip!info xrdp12:40
ubottuxrdp (source: xrdp): Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-2 (precise), package size 260 kB, installed size 1524 kB12:40
rp2bulek: non-root can only open ports above number 1024, at least that's the old rule12:40
ActionParsnipmbeierl: try remina and xrdp12:40
rp2try sudo12:40
turbodr00lHI, what can I type into terminal to check what programs are running on my network12:40
mbeierlActionParsnip, will do.  Except xrdp claims to be a server, not a client.12:40
rp2i installed xrdp yesterday, with TightVNC to serve the desktop ... worked like a breeze (especially considering all the other things I'd tried)12:41
rp2yes, it's a server.12:41
rp2rdesktop is fine as a client, but there are several more.12:41
ActionParsnipmbeierl: ok remmina it is :)12:42
mbeierlActionParsnip, and remmina it is indeed for fixing the display issue.  thanks!12:43
mbeierlCursor appears perfect now.12:43
ActionParsnipmbeierl: always try alternatives to apps if you get issues12:43
TJ-mithran: bug #105682612:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1056826 in k3b (Ubuntu) "Depends on non-existent libc6 (>= 2.4) [i386] in Precise" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105682612:44
mbeierlActionParsnip, had no clue that remmina even existed.  It's not a name that one would guess12:44
ActionParsnipmbeierl: search software centre for:  rdp     you don't have to guess12:45
shannonHow do I get Python IDLE on Ubuntu?12:45
shannonI tried sudo apt-get install idle-python2.712:46
shannonbut doesn't work..12:46
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=== Shazer[2 is now known as Shazer[2]
mbeierlActionParsnip, yes, except that I've been using rdesktop for years as it comes with gnome/ubuntu.  How is one supposed to guess that there is going to be other versions of the same software out there?  The attitude that I should just know these things is not helpful.12:46
auronandaceShazer[2]: sudo apt-get install idle12:47
Shazer[2]I get the error: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)12:47
Shazer[2]E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?12:47
ActionParsnipmbeierl: 99% of the time there are options for solutions to an issue, think of the office suites, browsers, text editors. All have options. This is linux where you get choice12:47
skulltipwhy are some websites taking waay too long to load, not even timing out?12:47
Shazer[2]auronandace, still that same error.12:47
auronandace!fixapt | Shazer[2]12:47
ubottuShazer[2]: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:47
PiciShazer[2]: Are you using another interface to apt? like the software center?12:48
fidelShazer[2]: are you 'somehow' trying to run 2 update-processes?12:48
Shazer[2]I only have xChat, Firefox and 1 terminal open..12:48
fidelShazer[2]: and 1 single terminal displays the lock message?12:48
ActionParsnipmbeierl: you are having an issue with an RDP client so trying another client is intelligent, see if it is a bug with the client or if it affects all clients12:48
Shazer[2]OK, got it.12:48
rp2Shazer[2]: check with ps -auxww12:49
ActionParsnipmbeierl: so, in essence, you didn't help yourself.12:49
Shazer[2]Firefox was trying to get Flash at the same time, causing me to not be able to use it.12:49
coolmanHelp me guys pls12:49
mbeierlActionParsnip, well, thanks for pointing out an alternative.  And for making me feel uncomfortable about asking.12:49
coolmani cant revolk12:49
ActionParsnipmbeierl_: just try a few things first, thats all12:49
coolmanone openvpn12:49
coolmanclient :(12:49
ActionParsnipcoolman: can you ping the vpn endpoint?12:50
ThinkT510!enter | coolman12:50
ubottucoolman: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:50
Shazer[2]well, after running that command ^^ it just sits flashing now12:50
Shazer[2]The sudo fuser command, for reference12:50
ActionParsnipcoolman: does the vpn connection get fully established?12:50
ActionParsnip!aptfix | Shazer[2] this one?12:51
ubottuShazer[2] this one?: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:51
ActionParsnipcoolman: how do you mean revoke please?12:51
Shazer[2]ActionParsnip, ^^12:51
coolmanActionParsnip:  mail@host.domain error 23 at 0 depth lookup:certificate revoked12:52
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: try:  sudo apt-get update   first12:52
Shazer[2]It's all good and working now..12:52
Shazer[2]I updated like 5 minutes ago.12:52
Shazer[2]I didn't mean the enter either.12:52
Shazer[2]Or something..12:52
coolmanActionParsnip: with ./revoke-full nameof xert12:52
coolmanActionParsnip: with ./revoke-full name of cer12:52
=== lkthomas- is now known as lkthomas
coolmanActionParsnip:and then the user connect again :D12:54
ActionParsnipcoolman: http://onlamp.com/pub/a/security/2004/10/21/vpns_and_pki.html?page=3&x-maxdepth=0   may help12:54
jilt007Is there any way to save my sesson in irssi12:55
blackshirthello mnice12:56
kapzhisto, starting with firefox 15 my torrent links open in VLC by default in firefox however my system default is deluge. How do I make it default in ff again? thanks12:56
mniceis there some recommended and proven repo for gnome 2 ?12:56
mnicefor 12.04 ?12:56
blackshirtmnice, gnome 2?12:56
ActionParsnipmnice: there is a fork of Gnome2, its not suported here though12:57
blackshirtI think gnome 2 was obsoleted by gnome 3 :d12:57
mnicespecifically gnome 2.28 should be the highest of line 2.x12:57
mniceyeah, it was .. it's like kde 4.x obsoletes kde 3.x12:57
ActionParsnipmnice: https://launchpad.net/~amanas/+archive/mate-desktop12:58
kapz*Hi .. I dunno y xchat converts it ti histo12:58
ActionParsnipmnice: personally I'd use XFCE and get full support12:58
mniceActionParsnip: great .. thank you12:58
jilt007how to save my session  in irssi12:58
Shazer[2]ActionParsnip, I have a question.12:58
Shazer[2]How do I locate my USB to save to it?>12:59
thebananafishscreen + irssi12:59
Shazer[2]I'm a Windows noob if you haven't gathered.12:59
jilt007thebananafish:  thanks12:59
fidelShazer[2]: plug in your usb-device and open your file-manager (nautilus most likely)13:00
ActionParsnipkapz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122930/how-to-make-firefox-open-magnet-links-in-transmission13:00
blackshirtshazer, see with nautilus file manager...usually that was show up automatically13:00
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: you'll need to mount it13:00
fidelthere isnt a real diff to windows in terms of handling usb-devices from user-point of view13:00
Shazer[2]I mean from IDLE, when I hit save..13:00
Shazer[2]I'm given /, /home or /home/shannon13:00
Shazer[2]but I can't locate the drive for my USB13:00
=== melter_ is now known as melter
blackshirtshazer, usually mounted on /media/some-name-for-your-usb13:01
Shazer[2]OK Thanks :)13:01
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ActionParsnipShazer[2]: once you mount the USB partition, it should appear in the panel on the left13:02
Shazer[2]How do I mount?13:02
blackshirtshazer, are your working on desktop?13:02
Shazer[2]blackshirt, yes.13:03
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: usually just shove the device in, is it NTFS?13:04
blackshirtshazer, you should see it on nautilus file manager on the left panel13:04
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frostymnice: if you want gnome2 look like mate but gnome3 you could check out cinnamon13:05
ThinkT510frosty: cinnamon isn't supported here13:06
mnicei'd prefer DE came from gnome 2.28 codebase13:06
ActionParsnipmnice: thats what mate is13:06
ActionParsnipcinammon is a fork of gnome shell13:06
ThinkT510mate isn't supported here either13:07
frostyThinkT510: i know, but suggesting for someone to check it out is forbidden?13:07
ThinkT510frosty: why suggest to use something that you know he won't get support for?13:07
ThinkT510frosty: at the very least inform him that if he uses them he won't be supported here13:08
ThinkT510just like ppas13:08
DaeThat seem like quite a good idea for a room message disclaimer.13:09
Shazer[2]ActionParsnip, the problem I am having is when I hit save in IDLE I am greeted with the following: http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg849/scaled.php?server=849&filename=screenshotfrom201209262.png&res=landing13:11
Shazer[2]I get no option to select my USB, but I manually have to go to media/usb-name13:11
escottShazer[2], that is the USB13:12
Shazer[2]escott, I know...13:12
Shazer[2]It's just a pain having to navigate to /media/13:12
Shazer[2]instead of just having a quick toolbar to select my USB13:12
escottShazer[2], thats because IDLE isn't using the right toolkit to draw the nice file save dialog13:12
Shazer[2]so nothing I can do about it basically, escott?13:12
escottShazer[2], use something other than IDLE13:13
Shazer[2]haha, I don't know anything else that is decent and easy to use..13:13
escottShazer[2], gedit has python bindings and an interactive python shell plugin13:13
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john_doe_jrDoes anyone know why my ubuntu 12.04 new install on vmware font is so small…I can't even read it13:27
DaemonicApathyIs it fullscreen?13:28
escottjohn_doe_jr, you might want to install the guest additions13:29
john_doe_jrI installed vmtools…is guest edition different?13:30
escottjohn_doe_jr, additions not editions. not sure what they call them in vmware, but its special drivers installed in the guest that allow it to better integrate with the the host13:30
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: if you open the folder ni nautilus, you can add it to your bookmarks13:31
mnicejohn_doe_jr: he's confusing you with VBox think .. if you have vmware you use vmtools, if you use vbox you use guest additions13:31
DaemonicApathyjohn_doe_jr: if you type MyUnity into the Dash, is it installed? That should allow you to adjust fonts after all is aid and done.13:31
ActionParsnipDaemonicApathy: no myunity in quantal as yet (just an fyi)13:32
john_doe_jrDaemonicApathy: what is the dash?13:32
DaemonicApathyThe thing that comes up when you hti the Super key.13:33
DaemonicApathyThank you, ActionParsnip, I wasn't sure.13:33
ActionParsnipjohn_doe_jr: click the ubuntu logo in top left, thats the dash13:33
DaemonicApathyIf MyUnity isn't there, I would suggest installing gnome-tweak-tool.13:33
turtle_ok more questions about 2 users, multiple x sessions. I can't seem to find much online, but I want to have a business login and regular login on this PC to keep them separate,  Drwillis mentioned a hiddenx session and VNC, is that gonna be the best way?13:34
john_doe_jrDaemonicApathy: it's not there….I can't even see though the font is so small13:34
escottturtle_, depends on how you want to do things. i would find a vnc session is a bit overkill. I would just ssh back to localhost and fire off individual applications as needed13:35
turtle_i'd prefer to keep them separate because i have crossovers with applications and online services that I use for both business and personal use, but would quite like to be able to login to both users, switch desktops between the two13:35
DaemonicApathyjohn_doe_jr: Since it's VMWare, you should probably adjust the resolution of the guest system, as per http://goo.gl/oOHnS13:36
turtle_escott, my idea (not sure how realistic) was a full desktop environment for both, so i can customise each one to its use13:37
escottturtle_, you can certainly do that. the main issue that linux has with multiple desktops is that currently its really only possible to have one desktop displayed which is accelerated. So if you want unity3d or gnome-shell you can really only do that with one session, the other will be 2d13:38
ab2qikHi, anyone ideas about increasing size of /boot13:39
ab2qikdf -h says its 89% full13:39
ThinkT510ab2qik: gparted to the rescue13:39
ThinkT510ab2qik: or you could just get rid of older kernels13:39
escottab2qik, you can boot a live cd and install it that way, or just identify the particular kernels that are accumulating in /boot and apt-get remove the exact kernel version13:40
ActionParsnipab2qik: uninstall unused kernels and it will reduce used space13:40
ab2qikyeah how would i get rid of old kernels?13:40
zykotick9turtle_: it's possible to run multiple Xorg sessions at the same time (like one on F7 and one on F8) that you can switch between (IF you have 2 users).  there was gdmflexiserver, not sure if light DM has an easy program like that (from TTY you try "startx -- :1" to start a NEW Xsession (DON'T use the same USER, or you run into problems!)13:40
ThinkT510ab2qik: use the package manager, synaptic is great13:40
turtle_escott, not a problem having a 2d desktop :)13:41
escottab2qik, dpkg -l "*linux*3*" will list the various installed kernels with "ii" on the left, you can then "sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic"13:41
ab2qikwhats the command to get kernel versions displayed in /boot?13:42
turtle_zykotick9, will startx take care of everything? window management, shell etc as well?13:42
zykotick9escott: ab2qik from terminal "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" should list all kernels13:42
escottturtle_, the main concern with zykotick9's suggestion would be stability if you are using any proprietary drivers13:42
zykotick9escott: ? the drivers ati/nvidia will apply to each?13:43
ab2qikThanks, got list of each kernel. Now to delete the unneeded ones.13:43
escottzykotick9, frequent switching of the VT with proprietary drivers is probably more likely to cause crashes13:43
DaemonicApathyHmm... "startx --:1" seems to have crashed my tty1 terminal.13:44
zykotick9DaemonicApathy: try alt+f8 now13:44
zykotick9DaemonicApathy: xorg should be running in tty1 (so you can't use it anymore)13:45
ActionParsnipab2qik: if you can pastebin the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a13:45
turtle_ok, so what would you recommend? so i can know what to look for online13:45
DaemonicApathyNothing, zykotick9. It returned a fatal error, and there's no change in any VT.13:45
ActionParsnipab2qik: we can then advise13:45
zykotick9DaemonicApathy: ahhh, fatal error - so it's NOT working for you :|13:45
ab2qik ActionParsnip: THanks.13:46
escottturtle_, there are a bunch of ways to do it. its really up to you. running another X server on a different tty, using xnest, using vnc, ssh back to localhost13:46
zykotick9DaemonicApathy: fyi i'd try "startx -- :1" notice the space between the -- and the :113:46
DaemonicApathyThat is exactly what I submitted.13:46
DaemonicApathyEr, nvm.13:47
DaemonicApathyBeautiful, I had forgotten the second space. Works like a charm.13:47
ab2qikActionParsnip:  its in pastebin13:49
=== toni_ is now known as Guest1252
ActionParsnipab2qik: seems strange to have a separate /boot partition these days13:49
ActionParsnipab2qik: can you copy the address in he browser address bar and paste it in here please13:49
DaemonicApathyzykotick9, thanks for the tip. See you all after I reboot.13:49
ab2qikwhereelse shold it have gone in13:49
ActionParsnipab2qik: when you made the paste, the address bar changed. Copy the new address and paste it in here13:50
escottab2qik, unless you are using lvm or luks or btrfs you usually don't need a /boot13:50
escottab2qik, i think grub even boots btrfs these days13:50
ActionParsnipescott: it does :)13:50
ActionParsnipab2qik: ok and a pastebin of the output of:  dpkg -l | grep linux-image13:51
ab2qikso for the moment if kernel deletion can reduce size, will be good.13:51
ActionParsnipab2qik: sure as there are files in /boot relating to the old kernels13:51
ab2qikHere you go sir: http://pastebin.com/w8sSrif313:52
ab2qiki assume make all those kern deletions should reduce size well below 89% usage?13:53
pranavkwhat is 'Ign' in front of the urls when updating via sudo apt-get update ?13:53
ab2qikam using LVM13:54
escottab2qik, thats why you have a /boot13:54
mizz_hotty*#*#*#*# SEE ALL BLACK CAVIAR INFO | VIDEOS | NEWS > For The Worlds fastest  RaceHorse @ www.BlackCaviarForum.com #*#*#*#*13:54
mizz_hotty*#*#*#*# SEE ALL BLACK CAVIAR INFO | VIDEOS | NEWS > For The Worlds fastest  RaceHorse @ www.BlackCaviarForum.com #*#*#*#*13:54
mizz_hotty*#*#*#*# SEE ALL BLACK CAVIAR INFO | VIDEOS | NEWS > For The Worlds fastest  RaceHorse @ www.BlackCaviarForum.com #*#*#*#*13:54
FloodBot1mizz_hotty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:54
ActionParsnipab2qik: http://pastie.org/480916013:55
ab2qikExactly. New there was a reason as it was done some time back13:55
turtle_ok well the issue I have is startx -- :1 gives me a desktop, but no shell and stuff, kinda debating whether I need it though, as long as I can make sure docky starts with x i'll be fine13:55
ActionParsnipab2qik: all the 'rc' lines are just configs and will get cleaned, those 5 commands will leave you with linux-image-3.2.0-30-generic and linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic13:56
writehello, can anyone help me with my ubuntu 12.04 ? it is a bit laggy and my sound doesn't work I have an Asus 1015BX netbook13:56
ab2qikActionParsnip: You suggest keep current version & 1 previous13:56
ActionParsnipwrite: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh13:56
ActionParsnipab2qik: you can, remove the older one if you want too13:57
ActionParsnipab2qik: just don't remove the kernel you are using now13:57
ActionParsniphi steve__13:57
steve__how are you ActionParsnip13:57
ActionParsnipsteve__: working13:58
lurk1Hi, i have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and want to install it from USB-Stick, but PC says: BOOTMGR not found. Where can I get the BOOTMGR?13:58
sukimaPlease I need help. I moved my ubuntu 12.04 from one laptop to another and can not get Xorg to work anymore. I've installed every possible driver I can find (xserver-xorg-video*) including nvidia and flgrx. Nothing works Xorg refuses to autodetect. AS live CD works. I don't understand why I can't put the Xserver the live CD uses into my own ubuntu install.13:58
writeActionParsnip: step by steb mate, this is my first time on ubuntu :) what should i type in terminal ?13:58
ab2qikActionParsnip: Sure, current kern removal would be disasterous. so will apt-remove each in trun.13:58
ActionParsnipwrite: the command I gave, that IS the command..13:58
ActionParsnipab2qik: the commands I gave will clean up for you :)13:59
writethis whole thing ? wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh13:59
ActionParsnipwrite: yes, all that13:59
lurk1Hi, i have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and want to install it from USB-Stick, but PC says: BOOTMGR not found. Where can I get the BOOTMGR?14:00
ActionParsniplurk1: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?14:00
intel1dudes , any one here14:00
writeActionParsnip: should i paste here my ALSA information ?14:00
ActionParsnipwrite: upload to the server and a URL will be made for you14:00
ab2qikActionParsnip: i need to do apt-remove on each right ?14:00
intel1cool , i think action would help14:01
escottsukima, moving ubuntu installations is usually not the best way to do this. better to !clone and copy $HOME and use something like etc-keeper to identify non-standard changes to /etc. In your case you probably have an Xorg.conf file or proprietary driver14:01
ab2qikActionParsnip: Each version14:01
daanishYoutube videos have no sound and are playing in fast forward mode. Any ideas as to what gives?14:01
writeActionParsnip: did that, should i paste here the url ?14:01
ActionParsnipab2qik: if you run the commands I gave it will clean you up14:01
intel1i wanna make a disk image ( ubuntu partition )14:01
lurk1ActionParsnip: Actually I copied from a CD, which worked on another PC.14:01
ActionParsnipwrite: paste the URL in here please, its a single line so is fine14:01
writeActionParsnip: /tmp/alsa-info.txt.TbhVUzYABG14:01
sukimaescott: Then how come a live CD can do it?14:01
ab2qikActionParsnip: Sorry, which specific one?14:01
ActionParsnipwrite: ok run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /tmp/alsa-info.txt.TbhVUzYABG14:02
AdvoWorki've just done iptables -L it lists Chain Input/forward/output but I see no entires so assume its not being used. If i do some entires,such as adding: http://pastebin.com/k58QW7bL how would i then remove them all,just flush again?14:02
ActionParsnipab2qik: all of them, thats why I gave them all14:02
escottsukima, because the livecd doesn't have either of those thigns14:02
intel1i wanna make a disk image ( ubuntu partition )14:02
sukimaI want an ubuntu install on an external USB drive that I can move from machine to machine but live CD use this strange casper thing asuming that they will always boot from CD not USB drives14:02
ActionParsnipintel1: clonezilla can do that14:02
intel1Actionparsnip : any replacment ?14:02
writeActionParsnip: what does all this do anyway :)14:03
ActionParsnipintel1: not something I've done, maybe others can advise14:03
ab2qikActionParsnip: Thanks, will run them in the order given.14:03
ActionParsnipwrite: which bit?14:03
TJ-sukima: Install directly to the USB stick, rather than a hard disk.14:03
writeActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1228504/14:03
escottsukima, not all bioses support booting usb disks as disks, most modern bioses will but some wont14:03
sukimaescott: I know. the computers we heve here do support it14:03
intel1ActionParsnip : k , TY14:03
escottsukima, usb-creator-gtk will create a liveUSB that will boot on most any system that has any USB boot capability14:04
TJ-intel1: "sudo dd if=/dev/sdXY of=/path/to/clone.img" (replace /dev/sdXY with your particular device)14:04
ActionParsnipwrite: thats a lot of info about sound and the stystem, dead useful for sound issues14:04
sukimaI just want to stop having to reconfigure X everytime I boot on a machine. Some are ATI some are nvidia.14:04
lurk1Hi, i have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and want to install it from USB-Stick, but PC says: BOOTMGR not found. The datas on the stick were copied from a Ubuntu-CD which works fine.14:04
intel1TJ : i will try this14:04
sukimaescott: Thanks14:04
escottsukima, then you need to avoid proprietary drivers14:04
writeActionParsnip: and what can i do ? its chinese for me :-s14:04
sukimaescott: any advise on  how to undo propriatary drivers then?14:05
adpunktHello World !14:05
escottsukima, jockey-gtk will show you what prop drivers are installed14:05
sukimaescott: Thank you for your help!14:05
TJ-sukima: I install ubuntu-minimal to USB sticks, then add whatever additional packages I need depending on the purpose of the installation (forensics, debugging, repair, etc.)14:06
lurk1and again: Hi, i have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and want to install it from USB-Stick, but PC says: BOOTMGR not found. The datas on the stick were copied from a Ubuntu-CD which works fine.14:06
escottlurk1, how did you create the USB14:06
ActionParsnipwrite: it helps helpers find out the issue14:07
ActionParsnipwrite: if you run:  alsamixer  are all levels cranked and unmuted?14:07
writeActionParsnip: where can i find a helper then :)14:07
intel1TJ : this ""sudo dd if=/dev/sdXY of=/path/to/clone.img"14:07
TJ-lurk1: "BOOTMGR" is a Windows boot-loader, not Ubuntu14:07
intel1TJ : should i type "to"14:07
intel1or i replace it by my partition and folder14:08
lurk1escott: copied the stuff from the CD on the Stick using Win7. Just drag & drop.14:08
escottlurk1, you can't make bootable systems like that.14:08
ActionParsnipwrite: in here14:08
intel1TJ : is that image would erase the whole disk which i will save it on ?14:08
TJ-intel1: You replace /dev/sdXY with the device where you have Ubuntu installed. You replace "/path/to/clone.img" with the path and filename you wish to write the clone to.14:08
escottlurk1, there should be instructions on ubuntu.com on how to create a bootable USB from windows14:08
writeActionParsnip: i;m in alsamixer, what should i be looking fore ..14:08
sukimaTJ-: basically I have myh own external drive with 50GB for linux. The company I work at lets us use laptops but doesn't want us to touch the HDD in the laptop. So having linux on an external drive lets me have my desktop when I want it. However they keep changing the laptops out for different hardware like once a month and each time the linux install assumed it only had that hardware and will never have more. I figure Why can;14:08
ActionParsnipwrite: read the interface, just a little14:08
intel1i see14:09
intel1dd: opening `/dev/sda5/ubuntu.img': Not a directory14:09
intel1TJ : dd: opening `/dev/sda5/ubuntu.img': Not a directory14:09
TJ-intel1: If you wish to write the cloned image, not to a file, but to another disk as a partition (after making sure the receiving partition is large enough to take it) you'd do "sudo dd if=/dev/sdXY of=/dev/sdAB" - replacing sdXY and sdAB with the specific devices on your system14:09
writeActionParsnip: card: HD audio generic, chip ati R6xx HDMI :-s item S/PDIF14:10
lurk1thanks escott14:10
escottsukima, thats a real pain. i would suggest just running ubuntu inside virtualbox. then just keep the vbox image on the usb14:10
=== francisco is now known as Guest43521
intel1TJ : dd: opening `/dev/sda5/ubuntu.img': Not a directory14:10
daanishYoutube videos have no sound and are playing in fast forward mode. Any ideas as to what gives?14:10
ActionParsnipwrite: ok and are all the levels high, is there an MM in the bottom of the levels?14:10
intel1TJ : i got this ................14:10
escottsukima, the virtual machine takes 10 minutes to setup and the virtualized hardware will free you from having to worry about the laptop specs changing with the moon14:10
sukimaescott: I'll look into it thanks14:10
TJ-sukima: Any Linux install - except for proprietary drivers - will boot on *any* hardware configuration. Unlike Windows, it doesn't tie itself to a hardware profile14:11
rp2can Samba be made to use /etc/password and /etc/shadow for user authentication?  I can't find an answer in its documentation14:11
writeActionParsnip: there is a 00 down in the middle, in a small box14:11
=== florin is now known as Guest71253
sukimaTJ-: Yeah I installed propiatary drivers before I realized that. Now I have to figure out how to undo that14:11
ActionParsnipwrite: then use cursors to select the channel and increase the volume14:12
TJ-intel1: You can use a *path* (/path/to/filename.ext) or you can use a device name (/dev/sdXY) as an input or output file (if=/of=)... you can't mix them together14:12
escottsukima, you can follow TJ-'s suggestion and use a plain vanilla ubuntu and it will boot, but then some things wont work... like when the wireless card is broadcom and you need wireless internet.14:12
ActionParsnipwrite: after you finish there (press ESC to exit alsamixer), search for 'sound' in dash and make sure the correct device is selected as the output device14:13
TJ-sukima: "sudo jockey-text" at a terminal allows you remove/configure/install proprietary drivers14:13
writeActionParsnip: it works, i've hit F6 and changed there something :) youtube plays now, but very very laggy :-s... anyway, the sound is on i guess14:13
sukimaTJ-: Thank you14:13
sukimaescott: hind sight. My next time making a linux desktop will be in virtualbox thank you for the advise14:14
ActionParsnipwrite: nice14:14
TJ-escott: sukima If you install the broadcom drivers, a broadcom device will be detected and configured correctly.14:14
ActionParsnipwrite: switch to Unity2D session, you'll find its quicker14:14
=== penseur_thinker is now known as divx`ng
dzhuswhen writing Ubuntu installer to USB stick, what name should I give to the file with CD iso image?14:14
emamdouhhi , i'd like to know where does users-admin tool write its configuration14:14
writeAcoke, let me see how to do that14:15
dzhusshall ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso work?14:15
emamdouhi need to check effect of auto login from users-admin14:15
writeActionParsnip: *14:15
intel1what will happend if i unmounted the ubuntu partition14:15
ActionParsnipdzhus: there is no naming, you use unetbootin and it copies the data. Copying teh ISO to the drive will not make a bootable USB stick14:15
ActionParsnipwrite: its selected on the login screen14:15
escottTJ-, and then he is back to installing prop drivers. some day sukima is going to get a laptop with a brand new graphics card that nouveau doesn't support well and will be running at 640x480.14:16
TJ-emamdouh: autologin relies upon the user being added to the "nopasswdlogin" group, and pam_succeed_if.so in /etc/pam.d/*14:16
writehmm, i have to logout then14:16
ActionParsnipwrite: yes14:16
ThinkT510intel1: it will unmount, unless it is in use14:16
dzhusActionParsnip: according to https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-usb-files.html copying .iso is what I should do in order to get bootable USB stick14:16
TJ-escott: I do it all the time. The stick has drivers installed and I switch between them as necessary.14:16
dzhus«If you used an hd-media image, you should now copy an Ubuntu ISO image[8] onto the stick.»14:16
intel1ThinkT510 : srr i didn't got it14:16
ActionParsnipdzhus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#From_Windows14:17
ActionParsnipdzhus: you'll need software14:17
ThinkT510intel1: you cannot unmount a partition if it is currently in use14:17
writeActionParsnip: be right back then14:18
intel1i C14:18
emamdouhTJ- : Thanks a lot14:18
DaemonicApathyIt turns out, starting a second X session on the same account can completely reset your compiz settings.14:19
bleonaHow can I install ubuntu in a laptop without an operating system? can someone help me?14:19
DaemonicApathybleona: Create a startup disc with another computer, and boot the OS-less laptop from the disc.14:20
ThinkT510bleona: same as you normally would14:20
turtle_DaemonicApathy, I think someone pointed out not to run it on the same user ;)14:20
ActionParsnipbleona: just boot to the install media and set it up. you don'y need an OS to install Ubuntu14:20
=== peterbjornx_tkkr is now known as Tkkrlab____
DaemonicApathyturtle_: I wasn't giving the option not to, but I figured I'd share the info.14:20
bleonaOk thanks14:20
ab2qik f14:21
ActionParsnipbleona: just like yu don't need an installed OS to install Windows ....14:21
DaemonicApathyA guy at Best Buy told me that without Windows, a PC is just a paperweight. He seemed wise.14:21
ActionParsniphaha funny14:22
DaemonicApathySo I booted a display into Ubuntu, and told him to have fun.14:22
mneptokDaemonicApathy: why not just point to the Macs they're selling?14:23
DaemonicApathyThey don't consider those "PCs"...14:23
TJ-Expensive paperweights!14:23
mneptokDaemonicApathy: PC = personal computer.14:23
turtle_DaemonicApathy, i guy in best buy told me there was a button the remote for plasma tv's which changed the pressure of the plasma cells14:23
DaemonicApathymneptok: they = not me14:23
mneptokDaemonicApathy: so my question stands. why not point to the Macs?14:24
DaemonicApathyNice, turtle_ ^_^14:24
turtle_which was funny because I was mystery shopping them at the time14:24
ActionParsnipmneptok: they are 'cool' and 'trendy' or something14:24
DaemonicApathymneptok, because I didn't have time to get into a "what does PC really mean" conversation. :-/14:24
mneptokDaemonicApathy: would have taken less time than booting an OS they don't even sell.14:25
DaemonicApathyI had a disc on me, took maybe 30 seconds.14:25
DX099hello, I'm running 12.04 with Unity and Gnome-Shell  installed. Since a update I did a few hours ago, I can't launch Unity nor Gnome-shell anymore. GS falls back in gnome-panel mode and Unity just print "failed to load Ubuntu session" and then back at light-dm. If I try to run one of them while being in gnome-panel, it just brings me back to login, as if X crashed. Using Nvidia binary blob. can someone help ?14:26
ActionParsnipDX099: can you log in to Unity2D session?14:26
mneptokDX099: you probably have to rebuild the blob for a new kernel that got installed.14:26
sukimaFYI (escott, TJ-) I fixed the vieo by following the steps in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/VideoDriverDetection#Problem:_Need_to_purge_-fglrx and then removing /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:26
mneptokDX099: boot to the previous kernel.14:26
DaemonicApathyNice one, sukima. :-)14:27
|Anthony|when running pulseaudio in system mode, is ~/.pulse/default.pa still sourced?14:27
DX099ActionParsnip, don't know, didn't installed that. mneptok, I'll try14:27
ActionParsnipDX099: proprietary video drivers by any chance?14:27
DX099ActionParsnip, I said binary blob, so yes14:27
ActionParsnipDX099: its an option in the login screen14:27
haliaviyuse gma14:27
Ethern0they all14:27
writeActionParsnip: back, set it to 2D14:27
ActionParsnipwrite: faster>?14:28
writelemme se14:28
DX099ActionParsnip, all I have is the 3 Gnome shells and the Ubuntu with stands for Unity obviously, I once removed it and when I reinstalled it, I didn't put 2D session along14:28
ActionParsnipDX099: you'll probably need to remove the driver then reinstall it14:28
STMelon_hmm, software-center still loads slow.. 12.04.114:29
STMelon_2012-09-26 09:29:29,266 - softwarecenter.backend.reviews - WARNING - error creating bsddb: '(11, 'Resource temporarily unavailable -- unable to join the environment')' (corrupted?)14:29
DX099I try that14:29
ActionParsnipDX099: weird, usually the 2D session s an option. Did you minimal install and then build up?14:29
Ethern0tcan someone help me out when updating packages on ubuntu it gave me one strange error linux-generic-pae depends on a older version of linux-image-generic-pae, and this one has been upgraded14:29
writeActionParsnip: it seems so :-s but i have less windows open, any suggestions how to make it faster? :) the scrolling in mozilla seems laggy though14:29
ActionParsnipwrite: you mean firefox14:30
writeActionParsnip:  is this worth trying ? http://www.howtogeek.com/115797/6-ways-to-speed-up-ubuntu/14:30
STMelon_when someone has a chance, can i get some help with 2012-09-26 09:29:29,266 - softwarecenter.backend.reviews - WARNING - error creating bsddb: '(11, 'Resource temporarily unavailable -- unable to join the environment')' (corrupted?)14:31
STMelon_and thx14:31
ActionParsnipwrite: you con't scroll in mozilla, it is a company. The browser they make is called firefox14:31
writeActionParsnip: my bad :) yes, firefox hehe14:31
mithranActionParsnip:  it was just an interreuption in my internet14:31
Ethern0tcan someone help me please ?14:32
ActionParsnipwrite: can help:http://www.zyxware.com/articles/2008/08/01/slow-broadband-in-ubuntu-hardy-speed-up-your-internet-connection14:32
ActionParsnipmithran: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc14:32
writeActionParsnip: oke, ill take a look at that also14:32
escottEthern0t, might try an apt-get update, and then try apt-get upgrade again14:32
writeActionParsnip: switching between apps sure is faster than before (doesnt look that nice,but still... thats not so important)14:33
Ethern0tescott: i ve tryed including -f install but nothing14:33
mithranActionParsnip:http: Precis14:33
Ethern0tescott: i can t update the distro14:33
ActionParsnipwrite: the 'normal' desktop uses Compiz which is was slowing you down. Unity2D uses metacity which is much lighter14:33
writei see14:34
mithranActionParsnip:  http://pastie.org/480879514:34
Ethern0tescott:  linux-generic-pae depende de linux-image-generic-pae (=; no entanto:14:34
Ethern0t  A versão de linux-image-generic-pae no sistema é
sylar_26does ubuntu have samsung usb drivers ???14:35
ActionParsnipsylar_26: samsung make a tonne of usb stuff, what usb device is it?14:36
xsaintshow many in here use conky14:36
sylar_26its a mobile phone.ill use it for broadband connection14:37
ActionParsnipEthern0t: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install  linux-image-generic-pae14:37
ThinkT510xsaints: yay conky14:37
sylar_26samsung s8000 jet14:37
ActionParsnipsylar_26: if it can advertise itself as a modem, then it'll probably work14:37
mithranActionParsnip: I just want a iso image DVD Maker?14:37
escottEthern0t, any pending dist-upgrades?14:37
Ethern0tescott: nop14:38
Ethern0tActionParsnip: not working14:38
Ethern0tActionParsnip: dependencies not satisfied14:38
sylar_26yes sometimes it can advertise as a modem, but sometimes it doesn't.connection breaks14:38
escottEthern0t, if this is an older kernel version you don't need you could remove the particular versions14:39
ActionParsnipEthern0t: you may have to grab debs to satisfy the deps14:39
Ethern0tActionParsnip: i am trying to find them14:40
ActionParsnipEthern0t: http://packages.ubuntu.com14:40
ActionParsnipmithran: for video DVDs?14:40
aniasisubuntu is essentially Enterprise Linux 6 correct?14:41
Ethern0tThanks for your attention ActionParsnip and escott.14:41
ThinkT510aniasis: what?14:42
sylar_26how can i play ".3gp" videos on ubuntu?14:43
LinuturkI'm trying to enable coredumps on Ubuntu 10.04 and apache2. CoreDumpDirectory set. Permissions on target directory correct. ulimit set to unlimited. kill -11 <pid> doesn't produce a core dump in the target directory. any ideas?14:43
ActionParsnipsylar_26: mplayer and vlc can play it if memory serves14:43
sylar_26ok thanx14:43
AdvoWorki've just done iptables -L it lists Chain Input/forward/output but I see no entires so assume its not being used. If i do some entires,such as adding: http://pastebin.com/k58QW7bL how would i then remove them all,just flush again?14:45
jribAdvoWork: yes14:45
jrib!iptables > AdvoWork14:46
ubottuAdvoWork, please see my private message14:46
nbfis there something up with the us apt mirror14:46
jellfhi all14:46
nbfI'm getting a bunch of hash mismatch errors14:46
jellfany one have experience to change the existing partitions to LVM14:46
ActionParsnipnbf: I have a script for that14:46
TJ-nbf: check the root of the mirror with your browser - you'll see a file there if the mirror is currently updating and maybe out of sync14:47
jribnbf: you probably just updated as a mirror was updating; try just switching to a new mirror and doing apt-get update again14:47
nbfok thanks guys14:47
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
ActionParsnipnbf: wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo fixpackage14:47
TJ-aniasis: No. RH EL6 is based on kernel 2.6.32 and the RPM package system. Ubuntu Precise LTS is based on kernel 3.2 and the Debian package system.14:48
chamunkshow do i enable scrolling with middle click on my mouse in unity14:48
writeActionParsnip: what can you tell me about swappiness? i mean, is it better to be higher? so the RAM is less used but hdd is more used? or viceversa... the hdd sould be less used (i have 1 gb of ram)14:48
chamunksthis scrolling by line has got to go.14:48
ActionParsnipwrite: swappiness dictates how often the swap space will be used, if you set swappiness low then the OS will try and keep apps in RAM rather than move them to swap.14:50
ActionParsnipwrite: i set swappiness around 10 with 2Gb RAM but my usage of my systems is very basic14:50
thesadmafioso1Hey, I have a question about the GNOME desktop14:51
writeActionParsnip: and if the OS will keep apps in RAM, isnt the whole netbook going to run slowe14:52
chamunksalso would there be a good way to remove .somewrongext from the end of a series of files inside of a directory?14:52
chamunkswithout damaging the filename14:52
thesadmafioso1I run 10.04 LTS and when I'm deleting files from my trashcan it won't update the icon to show they've been deleted. When I use the "shred" command in terminal it doesn't actually delete files, no matter the number of iterations I use14:52
rgenito_hmm, i lost the ability to drag the window to the top of the unity screen in order to maximize the window14:52
rgenito_anyone know what i need to do to restore this functionality?14:53
rgenito_i think installing an nvidia driver broke the functionality ;(14:53
chamunksi've got 450 files that obtained a bad filename through some process the files are otherwise unchanged I just dont want to sift through all of them manually.14:53
thesadmafioso1In gnome it seems like when I manipulate anything in the "backend" it doesn't manfiest in the GNOME environment14:53
thesadmafioso1For instance, taking my network interfaces up or down does not seem to make a difference in the graphical icon, which will still search for a wireless network14:53
killer_i have 32 bit windows nd 64 bit ubuntu ....can i install it using wubi?14:54
xanguargenito_: do you have compiz settings manager installed¿14:55
=== mandcnemad is now known as mandcnemad01
rgenito_xangua, let me check... how would i know?14:56
ActionParsnipkiller_: i believe so, the NTFS will hold the wubi file and is loop mounted at boot then booted to, should be ok14:56
killer_so i should install it ( on my frnds pc)14:58
nufan_usHello there.. I'm having trouble running a script from X. It works perfectly fine when I execute it in a terminal within X, but not when I double click the script and choose execute.. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing such behavior? I'm farily new to Ubuntu and Linux..14:58
rgenito_for ubuntu 12, where can i access unity graphics settings?14:58
ActionParsniprgenito_: for which video chip?14:58
mandcnemad01Hi. I've connected my ubuntu 12.04 to my router and it's now blinking like a christmas tree although I don't generate any traffic. Wireshark revealed, that a lot of udp packages are sent to port 10000. Does anybody have an idea what programm is causing that behaviour and why it stops after aprox. 3min?14:59
ActionParsnipmandcnemad01: does the interface get an ip address?15:00
mandcnemad01ip address, internet15:00
ActionParsnipmandcnemad01: can you ping the router's internal ip?15:01
ActionParsnipmandcnemad01: are you running webmin?15:01
rgenito_ActionParsnip, when i say graphics settings, i mean to access unity features. for example, to turn on a render feature, or to turn it off15:01
rgenito_ActionParsnip, but i am using the onboard intel graphics i believe15:01
ActionParsniprgenito_: you can use ccsm, myunity or ubuntu-tweak to change stuff15:02
ActionParsnipmandcnemad01: its not installed by default so if you are unsure, the answer is no :)15:02
rgenito_ah ok, after apt-get installing them?15:02
rgenito_ah yes, that'd be it.. ty ActionParsnip ! :)15:02
mandcnemad01not on purpose15:02
ActionParsniprgenito_: yes, ubuntu-tweak is 3rd party so you'll need a ppa15:02
ActionParsnipmandcnemad01: does any of this help http://www.speedguide.net/port.php?port=1000015:03
rgenito_oooh i see... my ubuntu is running in 2d mode. how can i turn it back to 3d mode?15:03
rabbi1i am using 12.04 on acer laptop, i can hear audio from my laptop even after i insert the headphone.... what could be the problem ?15:03
nufan_uscan anyone help with a shell script problem?15:04
ActionParsniprgenito_: log off and select the Ubuntu session in lightdm15:04
ActionParsnipnufan_us: here or in #bash15:04
rgenito_thx again :)15:04
MonkeyDustnufan_us  ask away, but there's also the channel #bash15:04
defunktWe are having some problems with pdftops and CUPS.  pdftops consumes 100% CPU on our print server when certain PDF files are printed.  How can I customize command-line switches being sent to this command by CUPS?  When I run pdftops manually from the command-line and convert the problem file, it proceeds much quicker.15:05
nufan_usthx.. I'll try here first :)15:05
nufan_usI'm having trouble with a script which works fine from terminal, but doesn't really run when I run it from X.. (but it does work when I open a terminal in X and run the script)15:06
nufan_usIt's my first script, so I'm15:06
jribnufan_us: you should pastebin theh script and mention how you arerunning it from (please use one line and a pastebin)15:06
MonkeyDustnufan_us  use pastebin to show us the script15:06
writeActionParsnip: i got 82% memory and 4.9% swap (swap partition is 8gigs, memory 1 gig)15:07
rabbi1i am using 12.04 on acer laptop, i can hear audio from my laptop even after i insert the headphone.... what could be the problem ?15:07
turtle_MonkeyDust, i hope you got your name from the seires Mon key Dust :)15:07
rgenito_thanks ActionParsnip :D that did it :D15:07
MonkeyDustturtle_  yes :)15:07
writeActionParsnip: isnt that the reason everything is so laggy ?15:07
turtle_ahaha brilliant, good man15:07
MonkeyDustturtle_  "der weisse engel!" :)15:07
writeActionParsnip: CPUs run at 90% :-s jeezz (bot 1 and 2)15:07
=== florin is now known as Guest63460
turtle_lol i'm gonna have to go find my dvds now :/15:09
mandcnemad01ActionParsnip: It suddenly stopped.15:10
yekomsusing grub, setting the default kernel, how do i determine which one is numbered what?15:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest97352
mandcnemad01yekoms: on startup count the lines starting with 015:14
jkeiper_how do i use the ubuntu server 12.04 bootable CD to fix grub display setting issues?  my screen freaks out every time i try to boot, so I can't see grub or ubuntu once it loads.15:14
drojashey.. which lessc -> /usr/local/bin/lessc , lessc -> ok, it works, but /bin/sh lessc -> /bin/sh: 0: Can't open lessc .... Any idea?15:14
yekomsso NEWEST kernel will be 0, and oldest will be 10 if there is 10 versions?15:15
mandcnemad01yekoms: no. Boot15:16
TJ-drojas: Maybe the PATH set-up by 'sh' isn't the same as you have in 'bash' ?15:17
yekomsim not sure i follow.15:17
mandcnemad01yekoms. Reboot your pc and when grub shows up go to the top and then count the down key presses until you reached the desired entry.15:18
jellfanyone can help me with the LVM15:18
zoktarHello, im trying to find compiz unsupported plugins package for 12.04.1 , does anyone know a maintainers ppa for it?.15:18
yekomsis there a reason why when i boot up the server, i dont get a grub window at all. but ill get the screen after that15:18
dr_willisgrub menu may be set to be hidden, or its using a res/rate the monitor cant show15:19
nufan_usOk, here's the pastebin of the script: http://pastebin.com/00sjRg9n.. It's simply blank, when I try to run it from XBMCbuntu without opening a terminal first and entering it..15:19
MonkeyDustzoktar  start here https://launchpad.net/~compiz/+archive/ppa15:19
drojasTJ-: how can I check that?15:19
zoktarMonkeyDust thanks.15:20
ActionParsnipzoktar: try: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=compiz15:20
mandcnemad01yekoms: http://askubuntu.com/questions/161611/i-have-a-grub-menu-display-issue-when-booting-up-ubuntu-12-04-lts15:20
drojasTJ-: I mean.. how can I share the PATH between sh (dash) y bash?15:20
yekomstime to test it out now i guess ;)15:21
MonkeyDustnufan_us  for a start !bin/bash is missing15:21
TJ-drojas: "/bin/sh env | grep PATH"15:21
dr_willis#!/bin/bash   you mean?15:21
drojasTJ-: /bin/sh: 0: Can't open env15:22
zoktarActionParsnip thanks!15:22
TJ-drojas: what user are you trying to run 'sh' as? "Can't open ..." is usually an insufficient permissions issue15:23
nufan_usmy mistake.. I have actually added that to the script.. Just pasted a 5 minute old version of the script..15:23
drojasTJ-: it doesn't work with any user including using sudo15:24
=== esweatt is now known as AssassinB
TJ-drojas: Which Ubuntu release is it? Has something happened recently that has caused other system problems?15:24
=== cb_ is now known as _cb
=== _cb is now known as _cb_
fdgedrojas, do you have permissions to use sudo?15:26
=== _cb_ is now known as _cb
drojasTJ-: 12.04 it's a remote mounted on Amazon EC215:26
drojasfdge: yes I have15:27
K1rkI'm looking at the same cups issue as defunkt.... anyone have any advice on this?15:27
dr_willisec2 i think defaults to sh,    not bash. i recall someone had an issue with that a few weeks ago15:27
|Anthony|can i safely remove pulseaudio and just work with alsa?15:27
K1rkAre there any alternatives to using pdftops or using gs that consume less resources?  Printing PDF files takes an obscene amount of time and CPU power.15:28
dr_willis|Anthony|:  i wouldent advise it.  many apps can be set to use alsa dire3ctly if needed15:28
=== _cb is now known as cb_
=== cb_ is now known as _cb_
MonkeyDust|Anthony|  IIRC, pulse and alsa are inter-dependent15:29
=== _cb_ is now known as _cb
dr_willispulse uses alsa. but every time i see someone try to remove pulse they break other stuff.15:29
|Anthony|dr_willis, MonkeyDust: the only reason i'm even thinking about it as a solution is cause i'm experimenting with multiseat. It seems that the only way i can get each seat to have audio is if i run pulse as a system-wide instance instead of per user.15:30
dr_willis|Anthony|:  no idea on multiseat, sorry. thats a 'cutting edge' sort of thing. ;)15:31
DX099ActionParsnip, thanks for the tip, it worked.15:31
|Anthony|dr_willis, MonkeyDust: i have it working ok for me, but i want to update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX for 12.04 and have a more complete solution for audio.15:31
ActionParsnipDX099: its one of the pains of binary drivers. they are sweet but if they screw up it can be a pain15:32
|Anthony|it's a big pita tbh and it isn't a general use case solution. for example an internet cafe should NOT use this multiseat audio solution15:32
DX099now I have another problem : I'm using Unity, and even with the "Launcher Capture Mouse" option and the Autohide activated, when I put my mouse on the left part of the screen(where the launcher is), It won't show up like before15:32
MonkeyDust|Anthony|  I know what multiseat is, but am not familiar with it -- guess you're being one of the pioneers who does the dirty work for all to follow15:33
ActionParsnipDX099: ive seen that, I had to press SuperL to get it to appear, I just don't bother now15:33
TJ-|Anthony|: Have you see this? http://disjunkt.com/jd/2010/en/multiseat-linux/multiseat-linux-system-wide-pulseaudio-for-routing-sounds-109/15:33
|Anthony|MonkeyDust, lol. i don't feel like i've contributed much back to the community. so i help where i can.15:34
DX099ActionParsnip, ah, a shame it was working perfectly15:34
|Anthony|TJ-, yeah i've seen that. it's actually up in one of my ff tabs15:34
|Anthony|TJ-, his solution for $PULSE_SINK per user... i haven't tried it cause it sounds fishy... $PULSE_SINK is a global variable. lol15:35
|Anthony|although i could be wrong about that... i suppose it wont hurt to give it a go15:36
_cbMaybe off topic but how do I get the IRC to e-mail me the password for my nick?15:37
dr_willis_cb:  ask in #freenode15:37
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allie83can anyone point me to the vector room15:40
bazhang!alis | allie8315:40
ubottuallie83: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:40
=== deadmund_ is now known as deadmund
deadmundAnybody here?15:43
allie83i'm wondering the same thing deadmund15:44
bazhangallie83, you got an answer15:44
allie83har har15:44
bazhangdeadmund, ubuntu support question?15:44
=== nufan_us2 is now known as nufan_us
deadmundbazhang: wanting to help others15:44
allie83bazhang: looking for help with a vector problem15:45
ikoniaallie83: then join the vector support channel/forum/resources15:45
Gycklarndeadmund, You want to help others? Just stick around a while. You'll find someone who wants to occupy your time.15:45
bazhangallie83, give more details. if you mean vector linux then search for their channel and join it15:45
denebeimany suggestions on ripping the avengers dvd?  It's crashing handbrake15:47
ikoniadenebeim handbrake isnt a ripper15:47
ActionParsnipdenebeim: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVD::Rip15:47
DX099I'm using Unity, and even with the "Launcher Capture Mouse" option and the Autohide activated, when I put my mouse on the left part of the screen(where the launcher is), It won't show up like before >> Anyone has an idea ?15:48
ActionParsnipikonia: is the new hinr app ;)15:48
denebeimFine, decrypter then.15:48
denebeimwhatever.  I got the dvd I want to put it on my media server.15:48
dr_willisdenebeim:  dvd copy protection can mess up the rippers also.15:49
ActionParsnipdenebeim: try the guide I gave.....15:49
SabariHi I am installing Ubuntu Server 12.04 in a remote server15:49
Calinouseems legit, denebeim :P15:49
SabariBefore installing, the switch port says that it is  connected. But once the installation is complete and the server gets rebooted, the switch ports says that it is not up15:50
ActionParsnip!info ogmrip | denebeim15:50
ubottudenebeim: ogmrip (source: ogmrip): Application for ripping and encoding DVD. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.13.6-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 332 kB, installed size 1540 kB15:50
SabariI tried mii-tool which says no link15:50
ActionParsnip!info acidrip | denebeim15:50
ubottudenebeim: acidrip (source: acidrip): ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.14-0.2ubuntu6 (precise), package size 63 kB, installed size 300 kB15:50
ActionParsnipdenebeim: lots of choices, go crazy15:51
denebeimI'm sorry, I guess i wasn't clear.  I was asking if anyone knew what to tell handbrake (or whatever) to rip the avengers.  I should have said 'without crashing'15:51
ikoniadenebeim don't use handbrake to rip - use it to encode15:51
denebeimah.  gotcha.15:52
denebeimit's two steps nowadays?15:52
dr_willisi thought handbreak only workd with nonencrypted dvd also.15:52
ikoniadenebeim: no, it's always been two steps15:52
denebeimnope works find on encrypted15:52
ikoniadenebeim: you can't encode something you've not extracted15:52
rigohow is this that after each reboot i get different dmesg-es?15:53
ActionParsnipdenebeim: can't vlc spit played dvd out to file?15:53
denebeimI've not tried it yet, but I usually have bad luck with vlc15:53
denebeimsaving i mean works great for playing.15:53
dr_willisk9copy can also do dvd to video file15:53
rigosometimes the dvb firmware is loaded without prob, sometimes it has to load 2 times. and ie sometimes the philips usb hid is loaded sometimes not.15:53
ActionParsnipeven if it does pull in a tonne of deps (imho)15:53
DX099ActionParsnip, did you try to reinstall unity ? is that a recent bug ?15:54
denebeimoh great vlc is barfing on it as well15:54
dr_willissome of the new dvd copy protection can mess things up badly15:54
ActionParsnipDX099: not sure, have a look at bugs for it, see what's going ok15:55
ikoniadenebeim: I appreciate it's not the same thing, but I ripped and re-encoded the avengers bluray with zero issue15:55
dr_willisi have dvds that  only play in my blue ray player15:55
denebeimI got the dvd, what did you use?15:55
denebeimah that's it needed root15:55
ikoniadenebeim: I used QTFAB to extract it and hanbrake to encode it15:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ikoniabut we are moving offtopic here15:56
ikoniadenebeim: I would try extracing the DVD using mencoder, then re-encoding it using handbrake15:56
denebeimsorry late for work wanted to fire this off15:56
vick79Is this working?15:57
ActionParsnipvick79: is what working?15:57
dr_willisvick79: huh15:57
MonkeyDustvick79  you're in, it works15:57
vick79Sorry, tried typing in many chat rooms with no response.15:58
seumas_most peoples just sit idle15:58
mamedhello how can i install ubuntu on my usb15:58
vick79Ubuntu has a USB creator15:58
bazhang!usb | mamed15:58
ubottumamed: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:58
harushimodoes anyone know how to run ruby in terminal?15:58
dr_willisa full install. or a live install mamed15:58
harushimoI'm using 12.0415:59
mamedubottu: i dont want to boot from usb i want to use it as a harddisk15:59
ubottumamed: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:59
ikoniamamed: then do that, plug in the USB and install to it15:59
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest26628
dr_willismamed: install same as you would  a real hard disk15:59
mamedikonia: will it be as a harddisk15:59
ikoniamamed: yes16:00
sukimaHow do you fix a virtual desktop. I finally have two monitors running extended desktop but the onw on the right cuts off a thirsd of the display. The wall paper filles the screen but the menubar, and any windows disapear past about 1024 pixels.16:00
dr_willisbe sure grub installs to it.16:00
ActionParsnipmamed: linux doesn't care if its usb or stuff like that, its just a block device16:00
mameddr_willis: i mean i have no harddisk but i have a usb stick when i plug it i must see my system16:00
mamedbut i dont want a live one16:00
mamedi want to use installable one16:00
ikoniamamed: the usb disk will just be seen as a hard disk, install to it16:00
dr_willismamed: i have machines with only a ysb flash16:00
mamedhmm so i must do it from boot16:01
dr_willisi do full normal installs to ysb flash all the t16:01
denebeimI so suck at ripping.  what commands and parameters do I type to rip the dvd, what format should it be in, etc?16:01
ikoniadenebeim: use mencoder, rip it to vob16:02
denebeimjust mencoder /dev/dvd -o avengers.vob?16:02
=== jewbacca is now known as nyRednek
ikoniadenebeim: you'll need to check the options,16:02
ikoniadenebeim: mencoder is a big beast, but effective16:02
denebeimI know ;-)16:02
ActionParsnipdenebeim: needs sudo16:03
MrokiiHello. Is there an easy way to set up Ubuntu so that I can run two different graphical desktops at the same time. I mean, so that I can run a fullscreen game on one and my regular desktop-apps on another.16:03
denebeimyeah i figured that out when vlc barfed16:03
ikoniaActionParsnip: does it need sudo to access /dev/dvd ?16:03
jhonnyboyhey all, trying to find my dns server for my vpn. Any ideas on how I can find that out?16:03
ActionParsnipikonia: ive seen dvd rippers need sudo, no idea why16:03
ikoniaActionParsnip: I never use sudo with mencoder.....16:03
BluesKaj!info devede16:03
ubottudevede (source: devede): simple application to create Video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.21.0-1 (precise), package size 2313 kB, installed size 4311 kB16:03
ikoniaActionParsnip: hence my surprise16:03
ActionParsnipjhonnyboy: could use nmap on the vpn subnet16:03
denebeimyeah /dev/dvd has group permissions that should allow me to access it, but it doesn't work.16:03
ActionParsnipikonia: try both ways :)16:04
truexfan81ActionParsnip: i've used dvd shrink running in wine without needing sudo16:04
jhonnyboyActionParsnip: how would that give me the DNS server? there's no easier way?16:04
ActionParsniptruexfan81: thats because its a windows app, it will run differently16:04
ActionParsnipjhonnyboy: you will see DNS listed as a service for one of the nodes, obviously16:04
writeActionParsnip: did u see what I was saying about RAM and CPU a while ago ?16:05
bondjim looking for a tool to convert a png image to pdf16:06
dr_willistry the print2pdf virtual printer?16:07
jhonnyboyActionParsnip: ok found port 53 open on one of the machines, inserted into resolve.conf but still can't use nslookup on any machines on the vpn. Any ideas?16:08
* dr_willis wonders why one would want to convert a pnf to pdf.. cant libreoffice save to pdf these days?16:08
AfflictoHey all, I'm trying to send files from ubuntu to win 7 via my network. Both PC's are on the same router\network. When I go to Files -> Network and click my other PC it asks for username and password but I have no password on my win 7?16:09
fatpuddingHey, are there any one else that have problem with xpdf after the latest system updates ? :)16:09
bondjdr_willis, nvm i used libreoffice draw16:10
aguaditoany reason why power settings for never suspending/dimming would not register properly?16:11
=== rihen is now known as rihnapstors
=== rihnapstors is now known as rihnapstor
dr_willisAfflicto:  then login as 'guest' perhaps?16:22
dr_willisAfflicto:  i always set up the same   user/pass on win and linux for samba. makes things easier16:23
Afflictodr_willis: I read something about apt-get install samba, I did that and now I can open the workgroup on the ubuntu. I dno16:23
dr_willisor just use winscp and ssh if you dont plan on transfering stuff a lot16:23
dr_willissamba server lets you have shares on the ubuntu box16:23
Afflictodr_willis: I'm gonna create a new workgroup and see what I can do. I'm probably gonna transfer a bunch yea :P16:24
dr_willisi only use one workgroup in my home lan.16:24
dr_willisi also give the linux users a samba password via 'sudo smbpasswd -a username'16:25
dr_willisyou may want to enable the homes share on the linux box also.16:25
dr_willissamba has a lot of features. ;)16:25
AfflictoI created my homegroup now called 'dreamvoid'. What do I do now? you're going kinda fast :P16:26
AfflictoI created in on my windows machine.16:26
dr_willisyou made a share on the windows box that has 'guest'  permissions?16:26
Afflictono what's a "share"?16:27
dr_willisa homegroup is NOT the same as a workgroup.. its ms's next step in shareing16:27
dr_willisright click on a folder to share it..16:27
dr_williswhat do you expect the linux box to see? no shares = nothing to access..16:28
AfflictoOh right. yes I right-clicked my C drive and gave aeveryone full access. I'd like to set a password on it or perhaps only allow my ubuntu machine access.. somehow?16:28
dr_willisset a password for your user.. is the safest/saneist thing to do16:29
dr_willisand shareing all of c: is a bit overkill16:29
Afflictodr_willis: but I don't want to send 1 terrabyte of stuff to a public folder, then do the same again from public to different locations.16:30
Afflictowould take double amount of time.16:30
AfflictoOk now I don't even see the C drive on ubuntu any longer.16:32
AfflictoI went to files -> network -> the win 7 machine -> 0 items.16:32
jilebedevCan anyone recommend a decent tool to analyze the file system without any mounts for a graphical representation of diskspace usage? So that I can find unnecessary files quickly and delete them?16:33
dr_willisuse ctrl L   to show the address bar and type in the  share name perhaps  Afflicto16:34
Afflictodr_willis: I could find afflicto-pc and went into it but 0 items in it.16:34
AfflictoEven though I have 2 folders shared. "Users" and "C drive".16:35
dr_willissee if the w16:35
Afflictothe windows pc cannot see the ubuntu pc though.16:35
dr_willisdont use spaces in share names.. ut can cause issues16:36
Afflictodr_willis ok16:36
dr_willisAfflicto: you made shares on the ubuntu box?16:36
AfflictoI can try16:36
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
jribjilebedev: Disk Usage Analyzer (command: baobab16:37
dr_willissuch a logical command name. ;-)16:37
AfflictoOk I shared "Win" on the ubuntu machine. the windows machine can see "Afflicto-linux" now, I opened it and it asks for username\pw. I typed guest as username and logged in.16:38
AfflictoAnd I see the folder "Win". But I can't access it.16:38
dr_willisyou shared the folder with guest allowed rights?16:39
dr_willisi never use guest shares. i always use my users name and pass.16:39
AfflictoI allowed guest permission yea16:40
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
AfflictoI also did "Allow others to create and delete files in this folder".16:40
ScofieldHaven't been chatted in IRC for more than 10 years!!!16:42
q0_0pScofield: welcome back to irc16:42
bazhangScofield, this is  ubuntu support; chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic16:43
ActionParsnipjilebedev: bleachbit can remove fluff. have as many apps closed as possible and watch options as well as avoid apps that say they will take  long time to run16:44
Afflictodr_willis: how do I log in from windows 7 to a share on ubuntu? I tried typing in the ubuntu username and password but it didn't work :\16:45
Joshunhas anyone else found that unity (2d)'s auto hide stops working after an update16:46
dr_willisAfflicto:  you set up a samba password for rhe linux uswr with 'sudo smbpasswd -a username'16:46
ActionParsnipdr_willis: could even use $USER   ;)16:46
dr_willisthat may confuse him ;)16:47
Afflictodr_willis: uhm what username do I put in? xd16:47
Afflictothe windows one or the linux one?16:47
dr_willisyour username  on the linux box of course16:47
Afflictook and then the password at the end16:47
awole20hey ubuntu - probably a fairly nub question, but all my google searches come up in sending ctrl-alt-delete answers... how does one send a keystroke like alt-f to terminal so that it doesn't just bring up the menu?16:48
dr_willisi always use use the same usernames on my win and lin box's16:48
jribawole20: honestly, I just disable those shortcuts in gnome-terminal's preferences16:48
dr_willisawole20:  gnome-terminal has a setting to not bring up the menus16:48
AfflictoOh, it asks for that when I issue the command :P16:48
awole20ooh fair enough16:49
* awole20 searches16:49
AfflictoYAY! =D Thanks dr_willis <316:49
awole20much better, thanks guys16:49
Joshunpurging unity and unity2d and reinstalling has made no difference whatsoever16:51
Joshunno has running rm -rf .gconf16:51
dr_willisdiffeerance in what?16:52
jribawole20: enjoy your readline16:52
dr_willismake a new user - if they have the same problems. then it may be a system issue.16:53
dr_willisif a new user works.. then its a user setting issue16:53
eXile_any one run hiphop on ubuntu? I used one of the prebuilt packages but I cant find teh hphp/src directory or the lib directory to set $HPHP_HOME, or $HPHP_LIB16:53
Joshundr_willis - unity is not autohiding16:53
Joshunand its crazy having a massive sidebar that won't autohide16:54
ikoniaeXile_: why would you expect the SRC dir in a pre-built package16:54
ActionParsnipJoshun: try:  unity2d --reset    or something like that16:54
Joshunadjusting the sensitivity doesn't make any diference either16:54
dr_willisi shrink mine down.16:54
dr_willisand i never want it to hide. ;)16:54
ActionParsnipdr_willis: same, I set mine at 40px16:55
Joshuni of course use xfce16:55
awole20jrib: thanks! admittedly, was for that and irssi when accessing windows 13-19, since alt-e and alt-t were also mapped by default... but the readline was the straw that broke the camel's back. :)16:55
fbernierHi, sometimes I lock my ubuntu laptop and walk away for an hour, and when I come back the unloack dialog never pops back, so im stuck with my wallpaper and nothing on it. What could be the problem?16:55
Joshunbut this is a multi user system16:55
eXile_ikonia becuase you have to set enviroment varibles to ltell it where to find things: http://pastebin.com/X6TjpDk9 - https://github.com/facebook/hiphop-php/wiki/Running-HipHop16:55
awole20fbernier: does typing in your password still log you in, even without the prompt?16:55
eXile_no idea what it means by hphp checkout, and the only files I can find containineg hphp is /usr/bin/hphp16:56
fbernierawole20: no, I tried that. It's not a screen misplacement issue.16:56
ikoniaeXile_: setting HPHP_HOME is not looking for a "src" dir though16:56
Joshundr_willis - unity2d does not even have a reset command16:56
ikoniaeXile_: it's the home dir of where it's installed16:56
eXile_I set it to /usr/bin/hphp and it doesnt work I get the error in pastebin16:57
al2ciao a  tutti16:57
ikoniaeXile_: the HP checkout is you checking out the sourcecode from git16:57
ikoniaeXile_: that's not a directory, that's a file you've set it to16:57
awole20fbernier: drat. that was my issue when I saw similar symptoms, anyway. Is it completely frozen/unresponsive aside from wallpaper view then?16:57
samkamhola a todos16:58
Joshunis there no system-wide configuration file for unity/unity2d16:58
dr_willismove everything in  your home. to a backup dir ;)16:58
fbernierawole20: no I can move the mouse around or switch to tty16:58
dr_willisunity2d uses different configs then 3d.16:58
dr_willis3d uses compiz configs i think16:59
bizhanMonaHi  we are going to ship our ubuntu boxes in an embedded system. We have developed some packages (autotool packages not .deb) which I need to compile and install them on ubuntu base image. After research I found out is much more complex compare to rpm packaging. Any hint on easier better way to get to this will be greatly appreciated? thx16:59
ikoniabizhanMona: a deb format is %101 the best way17:00
jribbizhanMona: you want information on how to create a proper deb package?17:00
Joshuni'm pretty sure unity2d would just use gcon17:00
ikoniabizhanMona: it's not more complex than RPM builds, it is different, once you setup the build env, it's very easy and quick17:00
Joshuni'll try another account anyway17:01
turtle_the compiz channel are pretty idle, anyone familiar enough with compiz to answer a question?17:02
bizhanMonawhere is the best resource for deb package creation from source please?17:02
ikonia!packaging | bizhanMona17:02
ubottubizhanMona: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring17:02
Joshundr_willis - definitely not a config problem then. the guest account (which uses a temporary profile) has the same problem17:03
JoshunI don't think unity2d can be shrunk either17:03
bizhanMonathank you all for info.17:03
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging17:04
Joshunare ubuntu backports still unsupported btw.17:05
Joshunbecause if they are why are they enabled by default17:05
TJ-Joshun: "dconf-editor" com.canonical.unity-2d.launcher.hide-mode = 117:09
dr_willisthey are not enabl3ed by default   as far as i know17:09
JoshunTJ- i'll try that anyway, though I did click 'reset behaviour' under settings and then re-enabled auto hde17:11
awole20fbernier: yeah, I've never seen that before in my short time here, sorry.17:11
awole20fbernier: ...does it happen in different desktop environments as well?17:12
TJ-JoshuaP: yeah, I know, but thought it might be helpful to know where the setting is stored. The actual file the setting is in, is a binary file "~/.config/dconf/user"17:12
=== n2deep_ is now known as n2deep
ring1JoshuaP, just started a clean 12.04.1. for updates only precise-security and precise-updates are activated by default17:13
=== guru is now known as Guest46059
JoshunTJ- thanks, the panel hides but doesn't reappear once hidden17:13
ring1sorry, meant Joshun17:13
dr_willisits playing hide and go seek17:14
TJ-Joshun: Try throwing the mouse *hard* at the side ... I used to suffer that issue but it went away17:14
Joshunring1 - oh must have been an earlier release then. there was one release with them enabled by default17:14
=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali
JoshunTJ- no matter what you do, the onlyway for it to reappear is to press te windoze button17:15
Joshunor of course disable auto hide17:15
JoshunI can't use the normal unity either because it just locks up on my nvidia chipset17:16
Guest46059I have a problem in writing programs.... in terminal. We can't use backspace... and I am somehow not convient with it... Can somebody please tell me what should I install to make it flexible... Thank you in advance...17:16
Joshunbut I think it has the same autohide problem anyway17:16
TJ-Joshun: Any clues in /var/log/syslog, /var/log/Xorg.0.log or ~/.xsession-errors ?17:16
TJ-Guest46059: Ctrl+h17:17
JoshunTJ- its rather low spec, though worked better in previous releases17:17
Guest46059What do u mean by ctrl+h17:19
TJ-Guest46059: backspace == Ctrl+h17:20
dr_willissometimes the backspace and del keys get reversed.17:21
turtle_Guest46059, if you press Ctrl+H is another way of using backspace in a terminal17:21
Guest46059TJ : Can u tell me if i can install an add on as I installed vim in case of Mint...?17:21
Joshundoes unity2d have an updated/fixed ppa?17:22
dr_willisan add on for vim Guest46059 ?17:22
TJ-Guest46059: I'm not clear what you're asking. I thought you wanted to be able to use backspace to edit at a terminal Ctrl+h is the backspace key-combination17:22
Guest46059@dr willis: ya... plz if u could..17:23
Guest46059I mean an add on similar to vim in mint17:23
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest81415
PiciGuest46059: What do you mean by an "add on"?17:24
ActionParsnipJoshuaP: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=unity try that17:25
Guest46059I mean that can we install a software so that I can use terminal flexibly... In case of linux mint I had installed "vim"17:26
PiciGuest46059: Yes, there are many packages in the Ubuntu repositories. Just install vim: sudo apt-get install vim17:27
Pici!software | Guest4605917:27
ubottuGuest46059: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents17:27
=== erkan^ is now known as zippo^
Guest46059Here supercollider vim and gvim are present and there is no vim in software centre...!17:31
Guest46059Pici : If I type that command it is showing an error17:33
Krenair/usr/bin/vuze: 304: exec: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/java: not found17:34
PiciGuest46059: What error?17:34
ActionParsnipKrenair: if you run:  java -version    does it output something?17:35
Krenairjava version "1.6.0_24"17:35
KrenairOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11.4) (6b24-1.11.4-1ubuntu0.12.04.1)17:35
ActionParsnipKrenair: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html   try that :)17:36
bebojis there any bluetooth manager via terminal ?17:37
KrenairActionParsnip, I want to make it use the correct java path (/usr/bin/java will do), not change java versions17:37
Guest46059Pici : It is showing...17:37
Guest46059Reading package lists... Done17:37
Guest46059Building dependency tree17:37
Guest46059Reading state information... Done17:37
Guest46059Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have17:37
Guest46059requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable17:37
Guest46059distribution that some required packages have not yet been created17:37
FloodBot1Guest46059: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:37
genii-aroundKrennair: /usr/bin/java is actually a link to where the current java it wants to use is. update-alternatives --list java       will for instance show you the possible different java you have installed.17:39
ActionParsnipKrenair: I believe its just a symlink, not sure to be honest17:40
ActionParsnipKrenair: what is the output of: file /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/java17:41
Krenair/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/java: ERROR: cannot open `/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/java' (No such file or directory)17:41
Krenair/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk is empty17:41
Spoilsgreetings, quick question... for some odd reason, my top panel (the one with the clock, battery indicator, etc... is gone)17:42
Spoilsdoes anyone know what would cause that (suddenly) or how to re-enable it/17:43
Guest46059Is that Gvim software same as vim...?17:44
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest2291
xineGuest46059: it's a little bit of gui around vim, but essentially the same thing17:44
daniele_hello everyone, I use ubuntu 12.04 and I an Asus n56vz with instant on, I ask if I can use instant on also in ubuntu?17:44
mikebotHi, when I try to "Try Ubuntu" from a usb drive created with unetbootin, I keep getting the error "nvalid of corrupt kernel image."  Is there a way to diagnose this?17:45
mikebotExcuse me: "Invalid or corrupt kernel image"17:46
sayersformat your USB stick and try again17:46
gordonjcpmikebot: what about it?17:46
gordonjcpmikebot: dd the image to the USB stick17:46
mikebotsayers: Formatting is different from just installing unetbootin over what is on it?17:47
mikebotgordonjcp: What is dd?17:47
gordonjcpmikebot: don't use unetbootin, it doesn't work properly17:47
ActionParsnipKrenair: and the output of: file /usr/bin/java17:47
gordonjcpmikebot: it's a command you use to copy from one device to another17:47
mikebotgordonjcp: Oh, is there another way to create it on a mac?17:47
gordonjcpmikebot: or in this case, from the iso to the device17:47
Krenair/usr/bin/java: symbolic link to `/etc/alternatives/java'17:47
gordonjcpmikebot: should work on a mac, too17:47
ActionParsnipKrenair: sudo ln -s /etc/alternatives/java /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/java17:47
Krenair/etc/alternatives/java: symbolic link to `/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java'17:47
gordonjcpmikebot: are you trying to boot a mac?17:47
mikebotgordonjcp: Is there a tutorial for dd'ing the image to a usb and being able to boot from it?17:48
KrenairActionParsnip, no17:48
Krenair/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk is empty17:48
sayersmikebot: your USB stick could need formating becuz of corruption inside on some of it's hidden system files17:48
mikebotgordonjcp: It's a pc, but I have to create the usb drive on a mac17:48
gordonjcpmikebot: okay17:48
ActionParsnipKrenair: basically link the file it expects to the java that /usr/bin/java is running to entertain the app, should be ok17:48
mikebotgordonjcp: Thanks!17:48
gordonjcpmikebot: I don't think you need to do the conversion step any more17:48
mikebotsayers: I see. OK, thanks!  I'll try to format it17:48
ActionParsnipKrenair: you get the idea17:49
KrenairMaybe I should sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64 ?17:49
gordonjcpmikebot: this will wipe anything on the stick, so make a backup if you care about your data17:49
gordonjcpmikebot: unetbootin will probably have wiped it already though17:49
mikebotgordonjcp: Oh OK. So I don't need to format it separately from the instructions you linkd me to?17:49
gordonjcpmikebot: shouldn't need to, no17:49
mikebotgordonjcp: Brilliant, thank you!17:49
gordonjcpmikebot: on stuff like memory sticks, "formatting" isn't really formatting17:50
gordonjcpit just creates a filesystem17:50
gordonjcpcalling it "formatting" is a bit of a misnomer17:50
mikebotgordonjcp: Ah I see.  Was unaware of this. :)17:50
gordonjcpmikebot: it's a small, nitpicky point ;-)17:50
joebarHi people , I installed ubuntu studio a couple of days ago and it works fine , but recently i installed FL Studio , withe the ASIO 4 all driver. My problem is , when I launch fl studio (via wine) , I can only hear the sound of fl studio , I mean , if I launch FL and a video on my browser , I don't hear the video , is there anyway to fix it ?17:51
gordonjcpjoebar: not really, no17:51
SpoilsI am using Ubuntu 12.04, my top panel (the one with the clock and battery indicator) has disappeared...17:52
SpoilsDoes anyone have an idea about how to re enable it?17:52
Krenairno that's not right...17:52
ActionParsnipSpoils: if you log off and on, is it ok?17:52
sayersyou clicked right button and exit17:53
joebarwell , I think it is because of the audio driver , isn't there any driveapps ?r that I could use for every program ? Instead of one for FL and one for other17:53
joebarother apps *17:53
TeckniXHello - I'm having some trouble with a recent ubuntu server 12.04 install - I can't seem to get a lot of packages17:53
TeckniXsuch as ddclient and whatnot17:53
SpoilsAction: No.  It's just gone.. it's so weird17:53
SpoilsI have logged out and in several times... something isn't right17:53
ActionParsnipTeckniX: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/ddclient17:54
ActionParsnipTeckniX: its in the universe repo, do you have that enabled?17:54
sayersType in your terminal "sudo give-me my top panel " :D17:54
TeckniXhttp://codepaste.net/r9ettf that's my repo17:54
mikebotgordonjcp: I got an error: "he disk you inserted was not readable by this computer."17:55
TeckniXmaybe it's because I have the precise-security filter?17:55
sayersmikebot: did you format it as NTFS file system17:55
DominciiIs there anyone here who could help me with some problems I've run into whilst playing WoW via Wine?17:55
TeckniXkinda new to ubuntu and coming from RHEL it's just a matter of understanding what I'm looking at17:55
ActionParsnipDomincii: #winehq will be a good place to ask too17:55
mikebotsayers: No, I did not format it.17:55
Newb101Hi, I have a 500gb Hard drive with ubuntu 12.04 on it and another hard drive of 160gb which is formated. The 500GB is only 10% full I want to transfer it to the 160GB, How do I do that?17:55
DominciiThank you Parsnip17:55
mikebotsayers: I just ran the d command on top of what's on it.17:56
ActionParsnipTeckniX: if you edit /etc/apt/sources.list   you can uncomment the universe repo and it will install ok17:56
mikebot*dd (Not used to mac keyboard)17:56
sayersmikebot: your motherboard maybe can't boot FAT file system :(17:56
ActionParsnipNewb101: could use rsync in liveCD17:56
DominciiI'm using webchat.freednode.net, how do I open a new IRC in a new tab?17:56
mikebotsayers: Ah, I see.  Is there no way to create this on a mac then?17:56
TeckniXActionParsnip: they already are, but I think the precise-security filter was the culprit. Realized that with your link post17:57
mikebotsayers: Oh, I have to format the usb as NTFS?17:57
ActionParsnipDomincii: if you join a new channel, you will get a new button in the browser17:57
sayersmikebot: I'm not familiar with Macintosh, but you could do that formating and then to select NTFS file system17:57
DominciiI'm not sure how to join a new channel though17:57
TeckniXActionParsnip: only getting http://security.ubuntu.com precise-security/universe vs http://security.ubuntu.com precise/universe17:57
TeckniXnow works like a charm :) thanks for the hint17:58
Newb101apart from rsync any other way?17:58
AelingilSpoils: can you re-set the top pannel?17:58
ActionParsnipTeckniX: word17:58
=== Youri is now known as YBook
SpoilsAelingil: How?17:58
AelingilSpoils: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125662/how-to-reset-gnome-panel I think this will work for you. Read up on it real quick. They look to have the same problem17:59
usr13Newb101: cp17:59
SpoilsAelingil: Tks18:00
AelingilSpoils: It may only work on "Classic" desktop tho.. i'm not sure which one you were using.18:00
e5520Hello everyone18:00
DominciiYou're welcome?18:01
e5520i m new  convert to ubuntu18:01
turtle_one of us...one of us...18:01
e5520i mean i had been using windows since i know computers18:02
sayersSame here :D18:02
e5520now switched to linux18:02
usr13Newb101:  It would be a pretty complicated affair to move the entire operating system, copying the dada is the easy part, but it would be difficult to talk you through the entire process of getting your data transfered, then changeing the /etc/fastab file so that it would be operational, and then re-installing the grub boot loader in order for it to boot.  We could look around for some sort of tutural, but the bottom line is that it would be easier to back up 18:03
gordonjcpNewb101: quickest thing to do would be to do a clean install onto the 160 and copy your data across18:04
wilee-nileeNewb101, Take a look at clonezilla, the thing to notice is the size of the cloned partition must equal the partition installed to, so you would have to adjust accordingly.18:05
usr13Newb101: ... and there may be a better solution.  If you explain your situation, maybe we could advise you.18:06
wilee-nileeNewb101, the partition cloned to has to be equal or bigger then the cloned partition as a clearer description18:06
usr13Newb101: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #And send us the resulting URL.18:07
wilee-nileeNewb101, Sorry I meant the partition cloned to equal or bigger.18:07
ErvisTushahi all18:09
ErvisTushaanyone here have experience with openvpn ?18:09
lotuspsychje!vpn | ErvisTusha18:09
ubottuErvisTusha: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN18:09
webereinccan anyone help with vnc / remote desktop server?18:09
lotuspsychje!ask | webereinc18:10
ubottuwebereinc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:10
sayersyou got SSH why vnc ?18:10
ErvisTushalotuspsychje, i have other problems18:10
lotuspsychje!details | ErvisTusha18:10
ubottuErvisTusha: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:10
webereincsayers: I need the graphical interface for when a windows client attaches.  The issue is there are two different ways to manage the password and I am getting an Authentication Failed rejection.18:11
mikebotWait, so is there a way to use the dd command on a usb without the "cannot read" error?18:11
lotuspsychjemikebot:is it a sandisk?18:12
usr13webereinc: What windows client are you using?18:12
ErvisTushalotuspsychje, Im using HMA as my VPN provider and need to change IP often18:12
webereincI have two servers which I need to allow to be remotely managed via Remote Desktop.  The one on default port 5900 works fine, but when I changed the other to port 5901, I started getting Authentication Errors18:12
mikebotlotuspsychje: I'm not sure.  It's from some law firm.18:12
webereincusr13: Ubuntu (Gnome) Remote desktop app - from one machine to the other.18:13
bibi23Hi, how can I now where a package is installed?18:13
webereincusr13: It also fails with Windows UltraVNC (which is the client that will be ultimately used in the field)18:13
_oddis_I'm having trouble connecting to my wireless WPA 2 TKIP / AES (both) secured network through a Netgear (WNA3100) using NDISWRAPPER18:14
sayersbibi23: go to synaptic manager18:14
webereincWhen I configure using the 'preferences for remote desktop', I have one password there... But if I configure using the gconf-config app, there is a different password there.  Clearing or changing one does not change the other....18:14
usr13webereinc: It may be a bit hard for us to figure out why the password authentication fails.18:14
_oddis_i've read a ton about it, and it's wpa_supplicant that's having issues, or at least it's only able to get to 2/4 of the authentication stages, anyone heard about it?18:15
webereincusr13: It fails even if I try to 'clear' the password and set it so that no password is required!18:15
sirtophatso is the amazon search going to be integrated into grep as well18:15
usr13webereinc: Try tightvnc18:15
webereincusr13: as client or server?18:16
_oddis_i'm able to connect to i.e an unsecured network (haven't tried changing to WPA on my wireless)18:16
usr13webereinc: client18:16
bibi23sayers: is there another way? I don't think I have this synaptic manager installed18:16
bibi23I mean with the command line18:16
webereincusr13: I can certainly try that - any idea on the two different passwords and which one is the right one to be setting?18:16
usr13webereinc: You could also try a different server as well like x11vnc, tightvncserver18:16
sayersbibi23: System->Administration-> Synaptic Package Manager18:17
usr13webereinc: nope18:17
usr13webereinc: x11vnc is my first choice18:17
webereincOK - I think I'll head in that direction18:18
bibi23sayers: I can't see it, I'm on ubuntu 12.0418:19
sayersbibi23: type in your terminal that: synaptic package manager18:20
mikebotHas anyone here successfully created a bootable ubuntu usb on a mac?18:20
bibi23it says it's not installed, and suggests 'sudo apt-get install synaptic'18:21
patrickodare there still known issues with PulseAudio skipping frequently with intel hardware?18:21
patrickodGoogling for the issue shows it was a common complaint about 1-2 years ago18:21
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apganybody has problem printing with long bond paper size in Ubuntu Precise?18:23
sayersbibi23: Install it from Software Center18:23
jacksparrowhow to run a shell script on startup for once and only once in ubuntu 12.04?18:23
apgI have a problem printing in long bond paper size in ubuntu 12.04.18:23
Danteviosmy network manager hath dissapeared from mine dockbar18:25
=== az is now known as Guest18820
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DanteviosWhy hath my network-manager-gnome dissapeared from my dockbar?18:26
=== Guest18820 is now known as overlord_tm
DanteviosAny ideas?18:26
bibi23sayers: it's ok I've installed it, well I'm not sure if now it's still related to this channel, but I'm trying to find the path to the freetype library (http://www.freetype.org/) , the package name is libfreetype6 , I have to specify the path to this lib when compiling php, here is the different paths I can see for this package : http://pastebin.com/mYe69SLP , which one do you think it is? thx18:26
sayersbibi23: copy and paste that name in the search bar located above in Synaptic packaga manager18:27
DanteviosHow doth one run thine network-manager-gnome app from the command line?18:27
bibi23sayers: that's what I've done, then I clicked on properties of the package, and from there I could see this file list, but I don't see what is the lib path? As there are many different ones.18:29
bibi23sayers: I'm not even sure it's this package, I can also see a libfreetype6-dev package, I've installed it to, but for this one too there is a lot of files18:33
sayersbibi23: it seems you have to check each directory by your self :)18:33
bibi23sayers: ok no problem, but what should I look for?18:34
sayersbibi23: I don't really know :(18:34
DanteviosMy problem hath been solved. Thine notification area hadth been removed from my dock bar. No woes my friends. Mine issue hath been resolved.18:36
=== tMobile4a03 is now known as tyteen4a03
sayershath, hadth nice spell.18:36
bibi23sayers: ok :( , thx for your help with synaptic, at least I learned that!18:37
sayersbibi23: I feel bad for you :(18:37
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TheM4ch1n3Dantevios: Ubuntu - Christian Edition?18:39
DanteviosTheM4ch1n3 http://ubuntusatanic.org/news/installation/18:41
DanteviosWhy doth thou mock me?!18:41
DanteviosI useth the 10.04 LTS desktop that is outdated yee swine!18:41
DanteviosI just felt that I shall use my rennassance voice today to amuse thine self.18:42
sayersDantevios watch you language abot 10.04, im with it on my old rig and it's performing excellent comparing it to other newer distros!18:43
ab2qik1hello, looking for help on radeon 6970 used on 12.0418:43
thebananafishthou are quite a jester18:43
THE_GFR|WORKthebananafish: you should have said "thou art quite a jester"18:44
thebananafishlol oh well18:44
ab2qik1seems to freeze the display randomly. Is there a way to check its configured/setup correctly?18:44
DanteviosI must agree with thou sayers. Frankly, I hath enjoyed 10.04 much more than I hath enjoyed 12.04. I hath no problems with thine, except that support shall be dropped for it :(18:45
DanteviosI hath not suggested any disparagement twards thine 10.04, no unhappiness to you sayers . Go fourth, be awesome!18:47
_oddis_I'm having trouble connecting to my wireless WPA 2 TKIP / AES (both) secured network through a Netgear (WNA3100) using NDISWRAPPER18:56
_oddis_i've read a ton about it, and it seems to be wpa_supplicant that's having issues, or at least it's only able to get to 2/4 of the authentication stages, anyone heard about it?18:56
_oddis_is there anything you can do when apparantly the driver doesn't support all the IOCTL-functions wpa_supplicant is trying to do?18:57
YardimEdinLutfencan someone tell me an clipboard application which works on gnome-shell.19:00
SilicoSo guys, I've got a quick question. Is there any way to fix my wireless driver when booting into Ubuntu? I normally use a windows computer that is Dual booted with Ubuntu I believe it's version 12.0419:00
leonWhat would be the best choice to start getting away from my GUI? Xserver or hmmm what enviroment does ArchBang use? They are both really simplistic...19:01
thebananafisharchbang like crunch bang comes with openbox out of the box19:03
zykotick9leon: your question is unclear.  do you want rid of xorg or to change windows manager?  either way, learn "screen".  best of luck (i'm 90+% terminal programs at this point.  "if i can't run it in screen, what good is it to me?"19:04
kernanNeed help :)19:06
zykotick9!ask | kernan19:06
ubottukernan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:06
geek94hello guys i have a problem with deb file installition it errors that somefiles are courupted how can i fix this?19:08
kernanWhen I install Ubuntu 12.04.1, i can't reach the GUI. Only the first time, then after the computer reboots i'll come to the terminal.. And I can't avoid it! :O19:09
zykotick9geek94: pastebining the command and error output would make it way easier for the channel to help (see "/msg ubottu paste" for ubuntu's pastebin)19:09
oldskoo__I stopped kvm last night restarted a vm and this is what it said:19:09
oldskoo__Error starting domain: internal error Process exited while reading console log output: char device redirected to /dev/pts/219:09
oldskoo__open /dev/kvm: No such file or directory19:09
oldskoo__failed to initialize KVM: Operation not permitted19:09
oldskoo__Error starting domain: internal error Process exited while reading console log output: char device redirected to /dev/pts/219:09
oldskoo__open /dev/kvm: No such file or directory19:09
FloodBot1oldskoo__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:09
apgguys, is there any solution for printing long bond paper in ubuntu19:09
oldskoo__failed to initialize KVM: Operation not permitted19:09
johnhamelinkWhy hello there :)19:10
zykotick9oldskoo__: does it work with sudo?19:10
DominciiNeed WoW help :( #winehq aren't being very useful19:10
zykotick9oldskoo__: 1st actually - is this REALLY kvm, or libvirt?19:10
oldskoo__dunno I currently use virt-manager19:11
zykotick9oldskoo__: ok - i can't help you.  good luck.19:11
oldskoo__zykotick9: How come? :(19:11
ThinkT510Domincii: are you using compiz?19:11
leon<zykotick9> <yea, true. More than nothing just to learn for the sake of learning. The idea is to gradually get a GUI that is more simplistic till I end up with something like a window manager and then full on terminal, I get your point but sometimes I just need to push myself a tad harder.>19:11
johnhamelinkI am running wmfs2 on ubuntu. I want to launch it using .xinitrc so i can run some other Startup scripts at the same time. I'm on 12.10. Any hints?19:11
ThinkT510!12.10 | johnhamelink19:11
ubottujohnhamelink: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+119:11
zykotick9oldskoo__: i hate libvirt.  and do all my vm's using kvm from cli.  best of luck.19:11
johnhamelinkthanks ThinkT510 :)19:12
oldskoo__zykotick9: Should I switch?19:12
oldskoo__zykotick9: why do you dislike libvirt?19:12
zykotick9leon: my current desktop (while chatting with you.  freevo is taking up 50+% (big monitor), but you can see my WM it's called "awesome" on the left side - VERY terminal based) http://imagebin.org/22992219:16
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
zykotick9oldskoo__: i liked the GUI of libvirt, but i personally ran into too many issues using it (i wish it worked for me!).  so i use kvm from cli instead ;)19:17
zykotick9oldskoo__: stability is my #1 issue/consideration19:17
nannesHow long should we (Lubuntu users) have to wait to have the newer version of pcmanfm?19:17
nannesIt's been released more than 1 month ago19:18
zykotick9leon: i wouldn't with awesome to my worst enemy ;) but another tiling wm is called xmonda or something???19:18
ThinkT510nannes: till the next ubuntu release19:18
nannesare you kidding?19:18
nannesI don't say what I'm thinking right now19:18
nannesjust bye19:19
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copecWith nvidia proprietary drivers and no xorg.conf (letting xorg detect) I have two nvidia cards with three monitors, when I run xrandr it only shows "Screen 0" (xorg comes up with just the first head outputting)19:22
drakehey is anyone avail to lend a hand on a keyboard issue whilst connecting to a server via Remmina..?19:22
copecHow can I fix this?  I've googled as well as I can and can't find an answer.19:22
zykotick9copec: nvidia-proprietary ususally requires an xorg.conf?  then setup/activate the monitors in "nvidia-settings", AND save to Xorg.conf (it's a button).19:23
copecI've tried using nvidia-settings and generating an xorg.conf, it can only do twinview or xinerama19:24
copecfrom what I read xinerama is deprecated, and unity2d crashes all the time under it19:25
zykotick9copec: well... that's not correct.  but.  i've never used more then 2 monitors...19:25
copecthe crashing is personal expirience19:25
zykotick9copec: fyi twinview IS nvidia's propritary version of xinerama19:25
copeceither way it only supports two heads, is my point19:26
zykotick9l8r folks.19:26
drakehey is anyone avail to lend a hand on a keyboard issue whilst connecting to a server via Remmina..?19:26
copecI've manually made an xorg.conf and gotten all three heads working via xinerama, which makes unity 3d not work because compiz wont work with xinerama19:27
copecbut unity 2d still has problems19:27
copecit wants xrandr19:27
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Ray2Will 64 bit iso run on a x86-64 pc19:31
ryugunsHeyo, I'm running Precise Pangolin. I just changed my username and I was wondering if I could possibly change the name of my home directory along with it?19:32
stokachuryuguns, sudo mv /home/oldname /home/newname19:32
jpdsryuguns: man usermod19:32
stokachuryuguns, chown newname:newname -R /home/newname19:32
stokachujpds, i win19:32
jpdsryuguns: Look for --move-home19:32
jpdsstokachu: Oi.19:32
stokachujpds, bah you win19:32
ryugunsOkay, thansk19:33
SlimboyPhatwhy hello19:34
oldskoo__join /virt-manager19:35
nmvsOhalguine de chile19:42
nmvsOhkakjaa xd19:42
AlphaSquaredHey guys19:43
AlphaSquaredHaving some trouble with serial port permissions. I find I need to chmod my port (ttyS0) to 777 or change its user to my applications user in order to communicate with the serial device19:44
AlphaSquaredbut, each time I reboot, the permissions are reset19:44
AlphaSquaredanyone got any idea how I can force permissions on them?19:47
genii-aroundAlphaSquared:  Maybe add the user which needs access to it into the group named dialout19:47
_XMENDESguys . im  trying watch a webcam server .. and i get the error.. Please enable function 3GPP server Webcam.19:47
_XMENDESim using ubuntu19:47
_XMENDESi did install every plugins of firefox19:48
_XMENDESand dont work19:48
=== mauro__ is now known as morfeo81
eXile_any one ever set up hiphop-php on ubuntu? after messing it with it for hours trying to get something to build form a php file im stuck at CMake Error at /dev/hiphop-php/CMake/HPHPFindLibs.cmake:64 (message):\n  libmemcache is too old. Which it is not as its newer than that version19:49
_XMENDESthere s a link of download of quicktime on this site.19:49
compdoc_XMENDES, is it a website or an ip cam?19:49
compdocdo they have a client you need to install?19:50
_XMENDESit s a webcam server live of the school of my daughter19:50
garrhi people, i've problem with launchpad19:51
garrit fails to sync my repo19:51
_XMENDEScompdoc.. i think its quicktime . because have the link for this web http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/19:51
garrthis is the log19:51
garrwhat does that mean and how do i fix it?19:52
hilohello, I have a headless machine running which I remote into using X11VNC. The desktop is 800x640 and I can't set it higher. How can I remedy this so I can use larger desktop resolutions?19:52
_XMENDESi have the quicktime plugin installed on my firefox.19:53
compdoc_XMENDES, open the Software Center19:53
_XMENDESwhat i search there?19:53
compdoctype in 3gpp19:53
compdocthen at the bottom, click the thing that says show technical stuff19:54
_XMENDESi did it . and i installed one program19:54
compdocno - dont19:54
compdocdo it again: type in 3gpp19:54
compdoc then at the bottom, click the thing that says show technical stuff19:54
compdocuninstall that19:55
trismgarr: if you are importing a git repo with submodules then: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/88128 and bug 402814 , you may want to ask in #launchpad19:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402814 in Launchpad itself "Importing revisions with submodules is not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40281419:55
_XMENDESand install the other libs?19:55
compdocwhats the first lib?19:55
garrtrism: actually this is single-branch github repo19:55
garrthere are two tags, one branch19:56
garrnothing special19:56
_XMENDESlet me see..19:56
_XMENDESfirst lib19:57
garrthis is the repo19:57
garrthat i try to sync with19:57
_XMENDESi gonna try install all of this libs19:57
compdocbad idea19:57
_XMENDESok.. i dont gonna make this ehhehe19:58
_XMENDESwhat i do then?19:58
compdocis there one called libgsm0710-0 ?19:59
garrtrism: i don't have submodules in my repo on github19:59
_XMENDESinstall this?19:59
compdocyeah, try that one20:00
trismgarr: ask in #launchpad20:00
_XMENDESok.. 1 min20:00
d3buganyone have issues with building nautilus?  I am getting "eel-i18n.h:31:16: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'char'"20:00
garrok, i will20:00
_XMENDESneed reebot??20:00
compdocnot sure20:00
_XMENDESnot work :( same error message20:01
guntberthilo: does http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15816/changing-the-resolution-of-a-vnc-session-in-linux  help?20:02
ParkerMkubuntu hangs at "starting network connection manager" when booting on my laptop20:02
compdoc_XMENDES, on there website, does it name the software they use?20:02
_XMENDESquick time20:03
_XMENDESyou wanna try there?20:03
compdocso thats what you need to have working20:03
_XMENDESthe admin said witch this website only works with win7 :/20:04
DominciiAnyone who can help with some (I think) graphical problems I'm having with Ubuntu 12.0420:04
compdocdo you have quicktime-x11utils  installed?20:04
DaemonicApathyDomincii: Depends on what kind of problems.20:05
_XMENDESlet me see20:05
_XMENDESi send to you private window.20:06
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic20:06
DominciiOk, I'm pretty new to all this so I'll not be able to go into too much detail but I'm just having weird problems when opening files, for example if I open Skype I can't type anything in the login window, and if I try to use steam it's just a blank outline of the login window with no text20:06
guntbert!enter | _XMENDES20:06
_XMENDESinstalling quicktime-x11utils20:06
ubottu_XMENDES: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:06
DominciiAlso, when I try to use xchat I don't get the popup that lets you choose an IRC room20:07
dr_willisjust use /join #channelname20:08
DaemonicApathyDomincii: do you have the proper drivers for your graphics card?20:08
DominciiI haven't a clue, how would I go about checking?20:08
dr_williswhat is your video card/chipset?20:09
DominciiI have a radeon HD 7970 3gb oc20:09
dr_willisusing the dash search feature look for 'addational drivers'20:10
hiloguntbert: Nope, that is a different server software and the option suggested is specific to RealVNC20:10
hiloguntbert: thanks though20:10
dr_willisor run 'gksuso jockey-gtk'20:10
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zykotick9dr_willis: gksudo would be better ;)20:10
dr_willisthats for wimps ;P20:11
guntberthilo: read further down, there are sevral servers mentioned20:11
dr_willisactually there maty be an icon at the top right anyway for running the additional drivers tools20:12
eXile_I keep getting this error: libmemcached10 : Conflicts: libmemcached6 but 0.44-1.1build1 is to be installed - even after I removed libmemcached6 any idea why?20:13
zykotick9eXile_: are you mixing repos, or using a ppa that is involved in this?  (almost a rhetorical question i guess...)20:14
eXile_I was in the past but now its just standard ones20:15
eXile_I can pastebin my sources.list20:15
zykotick9eXile_: fyi, ppa info isn't in sources.list...  so it only paints half the picture.  best of luck man, i can't help you.20:17
zykotick9eXile_: just curious, when you removed the ppas did you use ppa-purge or some other method?20:17
eXile_Im not even sure what a ppa is20:18
zykotick9eXile_: "apt-cache policy foo" replacing foo with all package names involved would tell you if it's all coming from ubuntu default repos (look at the url/address as the clue)20:18
eXile_so reinstalling it is20:19
bizhanMonaHI I just installed the ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop. During installation I do not recall I was asked for root password. Now I need to do some admin stuff which requires root password, how could I recover the root password? do I need to reinstall everything all over again? Thx20:19
DaemonicApathyhonestly, i think the setting menu in update-manager tells you the same.20:19
zykotick9!root | bizhanMona20:20
ubottubizhanMona: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:20
DaemonicApathybizhanMona, use your user password when using sudo.20:20
bizhanMonaDaemonicApathy: I did and did not work..20:20
zykotick9bizhanMona: use "sudo foo" for cli apps, and "gksudo foo" for GUI apps20:20
DaemonicApathyYour main user account should be an admin account by default, so that seems odd to me.20:21
DaemonicApathyDo you have a password on your account?20:21
johnhi all20:21
zykotick9DaemonicApathy: only the 1st created account gets sudo by default (or that's the way it use to be)20:22
guntbertbizhanMona: in what way did it not work?20:22
DanteviosHow dost I add a "domain" to my /etc/resolf.conf through the use of thine nm-applet ?20:22
DaemonicApathy"1st", "main"...perhaps I assume too much.20:22
bizhanMonaguntbert sudo service <some service> restart20:22
guntbertbizhanMona: and what happened?20:22
johnwhat's going on with #philosophie. I cant seem so get connected20:22
DanteviosI seeith a place for the search domain to be added, but my domains are not resolving to thine hosts!20:22
zykotick9john: ask in #freenode20:23
DaemonicApathyjohn: perhaps they decided to be #philosophy instead?20:23
johnI said nothing20:23
DaemonicApathyDantevios: "thine" means "your".20:24
bizhanMonaguntbert: sorry yes I typed my password and the failure was it did not recognize the Dhcpd service.20:24
bizhanMonaSo the question is how could I restart the dhcp client on my system?20:24
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DaemonicApathyubuntu restart dhcp20:24
DanteviosPrecisely my dear boy DaemonicApathy20:24
DaemonicApathyHmm, focus changing needs tweaking.20:25
zykotick9DaemonicApathy: client side, "sudo dhclient eth0" replace eth0 with device20:25
guntbertbizhanMona: ok, that sounds like sudo just works ok - you would have got a different error20:25
DanteviosbizhanMona: dhclient -r, then dhclient eth020:25
DaemonicApathyzykotick9: you're correct. Was googling for a reminder, but the focus changed incorrectly.20:25
WeThePeoplehi, is there a program to filter out double emails on a spreadsheet for ubuntu20:25
guntbertbizhanMona: try   sudo service  isc-dhcpd status20:26
guntbertDantevios: server, not client if I understood correctly20:26
thufir_I have two hard drives, 30gb and 80gb.  Ubuntu 12.10 is installed on the 30gb drive.  How can I install Ubuntu to the other drive only and leave the first drive alone?  https://gist.github.com/379038520:26
ThinkT510!12.10 | thufir_20:26
ubottuthufir_: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+120:26
Dantevios*shrug* he asked how he could restart the dhcp client guntbert so I don't know20:27
johncan't send to channel.. ugh20:27
thufir_whoops, 12.04 I meant20:27
DaemonicApathyWeThePeople: something like this?: http://goo.gl/Q8ncn20:27
kriskropdthufir_: regardless of version, just don't put it on the other disk then?20:27
zykotick9john: ask in #freenode, it's not an Ubuntu issue.20:27
thufir_kriskropd: right, but how?20:28
WeThePeopledaemonicapathy, no lol20:28
johnzykotick9,  will do20:28
kriskropdthufir_: during the installation wizard, you can select where to install ubuntu20:28
kriskropdthufir_: my bad i misread that, you had already installed it20:28
zykotick9kriskropd: don't offer assistance with beta releases in #ubuntu, that's what #ubuntu+1 is for.20:28
Monotoko2hello guys, can anyone help me with DHCP? I'm trying to network share with it off, in other words I want my iPhone to connect to the shared wifi on my laptop, but get it's IP address from the ethernet DHCP20:28
thufir_ok, let me rephrase.  I'm using Ubuntu at the moment.  How do I run the installation wizard from within Linux?20:28
kriskropdzykotick9: he already said he meant 12.0420:29
WeThePeopledaemonicapathy, ok yeah i guess so20:29
bizhanMonadhclient -r/etho worked, but the sudo service isc-dhcpd status  failed with isc-dhcpd as unknown service...20:29
DaemonicApathythufir: You might try it from within a VM.20:30
kriskropdthufir_: you can't; you can either run through the instlalation all over again on the other disk, or just move all the files over (thought he latter is a bit mroe complicated)20:30
kriskropdinstallation* the*20:30
guntbertbizhanMona: if you need further assistance please clarify if you are talking about dhcp server or dhcp client20:30
DaemonicApathykriskropd: *more ;-)20:30
thufir_huh.  I was sure that there was a way to install Linux from Linux.  After all, the install disc is a live disc.20:30
DominciiCould someone assist me in installing drivers for my graphics card? I'm uncertain it's correctly installed20:31
kriskropdDaemonicApathy: i know, im so bad with typoes :(20:31
Danteviosnm-applet, where can I add a domain to my resolve.conf from it?20:31
DaemonicApathyOk thufir_, would you like the complicated way?20:31
thufir_yes pls20:31
allohakwhen I do an 'ls -l' what does the '+' mean at the end of crw-rw---T+20:31
allohakI'm having trouble googling it20:31
bizhanMonaguntbert: thanks for your help, I was planning to use client and it is working  now. Thank to you and Dantevios20:31
Monotoko2allohak: symbols are annoying to google, i agree20:31
guntbertbizhanMona: glad you got what you needed - have fun with ubuntu :)20:32
klpktHello. I have a problem on my Ubuntu computer, which is that when I connect my headphones, the sound suddenly goes way down. I have learned to fix this through alsamixer, but it's getting tedious to open it and modify the values every time I connect or reconnect the headphones. Is there any way of automating this?20:32
DaemonicApathythufir_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux#Without_CD20:32
Danteviosnp bizhanMona20:32
ParkerMcan someone help me disable network connection manager? I believe it's preventing me from booting, and editing the conf file/moving it didnt work.20:33
Monotoko2allohak: http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2003-11/msg00715.html20:33
thufir_DaemonicApathy:  thanks20:33
DaemonicApathyklpkt: going through the sound portion of the system settings saves the value, in my ecperience20:33
DaemonicApathythufir_: any time.20:33
allohakMonotoko2: Much thanks20:33
kriskropdParkerM: it doesn't sound like thats preventing you from booting, nor should it any ways"20:34
zykotick9ParkerM: does N-M have an entry in /etc/init/ (NOT init.d!)?20:34
Monotoko2allohak: no problem :)20:34
zykotick9ParkerM: i also doubt that's the real issue, perhaps a 1 minute wait to try and find a dhcp server?  are you sure it doesn't boot if you leave it long enough?20:34
klpktDaemonicApathy, Well, the problem is that the value that is wrong is the Speaker value, which I can modify in alsamixer, but each time I reconnect the headphones, it goes down to 0.20:34
thufir_after I install Ubuntu onto the second hard drive as well as the first:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux#Without_CD  will grub pick up both?20:35
nixiedoesalpinesome of the websites are not opening in ubuntu 12.04.120:35
zykotick9nixiedoesalpine: what browser?  what sites?20:36
paco_hi how can I add KDE desktop to my ubuntu 12.04??20:36
DanteviosParkerM: follow this tutorial http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-manage-services-with-update-rc.d20:36
ParkerMyes there's an entry in /init/, and it doesn't boot after like 30 minutes so i assume not20:36
Danteviosthe service you want to disable is network-manager20:36
paco_no kubuntu add the desktop20:36
nixiedoesalpineam using chromium20:36
ParkerMok ill try that20:36
nixiedoesalpinepaco do sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:36
zykotick9ParkerM: moving the /init/foo.whatever to /init/foo.whatever.DISABLED should disable the service.20:37
BluesKajpaco_, yes install kubuntu-desktop20:37
DaemonicApathythufir_: I would update the grub after you're done with the install, then restart to find out.20:37
DanteviosParkerM: you're going to have to manage your own ip though through /etc/network/interfaces though if you do that20:37
paco_nixiedoesalpine, no kubuntu, the KDE by it self20:37
ParkerMyeah i saw that in one of the google results20:37
paco_BluesKaj,  no kubuntu, the KDE by it self20:37
zykotick9paco_: fyi installing kubuntu-desktop as apposed to just the correct KDE package will install A LOT more stuff.20:37
BluesKajyou need kubuntu-desktop20:37
nixiedoesalpinepaco do pacman -S kde lulz20:37
kriskropdthufir_: I think you will still need to update your current grub install to let it know there is a second ubuntu install on the other disk20:37
zykotick9paco_: kubuntu-desktop is the EASIEST answer for sure.20:38
paco_zykotick9, but is a little different it used to be apt-get kde core20:38
BluesKajpaco_, unless you just want kde versions of some apps20:38
zykotick9paco_: use "apt-cache search kde" and find the correct name then...20:38
nixiedoesalpineeh guys most of the websites are not opening in ubuntu 12.04.120:38
thufir_thanks kriskropd and daemonicapathay20:38